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  1. Ah, there we go, was actually alt-right click, but wouldn't have thought to try without that hint. Thanks, glad I asked.
  2. I'm not interested in perma-pruning individual parts, but is there a way to filter out and hide individual parts instead of entire mod sets? If I've got 13 [maybe? haven't actually counted how many there are] airplane propellers all added by Airplane plus, and I want to soft hide 6 of them but still see the other parts of that mod, is that possible? So far all I've managed is find is to hide an entire mod, or not. I'm guessing this isn't a thing, but I won't know unless I ask.
  3. First, did you download the mod from spacedock, or Github? the Github version is out of date, and does not have all the bases, so if you've got the github version, go get the version from space dock. I made that mistake took forever to figure out what I did wrong. second, depending on your settings you have to find the bases and pay to open them before you can use them as launch sites. There is a world map a few pages back with all the launch site locations if you don't want to take the time to explore and find them all.
  4. This is what I currently see when I look at my solar panels, it doesn't have all the information yours does, but maybe that's because I don't have the right research done yet?
  5. I'm currently into a 3 hour plane flight around Kerbin collecting science, probably going to be in the air for another hour or two before I have a chance to check. Also, in regards to this older conversation: I'm seriously beginning to think 30% return was still too much. My KCT settings only allow 1 tech node to be actively researched at a time, but I've got all of the nodes below 80 queued to be unlocked as soon as KCT gets to them, I've got most of the 80 count nodes and a couple of the 150 nodes, and all of that is from just in Kerbin's atmosphere. High, low, landed, and splashed. I have done 100% of all the science on Kerbin I've found so far, including the space center biomes. I haven't done any orbital science.
  6. oh... okay. Not sure I completely understand but I guess I'll figure it out as I get more research done.
  7. @hemeac Question for you, and I'll admit I'm making an assumption that these are both handled by this mod, but on the subject of part upgrades, are some part upgrades just applied automatically behind the scenes, while others must be chosen? I researched the part upgrade for the Juno engine, and have the option to pick from the older or newer versions when I build a craft: But I do not have any upgrade options for solar panels, though I have researched the upgrade for them.
  8. @Caerfinon The island airfield terminal marker in mission TKA flight 1000 KSC to island airfield seems to spawn a good 20-30 M below the terrain level of the runway, and since you have to get within 50 M of it, Its actually easy to get your plane stuck against the buildings if you don't have the ability to reverse your engines, and you're really unlucky to have a wide turning radius. My first go at it, I got stuck against one of the hangars because of it. Had to redo, since I didn't have the turning rate to clear the building and couldn't back up. Not trying to be annoying with the feedback, honest, just offering my observations.
  9. @linuxgurugamer sorry it took a few days, I was busy in RL and I had already run all the science experiments I had unlocked at those biomes so I had to wait for my tech progress to advance in my career but here is the log and some screenshots while splashed using the previous version of xscience: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2o47klq294t23nt/Log for xscience previous version test.log?dl=0
  10. I will say I'm loving the fact that this mod/contract pack is constantly pushing me to design newer, better long range craft, especially coupled the Kiwi tech tree, and with my extreme slow pace of tech unlock with my KCT settings, I can only research 1 tech node at a time, and an 80 science node takes almost a full Kerbin year to unlock, and that's with 10 upgrade points into my R+D level. I have to spend funds or research to gain upgrade points, no getting them from unlocking nodes. I'm keeping a catalogue of all the craft I've built, and even given them all some kind of manufacturer and backstory.
  11. @Caerfinon one little piece of feedback on the new "lets start an airline" contract. Once you've reached the test zone and target altitude, a waypoint for KSC runway is generated but is then removed as you near the KSC, when the you are cleared for landing dialog pops up. Because of this I initially failed to realize the contracts requirement to stop on the actual runway before taxiing to the terminal location. It was easily fixed, i just turned my engines on and rolled back to the runway. If I might suggest, however, changing this so that runway marker doesn't disappear until you land at the runway and come to a complete stop. It might help prevent confusion by standing out as a marker that, hey there is a necessary step right here, don't forget this.
  12. @Caerfinon hm... do I lose points for making the inspector pass out due to G-forces?
  13. Anyone tried using this in 1.11 yet? pretty much all the other mods I use/need have updated to 1.11 and I'm thinking about updating versions and mods, but I'm wondering about this one.
  14. Well, with this updated, I think It might finally be time to update to 1.11.
  15. This is the waypoint manager data for my custom location markers, I assume this will do? It's probably more than what you need, but with this you should be able to plug it into waypoint manager and see in game. Hope that helps. WAYPOINT { name = Mountains Splashed celestialName = Kerbin latitude = 70.421703230786306 longitude = -102.457814192214 navigationId = f8296f4e-ba30-4da2-a78a-3e43b5e6d307 icon = dmSoilMoistureIcon altitude = 0.37141986296046497 index = 55 seed = 23 } WAYPOINT { name = Highlands Splashed celestialName = Kerbin latitude = 47.339151190746698 longitude = -140.01050878078399 navigationId = d79d6998-83ac-4cb6-8be9-d12414c66674 icon = dmSoilMoistureIcon altitude = 0 index = 57 seed = 583 } I have no idea if it was like this in previous versions, I only discovered splashed mountains and highlands a few days ago.
