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  2. you can create weapons with boosters, etc that are already in the game.
  3. I don't think it's particularly likely either - though I think it would be a very nice addition. Still, just wanted to point out that multiplayer doesn't have to mean competing space agencies, in any form.
  4. HUH, radial you say?Thats really interesting...i gotta try it.Tnx ").
  5. My game version is 1.7.3, but now I don't know why these strange stripes appear on the ground. Hi Juijote, Welcome to the forums. We have a rule that outside of the international forums, all posts must be made in English. If you'd like, you can post in Chinese and then use Google Translate to make an English version. Thanks, and good luck with your problem. 嗨Juijote,欢迎来到论坛。我们有一条规则,在国际论坛之外,所有帖子都必须用英语制作。如果您愿意,可以使用中文发布,然后使用Google翻译制作英文版。谢谢,祝你好运。
  6. I really dig the idea of some sort of narrative but I would still would like the option even if it doesn't make sense logic wise.
  7. I don't think it means that. That would be very different from what everyone is expecting. Most people, when speaking of KSP multiplayer, think "dock to your friend's station" kind of thing. Telemachus is a lot more niche thing. TBH, I don't think much of multiplayer either way.
  8. That was the first orbiter. I went back to the beginning though.
  9. I think that in the interview with IGN they said that the community aspect is very important and they want to keep it that way. I think they will be as open, if not more, to the community as the KSP 1 Dev Team... At least I hope so
  10. Thanks. That was it. Turns out, you can disable them in settings.cfg . Or at least prevent from spawning. SERENITY_ROCS_VISUAL_SPEED was set to 0 (from previous 500). That improved FPS quite to playable levels. Here is another thread to the topic: -Mephisto-
  11. Multiplayer could also mean something like Telemachus is in the base game, and you can have a full mission control center as well as a pilot at the same time.
  12. Even though we humans on earth know concepts such as the space race (a very political phenomenon). Ever heard of the overview effect. weapons and space competition fly in the face of it. I'd say no to violence.
  13. That's just the visuals, not the parts. There's no reason not to expect all the parts shown in the trailer to be in the final game. Especially since some of them can be seen in the pre-alpha gameplay footage too.
  14. Absolutely not. Keep kerbals pacifist, there are enough violent games out there as it is.
  15. yea, thanks constant thrust during timewarp axial tilt way higher part count higher time warp bigger core sizes
  16. Not at all, although, as with most things when you’re talking about patents, the devil is in the details. In this case, if you’re an established company or a startup looking for investment, it can make sense. For an established company, filing a patent is relatively cheap and it gives you an indisputable record that you had the idea on a given date. If somebody comes after you for stealing their idea, you’ve got a concrete date that you can rely on, which can be lot easier and cheaper than proving that same date from your own internal records. Discovery (being compelled to produce documents as a prelude to litigation) is no fun at all, and it sure as hell ain’t cheap, especially for US litigation. Been there, done that, was responsible for collating everything. It’s bad enough if you’re litigating over patents (with the aforementioned concrete dates to rely on) - I don’t want to imagine how it goes for trade secret litigation. For a startup company - file the patent. Either that or be prepared to have an absolutely cast iron strategic reason for not filing it that you can explain to your potential investors in three bullet points. if you’re trying to put together a multimillion dollar investment round, that 5K you spent on your patent application will most probably be worth it.
  17. KSP 1.7.3 opens and loads, but gets stuck on "Loading asset bundle definitions". I am running MacOS Mohave.
  18. Hey, sorry for the (maybe) dumb question, but where can I find the newest Firespitter mod and is it compatible with KSP 1.7.3? [ And where can I find your new "tutorial vids with USI/MKS/LS" ? ]
  19. What, so he can shoot guns and drill holes in the ship, but he can’t dock? What sorta cheap, cut-rate Terminators are y’all making over there? Ok but seriously, y tho? Why couldn’t they just do a normal landing back in Russia-ish?
