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  1. I'm really not quite sure were to begin here. I'll just start by saying I've been using KSP v1.11.2 as a beta under Steam with no problems and refrained from going to v1.12.3 and was more or less forced to when my v1.11.3 under Steam suddenly developed an issue I couldn't resolve, this just happened to be a few days before Perfect Division added their new launcher, so I moved up to v1.12.3 because all of the 125 or so mods I use were now available for v1.12.2 at least. Things seemed good for about a week under v1.12.3 until Perfect Division decided to add their unneeded launcher and, again, my now modded v1.12.4 threw a new "Houston we have a problem" warning about a serious .dll issue that I can't remember now. So at that point I decided to use v1.12.3 independently from Steam. However, and here is the BIG odd issue I'm having with MJ2 that and I can't solve, for some reason even my earliest saved v1.12.3 has the "Limit acceleration to" and "Limit throttle to" values linked. If I change one the other changes to the same value at the same time! I'm hoping somebody has had this same issue and can give me a solution to the problem. I really didn't notice this issue until a few days ago, but I save the full game about every week or so and this "linked" behavior is in my earliest save of v1.12.3 in early November. Thanks for any help or input here. EDIT: I just obtained a fresh install of KSP v1.12.3 from Steam and copied it to an independent folder just to make sure it works, and it does. I then used CKAN to add MJ2 v2.14.2.0 and its Module Manager v4.2.2 dependency and it still has the acceleration and throttle inputs linked in some weird way. So it seems to be an issue with MJ2 or Module Manger here. I hope this gives somebody a clue for fixing this problem. EDIT #2: Player.log link to Google Drive -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19Ndy7NfR-3NoiPcGfV509SJDvczjXXDO?usp=sharing
  2. Yeap, they "upgraded" the 1.12.3 I just switched to about five days ago to 1.12.4 and I get the warning about tweakscale. The first time I loaded the new 1.12.4 there was a kind of mild warning about tweakscale maybe not being compatible but when I loaded it up later after the game became unstable the first time it became a full out stop warning or you'll endanger your saved craft. Ticks me off because now even if I revert back to 1.12.3 in steam and add my CKAN mods it still doesn't work. I thought I saved my last 1.12.3 working version but it was apparently upgraded to 1.12.4 shortly before I saved it. I wish they would say when they are going to push an upgrade so I could save my last working version of ksp before it potentially gets fubared. KSP is soooooo frustrating if you use any mods or addons. Everytime they do just about anything everything seems go to pot.
  3. Well sho enough... It took quite a while, maybe 10 - 15 s, but the ascent guidance staged and she took off by herself. Now I'm wondering if CobaltWolf designed his Regors to take about 10s to ramp up to full power since main engine start sequence for the Saturn F-1s was just after T -10s before lift off. If so, kind of cool, otherwise I don't have a clue as to why it taks so long to stage. Of course, I now need to retweak my SI and SII stages since that extra burn time of the Regors before actual lift off makes me use more of the SIV dV and that currently doesn't leave me with enough SIV dV for the TMI. Thanks so much OrbitalManeuvers for that key bit of info.
  4. I solved it during rereading the first page of this addon. I missed that there were craft files and it turned out I was missing the Orion Stage Adapter, the "spacer" I asked about in my post above. If the Adapter would have been included in what I guess was the Janitor's Closet sorting things into the Artemis Construction Kit folder I would have found it straight off.
  5. Really love this SLS mod, best so far. In the past I've kitbashed my own mostly stock version as well as using both the reDirect/reStock "Olympus" and the older huge 7.5m dia. SLS by Sobkos mods when running ksp v1.11.2. I now have my tweaked Block 1 done and I noticed even at 0% decoupling force on the Service Module Adapter that the CM/SM pretty much "rockets" away upon the decoupling. I looked inside the Service Module Adapter and saw that the top of the ICPS tank and plumbing intersects the Viking OME, so this is a parts collider issue during the decoupling that's causing the problem. Am I missing something here, like a spacer maybe as part of the build, or is this something of a bug that needs to be addressed with the ICPS cryo tank? I could kitbash with a hollow cylinder for a spacer but that would lengthen the package pushing it out of proportion to the real ICPS/Orion if my current build is correct. Edit... Well, that was easy. I didn't realize there were craft files in the "Stock" folder until I was rereading the start of this thread. I loaded up the stock Block 1 and saw the Orion stage adapter, which would be the "spacer" I mentioned up above. It wasn't in the folder that I guess "The Janitor's Closet" adds titled "Artemis Construction Kit". I do remember when I was building the SLS that the diameter of the ICPS when joined to the Service Module Adapter seemed just a might bit too small.
