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  1. http://spaceflightnow.com/2016/08/21/video-preview-of-the-osiris-rex-mission-to-sample-an-asteroid/ Im just going to leav this here...
  2. What does using Stock Sized Real Solar System count as? (RSS/Stock)?
  3. Ok, but they're pretty easy to make. I just need some specs and an image
  4. Mind if I actually reuse the rocket? Like, don't recover to VAB kind
  5. 1959a: Aurora L Flight 1 In the 3 years since the last orbital launch of the CJSA, the agency had been moving to a new site in East Malaysia due to its equatorial location. So, it wasn't until 1959 till the CJSA was finally ready for another launch. The first flight of the Aurora L rocket on May 12th 1959 was the first rocket to lift off from LC-1 Semporna. Launching into the rain that is often found in the tropics, the rocket's RD-108 first stage powers it through the clouds. Eventually, the first stage burned out, and the Swift I upper stage took over. Unfortunately, the rocket didn't have enough delta-v to place the payload into a polar orbit- but experiments were done before the rocket burned up over Antarctica. After the launch, which boosted morale, the agency was given a yearly grant of $500 million a year. But, that wasn't the only launch of 1959...
  6. I found an article in an All about Space annual on the mission with a concept artwork, mind if i post here?
  7. Whoops, well I'm not a patient person, so it's the best I can find for me. Just my opinion
  8. Biggest Failure? I lost an entire rocket in RO after vectoring too far out of the prograde vector with FAR installed.
  9. I've never used the LV-N. If I want high efficiency, I use LV-909s.
  10. 1956: Coronation 1 April 24th 1956 began just like any other day at the Woomera Testing Ground, except the sleek new rocket sitting on the pad. This was the CJSA's first orbital attempt. Coronation 1 lifting off. The booster was powered by 6 Jabiru SRBs on the bottom in addition to two V-405 engines. The upper stage was an AJ-10, followed by another Jabiru as third stage and a ring of small 'Fishermans' SRBs as fourth stage. Coronation 1 hit Max-Q at approx. 5km ASL. Following a successful booster sep, the booster continued to orbit. With the fairings and first stage long gone, this is what the payload looks like, along with the third and fourth stages. The final stage inserted the probe into an 151 x 5000 km orbit.
  11. Commonwealth Joint Space Agency So, this is my new RP-0/RSS mission report series based out of two launch sites- one fictional and one real. Next post will go up when I feel like uploading and editing images.
  12. Hey guys, sorry about the inactivity, but I've been making another cinematic in the process. I hope to publish vids on this tower monthly. Currently, I only have two ships that have finished their burns (Been playing too much RO.)
  13. @fallout2077 It works alright now, found out removing scatterer fixes it.
  14. That's why it's an alternate alternate history
  15. ...and here I am, stuck on an older version of SSRSS, because i'm running 1.1.2 and I'm still making a video
  16. My Earth has no water when seen from within the atmosphere, but the texture is there on orbit and in map view. Testing and will post up a log when I finish this play session
  17. I don't think you're doing it correctly. You loaded your existing career and copied it over as a new save, the workaround only works if you create a new save from scratch. Then you can copy that new save and modify its parameters and duplicate it and it works (for me at least).
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