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  1. This base is a heliport only, there was never a runway intended to be here. I was basically just cracking a "I landed a plane on the dock because I could" joke, since it wasn't meant to have planes landing at this base.
  2. True, but for those of us who don't understand any of what's in the source code of a mod or how to read it, it's not very reassuring. When you can't read Klingon, any message you get from the Klingon Empire just sounds like a declaration of war, you know?
  3. If you do, please make it an optional thing, togglable in settings, that is off by default, if possible. I'd hate to have someone loose ships because you decided to implement a concept I threw out as a joke/stargate reference. I would personally love to have this feature, but I realize it's not for everyone.
  4. I can confirm it is working in 1.11.1 been using it for weeks now. You've either got a mod conflict, missing dependency, incorrect install, or some other KSP weirdness going on. Double check your install, double check your dependencies, make sure you haven't accidentally grabbed an old broken version {I've done that before} and if its' still not working shoot Linuxgurugamer your log file and maybe he can help figure out what's going wrong.
  5. Okay, that activation effect is golden. Very Stargate-y. Love it. It doesn't vaporize any craft that are too close and end up in the gate wash when it activates does it?
  6. There is an option in Kerbal Konstructs, which is a dependency of Kerbinside, that enable/disables using additional bases fore recovery calculations. I've always assumed this hooked into stage recovery, but maybe I'm wrong?
  7. It's been working for me without issue. I use it for some of my multi-stage launches.
  8. I didn't say anything about a hollow warp nacelle? I was talking about me thinking Quoniam was commenting that you could use these parts: to make something that looked like a warp nacelle from Star Trek, like this:
  9. I'm trying to remove mods from my install, and you go and pull something like this. I've got too many mods already, I don't need another one. SIGH Fine then. Downloads furiously
  10. Your best bet would be FMRS, it lets you jump back to staging events and manually land the spent stages if you like, then you could use KCT to recover to the VAB or SPH. It's more work to do it that way, than over the stage recovery way, but it's an option, in case you weren't aware of it.
  11. @Angel-125 I could be wrong, and @Quoniam Kerman can correct me if so, but I don't think Quoniam is asking for a part, I think Quoniam is saying that these parts below make it possible to make something like the warp nacelles from Star Trek:
  12. So... what happens if your warp ship undocks from a station and goes to warp, while slightly too close to your station, and only part of the station is in the bubble? does the station get ripped apart?
  13. Didn't my install already have enough mods? Now I have to add another one? Glorious warp drives...
  14. That's okay, not really a huge rush, we still have functional previous versions to fall back on.
  15. Uh, just had a thought, what's the high ceiling on the engagement range? If I'm doing orbital operations with a craft or space station, or launching or reentering the atmosphere, with one of these missions active, am I going to have to worry about my craft's safety if my orbit happens to take me over one of these sites?
  16. I have another mod that uses Spacetuxlibrary as a dependency, so I already had it, and left it there, since I still needed it for the other mod, and even if you don't need it for other things, keeping it shouldn't cause you any problems, and keeps you from forgetting it should you upgrade mod versions again.
  17. Yeah we reported that a few days ago, seems the most recent version is borked for some reason at least for some of us, and until the next release and hopefully a fix, just rolling back to the previous version, which you can still download on spacedock restores recovery functionality.
  18. I use Kerbinside and Kerbinside GAP, I've never found a location named South Hope, are you sure that's coming from base Kerbinside and not some other mod adding on to it? Also exactly what do you mean by no flight plan? Are you asking if there's no contract to open the location?
  19. @Caerfinon With the missions that have the optional goal of water landing, it just says "come to a stop near" A little more clarity on how close would be nice. All the other markers on these missions have clear 5K range markers. I was doing this with a helicopter, so it was easier for me to land nearby, but with a plane it helps on the landing approach to know just how close I have to come to a stop.
  20. @linuxgurugamer Small issue, I had previously mentioned that the Dmagic Bathymetry experiment wasn't showing up in xscience's interface, and you posted a fix for that. It is working, but now it's not accurately tracking if there is science available in a given situation or not. Landed in the ocean for a Kerbinside GAP contract and xscience prompted me to collect the Bathymetry experiment science, even though there was none available since I'd already collected all that was available, but it showed as unresearched. Log https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fo750pzghpx8r1/Log for Bathymetry experiment xscience.log?dl=0
  21. 2 craft files, Linnea is heavy on the mod parts, but tester is stock and real chutes only. both craft files fail to recover spent stages tester's first stage usually hits the ground before it can despawn, but the second stage also has parachutes and will make it high enough to despawn, and fails to get recovered. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ihjc96yxqd95ox/AAA6iiaiZ85VpmqZvLxxNZRoa?dl=0
  22. @linuxgurugamer I can also confirm the latest version appears to not be recovering dropped stages as it used to. I have all dependencies, including the new SpaceTuxLibrary, as it was already needed for another mod I'm using. Side boosters have parachutes in previous versions these are recovered for reuse. No recovery is listed when they despawn, and they are not registered as destroyed, no messages are generated in the stock message system either. I have included the log file for you just in case, even though PocketBrotector before me said there's nothing showing up there. Also just for full disclosure, I did completely delete the stage recovery folder before adding the new version, I know sometimes some mods have issues if you just drag-drop-overwrite. Wanted to be clear that's not what I did. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3lrwyizhr8dlx7/Log for stagerecovery.log?dl=0
  23. It's weird that I can't replicate that behavior on my end. Sperate inquiry, I use Severedsolo's name generator mod, in my install so all my kerbals don't have Kerman as a last name. RP reasons and such. I don't really know the first thing about modding so I've hesitated to ask previously, as I don't have any idea how difficult it would be, but would it be possible for kerbals spawned by this contract pack to draw names from the name generator mod, if it's installed, so we don't have a plane full of 12 tourists all from the Kerman family? It sort of gets my OCD twitching just a little, but it's something I can COMPLETELY live with. It's not a demand, I don't want you to start a major code writing project just because one person has an OCD issue with his Kerbal's names, but I figured I'd ask, because if it turned out to be as simple as a couple lines of code, then there's no harm and since I don't know what kind of project it'd be, I won't know if I don't ask. If it's not something you want to put effort into, completely understand, or if it'd be a major effort, I don't want you to bother with it. I'm just asking how possible it would be, since you've certainly been willing to entertain my previous suggestions and recomendations.
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