  6. Now that's interesting. Thanks! I did let one hang on the pad for a bit over 5s one time thinking maybe it was taking a longer time to build up thrust and nothing happened, so I manually staged it. 15s is a looong time. Btw, was that 15s game seconds or real seconds? For me 15 game seconds is often something like 25s in real time. I'm pretty much always running under a yellow caution. Next time I'll let one set for at least 15s to see if anything happens. I could see 15s for clearing the tower. Apollo 15 took something like 13s to clear the tower, I shoot for 10s or so for that in my Apollo/Saturn V builds. Too much more than 10s to clear tower and the rocket will often start to tilt and then sometimes it's bye bye to rocket, pad, and kerbals if I don't hit abort soon enough.
  7. I happened to find that this morning after I found out the ReStock SLS SRBs immediately decouple after leaving the launchpad. After that episode I went looking for anything new as far as the SLS goes in KSP and hit Benjee 10's mod. I don't know how I missed it the first time I looked at the CKAN mod list for v1.12. This SLS is working fine for me after I switched out the first cryoengine I used for the ICPS. Right now that SLS hits an 80km LKO using only 20 m/s of dV from the ICPS. That's leaving about 1300 m/s dV from the ICPS which seems very unreasonably high given it's only meant for a TLI to the Mun. I'll probably lower the fuel in the ICPS to leave more like 900 m/s dV for a Mun TLI and retweak the rest again. Next is to build the Block 1B and put a monoprop propelled habitat in the payload bay for docking with the Orion/ESM to make the trip into Duna orbit and then I think out or at least partially out of Duna orbit and back to kerbin. That should make the kerbals a lot more comfortable on the way to and from Duna. It's definitely not the root part, the Kane command module is the root. This has happened once before with a ship from another mod but I can't remember which one it was and I just kept manually staging it. If it was a Mechjeb issue I would think lots of others would have experienced this same issue since I can't be the only one using the Ascent Guidance to launch the BDB Saturn V. I think I'll try using only the Saturn V mobile launchpad and see if it stages properly with nothing else happening. Another think I noticed was that there are two green nodes under the center of the Saturn V. Does it make a difference as to which of those nodes the launchpad is connected too?
  8. I just started to use this mod (v0.2.11) today to add the USA's, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and American flag to a BDB Saturn V. It initially looks GREAT in the VAB but when moved to the launchpad the decals aren't being displayed. When I revert to the launchpad the decals no longer display as well but the greenish shadow panel/box is there if you hover over their locations. Soon as you remove the decal the correct text shows again in the part to be placed but as soon as you place it again nothing is displayed except you can see that greenish panel/box again if mouse is placed over the location. It's weird because they appear to work OK in the VAB for the first addition to a build but after one attempt to launch they don't work after that. Any thoughts as to what maybe wrong here?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Could be MLP issue. I just switched a few days ago to KSP1.12 from 1.11 and this was my first "rebuilding" so I thought it might be an issue with the new stock BDB Saturn V/MLP build. Next up is to start a rebuild of the reStock SLS. If lucky ksp 1.12 will at least load my old 1.11 one. It has the "Invalid or locked Parts" warning and they sometimes load, or if too much missing or changed, it just leaves me stranded for a full build again from the individual parts.
  10. OK, I got everything on the Saturn V , CSM (with SIM instruments), and MLM with collapsible rover all working well for an Apollo 17 like mission. The dVs, TWRs, burn times (given this is a Kerbin launch), time to clear tower (10s), etc. are all quite decent with about 875 dV left in SIV for TLI after a 50 dV burn for perigee orbit circularization. However, I have one odd thing I can't seem to sort out... I'm using the new stock BDB Saturn V on MLP to start with, and with no changes by me, it won't autostage from the MLP using MechJeb 2 Ascent Guidance. I have to manually stage here. Was it planned this way or am I missing something silly again (most likely the case), like the not seeing the "Shielding" button to release the SIM bay panel when I asked for help a couple of days ago? Thanks again for any input.
