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KSP2 Release Notes - Update v0.1.1.0

Intercept Games

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KSP2 Update v0.1.1.0 Release Notes

:1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): <-- This rocket denotes a fix that community members directly helped our dev team fix. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports!

Bug Fixes 

Flight & Map

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed disappearance of orbital trajectories after loading a saved game 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed trajectory intercept patch not showing when captured by a Celestial Body 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed issue where some parts remain connected to/follow vessel after detachment 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed stack decouplers staying connected to the vessel when staged with certain engines that have fairings enabled 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed physics impulse occurring when an engine runs out of fuel 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed dV incorrectly using reinforced joint part connections for fuel flow calculations 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fix for engine thrust being deflected at too high of a value when a part obstructs an engine’s exhaust (the Kraken Drive bug) 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed loss of vehicle control after undocking 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed bug for probe cores spinning when losing Commnet connection 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed stack decouplers operating as if crossfeed is active even when PAM entry shows crossfeed disabled
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed issue that could cause some environment objects to spawn on top of the active vessel, causing KSC and other objects to move to the origin  
  • Fixed orbital velocity being shown when looking at the context menu of a landed vessel in Map view 
  • Fixed maneuver burn timer countdown lights activating incorrectly 
  • Fixed context menu opening when panning the camera with right mouse button while zoomed in to a celestial body in Map mode 
  • Added camera collision with terrain and other colliders while in Flight view 
  • Added visual indicator when a marker is hovered and pinned in Map view 
  • Fixed offset of radially-attached parts when player switches away from and back to Flight view 
  • Fixed the sim-side Center of Mass not being correctly updated by view-side rigidbodies 
  • Fixed physics-less parts adding the mass of their host part to Center of Mass calculations 
  • Fixed orbit/rigidbody synchronization issues when transitioning to/from physics and on-rails 
  • Made debris targetable  
  • Fixed dV calculation breaking when new empty stages are added while building a vessel in the VAB 
  • Fixed dV amounts appearing on the wrong stage when rearranging stages in the staging stack 
  • Fixed outboard elements of compound wings exhibiting reversed control surface reaction to pitch inputs 
  • Fixed issue with orbital marker not properly resetting its state when collapsed 
  • Fixed orbital markers not being pinnable while manipulating a maneuver and not staying pinned upon maneuver gizmo activation 
  • Fixed navball/controls getting stuck after accelerating in timewarp 
  • Fixed persistence of active vessel’s timewarp restrictions when returning to KSC from Flight 
  • Fixed pitch, yaw, roll, and throttle adjustment being possible while in hibernation mode 
  • Fixed planned trajectories changing when switching between Flight view and Map view while engine is firing 
  • Fixed dV calculations for stages with multiple engines with different burn durations and propellant rates  
  • Fixed resource system processing when request needs are only partially met 
  • Improved buoyancy calculations to reduce vessel spinning when splashing down in the ocean 
  • Fixed burn duration displays 0 until it is time to start the burn 
  • Fixed ETA to maneuver display to show a value for “days” 
  • Fixed dV calculations with cross feed in active stage of flying vessel 
  • Fixed dV changing to zero when fuel crossfeed is disabled on Docking Ports 
  • Fixed a bug where debris trajectories were not immediately shown in Map view 
  • Fixed a bug with thrust limiters missing for solid fuel booster engines 
  • Removed incorrect fuel transferability for solid fuel parts in the Resource Manager in Flight view 
  • Single part vessels now come to a stop on low gravity celestial bodies after a crash 
  • Fixed intercept nodes being in wrong positions during timewarp 
  • Updated detection arguments for recognizing when an aircraft is landed 
  • Fixed an issue with Stability Assist that could cause the loss of Prograde and Retrograde targets on the launchpad. 
  • Fixed vessel not restoring correctly when reverting to launch from the runway 
  • Fixed Chase Camera mode to make selected zoom state persist 
  • Fixed part action groups breaking when an invalid action is included 
  • Fixed errors on Game Shutdown during TimeWarp 
  • Fixed destroy command not destroying vessels in the Tracking Station 
  • Fixed some instances where the action group manager would not trigger correctly when additional part actions are added to reserved action groups 


