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  1. Using Animated attachment and making it where parts can be surface mounted on the turret would work perfectly.
  2. I have a request, the M1 Abrams no matter what version has a .50 caliber M2HB mounted over the Commanders hatch, could have this modeled on the turret?
  3. Ah I didn't think about trying that! Now how to get the folding gear of a Cessna 210... Also just noticed this says 1.4.x to 1.6.x it also works just fine in 1.7 with the only issue being load time (it stops responding at every single loading screen).
  4. If it does get added I look forward to it, so I guess we are stuck with the older style air-frames made by Cessna, oh well they still look amazing!
  5. Could we get a part variant on the Cessna Cockpit so that it includes the "Omni-view" window featured on later models? https://i.imgur.com/PPFiKEr.jpg[/img] Just go the link it shows it...
  6. Is a 1.7 compatible version on the way? I need this for a retractable gear high wing turboprop powered racing plane.
  7. Let me give a suggestion I was given a very long time ago... http://via Imgflip Meme Generator Thats part of the challenge, to get down onto and back off of the surface of a planet the likes that Kerbalkind had never seen.
  8. The Cessna 152 does not use a Turboprop engine, like most Light Sport Aircraft, it uses normally a Lycoming, Contiental and sometimes a Rotax Horizontally opposed engine, more commonly known as a boxer, with either 4 or 6 cylinders, but I understand what you are going for.
  9. Not on my laptop currently so I can't get pictures but I built a really cool single turboprop powered airframe yesterday, based it off of the TBM-900.
  10. I very much figured that, if it weren't stock with at least tweakscale it would probably be much easier to keep it the same
  11. I have seen a section of the airfoil, your airfoils look slightly diamond shaped, now I understand the limits of KSP but if you could give me a rundown of the cross section I might be able to help. Other than that GREAT JOB! LOOKS AWESOME!
  12. Gonna start work on an Ohio class submarine replica this weekend (SSGN not SSBN)

  13. Great job on the F-101 Voodoo one of the first supersonic interceptors with a RIO.
  14. That's is due to Wherner von Braun over engineering the crape out of those rockets, he wanted to use them to go to Mars. And I intend to use them so!
  15. Thanks, the only problem is I need them to work with SSTU because I am working on a Deep Space Launch Vehicle or DSLV for short.
  16. Are there any good analogs or configs out there for a RD-0120 compatible with this mod?
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