  11. Thanks, I already figured that out when I looked at the new parts. I was using the "stock" version of the new BDB Saturn V and saw the SM bay and panels for enclosing the LM wouldn't open. I thought something must be wrong so I checked the dependencies and started looking into issues with other mods after posting my problem with the SM here. I haven't gone back to check on what Zorg said but it looks like everything is likely OK and it was just another case of IOC (Insufficient Operator Capability). This is my favorite ship/parts mod. I certainly ranks up there with the other "best of the bests" like MechJeb2, KER, tweakscale, the various procedural parts type stuff, etc 2nd Edit... Thanks Zorg and Entr8899 for help/input. Sure enough, the SM "Shielding" button was the key. I was just expecting it to be the same "Open Payload Bay" as the last version I was using and didn't even notice the shielding bit when looking at the SM description. I've just been tweaking things to get a 80km LKO with having the S-IV engine just barely firing to hit the initial 80km apogee and hopefully using less than 150 dV to circularize. In the KSP v1.11.3 I was using my tweaked BDB Saturn V, CSM, LM with rover would hit the 80km orbit using only about 150 dV on the S-IV leaving about 900 dV for the TLI. At Launch it would take about 11s to clear the tower.
  12. Hi CobaltWolf... This is a great mod and I can't even remember when I started using it. Actually, in my old v1.11.3, I made a small collapsible rover using two small hinges that connected three small panels. The first and last panel had the standard collapsible lunar rover wheels attached and the hinges folded everything down to pretty much the size of a small panel. Because there was no "same vessel interaction" I could then use the small long hinge and a small decoupler attached to the bottom of the middle panel of the rover to move the packed rover out past the side of the descent stage. After decoupling the collapsed wheels would just clear the landing legs and when extending the wheels the rover would essentially push its back end off the hinge/decoupler and freely ride down the landing legs to stop just a bit away from the LM ready for the two kerbals to use. I was quite proud that it actually worked out. Internally it fit pretty well, at least you couldn't see anything from the outside when packed except for a tiny bit of exposed hinge pin sticking out at the bottom of the LM descent stage side. That was kind of nice because I didn't have to assign the extraction phase to an action group.
  13. I finally got around to moving over to KSP v1.12.3 on Steam from v1.11.3 due to some kind of Steam issue when, for some unknown reason to me, they updated my v1.11.3 in the Steam Common folder. Luckily, I saved that last KSP folder the day before that Steam issue occurred and have been running KSP independently from Steam for the last few days. For some reason I can't open the bay on the Kane-11 Service Module and because of all the changes to parts I can't load my old BDB Saturn V where that was working just fine. I'm running 137 mods but I was running nearly all the same mods in v1.11.3 with no issues. I did a search for this issue and came up with nothing to help and I thought I'd try here in case this has happened to anybody else. The new Kane and Sarnus models are really nicely done, and I like the corrections for things like where and how the EVA and Docking lights go and that the Ullage motors on the S4 stage now decouple after use. In my older KSP v1.11.3 I was using the small decoupler for the SubSat to decouple the S4 Ullage motors. I still need to check if there is now a bay on the descent stage of the LM to place a microrover. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. So I've been setting up a Munar base (Base Armstrong but AKA Hamster House due to how it looks with the tunnels connecting things) and I have a grabber jr. on the front of a Buffalo equipped with a Buffalo ISRU set for Ore>LF and Ox and two packs of the Buffalo drills. The drills are stuck on harvesting alumina so the ISRU is missing ore. When I attempt to change resources on the drills it says I need to unlock the Biome but I have no idea how to unlock the Biome. I was just hoping the drills functioned like the stock drills do and harvesting ore was the default mode. So how do I unlock the biome AND get the Buffalo drills to harvest ore? I searched on "KSP how to unlock the biome for the buffalo drills" but didn't get any useful hits that helped here. Edit: So I just noticed the small "Ore" container I have under the Buffalo is filling up with "Ore" when the drills indicate they are harvesting "alumina". The ISRU says it is missing "Ore". So I assume the "Ore" in the container is actually "alumina" or else something is screwed up somewhere if it's actually "Ore" and the ISRU isn't utilizing it to make LF and Ox. Any help here is greatly appreciated.
