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  1. OrbitalManeuvers - I'll try your edit and see if that does the trick. I had misread that and thought it was only for the antenna problem. Thanks for the tip. Akron - thanks for the response. I wasn't aware of the new version coming in BDB. Thanks again everyone for the helpful replies.
  2. @Stone BlueYes I read through that before I posted. I didn't use any craft files, just made my own from scratch and still had the problem with the verniers. I didn't see anything mentioned above that solved it and nothing I tried worked. I didn't have any problems with anything on the top node, at least not that I could see. Akron mentioned that there had been a problem with the verniers he thought he had fixed so I figured I would mention my problem because there still seems to be something weird with the verniers staying in place. Have you used them with no problems? Maybe another mod I have is messing up something. Thanks for the response.
  3. @akronI tried making the Landvermesser probe last night and had the same problem with the vernier engines not staying in place. I'm using the latest github repo version. I tried placing them with symmetry and individually but they always move on scene switch. When I go back to the VAB and load the saved probe they are in the wrong place in the save as well. Running latest KSP version.
  4. I agree with your "folder" statement. Partially because I'm too old to start calling directories something new.
  5. @linuxgurugamer It's working great in my fully modded game. Thanks.
  6. To uninstall you would delete the Bluedog_DB folder in KSP\Gamedata\ . Make sure you do not have any crafts using any of the parts before deleting. Also removing BDB may cause severe depression and part withdrawals, leading to alcohol and drug addictions, odd desires to blow things up or jump from tall objects.
  7. Ok thanks. I was about to make a new log file and screenshots. Let me know if you do need anything else. I'll gladly test it out once you get it sorted.
  8. Sorry about the sendspace site. I've never used it either until now. Worked fine when I tried the link. I'll use onedrive or something else. I thought the Walkabout button showed up in the KSC scene and you spawned in from there. I'll try again and add KIS.
  9. @linuxgurugamer Here is a Player.log with only Toolbar Controller, Click Through Blocker, SpaceTuxLibrary and Walkabout installed. Hope it helps. https://www.sendspace.com/file/90lh2d
  10. There are no log errors or mod conflicts. I've already tested it as mentioned above. @linuxgurugamer will get around to it when he gets time. Keep in mind he has adopted 7834598 other mods that he maintains.
  11. Anyone else have trouble getting a kerbal back inside using the built in ladders on the sides? I can get them out just fine but when I climb back up and get to the top, kerbals are too far away to board and if I let go of the ladder they fall back to the ground. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  12. Tried same tests as above with SpaceTuxLibrary added but still no icon. No log errors.
  13. I'm also not seeing the button. Walkabout isn't showing in toolbar controller either. Using latest beta from github. Edit: Tested in KSP with no other mods and also with Toolbar Controller / Click Through Blocker, no icon shows up either way. KSP 1.11.whateverthelatestis No errors in log. @linuxgurugamer let me know if there is anything else I can test.
  14. @ChinoBasico inside the Tundra-ExplorationV4.0 folder is a Gamedata folder with 2 Tundra folders inside it. You need those 2 Tundra folders in your KSP Gamedata folder.
  15. TweakScale Companion for KIS (ALPHA) Adds (up to date) TweakScale /L patches for Near Future Add'Ons. TweakScale Companion for NF (BETA) Adds (up to date) TweakScale /L patches for Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). @Lisias you have some descriptions above mixed up a little.
  16. @Daishi sent you a link with the modified cfg. Added comments to changes in the file. The monoprop amount for the radial should be around 20 to make it similar to other tanks based on LF/O - Mono comparison.
  17. Now we have to do some testing to see how well they bounce!
  18. @Daishi couple of bugs in latest beta... CylindricalShroud250.cfg line 85 has texture = AtlasSolar01D but this doesn't exist, only AtlasSolar01N and AtlasSolar01Alt AerozineWedge.cfg lines 57 & 58 liquid fuel is 10 on both for 1st 2 options, second should be 20 - changes in bold below: resourceAmounts = 10,12;20,24;30,36;40,48 initialResourceAmounts = 10,12;20,24;30,36;40,48 CylindricalShroud1500 line 288-290 you may want to change toridial to toroidal. Also I have the fuel switching partially working for this part, trying to get it fixed. I'll update if I can. Edit: I can get the toroidal tank and the bulkhead to work using separate fuelswitch module definitions, but you can't select both at the same time. One overrides the other after you select it. The combined fuelswitch module doesn't seem to work at all. Skimming through the fuelswitch.cs and usitools.cs there doesn't appear to be any way to handle the parsing of the combined cfg data other than the switchid, but my C# is rusty, I'm half blind and just skimmed over it briefly so it could be there. I tried various combinations of things that didn't work. Things that did work somewhat: line 247 I changed FuelSwitchModeThree to FuelSwitchModeOne. There is no reference to mode three in fuelswitch.cs, only mode one or mode two. Mode two appeared to do the same thing as one in the code but didn't function at all when I tried it in the cfg. I also added FuelSwitchModeOne after line 171 to make the bulkhead tank work. In the fuelswitch module a , was used as a separator but I think should be ; instead from what I see in the usitools.cs parsing code. Changing it only made the bulkhead tank work however. Switching the toroidal tank setting in game removed the fuel setting from the bulkhead. Hope this info helps somehow. Also, on the radial tank the monoprop seems low in comparison to other tanks. For example the toroidal tank on the shroud 1500 holds 9 liquid fuel and 11 oxidizer or 50 mono while the radial tank holds 4 liquid fuel and 4.8 oxidizer or only 4 mono.
  19. @dtoxic beta 4 is linked in the post above yours and beta 3 is linked on page 40.
  20. @zer0Kerbal after a short test most of this mod seems to work as intended. One suggestion I have is to move some of the optional module definitions (life support, EL, hanger mod, etc.) out of the part cfg's and into a module manager cfg to get rid of some log errors, and texture conversion to dxt5 if you wanted. Otherwise all the parts appear to be in game and functioning... probably... I didn't test all of the optional addon's, but with updated dependencies they should be ok. I'll test more later if I get time.
  21. @hendrack you have a ton of errors in that log. Most of them are missing texture files for many mods. The errors I see for this mod are dxt3 no longer supported which isn't a big concern, one missing texture which is 01.dds, and the other errors seem to be from missing life support partmodules or maybe you are using the outdated USITools bundled with this mod. I'm not sure what all CSITools is used for so part of the errors could be from there. There was also a FSFuelSwitch mass discrepancy error for the freighter storage part and missing resources, probably from the life support. You even have missing texture errors for squad parts. You may want to try this mod in a fresh install with updated dependencies and then check the log file. That should clear up a lot of errors. As far as someone taking over the mod, it may be something @zer0Kerbal would be interested in. I'm sure @linuxgurugamer has all he wants to update and then some, but maybe he's a glutton for punishment and wants one more.
  22. @TanDeeJay check out the dockrotate mod. It will let you rotate the sections after docking to get them aligned properly.
  23. Well there you go @zer0Kerbal, an official answer and permission to do what you wanted.
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