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  1. We need more communication, it doesn't have to be a KERB, but it needs to be something. This is not the right move.
  2. @kspkat You can probably go into your .sfs save file and find the reaction wheel part for that specific vessel. Unrelated, what is the difference between this mod's stock rotation fix and PersistentRotation's stock rotation fix?
  3. There are some graphical errors on the later parts of the tech tree. (the propulsion ones have parts placed by Near Future Propulsion, and the electricity ones are placed by Near Future Electrical, but the rest are normal RP-1)
  4. love the appreciation for addressing the community's concerns just to be sure though, the intercept team does read past the top 20 bug reports right?
  5. love the community contributions showcase! we should see some more of that
  6. I agree with this, there should be a way for this mod to work with the stack chutes as well.
  7. hm, what is TMR? I'm assuming it's something to do with the ISP, but it's not explained in slide 3.
  8. like the new header, already has 140 views on imgur wow
  9. does the ksp team get to eat, and if so does the eating bug take away from work productivity too?
  10. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home | CPU: Intel i7-9750H | GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660Ti | RAM: 64 GB You can drag the cursor of the bottom color picker off screen to the right or bottom. The top color picker does not have this problem. Dragging the cursor off screen does not change the color past the max in any way that I can tell.
  11. You mean these real leeks? What an amazing ode to science, I can't wait for KSP2 to be fun!
  12. wait, are there volumetric clouds in ksp 2 now? blackrack you maniac! i love this
  13. Oh wow, only 4 days after the For Science! update (and this patch) was announced! Good timing.
  14. Very embarrassing bug, but nice to see a very quick turnaround for fixing it.
  15. hehe, im pretty sure thats a localization thing, where "," and "." are reversed in some countries would be funny though
  16. I haven't used AVP in awhile, but I think it's a kopernicus issue. Try going into GameData/Kopernicus/Config/Kopernicus_Config.cfg and setting "EnableKopernicusShadowManage" to false instead of true. Might fix it, lemme me know if it does.
  17. Heh, the trails in the last one make it really look like a ufo!
  18. I like that the bug list went up to 20 this time, very nice to see more info
  19. as someone who used nertea’s heat mods, i can say that it is quite fun to engineer it in it wouldnt be a problem for early or even mid game either
  20. are there any plans to implement systems for the reverse, aka when parts get too cold? i wouldnt want my kerbals to be at 50 kelvin!
  21. aw, whyd you get rid of the upvotes for each bug report? that was a nice touch
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