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  1. Banned because Bruce is actually Robert.
  2. Granted. They had, they were... And look at them, what happened now... Granted. Welcome to Russia. I wish for the 5th chapter of the on-going novel.
  3. According to wiki, the author is still alive. So, instead of playing with the Vigenere and Transposition methods, they still are able to apply the proper decyphering technics, for the sake of Greater Truth.
  4. If both windscreen and rain are vertical, and the car is motionless, then no drops can hit the windscreen except from the top edge or by ricochet. Thus, a moving car by definition has more chances to catch a drop with the windscreen. Because the car motion makes the vertical rain tilted. P.S. The post hasn't been merged with the previous one, even when being posted just a minute later. This makes me frustrated, but I'm still trying to keep my faith in humanity.
  5. Sometimes the propulsion unit from one shuttle was used on another one, and the actual number of flights per engine was iirc 9. So, probably their nailing to the ship was not an option.
  6. After calculating the cost, the USA declares bankrupcy and joins the USSR. Moon for peace! The Cold War is ended! They were assembling SRB out of the heap of details from different SRBs. has never been aerobraking at near-orbital speed. The niobium-shielded DynaSoar looks at them like at plebeians. Its killer feature was the foldable Rogallo wing, which was allowing it horizontal landing at the airplane speed after aerobraking with simple heatshield. Hadn't become a stable and mature technology. At the same time, a similar paraglider system was tried for Saturn stages. So, the foldable paraglider wings were the whole system bottleneck. The VA TKS heatshield was just soaked in the ablator, and could be used ten times. Not even a millimeter of its thickness was lost.
  7. Hypothetical lantanoid and platinoid deposits in large impact craters on the Moon and Psyche. Actually, almost everything useful and available Is stored here, on the Earth.
  8. When your mom doesn't ask, what are you doing, because she's just reading, what you're thinking.
  9. Floor 4527: The telepathic green slime species.
  10. Yes. It's a Mr. Napkin's family tradition. Waiter! Unsoup this soup.
  11. Granted. The only difference you can see are sapient kangoorabbits. Every other Australian species already was a FEV mutant before. I desperately wish the coming Fallout ecranization won't be totally bad. Granted. Your zero patiency caused your zombification.
  12. Letting the air out every heating season, on filling it with hot water.
  13. No need in billions. Thousands of influential adepts; millions of motivated expendables, ready to self-sacrifice, relevant eschatological discourse, secret plan of eternal life and/or reincarnation. Healthy and worthy like never before. Just the low-level crowd formally belongs to all religious and spiritual groups (and in 99% of cases doesn't know the very word "gnosticism"), following the p.1. The first rule of the Fight Club - you do not talk about Fight Club. No need to affect everyone. The elite is enough. Reincarnation, regeneration, thin plane existence, other bonus options for the chosen. Show them a possibility, then have a deal. P.S. Still insisting that SETI should stop sending their silly pictures, and start translating Marx's Das Kapital at the neutral hydrogen frequency. Let's hit'em first!
  14. It's pure mathematics, as the evolution theory (right) vs the creationism (wrong), but it would quickly meet the forum rule about religious discussions.
  15. Zoo activists: "Stop wearing natural fur coats! Wear the plastic ones!" Eco activists: "Are you idiots? The plastic ones won't decay for five centuries!"