  20. Chapter Thirteen: Lucky You Duna Expedition One Mission Commander’s Log, Sol 25 Jeb is starting to get on my nerves. Again. Ever since the vonKerman crew arrived, he’s been sullen and brooding. He’s not much more than three minths older than me, but he acts like he’s been personally affected by the horrors of the Last War. The fact is, neither one of us were even born yet when the Last War ended. Unless I can solve this soon, it will seriously affect the crew’s morale. Besides, we’ll accomplish more by working together than we will by keeping the crews separate. Speaking of sticking together, we finally have enough room to spread out a bit, and Bob moved in with me yesterday. The whole crew knew about our liaison, of course- you can’t hide anything like that aboard a ship as small as the Protector- but it’s nice to finally make it semi-official. We hear the workshop’s machinery running while we doze in the loft, but it’s a steady rhythm and we got used to it pretty quick. I’m glad that KSP doesn’t frown upon interrelationships between crew members, but they don’t exactly condone them either. So we’ll keep things discrete and focus on our mission objectives. With the Drill Truck’s arrival, we have enough snacks to last us a good 177 days, and the CHON processors will keep improving that number until the greenhouse’s efforts can literally bear fruit. Additionally, Bill solved our power distribution issues. The Drill Truck’s SAFER reactors are providing us with plenty of power, and we even managed to print up another reactor. With basic survival secured, our resource stockpiles growing and initial base expansion complete, we can focus on our next set of goals: explore the Rusty Planet and prepare for the next phase of expansion. We have plenty to explore as well. Atmospheric tests show that while the ground is incredibly dry, the air has water vapor in it, so our next goal is to collect as much as we can. Also, Bob and Payin were analyzing the images taken by the Duna Recon Orbiters when they spotted several anomalies to investigate. But with the Duna Flyer wrecked- I still feel bad about that- we won’t be able to take a look until we rebuild it. Bobus is strongly in favor of making an improved Flyer, but to do that we need a working vehicle foundry. But to get that we need more equipment, which means- Well, suffice to say that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Ok, time to brief the vonKermans about our status. It’s better that I do it than put up with the 42-second delay round trip needed for the translators back home. I’m the only one who speaks vonKerman, and they still need reassurances that they’re not our prisoners. I haven’t figured out why, and of course “Kerbin Galactic” has no comment on the matter… *** Six days later, Bill and Bobus finished assembling the Rangeland as well as a small mule that Bobus used to tear up the Duna Flyer. Its scrapped materials were then recycled to form a new and improved Mk2 Duna Flyer. Just before launch, Bobus made a quick EVA and installed a last-minute sensor to help detect anomalies. Finally, the Mk2 Flyer was ready to fly. “Atomic pile is hot, SAFER is running at capacity. Flight computer is green, BTDT is operational, and atmospheric sensor is active. Water vapor confirmed,” Bobus rattled off. “She’s all yours, Val.” “You’re sure?” “Jim- uh, Captain James- once told me that the best way to get over your fear of something after a failure is to get back up and do it again,” Bobus explained. Valentina knew this lesson all too well. She also knew that tenacity wasn’t about avoiding failure, it was about keeping going when you do. “I appreciate your trust,” she said simply as she sat down at the remote piloting station. Carefully she maneuvered the Flyer off of the construction pad and onto the desert floor. After lining up with the first navigation waypoint, she firewalled the engines. The plane’s four electric motors struggled to gain enough speed to lift off, but the Flyer slowly lifted into the air. It clawed for altitude, so Valentina retracted the landing gear. That worked, and soon the Mk2 Duna Flyer cruised through the air. It flew straight for several minutes before Valentina began lowering its altitude and extending the landing gear once more. If things went wrong, at least the radioactive debris would be well away from Duna Base. The Flyer inched even lower to the ground. “Here we go,” she said quietly. The wheels touched down and then the plane bounced into the thin air once more. Valentina gently lowered the craft again, and the plane again fought to stay in the air. At last it settled onto the ground and stayed there. The pilot immediately applied the