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  1. I'm no longer able to link/relay communication systems. In KSP 1, it was possible to extend the reach of my communication network by bouncing the connection off of satellites w/ large radar dishes. Now, if my Tylo lander does not have a ridiculously large radar dish, I won't be able to transmit data down to Kerbin (even though I have satellites with sufficiently large radar dishes in the immediate area). Is this a bug? Intentional?
  2. Nexus Mods helped me warm up to the idea of modding games, and I know I'm not alone in thinking that. It took me awhile to use mods w/ my games. I grew up w/ computers, but I'm not a programmer, was a Mac user up until 3 years ago, and I find navigating Windows' file system to be frustrating. That said, the first time I ever used mods, it was because Nexus Mods looked familiar / approachable. I could download an app, search through the most popular mods, and w/ a few clicks, the mods would be activated. Took me longer than I care to admit, but I got over the hump and realized that modding games is easier than I thought. Obviously Nexus Mods is not ideal, but by not using altogether, I worry that we're abandoning the gamers who are brand new to this process. I'm a dum-dum w/ this sort of stuff, but isn't there a way to allow players to Nexus Mods AND Spacedock AND CKAN? I have no clue what this would entail, so apologies in advance lmao.
  3. Overview: Terrain on Eeloo is struggling to detect collisions. Description: Expected: For my rover's wheels and my Kerbal's feet to touch the terrain on Eeloo. Reality: Sent a rover (Bulldog Pod), and the wheels frequently would get stuck halfway underground, unable to move (w/ lag spikes every 2 seconds when it would happen). My rover could produce lift, so I was able to fly, move somewhere else, and land on top of the ground a couple of times. This fix would only last for a minute or two. My Kerbal was also unable to land while on EVA, making him seemingly levitate. On the bright side, this meant that you could jetpack/slide across Eeloo's surface at 100+ m/s with your Kerbal and get mad air off of Eeloo's hills/cliffs. How to Replicate: Try sending a rover to Eeloo - I don't have the heart to do that again at the moment. Save Game File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJBDv7FNdRaOYanY81pIHdVeU1dHEP9t/view?usp=sharing v.0.1.2 Windows 11 Ryzen 9 5900x RTX 3080
  4. Can confirm - happened to me twice now. Once on Duna, other time on Eeloo. Both involved the Bulldog Rover Pod. v. Windows 11 Ryzen 9 5900x, RTX 3080 Mods: Spacedock + BepInEx, Micro-Engineer
  5. 1st time building a wonky craft like this. Pretty surprised by how structurally sound she is! (no, she can't fly.... yet)
  6. (to start) Huge shoutout to the Micro Engineer Mod Creators: Micrologist & Falki absolutely love this mod Issue: While creating a rocket w/ multiple crafts radially attached to it, I noticed that I was only able to view the Stage Info for my main rocket. This made it difficult to build additional crafts and judge their TWR prior to finalizing their design(s) Suggestion: Adjust Stage Info so that it only shows information pertaining to the actively selected Ship in the VAB. Specifically, the ship selected using the VAB's target ship button (I could be misremembering the button's alt-tag. I'm away from my home computer atm) Or, you could add a dropdown menu in the Micro Engineer window where you select which ship's information that you want to display
  7. KSP v0.1.2 Issue: Attaching one craft to another using a radial de-coupler is unpredictable. Let's say I want to attach a craft's fuel tank to a rocket's radial de-coupler. Typically, the game picks a point on the fuel tank and uses that as the anchor point, but what if I want the anchor point to be on the opposite side of the tank? In one instance, I tried attaching an SSTO to a rocket, but the game decided that the anchor point on my SSTO should be on the top of the plane, causing my top stabilizer to collide w/ the rocket. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the game to use the bottom of the plane (unless I built the plane again from scratch after already being coupled to the rocket) Suggestion: It would wonderful if - after picking an anchor part - we could pick a spot on the part that would serve as the anchor point. Even if we were only given 4 options (i.e. front, right, back, left) - that would be better than the current system If this feature already exists, please drop some knowledge on my addled brain!
  8. Similar issue happened to me above Eve, and just yesterday above Bop.
  9. I've experienced the same issue while simply using Radial Decouplers. Caused parent ship to leave circular 120km orbit above Eve into a collision course.
  10. KSP Version: 0.1.2 Op System: Windows 11 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming Z Trio 12 GB Bug description: Expected: While in VAB, I expect the orientation button (vert/horiz) to change which direction I scroll while holding Mouse3 button Observed: I often get stuck in the horizontal orientation and am only able to scroll laterally using Mouse3, despite clicking the vertical orientation settings in VAB Steps to Replicate: Build craft in horizontal orientation and try switching to vertical (i.e. attaching a plane to a rocket) Fixes/Workarounds: Clicking parts w/ Mouse3 button to re-center camera on parts I need to look at List of Mods:
  11. I appreciate the pro tip. I'll do that in the future.
  12. YUGE breakthrough yesterday. Have been crashtesting Val-Level (manned flight, land on Eve, return home). The "Return" part has been - unsurprisingly - the bane of my existence. I've played plenty of KSP1, but I actually never bothered to try a return-trip to Eve, so this experience has been humbling to say the least - and that's even without thermodynamics. --- anywho --- I managed to land/take off from Eve and achieve a circular orbit. I've yet to save enough fuel to return home, but I'll get there. The process of trial/error, filing bug reports, and min-maxing every step in the journey has been exhausting, but (alas) - we're one step closer to success. The absolute best, best part though, has been the visual experience of leaving Eve at all times of day. I've "escaped" from Eve 5-6 times tonight using a quicksave file just to soak up the visual splendor and pray my SAS holds while I snap screenshots. Forgive me mods - I forgot my favorite photo (minus the "paused" icon). Very "NASA" esque
  13. As of April 12 (2:29 PM, EST) - Most importantly (since it was addressed in Patch #2)... One of my ships teleported to underneath the VAB during construction This has only happened one time, but it happened after Ctrl+Z (undo) Speaking of Ctrl+Z - I also had an Assembly disappear completely following an Undo. To be specific, the parts didn't just erase - they appeared to be invisible. Certain VAB part icons still appeared around the invisible craft (i.e. small 4-way direction/compass circle icon) Almost all new bugs tho are related to orbital mechanics the the new Maneuver UI Maneuver Mode - new, predicted orbit line not showing at times (image below) Maneuver Mode - Burn Time Meter stuck (while in mid-burn pointing at target) No screenshot of this, but it happened twice while en route to Eve, specifically, while attempting to circularize within Eve's SOI Switching between Map View and (Auto) Orbit Flight View sometimes causes parts to shift out-of-place No luck saving/loading game. Only resolvable by reverting back to a previous save or deleting/restarting ship May or may not be new: - I noticed that my Kerbal Pilots go into PANIC MODE whenever I time warp in orbit. (i.e. flailing arms around and screaming) - While in VAB, I'm frequently unable to expand Stage Info Menu (on right hand side), and view the estimated effectiveness of stages while in different SOIs. To be clear, before Patch 2, I almost never had an issue being able to expand a Stage View, click on an engine, and view my TWR on various planet (atmos & vac)
  14. Working feverishly on Val-Level. So....so close to circularizing post-takeoff from Eve but keep running out of fuel. Hoping that Patch #2 offers the performance improvements that my brain desperately needs to keep attempting it. Some of these larger crafts and becoming unruly lol. Thought the same thing at first but it's not a bug - the heavier atmosphere restricts you to only a couple of feasible engines that can force out enough thrust to overcome the ATMs (or at least, that's my understanding. Recommend using the Dart or Vector engines.
  15. I sawww approx what time of day did the previous patch go out? hoping to play before my work shift
  16. Having trouble copy/pasting the ship code into my VAB, so I tried to replicate the design myself. PHEW - left me w/ a couple of burning questions, lol. How did you achieve the tapered part of the "balloon?" I can only achieve that wide of a fairing w/ an actual payload fairing, but the base of the balloon isn't closed off. (it looks like a medium SAS into... perhaps a medium tube? Are you holding the ship's fuel in the basket? Most importantly - HOW IS THIS FLYING? Is it actually possible to achieve upwards lift via heat in a closed system or is the lift being achieved within the balloon and hidden from view? Either way, very creative execution from what I can tell in the photos.
  17. This topic has been tangentially brought up in previous threads, so I wanted to create a single thread that focuses entirely on this heavily-needed feature. I'm not the only one who's accidentally destroyed a craft while trying to remove debris. If I remember correctly, both Matt Lowne and Scott Manly did this during their first post-launch livestreams. Fortunately, it's super-simple to implement and would go a long way towards reducing player frustration. Small effort, big impact - the best kinds of solutions.
  18. The Devs are simply taking steps to ensure that KSP2 is multiplayer-compatible from the ground up. It's a factor that has to be considered in nearly every decision - not because multiplayer is more important, but because they've determined that it's better to work on all of these features simultaneously rather than one at a time. They'll eventually have to all work in harmony, anyways, but I'm not a game dev, so this is just my understanding of the situation.
  19. Made sure to record a video of this monstrosity in action. Trust me, you don't want this ship - it has ~45 seconds of fuel so it's only practical use is answering a 911 call, taking off, and then crashing into a fiery blaze during a sunset. (no mods involved - built after the release of Patch 1)
  20. Far-fetched guess, but I wonder if these mysteries are part of a larger puzzle for locating, collecting, and important refining resources after the Colonies and Interstellar updates. Resources will vary in terms of rarity and difficulty to gather or process, and I imagine that there's an ultra-rare resource out there that either activates these Star Gates as an end-game convenience or is used to power an OP late game engine. The devs have already described how fun multiplayer will be as a "Space Race," and while it's possible that they have no intention of adding a finish line, I lean towards this involving some sort of multi-step, sequential puzzle a la void gates in Minecraft. Excited w/ whatever it ends up being. :)
  21. As a temporary workaround - I've found that I can rename ships mid-flight in the Tracking Station, but only when I have them in Focus. It seems that Focus overrides where you're clicking in the dropdown menu, which is funny because I accidentally re-named a couple planets without realizing it at first.
  22. Don't mind me - just a casual player dropping by to say thank you and much love to all involved in this thread. (and beyond)
  23. "Everything hinges on the 1st update" - you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Their team has to triage/prioritize, and some of the fixes may not involve your experience at all. So long as they stay focused and work on long-term improvements, I'll be happy.
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