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  1. I've now seen three different versions of the launch pad hole, and explanations. the problem being did the exhaust cut though to the water table before the rocket was far enough away to keep steam from adding to any back pressure hitting the engines, or did it just add to the ground debree and apparent damage. I suspect the exposed water at the base probably did not add to the rockets problems, but probably did add to damage caused after that point,
  2. A few problems, with anyone myself included, trying to guess what happened. 1) once the rocket started digging a pit the possibility of a shockwave going up the rocket exhaust or being transmitted from the supports into the rocket untill it started climbing off the pad may have caused enough damage to cause some or all of the observed failures, or started a chain reaction that led to a progressive failure. 2) a large amount of debree picked up enough energy to cause damage at least 1200 m away from the pad, not counting the wrecked car. So the possibility that some debree got into the engine or plumbing can't be discounted. 3) flight termination although inevitable, resulted in the material evidence of the failure being scattered over miles of gulf coast bottom, it's not going to be easy or quick to recover anything out there, even in the relatively shallow water where it came down. 4) If one of the root causes of today's failure turns out to be " Should have had a full and proper exhaust diverter/sound suppression system, that failure can and will end up hiding other system failures that would have happened had the flight otherwise launched normally. As it is, he now has to repair if not completely rebuild facility's, including building a proper diverter and sound suppression system....so all the expense he hoped to avoid he has to pay for anyway, oh and he wasted money on the launch.....with the only lesson being you sometimes have to spend money to save money.... 5 failure to separate, it engines were shutting down, were the remaining engines throttling /gimbaling / to maintain trajectory/ flight control , the system may have had a mode that said if we have not stained altitude burn fuel untill we get to a speed/altitude / trajectory that is within perimeters then we can have stage separation and not untill, because it sounded to me like they could have returned the booster, if this had been a normal flight, but they decided not to because reasons. Honestly it sounded more like the rocket was underperforming untill that point .
  3. So basically there pathological liars because that's there job.
  4. Looks great! While it does not cover interstellar fuels I can see why it's not showing them. why did my front abruptly change. ok just my phone being eeird
  5. And a surprisingly indestructible one at that, given or even with the bugs and glitch's . That said I'm wondering if KSP is planed to upgrade over time since it's a colony only more in the background or as you progress in non sandbox mode.
  6. My understanding is that most explosions are range safety kicking in, followed by failure of fueling and then structural failure of tanks.
  7. Falcons flying sideways is only really a thing when hovering or at low velocity. They will still break up when they lose lateral or longitudinal controll. I think it's happened once, in a payed launch and in a test launch that was deliberately flown to destruction.
  8. Hey guys let's start calling it to the Craft And Subassembly Hanger. CASH for short so he we can say no there's no money, but check your CASH
  9. In all fairness a number of bugs date back to the KSP2 eVent. The list of things from that that were reported their and were shown to developers included. Debris clips from KSP loading screen flying through camera in space . Easter eggs showing up after reloading a save . Physics treating staged or detached parts as being still attached. Parts disappearing between VAB and launch. Also parts disappearing or re appearing in flight. Also parts disappearing or reappearing after loading saves. Camera following random discarded part or seemingly decide they have to split the difference between discarded parts. Rendering issues. Also, The reality is that right now they are being snowed in with bug reports, many of them are duplicates ( there's not that much difference between "hey! I reloaded a save and now I have a statue chasing me around that was not their " and "I reloaded a save and now I have a weird asteroid or rock chasing me around that was not there before" and "I reloaded a save and now I have a floating Kerbal chasing me around that was not their because I was flying unmanned probes." I suspect they are focusing on on ones that are showing up on the best shape * or in community's that are felt to be the most vocal. Also you tend to see more CM s there than devs because honestly the developers job is finding out what went wrong (and may talk to the person privately) not just start conversations in chat. Those tend to explode with dozens of " HEY DEV! As long as your here! " posts when they really wanted to get more info if possible on a specific bug * Meaning have the most detail and or logs and or save file.
  10. I love how she tosses him a helmet and takes him on test flights. Then smacked his hand away from the abort
  11. Well historically the planets with the possible exception of the theoretical super earth were known well enough for us to send probes to them fairly early on. The first flyby of Venus was 1961 and the first sucsefull flyby was 1962 after all
  12. I'm wondering if there trying to replicate 32 different lunar phenomena. 1 Such as our moons surprisingly "lumpy" and caused early low orbit craft to go off course and crash. 2 is that there is an atmosphere and dust that can sporadically cause detectable drag to space craft. 3
  13. I think it's just compressed not encrypted. But it should be enpripted
  14. There's a reason we are not discussing anomalies. But yah a certain poc "gaming news sight" already did a wild ass speculation piece on them.
  15. Don't open unless your sure. Credit to SWDavis.
  16. To avoid yeeting die to the gravitational singularity probably. Since that happened to Scott manley when he tried to find the bottom of the Mohole and fell through Oops sorry
  17. The difference being if they plan stage recovery being a thing. Nothing. I was just wondering on if it would be automatic once you do the first booster recovery for a given design or if they plan on something like that one recovery mod.
  18. Those landing pads have me wondering if we're actually using them for that or if it's just cosmetic
  19. They already shot that down. After all what's the point of upcoming interstellar drives that take years of in-game time one way if we're just going to intanyly teleport all over the place
  20. What new exciting or frustrating things have you seen so far? Good, strip lights because it gets dark when your eclipsed. RTGs are no longer infinite. The Bad. Save seems to load random junk, terrain features, and on one occasion a complete orbiter that had been undocked earlier. they did not check to see if the remaining Kerbal was on board. having a orbiter following them to the moon after coming back from the save was weird. No auto strut. KSP1 fuel bug is back. Flappy bird.. granted it settles down. Or flys apart. Random Failure to revert to VAB or launch point. Ugly. People failing at using the boat dock because of various forms of unplanned disassembly or the craft going apeship and and bouncing in and out of the water untill it breaks up or sinking instantly. Random debris or launch clamps not deleting on recovery. fortunately there's 3 other launchpads and a second runway.
  21. Oh no I wiped out my massive ssto to Jool Because I forgot heat shield for aero breaking....reload save at VAB...add parts you left off....relaunch.. ...
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