  16. The Tatooine theme. The "Космический Рейс" / "Space Flight" (1935) intro.
  17. 1. Make a lot of cannons. 2. Invade Egypt. 3. Defeat the bad sheikhs, become a friend of good sheikhs. 4. Do big business with big sheikhs. 5. Hire some Arabs with whips, get many Arabs with baskets as a gift from your friendly Sheikh (also a business partner on the Suez Channel construction, etc.). 6. Mine the limestone at far South, burn it into lime on the local charcoal. 7. Bring the lime to Cairo. Mine the sand at Nile. 8. Make the Arabs with baskets bring the lime, the sand, the water to the place of your choice. 9. Make them start building a bad concrete wall (lime+sand+water) around a flat stone hill (the pyramid basement). 10. Make them fill it with ground inside. 11. Get a ground hill with concrete block stones around, and a tricky set of internal chambers, forming a strange hydrostatic fountain system. Let the fools think that it's a stone monolith inside, rather than a pile of junk and ground. 12. Dismiss the survivors, and utilize them in a nice pet cematary for a million of persons without any traces of proper mummifications-schmummifications. https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna56639940 13. Repeat pp.1-12. 14. Find the Copts. Explain them that they are true ancestors of the Ancient Egyptians (tm), unlike the Egyptian Arabs. 15. Call their language Ancient Egyptian. 16. Invent the aesthetically perfect Egyptian graphics and hieroglyphics, without any predecessors, with no ancestors. (No joke, it's a memetic masterpiece of art for further mass reproduction. Once seen, can be never forgotten, but can be easily reproduced by parts copypasting, by the laziest and silliest student of arts). 17. Try to pick it up with a shovel and through into the fan as Horapollo's manuscripts. 18. Say oops, after realizing that there are a lot of concepts which can't be represented graphically (abstract ideas, verbs, a hundred of crop names or fishes). 19. Invent first simplified hieratic, then almost stenographic demotic scriptings, based on the failed hieroglyphics. 20. Make the fake Rosette Stone, which would be called idiotic if it was not made from despair. Hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek incriptions on the same memorial caption. Like if you make a memorial caption in Roman letters, Gothic letters, and stenographic scratches... (In more close analogy for Russian: in Ancient Greek, in Church Slavonic, and in stenography.) A cultured Ancient Egyptian would be happy with hieroglyphs, a Hellinistic person - with Ancient Greek. From what the hell could they take the idea to add the demotic text??? The only purpose is to present the demotics to the wide public, as a way to write long Ancient Egyptian (tm) texts. 21. Find a talented linguist Champollion (and several others). Intrigue his professional vanity, let him "discover" the "Ancient Egyptian" language which you've just finished inventing. Huzza, huzza! 22. Publish his works, intrigue everyone, let everyone touch the mystic world of hot Ancient MidEast beauty, make the Ancient Egypt a classic setting. Her Deity Isis in thin clothes with wings is our everything! 23. Champollion and some of his colleagues suddenly die tragically, but right in time. 24. Open the mummy market, make hundreds of thousands of them in Egypt, then sell in Europe as a medicine, an aphrodisiac, and just a funny toy. And khopesh! Make as many bronze khopeshes as you can. Screw the idea that the copper should be mined with iron pickaxes, melted on charcoal (yes, those three palms on the horizon), and the tin mining was absolutely rare until the iron age. 25. Put the pyramid construction junk in four piles one-by-one, put a statue head on the first one, fill the gaps with junk and ground, cover it from side with bricks, call it Sphinx. In early XX add paws and tail for kittiness. 26. Give funny names to the pyramids. Call the biggest "HF", which is either Cheops, or Khufu, or other versions. But probably just "Jefe" / "Chief", /HeFe/. *** Btw, they indeed were trying to make something working inside. Every pyramid has a hydrostatic sistem, formed by its chambers and "shafts". Their vertical positions match each other, like if they are to be filled with some viscous liquid from top. The "great gallery" looks similar to other same structures, like the "Ulugbek observatory" in Samarkand, or Fort Lippe near Elvas, Portugal. It's bad to climb up, but it's good to pour from top. The "Bent Pyramid" aka "Snofru Pyramid" is a monument of engineering fakeups. First they were trying to build it with the original, sharp angle, from the Cestius pyramid in Rome and "Nubian" pyramids. But then it began crushing under its weight. They quickly changed the angle, but soon had to do this again, getting the final angle which they use for Cheops and others. But as the thing became lower, the planned hydrostatic system appeared to not fit the actual size of the pyramid, so they had to put a half of it outside, building a satellite pyramid to place it inside. The sarcophagus is put on some another collapsed structure inside the pyramid. So, the "Bent/Snofru pyramid" should be named "Thousand Facepalm Pyramid". What's the purpose of the hydrostatic system inside? That's not enough clear. The only thing we may be absolutely sure, it's made by bad people for greater evil, because good people with good intentions don't build pyramids with mummies.
  18. Most of humans are too lazy and stupid to be sensitive to mental viruses.
  19. Humans are simplified robots, which are easily programmed to use a shovel, a pickaxe, and at the same time manage various manual controls and visual interfaces. Also, you can easily combine the advantages of both methods by implanting a cheap control chip into the human labourer, and remotely managing him in general, letting him operate with his body in the way, optimal for the assigned task.
  20. Just a shower thought after watching this video... Are the obligatory smiles built-in facial property, or they are scripted on handling the events?
  21. Any generation is based either or a predefined algorithm, or a precalculated table. I.e. there is no such thing as generation. There is only an expanded preset. 1. There is no such thing as "future". It's just a set of pre-rendered assets, associated with t+dt position on the time axis. 2. Every next level of simulation requires by many orders of magnitude more resources to implement. Imagine Fallout with molecular level detalization.. And you must store and update the info about all objects already resolved at your eyes, so the detalization level depth is by definition limited. I do. We live. And it's the ultimate level of simulation, the so-called reality.
  22. If the bacteria simulation is defined before the rendering. Why not presume that whales are birds? Science is based on observed facts. While no fact about the bird nature of the whales is on table, the current iteration of their understanding is that whales are fishes mammal fishes. Until you see the polygons instead of subquarks, you don't have solid reasons to doubt that this simulation is the ultimate one, i.e. reality. Not what? The universe is a CD-R with superposition of all possible states already pre-rendered. You can just read it.
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