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  1. I think that's a great idea. There are barely any mods for KSP2 anyway and it's unlikely anyone will be putting out much with the game being cancelled without being finished.
  2. It's a very cool looking planet pack. I've recently been working on trying to make a single planet using Kopernicus and am only about three quarters of the way through the config file. I understand that it's a lot of work to update these kind of things. If you're doing anything besides making just a copy of a planet there is a good amount of stuff to go through, not to mention having to load the game up every time you want to check how your changes work.
  3. I chose not to include Grannus as mentioned on the OP post because it is not compatible with modern versions of scatterer. I will definitely check out those other two.
  4. I am wondering if anyone has any planet packs they could recommend to me that work with the ones I have already included in this list. I also would like to recognize some of the amazing planet packs that have been made for KSP here as well. Please note I have zero interest in system replacer packs. I currently have the following planet packs installed and they appear to be compatible in my game and work in 1.12.5 (they are listed in alphabetical order): Asclepius - Adds a rocky planet with thin atmosphere that gets dense enough to fly planes in it's canyons. Also has a moon. Custom Asteroids - Technically not a planet pack, but adds more bodies to the solar system Helvica - Adds one small gas giant and its moons to the space between the orbits of Duna and Dres. The gas giant orbits in retrograde. (no longer maintained and author is looking for someone to take it over) Janet's Minor Planets - Adds a few asteroids along with some Jool trojans. Kcalbeloh System Planet Pack - Adds an interstellar distance system that orbits a fantastic looking black hole. Kerbol Origins - Adds in planets that aim to recreate the SQUAD planet ideas that did not make it into the game. Minor Planets Expansion - Made to work alongside Outer Planets Mod by adding asteroids and dwarf planets. Muniant - Adds a Dres-sized planet with a highly elliptical orbit. Shows Dres' description and the planet's name is not capitalized. Near Kerbin Objects - Adds three asteroids with orbits that bring them near Kerbin Other Worlds - Adds an orange dwarf star called Cercani along with it's systems. Intends to be a story based pack. Outer Kerbin - Adds a new moon and sub-moon to the Kerbin SOI Outer Planets Mod - Expands the outer edge of the Kerbol system to include bodies that resemble those that appear in our solar system. Quackpack - A fantastic planet pack that adds a few sun grazers and sub-Moho planets, filling in a very under used portion of the Kerbol System. Silan - Adds a trans-Joolian gas giant with rings along with its moons. Snazzy's OPM - Adds a gas giant called Gorgis along with seven moons. Xubol - Adds a sub-Moho planet based on an unimplemented idea from SQUAD. Zive System - Adds a star with five planets and some moons. A brown dwarf also orbits the star. If anyone decides to download and use these mods make sure you read the mod description in full and install ALL dependencies or they will not work. Does anyone know if Galaxies Unbound would work with these? It looks great but I haven't tried it out. I will add compatible mods to the list as I find more or they are suggested to me. If I have missed one it's likely not on purpose except in the case of Grannus and Galileo Planet pack which are not compatible with modern versions of Scatterer and so I will not include them in this list.
  5. It's shocking that they removed this from the game, great job!
  6. I will attach as many flags as I can fit to this post so you may view what's included.
  7. Copy the "code" and paste it into the entry field for a cell. Let me know if there's more you need on this.
  8. I wrote a Google Sheets function that lets you put the Year and Day into a cell and then this will display the Kerbin Date. Replace I2 (year) & J2 (day) with the cells you'd actually like to reference. The calendar starts in 1961 but you can easily change that. Rename the months as desired. This uses the OP calendar, but can easily be modified to use other days of the week. Please not that this does not include leap years, as I don't need to use them for what I'm using this for. If there was a strong desire for leap years being figured I could possibly work on writing that up, but as it stands I don't feel the need to figure that here. Here's how it would look implemented in a sheet: I like to group the Year and Day column so they can be hidden and shown easily. I don't think anyone actually wanted it but I made it so I figured I'd share.
  9. Here are some month names, if I may make a suggestion: Launchuary - Starts the year off Feblast - This is my least favorite one. Sprorbit - First Minth of Spring Mayday - May + Mayday. Or just mayday I guess. Jebedune - First Minth of Summer - Mix of Jebediah, Duna, and June Jooly - Should be selfexplanatory Astronautumn - First Minth of Autumn Docktober - Docking + October Feel free to disregard if you hate them!
  10. I am sorry to necro bump, but it is completely unclear to me; is this an add-on or a system replacer?
  11. I use primarily Dall-E, there is a specific function available for generating logos that I believe works well for this application. I add the text in using Photoshop and touch up the image by removing any weird artifacts it generates and upping the symmetry a bit when the abysmal intelligence fails.
  12. Is there a config that allows this to be a non system replacer so it can be an interstellar destination?
  13. John's Custom Flags I have created and am in the process of creating custom flags that I use in my game. I have chosen to share them in the off chance someone may want to use them. Some flags are made from scratch by me, some flags are created using a generative prompt based A.I. application and then modified by myself in photoshop. If you would like me to make a flag for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to try to help, though I would then include it in the flag pack. This post shows all flags included in this pack. If there are flags you do not want to include in your game, simply delete the .png file for that flag from Kerbal Space Program/gamedata/Johns Custom Flags/Flags Download on Space Dock Available for download via CKAN. Released under CC0 License
  14. What a fantastic pack, I can't believe I only just found it. This is amazing work for a first planet pack, and it fills in a gap no other planet pack I use has filled.
  15. Is there an optional non-replacer version of this mod? Something that would allow it to be played alongside the stock Kerbol system as an extrasolar system? I see that the license says no one may modify this mod in any way or make derivatives. So I'm hoping the mod author has supplied a way to do this, as I'm unlikely to use the mod as a system replacer.
  16. Does this mod exist only as a system replacer, or can it be added in alongside the stock Kerbol system? I can't see a single picture and there's almost no info outside of the pictures.
  17. Never preorder a game for any reason.
  18. Are you planning on implementing custom biomes?
  19. Looks great, are you planning to release it?
  20. You work so quick, I'm really glad you've taken it upon yourself to try to keep all the old abandoned mods up to date.
  21. It would be pretty easy as long as they just made automatic mission targets player agnostic.
  22. Without going back to the KSC, going into the Tracking Station, and flying the vehicle I want to switch to, is there any way to change what vehicle I control after I have crashed a vehicle and gotten the "flight over" screen?
  23. I'm pretty sure telling somebody to kill themselves is against forum rules
  24. I went ahead and just installed every single one I could find that was compatible with the current KSP version and then removed the low quality ones.
  25. Listening to the same few tracks for a decade has gotten stale. They could put the main theme in as an Easter egg, say it plays when you're within a certain distance of some anomaly, say the old run down Kerbal Space Center from the first game. Other than that I agree, let's get some new stuff.
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