  15. To Linuxgurugmer... First off, thanks so much for all the work you put into KSP. Love the game but absolutely hate all the mod issues at every KSP version change though. Seems like every time all the mods are working, or mostly working, a major version change comes along and it's all FUBAR again! Really this post is about the SpaceX ITS ship though. I've been fooling around with the build a couple of days now and for the most part managed to attach thinks to make it able to not just hold kerbals but to allow them to do an EVA as well. I also added a covered CoT Mr. to allow for docking. EDIT BUT, the largest landing legs designed for the ITS Ship in this mod are too short to have both proper mounting in the three leg pylons, because the ends of the flaps extend well past were the extended landing legs end. (Well "stupid" applies here, or maybe more like BLIND... I looked for built legs in the VAB to see what they looked like and while landing several times and didn't see them, and now, of course after posting on this topic, I finally saw they were built-in. Sheesh!). Oh yeah, the ITS doesn't have any kind of payload bay, maybe an equipment/payload package is supposed to be sent to Mars first and it wasn't meant for any payload but I thought I'd bring the topic up anyway. I have used one of the Dragon capsules to make a 2nd stage ascent or descent lander CoT Sr docked to a 1st stage with three radially attached spikes for descent/ascent also and a storage bay with a small rover (I think stock or mostly stock) and two symmetrically attached uISRU (Wild Blue Industries)/drill/ore-tank/radiator units to allow for self-contained refueling. Both stages can be piloted remotely and used independently with the 1st stage having top and bottom CoT Sr ports and the 2nd stage having a bottom CoT Sr and top NASA docking port. It's heavy when fueled up but it makes a decent multi-mission reuseable lander with a rover and how it gets used depends on DV needed and if an atmosphere is present. In case of emergency the Dragon is capable of being used as a typical heat-shielded reentry vehicle. The lander can be used as a complete CSM/lander, or as I tend to do, mount it like in the Apollo program below a separate CSM. I setup the final payload stage to be used as something of a refueling ship that I keep redocking the CMS and/or lander too and, if done carefully, it can be used for interplanetary/moon transfers and refueled from a separate refueler when near empty.
  16. I was extremely happy to see this mod again for the latest KSP. I used it a lot in v1.8 Before I had the BDB Leo-Medicis (Gemini) Service Module (SM) I would add four Sepratrons or other small engines in a four fold symmetry centered at the back of the Service Module and then offset those to the inside front of the SM and then fire them off in opposing pairs to do the deorbit burn as was done back in the day for project Gemini; I also did the same thing for your SM. So I was wondering, since your models are so freakin' great, if you could actually at some time add the four proper red spherical retrorockets on an X-frame in the SM as was done in real life? This would raise the level of realism, at least I think it would, for your SM. Thanks for at least considering the idea if you haven't already and dismissed for some reason as being too hard to implement.
  17. First off, what a fantastic mod!! I first used it for the BDB Saturn V and just started using if for the CA Shuttle. But... I have a problem. For some reason unknown to me the launcher base sets way too high on 39A. I watched your video and moved the base of the FSS below the floor of the VAB but no matter what I've done so far it just keeps showing up too high. You could fit a bit over two additional launch bases in the gap between the top of the pad and below the bottom of the launcher base. I imagine it's something stupid I've done but I sure don't know what. Thanks for any help here.
