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  1. Calling 911 because anti-HO-Z-gaugerians are detected in the Solar System proximity.
  2. Just rewatched the OP video. So, they are planning to send a robotic arm with a human head inside?
  3. I remember, he also said that he won't fly because what if something happens. *** About the hurry-up mode. I believe, the SpaceX sponsor had set a deadline for working rocket, and Musk worries about finishing it in time. Mars is just a carrot in front of the nose here.
  4. Interesting fact: they tell about th necessary zero-g for semiconductor industry for decades, but this industry still keeps running without it. Probably, the necessity is somewhat overestimated.
  5. I hope, they already have invented a stylish Icelandic name for it. Eyjafjallajökull is usual now.
  6. Here is our best relaxoup Tears of Locusta. Waiter! Mushroom whiskey, please.
  7. Granted. There are galaxies, which are 10,64 bln ly far from here. They feel good. I wish for a loudizer, which makes street sounds thousand times louder, at the sound source place.
  8. Floor 4478: A sharknado has eaten Scotsman.
  9. Birchpunk has released a reaistic hard-fiction ASMR video about the space elevator.
  10. I would probably suggest a highly-eccentric elliptic ring of the TiO2 dust, with such periapsis position, that the dust finishes aerobraking (as it's already TiO2, it stays unchanged) exactly above the on-ground collection spot. So, several countries have their own white-bright elliptic loops in the night sky, which makes it rather spectacular, and can gather the TiO2 at the preferred location.
  11. Oops... Meanwhile... https://www-gazeta-ru.translate.goog/science/news/2020/02/23/n_14072659.shtml?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ru&_x_tr_pto=wapp So, 12 years is not a limit.
  12. Calling 911 to tell about foreign spies at The Texas Reconnaissance Feastival.
  13. In the thick air (like a city street) even a couple of minutes can be enough for the bag of tools to disappear. Aerobraking...
  14. Pompeians are voting for lava tubes.
  15. Banned because I was typing that in silence.
  16. You should tell them that it's a mutant from Why should an interstellar ship be floatable?
  17. Calling 911 on aerobraking to inform them that the air is broken.
  18. Icarus didn't have a propeller...
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