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  1. Same bug (I think). Pic here. It's a big rocket, with a fairing and four of the biggest solid rocket boosters. That's the tip of the fairing poking out of the VAB floor. Possible steps to reproduce, or at least, here's what I did: built a rocket (call it Odin) flew it to orbit reverted to VAB made some changes saved it loaded a different craft from same workspace (not merged) reloaded Odin rocket (not merged) only to find the rocket now disassembled and mostly buried under the VAB floor. Unrecoverable. An hour and a half effort wasted. Grrrrrrr. And while I'm complaining, I might as well mention, I hate the current VAB camera control scheme. Middle mouse button is unreliable on my mouse, so using it to try to reposition the camera sucks, big time. And what about people who don't have a middle mouse button? Please, please give us WASD control of the camera in VAB.
  2. Of course. Though I feel I should point out that any misbehavior is far more likely to come from the decision to use a mod on a version of ksp the author has not verified it works on, and that the mod itself explicitly warns against.
  3. @Lisias, you are a KSP god. Thanks so much for your help! I'll get back to you via PM.
  4. I am indeed using an older version of SpaceY - because the latest version is missing parts (specifically some thrust plates) that some of my craft use, and is also missing textures. Can't upgrade until that gets sorted. The (apparently) offending (offended?) part, SYsasR5m, is a 5m SpaceY SAS part that I scaled to 10m. ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  5. I've encountered the TweakscaleRogueDuplicate message, and the craft refuses to instantiate on the launchpad. KSP.log Player.log likely offending craft Advice?
  6. Oh, no worries! I can easily live with this, and the rest of tweakscale continues to perform brilliantly. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for all that you do.
  7. bug: Auto Scale causes radial parts to lose mesh and texture when attaching. The part still gets attached, but is invisible and can't be interacted with. Turning off Auto Scale doesn't bring back the hidden parts, but new radial parts can then be attached normally. KSP.log Player.log
  8. PSA: with a hex editor, you can get rid of the incompatibility warning that pops up when used with ksp 1.12.x. I wouldn't normally presume to do this, but the author is, and has been for some time, otherwise engaged, and I think this is permitted by the license (if not, let me know). When it first starts up, the mod invokes a function called CompatibilityChecker, which compares the current ksp version against some hard-coded values. It expects the minor version to be no less than 8, and no more than 9 (i.e. ksp v1.8-1.9). We simply replace the hard coded value for the upper bound. In modularFuelTanks.dll, at address 0x273, replace 0x09 with 0x0C. Voila. No more popup, and the mod continues to works as it has in 1.12.x.
  9. Amen to that. In ksp1 I have a whole seperate save (named "simulator", naturally) that I use to build and test craft, and mission plans, before moving them to my main save. Would be so nice if the game itself had some such mechanic. Perhaps the devs can add that to their already ungodly long list of things to do.
  10. I'm excited for multiplayer! I know it's a ways off, but when it does arrive.. I can't wait to collaborate on exploring, and building out a (hopefully) shared vision for kerbalkind's future. Or one such of many, anyway. And better wheel physics! Wheel physics have been the bane of my existence in ksp1; hopefully rebuilding ksp from the ground up will cure this ill, and I can finally make good on some of the things I dreamed about doing.
  11. For some reason, Don't Be Cruel has started playing for a few seconds whenever I switch from the space center to either the vab, sph or tracking station (but not the astronaut center). Any ideas why?
  12. In honor of your grand necro update, I have to try this mod now. Welcome back!
  13. @ColdJ you just saved me a bunch of work. Thanks! Implemented as a MM patch; I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Ah.. I read "The sub and boat have a ballast system." in the OP and for some reason thought you were referring to the ship and not the rubber dinghy. My bad. 0_o ... I assume you're talking about the various oceanCraftWaveInteractions* settings in the Scatterer config file? I had no idea. I've tried exactly one watercraft in KSP before, a large aircraft carrier that was way too big for my needs but did cut through the waves pretty nicely.. so I had no reason to even suspect Scatterer did this. I wouldn't have thought to look there for a solution. TIL, thank you! I'll give that a go. For whatever (probably not logical) reason, I'd rather try to tune the ship than turn off wave interactions altogether, so I'll try this first. Yes! I've been downloading the releases since v0.2.5 but somehow have never gotten around to installing them. Looks like this is the goad I needed to do that. I think between the three possibilities you've given me, this little problem is solved. Thanks again!
  15. Awesome work! Taking the Belafonte out for a test.. drive? / float? / excursion? She bounces like a bronco. I'm thinking if I add more ballast she'll settle down, but for the life of me I can't find where to adjust that. How do you take on / release ballast?
  16. Would love to be able to both group and hide/unhide toolbar buttons by scene. Mods kinda allow this in ksp 1, but it's pretty clunky and somewhat hit-or-miss.
  17. Personally, I'll be stoked if they just get wheel physics right. It gets old watching my heavy ground vehicles spontaneously bounce themselves to pieces.
  18. LOVE this mod! Really brings the planets to life. FYI, probably inconsequential, but thought you'd like to know: getting warnings from module manager regarding the Lifeless Eve config: Seems to work fine, at least on Kerbin, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Keep it up! Looks amazing!
  19. FYI the Spacedock link displays the following message: "You don't have the permission to access the requested resource. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server." Don't you love it when people bring you problems? Happy New Year!
  20. Excellent! Jeb will be quaffing a few before the weekend is out!
  21. This is awesome. I would love to have this in my game, but it's right where I already have some KK vehicle hangars. Is there a way for me to place this elsewhere?
  22. Apologies. Here they are. KSP.log Player.log I copied the logs with the game running, at the main menu with the Partvolumes pop-up window displayed (because the restart loop means the log is overwritten when the game restarts). If this is insufficient, I can try again, choose 'ignore' and then do a clean shutdown.
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