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  1. Um, no. Being a realist would be acknowledging that there are tens of millions of developers in this world, most of which would be better qualified to take on KSP 2 than Harvester. There's really no reason this Hail Mary needs to be Harvester.
  2. Or I'm simply saying it's not anyone's place to accuse me of being the sole negative nancy of the forum
  3. Well it'd be a lie to say this post isn't dripping with cloudy-eyed idealism.
  4. They aren't a redeeming factor for HarvesteR. They are a redeeming factor for KSP1. Read that again: Redeeming factor for the game, not the developer. Ok, so the relevance in a discussion about Felipe himself beats me. Well there's my source already.
  5. Well do tell me why you bring up mods as if they're a redeeming factor for Harvester. I've seen a similar sentiment spoken of you so I think it'd be arrogant of both of us to question us being here.
  6. [snip] If you only want positivity, I fail to see why you're in this subforum and not in one of the KSP 1 subforums. Let's run through the logic you're using: KSP 2 has flaws = let's lynch the developers KSP 1 has flaws = let's praise Harvester for all the mods he didn't make Suppose the library of mods for KSP 2 grows which is inevitable for any game, I don't suppose you'll do a heel-turn and decide that Intercept wasn't so evil actually. Or is Harvester the only developer in the world who is allowed to take credit for mods that fix his game. As I said, people are attached to an ideal fantasy where an underdog team does a better job than a studio they vilify, and aren't ready to face the reality that Harvester already had a shot at making a space game and made a dog's dinner out of it, and now he's busy on a pitifully unambitious game because it's a more realistic target for him than doing KSP 1 but better.
  7. Frankly, this kind of statement only comes from someone's fantasy where their idols (i.e. Harvester) are the best people in the world and are capable of anything. Sorry to point it out, but the real Harvester is busy on a daft little game about flying model planes around a tiny predetermined level. If you conveniently ignore all the ways in which KSP 1 is inferior. Frankly, they're both on par with each other. But saying that would mean admitting that Harvester isn't the best person in the world and doesn't have some magic pixie dust on him that'll fix the IP.
  8. It seems people put Harvester on a pedestal because they want some kind of saint to kneel to. Even if said saint only built half the church they work at and the half they built is made of popsicle sticks.
  9. Because of the (alas, foregone) possibility that it'd not run as bad as KSP 1. Do ask yourself what use is asking the proverbial customer what good they are at cooking, as if it changes the fact the food was bad?
  10. Refer to the very end of the thing you quoted
  11. You have to appreciate that HarvesteR was responsible for the wobble problem in the first place, and that most of what you see in KSP 1 is just years of fluff that serves to avoid polishing the core gameplay. So the game runs terribly even by 2017-2020 standards, has a finicky and inaccurate impulsive maneuver plotter, spots where the terrain randomly opens up to abyss eternal, massive gaps in the parts list that even Making History fails to properly fix, a technical foundation made of quicksand, an awful anti-ergonomic UI, a paper-thin science mechanic, a very stupid and clunky aerodynamic model that literal amateurs have done a better job on, and so on. At least there's fireworks now. Yay. Quite frankly, there's very little between 0.25 and now that's been added to the game that I wouldn't describe as junk served by Squad so they could procrastinate on bigger issues. A technical turd. My props are better spent elsewhere. Of course. Because when someone at a restaurant eats a lobster and later has to go to the hospital, the first thing the chefs do is ring them up and remark "just you do a better job".
  12. HarvesteR's skill as a game designer is massively overstated, and he probably wouldn't be able to pull off more than what Intercept did. Cheers mate
  13. Most people would rather use Windows Vista than Mac for a variety of reasons so I wouldn't call it a pity. Most who do use Macs do so either because all their files are trapped in Apple's ecosystem, because they fell for flashy advertising, or just because it's a status symbol. Really, it's a pity Mac doesn't shrivel up so Linux can take the lead as a Windows rival.
  14. 0.18 There's a difference between "disengaged" and simply not treating it like the single most important thing in my life. If someone is devastated over this and sees it fit to act like they've lost 5 (7?) years of their life to KSP 2, well I really wonder what they were doing during that interval of time.
  15. It'll run about as well as the first KSP and get updates about as often
  16. Am I wrong in saying it's just a game?
  17. And has Kitbash helped figure out how to make crafts with thousands of parts run well while colonies run in the background? No, of course not.
  18. Is your point that KSP's best aspect isn't spaceflight because Juno could be better? You mean Kitbash is a good stepping stone to interstellar? Because it does nothing different from KSP 1 except the planes are small and you're flying around a far less impressive level on a far smaller scale. I'm fairly confident this is just wishful thinking to justify HarvesteR's ideas being mediocre.
  19. Or, like others, not make video game announcements the centerpiece of your life. I'm not sure who was actively suffering from a lack of development updates, but it's hyperbole to imply those years hurt.
  20. Of the physical offices, or Intercept as a corporate entity?
  21. Who said the studio was closing? T2 could just impose a skeleton crew that runs under the Intercept name.
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