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  1. Jonnothin, is there support for SCANsat? I cannot find them in the tree.
  2. Will download and give it a look soon. Can the new tree.cfg just be droppped into the save folder?
  3. I guess it depends on what interplanetary requires. I wanted, amongst other things, the higher end RemoteTech2 dishes and nuclear propulsion before leaving Kerbin. I will play through it again when I have another free day and see if I can do better.
  4. Gave it a try tonight, I'm really digging the way it's set up. One thing though: It seems like you're basically required to get all the science from the Mun and Minmus before heading off towards other planets. Is that true? If it is perhaps some of the parts should be shuffled around a little.
  5. Nice! Were you in FRC? Just got to welcome my team back from Champs via Skype; I graduated last year.
  6. No, it shouldn't. What does you gamedata look like? For me, it looks like Kerbal Space Program/Gamedata/RLA_Stockalike/parts
  7. For what it's worth, I greatly enjoyed checking up on the thread and can't wait for more. I'm too swamped by IRL concerns to even start up KSP let alone make a part for it.
  8. I'll have to look into that. I like designing and launching the comms systems but I can not stand having to reposition satellites.
  9. Don't know if you saw this but figured you'd like it. I don't see any overlap but hopefully the two part packs will mesh together well, eh? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/58639-0-22-Bargain-Rocket-Parts-v1-0-Bust-out-the-duct-tape-we-re-going-to-space
  10. Very cool, Rover. Really digging the MEM-style pod. Could we possibly get a version (or perhaps 'molded' radial parts) that has nodes for attaching it to 1.25m (preferably with clearance for 2.5m attachment)? I can mock up an example if what I mean isn't clear. I prefer the look (and at some level the challenge) of connecting a base so that the interior is a contained shirtsleeves environment. I also understand if your vision is more centered on KAS-connected structures (which seems to be the case). Either way keep up the good work!
  11. My setup uses 'comm arrays' (as I call them) that are essentially unmanned space stations (go big or go home) with a large solar array on one side and the array of dishes and antennas on the other. Four in orbit around Kerbin, at an altitude of ~1000km. I don't use 1000km orbits for anything else, so they're out of the way. Each has two omnis (Communotron 32s or occasionally AIES omnis) to connect to eachother and KSC; only one is needed but I like the symmetry. Next up are two short range dishes, one pointed at the Mun and one at Minmus. It also has four medium range dishes (Moho, Eve, Duna and Dres). Finally 3 dishes from the longest range category. One points at Jool, one points at Eeloo, and one points at Active Vessel. That last one means I generally have a connection when I'm out in Kerbol orbit performing interplanetary manuevers.
  12. If you let them go past the 2.5km physics limit, and just have it diagrammed in some sort of toolbar-based UI I'd like that. Also, question that I thought of in class today: Would a colony be able to support more than just itself? If I build a colony on Laythe, and put a space station in orbit, would I be able to use the colony to support both itself and the station?
  13. By acquire them I just meant get an archive of all his work to leave on an open license for someone else to finish.
  14. Cool. Will this work with mods that add science parts? Will the science amounts scale?
  15. I have not had problems but people have reported some with the new engines. I have not used them yet so its business for usual for me.
  16. Having exhausted most of the original Kerbol, this mod looks very cool and exciting. I am curious to know how if it works, as well as what other mods might be affected.
  17. Would you be finishing them, or just attempting to acquire them as an open modder's resource? I'd offer to try and finish it but I already have several projects I promised to do that are undone...
  18. Any takers? This looks very interesting and I know if he finished a lot of people would be very happy. Perhaps even just acquiring the unfinished assets would be sufficient.
  19. Can't wait for new models, if only because of the occasional weirdness that welds bring. This mod totally changed the way I do science, especially early game.
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