  18. I decided to try to make as close of a replica of a large Fireball XL5 using stock parts, about 300 parts in all. The main compromise is that I used the large space plane fuel tanks instead of the large round rocket tank to use one large round tank above the Rino engine to make it look a bit more XL5-ish. The one used in Fireball XL5 had a slowly tapering round fuselage after Fireball Junior. I've attached two files, one of the Fireball only, and one with the booster that will easily get it into a fairly high Kerbal orbit leaving more than 1/2 the total fuel after docking to a space station or whatever. It's all stock except for the AR202 that comes with MechJeb 2. I've pasted in three jpgs, one of just the XL5, the XL5 with boosters, and one of three XLs (XL3, 5 and 7) attached to my Kerbal International Space Station (KISS). Boy, did frame rates suffer on this one because there are three XLs, one large tug, one moderate tug, and one small tug, all docked to the KISS at the same time (KISS includes a Cupola to give the Kerbals something to look out of). The two craft files are stock except for the AR202 (attached to the command pod) that comes with the MechJeb2 mod. It can be removed but you'll have to add kerbals to pilot the XL5 or add a remote separate stock guidance unit, probably up by the nose clamp-o-tron. The XL5 alone can almost (maybe could if lucky) get to very low Kerbin orbit (~70km). I would have preferred to use smaller engines than the "vectors" on those outboard tanks but I couldn't find another combination that stayed true to form and still have enough thrust to lift a large non-staging spacecraft to near orbit without boosters. Anybody is free to change the engines to something else if they wish but even with the boosters I designed it then may not have enough thrust to get into orbit after dropping the empty boosters. Sometimes I use the Alt-F12 unlimited fuel/RCS cheat for launch to use the XL5 alone to get into any orbit radius or whatever else I feel like. In the TV program the XL5 was launched using a rocket assisted horizontal sled/rail system. It could land on it's own using vertical rockets but good luck with doing that using stock parts but still keeping reasonably true to the original look. Fireball Jr can be detached, survive reentry with heat-shield, and land back at Kerbin using two parachutes. The craft in the files have the decoupler between Fireball Jr and the rest of the XL5 disabled. You will need to manually enable decoupling in order to return Fireball Jr to Kerbin. (EDIT: I forgot to mention that it has two "Dawn" ion engines with a lot of xenon fuel under the back wings (they helped fill in the look of the XL5 as well). Sort of a StarTrek-like impulse power idea just in case you run out of fuel for anything else . Only 4 kn of total thrust but better than nothing I suppose. And I'm considering dropping the thrust in my craft files for the four outboard "Vector" engines to something like 75%. Under hard acceleration those outboard tanks will start to wobble and I think they would eventually pull themselves of the wing,strut and girder attachment points they were left to run all out for too long. Everything combined just on the full XL5 alone without boosters is a fair amount of TWR (can't remember exact value) as it currently stands. It's a BIG craft and even with lots of RCS and inertial guidance it takes quite a long time to translate and rotate. Even MechJeb needs some help with rendezvousing because it does a poor job anticipating really long translations and rotations (planned maneuvers with countdowns too short and going retro to slow down when matching velocities with the target craft are the two biggest hurdles for MechJeb).) For those that don't know about Fireball XL5 go and google it. It was a GREAT! program back in the early 1960s when I was a kid. A friend bought me the DVD set of all the shows a few years back. I soooo wanted to become an astronaut back then but I eventually settled on becoming a scientist (Analytical Chemist) after my height (too tall) and poor eyesight (myopic) prevented the astronaut dream. I would get so excited watching Fireball XL5 I'd have to rush off to the bathroom at the 15 minute commercial break to go pee. (Silly now I know). Future wishes (with some editing): I hope in a future version of KSP they allow typing of an identifier on the outside of the spacecraft. I'd like to put a panel on the outboard engines with big XL# labels as IDs. Also I wish there was an easy way to "cheat" on engine and fuel capacity values that just go with the current craft. For example, I'd like to put a small engine on the back of Fireball Jr (really I'd like to get three or four vertical thrusters plus landing gear that are hidden until used to have it land horizontally on the surface of whatever) so I could detach it and rear end down with landing gear on surfaces. I guess I'd need two very large new docking ports as well to allow docking/undocking Fireball Jr to the rest of the fuselage. The cockpit would have to allow setting a certain amount of fuel and different thrust/ISP values for the engine. There are probably mods to do this but I'd like to stay as close to stock as possible; ideally all stock.) (This is my first posting to KSP Spacecraft Exchange, so here's hoping it all works. Keeping fingers crossed...) Here are the jpgs... http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/610604005659096160/88EA5798FD01F4DA1AAAE19C6D296871DFA9F908/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/610604005659094207/504B4EFE10C14ED6A03388C64A29F00A2983ED42/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/610604005659098524/BE2E498FD493A8F6D25A978830265091BB3CB14A/ And here are the two craft files... http://kerbalx.com/crafts/9634/edit http://kerbalx.com/crafts/9636/edit
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