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  2. katateochi

    Everyday objects as spaceships

    Don't know if it's cos I'm instagram incapable, or just stupid, but I could only see the one pic, and there's like a whole collection of these that I see posted from time to time on imgur. I'm sure I fav'd them..... yeah, found 'em; I love how some of the details of the everyday object are kept in the spaceship, like the clip on the battery cover on the TV remote. Love the little dual-spoon-lemon craft!
  3. Those 2 folder come with the RF installment somehow. I removed them manually but the plume effect is still there.
  4. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    ...loved it... kudos
  5. bewing

    Launch into angle of target, orbit calculations

    A compass heading is not a vector. Just an angle.
  6. jost

    Landing on Eve

    In my experience it's quite helpful to use a mod which shows trajectories when trying to land on planets with an atmosphere:
  7. Someone2018

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.7.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    I narrowed it down to the "moving window change" that really doesn't work well with UI scaling != 100% (i.e. the window is moved offscreen). I have a fix for this, but github forking is broken right now (for me), so I can't put up a pull request. Figuring out the correct settings is non-trivial (took me several hours at least), so don't bother replicating it :-)
  8. Welcome to the forum @utopein. I do not use a formula to match inclination. The first thing I do is make a manoeuvre node just before either the ascending (An) or descending node (Dn) to test which way to burn - either normal or anti-normal . After that I make adjustments to my orbit (either prograde or retrograde ) to fine tune my orbit for approach to either rendezvous or docking. The target marker will point the vessel you control at the docking target or the anti-target marker will point the rear of your controlled vessel to the target. This is very useful when docking.
  9. You can only do that if the orbits intersect at a point. If so, then the first approximation is to just subtract the velocity vectors at that point. That gets you the deltaV. If the orbits do not intersect, then you cannot get from one to the next with only one burn.
  10. kapteenipirk

    Requesting Craft For YT Combat Series

    Offshore oil-rig complex "Kerbal Alpha" Coming in at 206x174x77m and over 1100 parts, this oil-rig complex is one of the more giant builds i have done, and also one of the more challenging and time consuming ones. At first i started with a "Deepwater Horizon" style oil-rig. Soon after i started building it, i noticed that the part-count would be colossal, so i started using tweak-scale. I had built quite a lot of it when i decided that i wanted a different style of rig, so i chose the "Sleipner A", a platform operated by Statoil in the Norwegian sector of the North-Sea. I decided to go all the way with the platform, and also build the Sleipner B and Sleipner T platforms that are connected to it. I also have the main rig as a separate craft, and the smaller platforms should be quick and easy to turn into their own little separate rigs, as they are built on top of the monoprop tanks, incase the complex is a little too large for your liking. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to do a structural test of the entire complex as it doesn't fit on the runway, nor can i do a flotation test as i don't have hyper-edit or anything like that. But, i can pretty safely say that the rig is likely going to stay afloat just fine, as experience has taught me that as soon as you scale up a part, it's bouyancy tends to immediately reach a level of "literally unsinkable". And just as a bonus: Shallow-water Explorer (incomplete) My original design that was based on the Deepwater Horizon. If you want, i can finish the build on this one and release it as-well. I'll release the rig with a future pack, weather it be the Russian fleet or the ground forces.
  11. hel lo is there a formula to get the vector direction or the angle with the orientation to apply thrust to match a different orbit and inclinaison : what does target button . thanks for any help
  12. FahmiRBLXian

    Post True Facts!

    7/15 I didn't learn that yet IIRC IRL. The Federal Signal 500-DHTT siren is Quad Tone (Sounds four tones at once).
  13. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Continued my Duna mission with a mishap... What will they do? I can't actually remember if the SSTO has enough dV for Minmus capture. Or indeed enough NOMS.
  14. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.
  15. kerbiloid

    KSP's Vending Machine

    Receives a roll. Inserts a sushi.
  16. Thanks for the kind words, but its' less mastered but shameless copying from other Eve threads in this forum Especially (but not only!) from @Foxster impressing low mass landers. Thanks for your input guys! I tried limiting the gimbal to 10, 20 or 30 %. That didn't help with flipping, the rocket just started tumbling earlier. I tried adding another two booster with vector engines. This didn't helped either, it started tumbling right at the beginning. So I think the key is reducing drag. I think I can remove the antenna from the capsule. The relays on the bottom can should be enough for the transfer to Eve surface. The rocket itself will be piloted by Jeb, so no need for commsat connection during ascent. The battery is a different story. I play with USI life support, where you need to supply the kerbals with EC. I'm not quite sure, whether the EC in the capsule will be enough. I will test this. Getting rid of the decoulpers is excellent advice, thanks! I will also try to remove the nose clip Concerning the jr docking port with heat shield: I tried replacing with a small nosecone, but then the ship was killed during the reentry. It seems I need two heatshields (front and top), any idea how to attach the heatshield AND the nosecone on the top? Concerning the fuel flow: Nope, the boosters feed the central core but thanks to fuel flow priority they will do the right thing non the less I tried getting rid of the duct tapes but in the end it messed up my delta v displays. So for now: Back to the drawing board!
  17. kerbiloid

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    The survivors have been ewokuated. No problem with debris, anyway they've gotten a lot of roentgens.
  18. I don´t know what addons you´re talking about and can´t find them in the context since I´m no programmer/software dev. Could you point me to the Add'Ons and how to install them? What do you mean by this, I don't know what to say about the bug you found, I'm not able to recognise it or its characteristics. I am however eager to help you out so just give me a little more specific instructions so I can be of more use to you and the other MM devs.
  19. Oh and have you slightly messed up the fuel feed of the first two stages? Shouldn't the first stack pair feed via ducts to the second stack pair rather than the central stack? That would let you empty and dump the first stage quicker.
  20. Right. In this case the strongback + fairings are rotated wrong. Idealy you want the back side of the rocket facing the door of the VAB. That way you are oriented right on the pad.
  21. Today
  22. Aeroboi

    A few jet part suggestions

    What I mean is that a "GE9X" for instance isn't a scale higher then 3.75m is opposed to 2.5m so another 3.75m turbofan engine would really be a class apart. Also the rapier is a prototype and indeed non fictional. I should have been clearer. When I uttered fictional in context of the rapier it is that it has never flown yet, hence fictional towards actual space flight. On that basis of those pointers I made my conclusions. Note that I'm not against fictional stuff or prototype stuff. It just doesn't cope with the game well and IMO many of these parts can make the game to easy.
  23. kerbiloid

    2 words names for crafts

    "My Spaceship"; DROP TABLE SpaceShips;
  24. Steven Mading

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    You are 100% correct that it's dumb to work this way, but it does, because Microsoft. Yes, I agree that the exception should only happen when the DLL is first being loaded, not *again and again* every time someone uses reflection to look at the classes. Once someone is using reflection to look at the classes, the classes that don't exist simply, well, shouldn't exist. Not "sort of halfway exist enough to break GetTypes() and make it throw an exception." There is a fix, though. What MS, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do here is make GetTypes() throw an exception despite the fact that it worked just fine. And then, because it threw the exception, that means the return value is inside the exception object instead of being returned in the normal fashion. You can see what I did to fix it here:
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