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  1. I need some help with creating a guid in RSS. Ive copied and edited this code but it still isn't showing up. STATION { Guid = 1f767b50-8173-4220-8068-43f4bb7b6e28 Name = MY - Semporna latitude = 4.443915 longitude = 118.739701 Height = 417 Body = 1 MarkColor = 1,1,0,1 Antennas { ANTENNA { Omni = 5E+06 } } }
  2. Release page is locked I think, you might need to ask a mod to reopen.
  3. Ah yes, the typical War Thunder Air Arcade battle Meanwhile, I broke the game
  4. Sandstorm: Replaces all in game soundtracks with Darude Sandstorm
  5. Banned for copyrighting your older post
  6. I have tons of debris in orbit (80kmx80km orbit, you can see at least one ship and debris ahead and behind you,) but there could have been many more if I had not began returning used stages to Kerbin.
  7. I was 700Dv short of reaching a geostationary orbit in RSS.
  8. How is your landing gear working properly? Mine always bounce before exploding
  9. I've managed to dock with tier 1 everything only. I've also managed to do a Duna flyby. It's quite a while ago though.
  10. STS-1 Submission- Mallard Mods: Stock Visual Enhancements Kerbal Joint Reinforcement MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock StageRecovery KW Rocketry (Not used in any of the shuttle parts, but the OP says all mods) Kerbal Construction Time (Not used) Distant Object Enhancement Texture Replacer with Rareden's Skybox installed Camera Tools Note: I might modify the shuttle slightly with a different rcs fuel tank layout. Currently they're inside the cockpit.
  11. I think I have a shuttle for Duna already worked out. But I haven't even officially started the challenge!
  12. Viewing planets through telescopes make me stop. And a picture of Jupiter I have
  13. Q: How do you get your Duna lander to orbit without the launcher being too complex? A: Place the boosters around your lander
  14. While waiting for the Eve transfer window so I can send my tower to Gilly, I landed a science module and crew at my new Minmus base. Habitation and ISRU are being launched as we type.
  15. Ditched scatterer due to lag issues when making this video. Still working on it. All parts launched, ready for TEI.
  16. Updated my booster naming scheme from "Standard rocket" to LV-xx [Species of bird]
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