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Do DLCs get a hype train or a lesser hype vehicle?


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1 minute ago, Xurkitree said:


is this an appropriate reaction




I'd suggest the Hype Bus. Preferably this bus.


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27 minutes ago, Loskene said:

Because I'll call your mother and tell her to disconnect the internet if you keep it up.

Oh no, you'll ruin my Pokemon and Discord pastimes how do i survive

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Yeah, I feel like the community was much more hyped during KSP early access, alpha through beta. Since then, personally I had a lull in hype levels until the delta-v update, which definitely lived up to my expectations post-release!

Making History I didn't hype much for.

But Breaking Ground I am very hyped for! :lol:

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26 minutes ago, GregroxMun said:

There's nothing to be hyped about.

I am deeply confused about your statement, but your opinion must be respected... 

I guess we need a rather high fidelity hypebus now :D

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10 minutes ago, klgraham1013 said:

If last update was any indication, I think @GregroxMun has retired the Hypetrain.  Perhaps if someone wants to be the Hypebus driver, that could be arranged. 

The community did just fine without a hype train driver in the past. I don't believe we should have Hype vehicle drivers anymore. We can still have hype trains, but I don't think there should be any one "Hype Train Driver" figure anymore. The Hype Train should belong to the people.

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