  16. @linuxgurugamer So I messed around with the settings options, and even with the option to filter difficult science flipped so it does show difficult science to get, xscience still does not seem to recognize splashed at highlands or splashed at mountains as biomes for science collection. I just got the building upgrade that allows me to get surface samples, and as I was flying around Kerbin collecting samples, I stopped at my splashed mountains and splashed Highlands markers, and was able to collect the samples there, but they never showed up in xscience, so, as far as I'm able to tell, it appears that xscience does have blinders for those two possible biomes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxqkkum5vzp8zcm/Log for xscience.log?dl=0 here are screenshots from the splashed highlands area. showing options, and available splashed experiments, filtered for [surface] samples: Collecting splashed sample, and showing that it does not count as a landed sample:
  17. I think Kerbalism adds electric charge to kerbals on eva, as it's needed for their life support... but I use kerbalsim and b9 partswitch together and I've never seen... THAT happen before... I'm not aware of any other mods, other than lifesupport mods that add e/c to kerbals.
  18. @linuxgurugamer using this in 1.10 discovered that the courage/stupidity sliders don't respect my choices on Kerbal hiring. I tried to hire a pilot that was 66 courage and 33 stupid with the badass flag, and the pilot I got did not fit that and when I checked their stats in the persistent file it was .66 courage and .60 dumb badS = false. I'm using Severedsolo's mods 'Name Generator' and 'Earn Your Stripes' to create custom kerbal names, and allow kerbals to become veterans, instead of just Jeb Bill Bob, and Val. Name Generator is a bit old, so I'm wondering if maybe that could have some conflict with this mod that's causing it to go off the rails? Earn your stripes might have something to do with blocking the badS state, but I don't think I remember it doing that before? I could be way off the mark too, and it's something else giving me grief, including just user error somehow, but I thought I'd ask to see if you see anything. I'm going to include the log and my save game persistent file for this I don't know if seeing the persistent file will help in any way, I know I'm using entirely too many mods for you to load it in a game, but I don't know if there's any useful information from this mod that gets saved in the persistent file you need. The affected kerbal was Ma Olson. Thanks for your time and any help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o969fs7ygd7ryev/Log for hiring Kerbals.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwqfikm998m7cxv/persistent for hiring kerbals.sfs?dl=0
  19. Yeah I'd definitely need that 50 m distance spelled out in the contract or I'd never figure that out, also a waypoint marker for the terminal, as I have no idea what the "terminal" structure looks like in KSP. I've never been to airport, nor flown, so I don't even think I'd be able to pick out what you mean in real life.
  20. @Nertea Forgive me for not understanding, and not being able to find a clear answer on my own, but if I want to add the extras from system heat to my install, do I just drag the whole folder from extras into gamedata folder, example: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\SystemHeatHarvesters Or would I unpack everything contained in the SystemHeatHarvesters folder into gamedata, or somewhere else? The readme says: ""To install them, drop the correct folder from the Extras folder in this archive into your KSP GameData Folder."" I'm not sure if this is meant to say drop the correct folder "from" this archive into gamedata, or if it's telling me to do something else, and I'm too dense to understand? Sorry to be a bother, and thanks for any help/clarity.
  21. My CC and WM are both up to date as far as I can tell. I tried landing and recovering at several places on that runway with no joy, and I'll bet every time I was just slightly out of that 690M range, and wasn't paying attention to distance. I was just expecting it to work as long as I was on that runway, anywhere. Perhaps if it's not too difficult, changing the contract line for these types of missions to say "land at specific base" and come to a stop within "specific distance" of waypoint marker "runway or harbor" and then recover craft? I've only done a few of these navy patrol missions, but this is the second time I've run into this, not realizing I was landing too far away. it happened the other night, but I was tired and about to quit, so I just cheated it complete, as I didn't understand why it failed to complete. I repeated it again today, not so tired, so I could experiment to see if I was being dumb or if it was a bug. I might be the only person to run into this error, but it might save headache later if others run afoul of this? Up to you, just offering suggestions.
  22. @Caerfinon Also some of the landing at target distances might need some adjusting. Had a navy Kola Island patrol mission that needed me to land on the runway or at the harbor, and I landed on the runway at 731 M from the runway marker, and it did not complete the mission, I had to roll almost literally on top of the marker, 7 M away before it triggered the end of the mission, that seems a little harsh? This was with version 1.2.0 Landed: Recovered, but no joy on the contract: loaded quicksave and tried again, got this pop up at 7.2 M from marker:
  23. @Caerfinon Just because I'm curious, and sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere already and I've missed it, but I know that there are stock rescue contracts [pretty sure that's stock?] that will spawn a piece of debris in orbit, or around the Mun or where ever. Have you thought of using that to force spawn a 'wrecked plane cockpit' somewhere, assuming it's possible to cause those to spawn on the ground or floating in the water, to tie into your navy patrol missions? Go out fly your patrol, water land near the wreck, rescue the downed pilot, bring them back to base? I don't know if that's possible, just occurred to me, thought I'd ask/give you the idea if you hadn't considered it.
  24. I've played around with them, I'm pretty sure they are set at default values. If I change them any at all, I get terrain errors, blocks that look like saw teeth, or hills coming up out of the ground inside custom bases and runways. I'm fairly certain that what I was told in the Kopernicus Unified "Bleeding Edge" Branch is correct and it's coming from Parallax's dependency, bleeding edge. I haven't removed the Parallax mod yet, because honestly I like the terrain texture changes more than I'm bothered by one messed up runway/radiotower/monolith at Baikerbanur. If it gets to where I'm experiencing more problems than just that I'll pull it and see what happens.
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