brakes, stopping the Flyer. Everyone cheered. “Looks like the longer wings worked,” Bill said, congratulating Bobus. Bobus beamed. “Welcome to the Duna Space Program,” he said, quoting a line from one of JJ Kerman’s stories. “Anyway, we should be good to go scouting now, and our foundry should be up to the task of building tankers to refuel the Protector.” “Excellent,” Valentina said. “We can start work on that tomorrow. In the meantime…” She pushed the throttle controls to their maximum and let speed build up on the Flyer. At 54 meters-per-second, she rotated the craft and it lifted off, slowly clawing its way to altitude. At 7,000 meters, Valentina leveled off and flew for an hour while tracking their first navigation waypoint. When the BTDT sensor lit up along with Payin’s eyes- her sensor worked- Valentina set the craft down in the local night and taxied around until they finally found their quarry. The team silently stared at the weathered relic encased in sandstone. Somebody had reached Duna long before they did. *** “Don’t worry, Kelbin, you’ll get your chance to fly the saucer,” a familiar voice said behind him. “If I had qualified to fly the saucer, it would be me in there instead of Fredgan though.” Kelbin turned around and gasped. “Ribbles? Holy Moho! Is it really you?” “News of my demise was greatly exaggerated,” Ribbles responded, grinning. “But.. how are- Munbase Enterprise vanished without a trace! How are you here?” “Oh,” Ribbles began, “that. Well, see, after the KIA took over the Armstrong MSR-2 rover to explore the munar anomalies that nobody told us about, they stumbled onto the crashed saucer. They teamed up with the Air Force to reverse engineer it, and sent the original team out from a secret launch site. That nearly tipped off the vonKermans. When it came time to expand, we needed a way to get resources and personnel…” “They abducted you?” “Oh no,” Ribbles continued, “we were in on it from the beginning. Gene did a fantastic job of staging the whole mystery… Anyway, we played prerecorded transmissions while we packed up Munbase Enterprise and shuttled it over to Saucer Base, then unpacked and expanded the base. I must say, we have been really enjoying reverse-engineering that saucer.” He looked around before quietly adding “at least when we don’t have to deal with Lodory… “Our families know that we’re on ‘special assignment’ but beyond that nothing else. We’ll get to go home soon enough, but then it’s on to some other top secret project. Squad knows the Air Force has plenty of top secret projects.” “If he's that good at keeping secrets, remind me to never play five-cards with Gene… But doesn’t it bother you that KSC thinks you’re all dead,” Kelbin asked. Ribbles shrugged. “At first yes, but after a year we-“ “LGM 4 you are go for main power up and engine warming,” Lodory’s voice blared loudly over the base’s public announcement system. He really liked to flaunt his authority. “Let’s catch up more later,” Kelbin said quickly, turning to a nearby monitor to watch the test flight. “Atomic pile is hot,” Fredgan said over the wireless. “Gravimetric displacement generator is active, gravity wave output is holding steady at 0.01. Gravitic engine is armed… and good start. Ok, engine is idling, all systems are in the green.” “We concur, LGM 4,” Lodory proclaimed, “stand by for final clearance.” A few minutes later, he gave the go ahead. Kelbin watched as the small saucer lifted off with electrified plasma trailing in its wake. It remained motionless for several minutes while its systems were checked and verified. Kelbin watched the monitors as LGM 4 accelerated upwards and way from the base. The craft flew out along the plains and craters of the Mun, with Fredgan calling off various readings. “It’s starting to get warm in here,” he noted. The same thing had happened before. “Mulch,” Lodory cursed, “I thought we really fixed it this time. Fred, can you-“ Suddenly, a loud static buzzing threatened to deafen everyone listening to the wireless. It sounded like a power transformer shorting out. They could hear Fredgan yelp. “Uh, circuit breakers just tripped. Lots of red warning lights, Alert! Alert! Alert! LGM 4 going down!” Kelbin watched the monitors helplessly as the gravitic saucer headed for the munar regolith. Fredgan slowed the craft as much as he could and frantically hit the landing gear button, not remembering that the gear was already down. The saucer smashed into the ground, kicking up dust. “I’m ok,” he finally said, his voice wavering. