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  1. Never mind just tested: It works now. Apparently I deleted a vital folder in Sigma Dimensions... Yeah. Now for the scatterer issue. It seems to appear at 28km and its visible in map view and tracking station. I think its something to do with the atmosphere rescale.
  2. I'll check again, I reinstalled. EDIT: Same thing happened, got pics, one more test because I think it could be a mod I have installed.
  3. Ok. Just wondering as there seems to be an issue with Scatterer and the timewarp function. Its physical warp until 140km still. I'll post pics
  4. Do you have time to update this or are you a bit busy at the moment. Just wondering
  5. Ok thanks, just wondering as I launched a rocket to 70km and it was inside the Earth's atmosphere
  6. What's the height of Earth's atmosphere? Is it the same as in RSS
  7. Great mod. Downloading now. Now I can make vids in RSS but without the hassle of RO
  8. The First time in RO 1.1 Edition Now in RO!
  9. Which texture pack best fits with the default KSC Switcher settings?
  10. I downloaded ram heavy mods because 64 bit.
  11. The fix requires the subassembly to have the root part before the subassembly was created (the part you leave behind when you save a subassembly) to be attached to the part you want attached to the orbiter, I'll post pics soon.
  12. What did you change in the settings. Also, 2012.
  13. I'll update my payload, and I think I've found a way around "the bug."
  14. Now we have this... Community War Thunder mission in KSP? Also, now I can AFK ssto
  15. Nice mod! But is there a way to allow you to texture switch with Firespitter so that we don't have this texture all the time?
  16. I'd rather the lc39 pads and gantry being added separately, because Apollo. Also, can the old collaborators still work on their pads? My one is still on hold.
  17. That's the whole point. The images are beautiful
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