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  1. I've been wondering if you could make a something like a Lagrange point work in patched conics of KSP. I think that if a probe was orbiting a moon slow enough and the moon fast enough, the probe would look like it's stuck in place like a Lagrange point. Though, I think it's impossible since no moon is slow or fast enough that the sphere of influence has the desired orbit.
  2. I checked with a new install of of KSP 1.12.5 with BDA+ and it is practically unusable. I tested this with the GOAB bomb and it bugged out by stopping mid-air and slowly falling straight into the ground at ~9m/s I hope this gets fixed and made compatible with 1.12.5 since BDA+ offers just few weaponry in my opinion.
  3. Here's my theory; I think that those Mun arcs are buried portals or stargates from the ancestors of Kerbals which I think are far future humans with hyper-advance alien-like technology. These advance humans were, I think, fleeing their failing galactic empire. These humans were advance enough to place stargate-like technology across their galaxy which also includes what would later be called the Mun. Judging from the state of those Mun arcs, they we're either covered up with the nearby Mun dust by the humans or the Mun dust were electrostatically attracted and attached to them over the years. Another possibility is that the Kerbals launched a cover-up operation on the Mun to make sure their past or whatever the stargates lead to, remains buried. Maybe too literally. Either way, KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM LORE DROP! Also, are there any stargate or portal mods?
  4. Any chance of this making it to CKAN? Would hate to keep downloading new updates...
  5. I was looking at the tech tree of RP-1 and I wondered what mods can fill it all up namely 2019-2034, 2035-2050, 2051-2099, 2100-2149, 2150+... Does anyone know any mods or there aren't any?
  6. Katniss only works for RSS because of Katniss modifies RSS' EarthHeight.dds to adding a hole in Cape Canaveral so it won't float mid-air. RSS' height map isn't the same color as the KSRSS'. Not unless somebody makes a KSRSS heightmap with a hole for the Cape Canaveral to fit in and scale it down, I don't think there will be a Cape Canaveral for KSRSS that is not scaled increased.
  7. I wonder if there is a Cape Canaveral for Kerbin or Kerbin-sized Earth...
  8. Can this be used with KSRSS and is it compatible with 1.11.2?
  9. Parallax configs are broken and they're working on a fix, delete Parallax. Thanks, I hope Parallax resolve this issue.
  10. Has anyone solved this bug? It makes vessels clip through the "ground". GameData folder:
  11. Will the Mk3 parts get Restock changes to look like space shuttle or buran?
  12. I wish Restock+ has a Raptor like engine...
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