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief. “Nice lithobraking,” Lodory said acidly. *** “Well, we knew that the Ancient Aliens visited Kerbin,” Valentina pointed out, “so why wouldn’t they have visited other planets in our solar system too? Maybe this is one of their old probes?” “It could be,” Bob admitted. “It’s encased in sandstone, so it must’ve been here for a long time.” “Yeah…” she pondered something quietly before continuing. “Uh, is there anything else we can learn from this site? If not, let’s mark it on the map and move on.” A few minutes later, the Duna Flyer II was back in the air and winging its way across the rusty desert once more. It flew north-northwest up to the Great Canyon in search of its next landing zone. A couple of hours later, it touched down safely and taxied up next to an old space probe. The Duna Expedition One team was delighted to inspect the old Elcano-1 probe, the first kerbal-made spacecraft to land on the Rusty Planet. It looked surprisingly intact despite some weathering. The team took additional readings before shutting the aircraft down for several hours. Their next target was still in darkness. *** Danrick took the Mule out to get LGM 4 back on its feet and tow it back to base. As Kelbin watched the replay of the saucer’s flight, he was mesmerized by the lightning cracking away from the saucer. He froze, formulating an idea… “Hey, Lodory,” Kelbin asked, “we use electricity to charge up the graviolium to produce gravity waves, right?” “Yes,” Lodory answered. “What of it?” “Does all the electricity get converted?” “Of course.” “You sure?” “Yes, Kelbin, I’m sure. Why?” “What about all that lightning coming off the saucer?” “Ah, that’s just static discharge from the plasma venting,” Lodory explained. “That happens as small amounts of graviolium are vaporized as it gets charged up.” “Well, couldn’t the saucer gain a static charge as it flies through the plasma? Or could the system accumulate a static charge as the generator zaps the graviolium? I mean, no system is 100% perfect, right?” “It would- Uh…” Now it was Lodory’s turn to freeze, lost in thought. “Hm…” He suddenly got out of his chair and went back to his lab. *** A few days later, Lodory went outside to install several small lightning rod-like spikes onto the gravitic saucer. After checking his handiwork, he resumed his post in the base. With Fredgan too spooked to fly the saucer again, Kelbin finally had his chance. He boarded the craft, taxied it out of the hangar, and began powering up its systems. “Don’t crash, Kelbin,” Gedra said over the wireless. “You still have to fly me home.” “If he crashes, it won’t be because of the gravitics,” Lodory proclaimed. “LGM 4, you’re cleared for hover. Don’t forget to activate the dischargers.” Kelbin sighed. Micromanaging appeared to be part of Lodory’s hierarchical culture. He tried not to take it personally. It was hard though. “Copy that, Control. Dischargers are active. Xenon gas is flowing at 0.001 units per second. The new static charge meter shows that the levels are… dropping!” Kelbin couldn’t help but feel elated. He flipped the saucer upside down as it hovered above the platform. “Acceleration is independent of orientation,” he said by way of explanation. Lodory was about to complain when Gedra directed him to proceed with the flight testing. Kelbin jammed the throttle forward and the saucer rapidly accelerated. A few kilometers later, it slowed down just as fast. He again flipped the saucer upside down, this time to get a look at some debris left over from the base’s construction. Several minutes of flying later, it was apparent that the static dischargers were doing their job; there was no danger that the gravitic craft would explode. As he returned to base, Kelbin rotated the saucer to roughly match that of the crashed alien vehicle that provided the technology that made the flight a success. Then he eased LGM 4 into its hangar and slowly set it back onto the platform. “Doctor Lodory,” Gedre began, “I must say, it looks like Project Excalibur is finally coming together.”
  21. Is that a satellite launcher? Or a mega sounding rocket
  22. Sweet - making some tutorial vids with USI/MKS/LS - going through the scripts now for taping - all the functions other than the container issue seem to be working 100% - so yay!
  23. Hey, I haven't played KSP for more than 12 months and now I'm trying to update all my favorite mods, but many aren't marked as compatible in CKAN. And here on the forum, they said, that most mods, that are marked as compatible with 1.7/1.7.1/1.7.2, are also compatible with 1.7.3. But are you sure that it goes even further? I thought you had to recompile the most mods after a new (bigger) version and that it could have problems with new features, bug-fixes and API-changes...
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