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  1. Website suffered a short outage for a few hours this morning, seemingly becoming more frequent. Not a good look.
  2. Ha, silly goose. I mean if this place is gone!
  3. Okay, as someone who is banned from the Discord - where can I go to find good communities to participate in related to KSP1?
  4. Mission Codename: Project Lunar Vanguard Dear KSC operator, Let's get straight to the point. With the recent closure of our second-generation space center, we must innovate to ensure our center thrives. Our mission is clear: establish a sustainable and enduring lunar presence. Your task is to lay the groundwork for future lunar operations and pave the way for interplanetary missions through resource collection and refining on the Mun's surface. This is my first mission post and I plan to do more; I like the realistic style as it makes me want to build better rockets and stay focused on the game. This was originally developed for my own playthrough of KSP because their contracts in story mode sucks, plus don't we all appreciate nicely formatted things... Like gosh. Mission Objectives: These mission objectives are assigned points, so each objective completed are just points added onto your score for your dedication for performing the mission & it's optional goals. Deploy a Communication Network: Put satellites around Kerbin and the Mun to ensure constant signal without blackout zones. (Optional) Equip satellites with versatile orbit-adjustment capabilities using nuclear or xenon propulsion for efficiency. Low-Kerbin Orbit Assembly: Design and Launch a LHM (Lunar Habitat Module) and LLV (Lunar Lift Vehicle) (Optional) Ensure LHM has a reliable mining and refining system to support future missions (Optional) The LHM and LLV need to support 5 Kerbonauts (Optional) onboard Rovers and vehicles for the Kerbonauts Assemble the LTV (Lunar Transfer Vehicle) Attach the habitat module to the lift vehicle to the transfer stage to move the entire assembly to the Muns orbit Mun Operation: Land the LHM and LLV on the Mun. (optional) Conduct scientific experiments (optional) Resource Demonstration Show us how effective your mining and refining operations using the LHM's onboard system is Rules for Mods & DLCS: Recommend / Allowed: RECOMMENDED: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems DLC: All DLC made for KSP is allowed. MODDED: All visual mods allowed, most mods are allowed, example is; (better time warp, Kerbal Engineer, freeIVA) Prohibited Mods: Mods that significantly alter physics or gameplay to make the challenge trivial are prohibited (e.g., Tweakscale, Warp Drive). Challenge Levels: Level 1: Establish a lunar base with basic infrastructure. Level 2: Expand the lunar base with enhanced capabilities, such as advanced resource processing. Level 3: Develop a sustainable colony with full self-sufficiency, capable of supporting long-term habitation. Scoring System: The scoring system for my contracts is quite simple, it will evaluate missions based on objective completion and optional goals. Here's how it works: Objective Completion Points: Each non-optional objective carries an equal score of (+5) Optional Goals: each optional objective completed carries equal an equal score of (+2) Submission Rules: Format: Submit your challenge as an imgur album, video series, or thread in Mission Reports. Documentation: Include captions and descriptions for each submission element (e.g., launches, landings, science collection). Required Screenshots/Videos: Capture key mission moments, including transfers, dockings, landings, and refuelings, document science returns if applicable. Completion Badge: Successful participants can add the mission completion badge to their signature. The Holy Grail: Come on, I know all you internet and space degenerates love things to put into your signature, so let's make it happen. All it will cost you, is a few hours of FUN hard work Hall of Fame: Anyone who has an entry on this post will have their work reviewed and notarized is allowed to utilize the award above and will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame, showcasing the ingenuity and dedication of Kerbonauts across the galaxy.
  5. This is such an easy outing for them to point too as well, but I think the moderation might be a bit too stringent. From what I've seen, most users aren't engaging in outright hostility. Mostly they're having spirited debates and yes, I do admit I have seen one using language like "stupid" or "dumb", and yes directed at people. It's just so funny to me how people get so pressed about stuff like that? It's not even a personal attack for the most part, they're just expressing frustration and trying to prove a point rather than there being any real personal attacks. The mods just seem to be tightening the reins too much and it's stifled any venting.
  6. Starting to like Take-Two more than the moderators on the forums here.
  7. With Dakota's most recent post it makes it pretty clear that KSP2 is done.
  8. this is literally the whole post. Love you, bye.
  9. The lawyer was very helpful - referred me to an entire legal department that specializing in class action lawsuits, and yes. They would require money to be paid, because 20+ lawyers don't work for free. For them to even consider the case, a substantial number of signatures is necessary. It seems a bit naive to think that experienced legal professionals would operate without thorough consideration of the case's viability. Do you really believe they would risk their reputation by taking on a case they didn't think had merit? All for a tad bit of money; probably pennies on the dollar compared to what they make in the long class action suits they handle regularly.
  10. I've actually already consulted a legal team about a class action against Take2 Interactive. Please refer to this post.
  11. Wish the moderators here would liquid off, seriously. Let us express ourselves in the little time we have left too.
  12. Big joke, you're all about to lose your jobs anyways? Just make a post, like smh.
  13. Totally unrelated but everyday we don't hear anything from them is just infuriating me even more. I like how they pitched the idea of us being well informed throughout the development and they still don't tell us excrements.
  14. With all of the craziness going on in the discord and on this forum. I wanted to remind you to appreciate the incredible world around you. The opportunities are limitless, You can do anything you want, whenever you want and how far you go in life is completely up to you. Life is a crazy, full of obstacles, lots of frustration, and insanely beautiful. We could all learn to read between the lines a bit better. to keep things on topic; what have you been playing while you've been frustrated with KSP2 / intercept games / take 2 interactive ? I've been liberating planets for super earth. (Helldivers 2) @Scarecrow71 tagging you because you're cool and maybe you needed to hear this, idk :shrug:
  15. At this point it's safe to assume the worst, they clearly don't care about the mega nuke going off here. If this was all a big misunderstanding, we would've been informed.
  16. Nate's picking up a shift at his local car dealership, he's made a killing doing it. Probably going to be a while before we hear from him!
  17. This sums up my feelings pretty well.
  18. "So today we realized, the hell with development! We already got your money! So guess what's coming next? Shutting down the studio and calling it a wrap! See you guys in 8 years!" - Nate Simpson (Alternate Universe #054)
  19. @Scarecrow71 15,000 signatures and 10,000 $ retainer - would be to be brought to a larger law firm before they considered taking action. Lawyer said there's a case, but my local law office completely refused to do anything, take 2 apparently has a legal team around the size of 2 law firms. Ofcourse if KSP2 gets canceled then we could go ahead with the lawsuit, but it's not gonna happen. Was worth getting an opinion tho.
  20. I seriously hope that they continue the development of KSP2. Regardless if it's with a new studio, or new team. I don't want to see this project canned. There. Is. So. Much. Potential.
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