  • Optimizations in the engine part module to reduce per-update “not out of fuel” messaging 
  • Optimized engine exhaust damage calculations to reduce CPU impact of high engine counts 
  • Optimized ThrottleVFXManager to reduce CPU impact of per-frame material property updates 
  • Optimizations on EVA code 
  • Optimized Center of Thrust and Center of Mass marker code and fixed null shortcut failure states 
  • Optimized kerbal hair compression scripts 
  • Optimized loading times in PQS code 
  • Optimization of unneeded cameras during loading 
  • Optimized loading times for the main menu 
  • Loading optimization for scatter meshes 
  • Optimized fuel flow calculations to cut processing by up to 3x and reduce garbage by half 
  • Optimized runway light meshes 
  • Fixed various texture and mesh memory leaks 
  • Updated Training Center to use texture streaming 
  • Fixed performance-impacting error state triggered by Kerbin’s clouds after returning to Kerbal Space Center from another celestial body 
  • Removed unnecessary log entries to improve performance 
  • Removed unnecessary logs when loading a saved game 
  • Reduced light source count for multi-nozzle engine parts 

Saving & Loading

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added feature: game autosaves when landing on a celestial body, when entering an SOI, and when entering or exiting an atmosphere 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed an issue that prevented loading of a saved game within an existing Campaign, caused workspaces not to load properly, and prevented saving the game 
  • Fixed issue where reloading a save made at KSC results in reloading to active vessel in flight   
  • Fixed string in the Save Workspace menu 
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent new workspace saves being created when a control part was removed 
  • Fixed an issue that can prevent workspace saves from appearing in the load menu 

