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  1. Little guide I found in the KK thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/94863-112-kerbal-konstructs-v0971-slopey-glidey/&page=8#comment-2048314
  2. I need to find my screenshots again, give me a sec.
  3. Now I can 1. War Thunder style flying 2. No longer pretend I'm constantly in sim battles when flying planes in KSP
  4. Waiting for it as well. It's on my to get list, along with HOI4.
  5. 2mb/s download? Get out. 400kb/s is average for me, 0.8 mb/s is good and I've have 2kb/s downloads before. 200 ping on WT is my lowest and I envy all of you who have >100 ping.
  6. 1. Build an asymmetrical ship without modifying thrust. 2. You have an inbuilt Launch Escape System 3. You forgot the fins. 4. You forgot the heat shield. 5. Too lazy to add struts. 6. MechJeb ascent guidance. 7. Wrong type of fuel in RealFuels. 8. The rocket is pointed upside down upon launch. 9. Your rocket disintegrates upon launch. 10. Find out more in Danny's videos.
  7. I broke through the youtube barrier, the filmmaking barrier, the social barrier, the draw-and-design-before-launching barrier and the constantly-watching-SpaceX barrier.
  8. I was approaching my station, missed the launcher that carried it there by a few metres. Another time, I was attempting to rendezvous with a departure stage, ended up rendezvousing with its lifter instead. My main save also has minor Kessler syndrome in my 80x80km standard orbit.
  9. Continuing my Artemis video filming. Release soon(tm)
  10. Paging @e of pi, @nixonshead, @Workable Goblin Also, great stuff, and in RO too. I'm stuck to doing this on SSRSS at the moment.
  11. You have to host images through a website like imgur, then link it here
  12. That would have been good in the base RSS install- dinosaur space program
  13. He made a vid. Also, Triston, any juicy photos for us to drool on? Or you're still working on it. Just wondering.
  14. Real Visual Enhancements. It's the only one, but it's still in development and not officially updated to 1.1.3, but I think someone made a fork of it that is compatible with 1.1.x. About map views, they never worked for me, even back in 1.0.4.
  15. Holy smokes, that song at launch made it ten times more effective, nice job!
  16. Your warranty expired. MechJeb no work
  17. I've been to more planets in RSS than in stock.
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