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  1. Funny timing, that. I was just wondering what the status of Long March 9 was and I found out about LM10. It's a shame that LM9 is on the back burner but it looks like they want to learn from LM10 first and apply that knowledge to LM9. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that Long March 10 may fly relatively soon. Waiting for SLS and Starship has felt like watching paint dry in a tropical swamp.
  2. If the colony update pulls through I may actually get this game. Fingers crossed.
  3. I never got around to playing this despite all the observation. I really ought to. It looks great, Star. It's changed a lot since first inception.
  4. On first look, these requirements are truly atrocious. I suspect that these are very conservative estimates made with enough margin to comfortably run it. KSP as a game tends to get laggy with its physics, so chances are they want to set a bar with enough wiggle room as not to deter new arrivals. Despite having a strong computer that can run it, I hope these statistics improve. Chances are they will since this is EA, and I would say consoles but I concede that I don't know if consoles are still in the crosshairs for this game.
  5. Going so far as to have the specific time(s) down huh? Guess they know how excited some people are.
  6. If anyone remembers or has read the wiki, there was a concept for a planet 'Mez' that would be like a super-Haumea. That's an interesting possibility. If another distant planet is added my bank is on an icy super-earth or mini-neptune, perhaps as an analogue to the fabled 'Planet 9.'
  7. Wow. I totally forgot KSP2 is coming out before too long! PleaseBeGoodPleaseBeGoodPleaseBeGoodPleaseBeGood A QR for the official KSP2 Discord was posted on Twitter. It looks like things are really ramping up. Fingers crossed...
  8. D'aw, that's adorable! That would be a welcome addition. I do hope the 'starter' group of kerbals gets expanded. Excellent. Val's been my main. I'd miss her.
  9. At no point did I say the game was going to be bad, and the 'whys' to your questions were already answered: Things change. That's just how projects such as game development go down. When I said 'we may not see all of these worlds make it into the game' that goes beyond just scrapping or deleting, it just as well means it comes back in another draft or form. That being said, it would be a fairly safe assumption to see most of what's been shown even in minor glimpses to make it in somewhere, but not absolute.
  10. I suspected a layout like this would be the case for some time now. However... We may not see all of these worlds make it into the game. The known development time of KSP2 has already been decently lengthy given the schedule they had initially planned on. With game development being a fickle, difficult, and very time-consuming thing where a lot can change it would not surprise me to find that some objects get cut. Another thing to consider is that Debdeb may be our Epsilon Eridani analogue. I don't see Debdeb being even a distant binary system.
  11. Very nice! The pixel art icons are such a nice touch. Can't say I expected this to come back.
  12. I know it's quite literally your job, but yikes that does not tend to be a great way to start a day.
  13. Glad to know that competitive and cooperative modes are coming. I had assumed it was going to be all competitive.
  14. It doesn't have to be a tedious management system, and judging by the comments on interstellar travel it's not going to be, with automatic management said to be coming iirc. Something like what you say with an excessive amount of kerbals would be UX/UI suicide and will not happen. Chances are we may not even use individual kerbals like how they are in KSP 1, but instead guiding the ship's/station's functions in general with its own keys/UI without having to query kerbals one by one as that's less tedious and more intuitive. Now, there's going to be some layers of complexity somewhere even if inconsequential. If zero complexity or nuance is desired however, then a game where rocket science and interstellar/interplanetary logistics is involved probably isn't going to be your thing. Of course, this is all mere speculation. The first EA release will have less features than the current stock game of KSP 1 and there's quite a ways to go after that.
  15. I suspect the system will be different and I DEARLY hope it is. Having to launch a ship loaded with kerbals just to make flybys to farm XP is tiring, annoying, and nonsensical. Specialization and skills with flexibility over classes with wrought iron limits would be a step up too, but we'll just have to wait and see. I do hope that the system will resemble an actual space program. That'd be a nice thing to have in a game called 'Kerbal Space Program.'
  16. It's more than fine as it is! Going further would be unnecessary, though I totally understand the commitment to vision. I was unfortunately not able to reach completely what I wanted with my own project. Sometimes you've got to know when to hold and when to fold, even if begrudgingly. Mmm. The 'new' kerbal emojis feel awkward. Renders have never been prime material for emoticons. The 90s and 00s taught us that.
  17. Incest? Nonsense. Kerbals reproduce through spores.
  18. Congrats on getting v2.0 out! If I wasn't burnt out or annoyed with this wretched, ill-begotten spaghetti mound of a game I'd have gone ham with this in Strange New Worlds. An alternative to LandControl and its laggy tyranny is more than welcome. The stock package manages to make the stock system look intriguing which is a laudable feat. Nicely done.
  19. The second one isn't an engine. It bears the distinct shape and mounting of a nuclear reactor.
  20. It's the light curves that were put on the sun. If they weren't changed the sun would have its full size visible even beyond Polaris. It's been a while since I've been anything resembling 'active' so I'm not aware if Kopernicus or scatterer underwent some heavier changes since I've stopped development. Try removing Parallax, that may be the culprit. I may have left some now-outdated zombie configs for Parallax that never got fully completed and I forgot to nix them.
  21. Great! From the footage shown it's definitely lost that early alpha look. Nothing overly shiny or dull. Multiplayer is still coming, yahoo! That said... Nothing was shown of interstellar or what would be mid to late-game activity but short cuts of what we've already seen. Coupling that with the mention of the 'core game coming first' doesn't give me too terribly much confidence there. I know plenty of studios these days have significantly reduced or even given up closed QC/QA testing but that doesn't mean they should. $50 is quite a lot for an EA KSP 1-but-remade and with all of this time that they've had and the footage that's already been shown that erodes some of my confidence. Other than that... I'm SO happy we got a release date! KSP 1 constantly pushed my buttons and it's been a while since I've touched it. KSP 2 is the reason why I'm still hanging around. I hope it turns out great.
  22. Thank you. I've gone ahead and pushed the change to Github. A release with it will come some time later. I've gone ahead and resolved the first two issues in the GitHub repository. For the sun flare, I have not been able to find an adequate solution that doesn't either nuke your eyes at the starting system or outright destroy them while you're in the Polaris system. For your folder issue, I'm not sure what specifically you're talking about there. For the final issue, and this is likely tied with the previous one, is that you're using 1.11. I have not made this pack to be used on 1.11, just 1.12. I recall seeing a similar issue when trying to use one of the new versions of scatterer on an older version.
  23. I wondered when the inevitable question would arrive. Yes, it is! OPM just adds stuff to the stock system. It has nothing to do with other star systems so you've got the all-clear signal.
  24. A new file is strongly recommended unless you're willing to put up with losses and other issues which I will not help you on. AVP is meant for stock. This comes with its own visuals.
  25. Hm. I'll have to double-check the configs. It should be there? The distance might be too much. While it's on my mind, I don't have much for plans for going bananas with the upcoming Parallax scatters n' whatnot. I can't bring myself to work on the mod most of the time and when I do, I don't enjoy it. Hoping the upcoming EVE is fairly easy.
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