Parts & Stock Vessels

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed R.A.P.I.E.R. engine mode-changing issues 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Set all reinforced joint connections to grandparent 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved joint strength for engine plate floating stack attach nodes 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Performed wheel balance pass, including adjustment of all steering and torque curves 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Increased range and brightness for vehicle lights 
  • Re-tuned fairing and cargo part mass 
  • Tuned mass for structural parts, trusses, nosecones and tail sections 
  • Tuned crash tolerance for external Grumble Seat 
  • Re-tuned electrical systems, including adjustments to xenon engine electrical draw, xenon engine thrust, reactor fuel burn rate, and RTG lifetime 
  • Tuned crash tolerance for landing gear 
  • Tuned docking reacquisition ranges 
  • Updated Hammer solid fuel booster model to match with other parts in the same size category 
  • Adjusted mass for HECS2 probe 
  • Updated emissive texture and material for the MK3 “Skybus” 
  • Fixed frustum culling for the Bobus mobility enhancer (ladder disappeared when base at edge of screen) 
  • Updated geometry and textures for the MK1 “Peregrine” 
  • Updates to textures and geometry for the Mk1 “Raven” 
  • Fixed texture seams on the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine 
  • Fixed RCS not working on the Mk3-5 command pod 
  • Minor bug fix on the Kerbal K2 stock vessel to fix issues with decoupling 
  • Updated collider for MK1 Tin Can to improve surface attachment behavior for radially-attached parts 
  • Updated default orientation for some adapter parts 
  • Updated default orientation for small square trusses 
  • Updated part placement rules for the HS-500 Heat Shield 
  • Updated models for decouplers and separators to match other parts in their size categories 
  • Updated geometry for LV-N “NERV” engine 
  • Updated team colors masks for the SP-XL "Gigantor" and SP-XXL "Colossus" solar panels 
  • Updated team color masks for decouplers 
  • Updated team color mask on engine endcaps 
  • Added Crew Light module to Skybus cab 
  • Fixed the Symmetry mirror direction and rotation for the Grumble Seat 
  • Fixed wheel motor resource usage being too low 
  • Adjusted default orientation of the MK3 Cargo Ramp 
  • Fixed fuel-containing aerodynamic parts (Mk1 Divertless Supersonic Intake, Engine Nacelle, or Engine Precooler) not showing resource slider in the Part Action Manager 
  • Tuning changes made to reaction wheels in command modules 
  • Adjusted the surface attach node to be on the ventral surface of Mk2 parts 
  • Fixed a bug preventing lights from consuming resources 
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Blink option from working on lights 
  • Fixed a bug with the heading orientation of the Sparrow default craft 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): UI performance improvements, including elimination of unnecessary redraw for unchanged bar elements and removal of pixel perfect on main gameplay canvas 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added a graphical representation for probe cores in Kerbal Flight portraits 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Updated Map iconography, including orbital markers, trajectory colors, maneuver gizmo, focus item, and scrub handle 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed error where clicking on “Exit” in Main Menu produces warning modal that has no accept or cancel buttons 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed graphics quality settings conflicting with one another after resetting settings 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Removed “Apply” button from settings menus, updating settings when changed, settings now apply immediately 
  • Fixed parts bin UI height in Staging Stack 
  • Performed color and consistency pass on the staging stack and launch button UI 
  • UI improvements to avoid overlap of intercept nodes in map view 
  • Fixed info panel UI element remaining active when panel is hidden in the Tracking Station 
  • Updated UI indicators in some tutorials and first time user experience information 
  • Updated Resource Manager UI to match new resource gauges in Staging Stack 
  • Improved ESC menu user experience 
  • Fixed dark box getting stuck in the VAB when dragging the dialog window 
  • Fixed Kerbal Manager portraits appearing empty 
  • Fixed non-stock vessel thumbnails not appearing in launchpad menu 
  • Minor updates to improve building selection experience at Kerbal Space Center view 
  • Updated the executable icon 
  • Updated background image for vessel thumbnails in the launchpad load menu 
  • Updated saved vessel thumbnail design 
  • Updated styling on the action button inside the Part Action Manager 
  • Updated the game credits 
  • Updated game splashscreens 
  • Updated titles in the Resource Manager 
  • Updated dialog windows to accommodate longer text 
  • Updated close button on the Part Manager 
  • Updated missing text on the launchpad menu 
  • Added notification for inactive vessel entering a new SOI 
  • Fixed runway 1 and 2 having the same name when hovering over them in the KSC 
  • Fixed tooltips for Trigger Action Groups 2-10 being numbered incorrectly within the input settings menu 
  • Fixed Center Camera in VAB being in the wrong section in the input settings 
  • Added warning when rebinding the same key twice in input settings 
  • Fixed difficulty settings being saved from one save file's difficulty settings and being applied to every normal difficulty game save made afterwards 
  • Fixed difficulty options showing in the main menu settings 
  • Fixed failure of difficulty settings to apply when changed inside a campaign 
  • Fixed shader compiler error when switching graphics settings to Low Quality 
  • Added laptop audio mode to settings 
  • Fixed a bug where the “hold to quickload” setting was not applied correctly 
  • Added audio keyboard shortcuts to input settings menu 
  • Fixed escape menu freezing vessel controls in last-held state 
  • Fixed dialog being non-clickable when recovering a vessel with ESC menu deployed 
  • Fixed overlapping text in the flag removal dialog 
  • Fixed throttle visuals not updating when throttle adjusted 
  • Updated Tracking Station control text 
  • Minor updates to global header information 
  • Fixed Recover Vessel button in the ESC menu pushing elements off screen 
  • Fixed notifications using real world time instead of UT 
  • Fixed input lock problems when the ESC menu is visible 
  • Removed placeholder image that appears when no parts are favorited 
  • Updated Center of Mass, Thrust, and Pressure/Lift indicators in the Vehicle Assembly Building to make them translucent 
  • Fixed text overruns in the Training Center 
  • Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen 
  • Fixed a bug blocking some agency flags from being selected when starting a new game 
  • Added additional loading screens 
  • Fixed missing physical characteristics in the info panel inside the Tracking Station 
  • Fixed issues with the toggles for Map and Tracking Station displaying an incorrect state, or being hidden unintentionally 
  • Fixed all CBs are described as "Terrestrial planets" when viewed in the tracking station 
  • Updated the text string displayed for engine disabling/enabling in the Part Manager 
  • Updated text for lights in the Part Manager 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Middle mouse button pans in the Z axis when in horizontal workspace mode 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed fairing sides getting deleted after building a procedural fairing and attaching it to a launch assembly 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed errors related to procedural wings preventing launch from VAB 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed issue where pressing M in the VAB opens the Map view 
  • Fixed description for Kerbol capture and Kerbosationary orbit trip stages in trip planner 
  • Fixed engineer’s report warning vessels cannot generate electricity when vessels are equipped with generators 
  • Adjusted default VAB camera angle for horizontal workspace mode 
  • Fixed hit area for the launchpad selection button in the VAB 
  • Confirmation prompt added when saving over workspaces 
  • Fixed assembly anchor error alert persisting onscreen and blocking the user from placing additional parts after the tool is deselected in the VAB 
  • Fixed Center of Thrust appearing on the ground of the VAB and not updating when launch assembly is changed 
  • Fixed display issues in the text on the orientation cube in the VAB 
  • Updated favorites panel information in the Vehicle Assembly Building Favorites category 
  • Fixed a bug where surface attach nodes were misaligned on some engine parts 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed an issue where ground textures were projected onto vehicles at the margins of the KSC grounds 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed Kerbin atmosphere disappearing when viewed from Mun’s SOI 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed collision at bottom of Mohole 
  • Fixed terrain decal normals not rendering correctly 
  • Reduced scatter meshes floating above terrain 
  • Updates to terrain texture matching for some points of interest 
  • Updated placement, coloration, and collision for various celestial body landmarks 
  • Updated colliders and stretched textures in the parking garage at KSC 
  • Scatter adjustments around KSC mountains 
  • Updated material on VAB elevators 
  • Fixed VAB gantry crane geometry 
  • Updated material on VAB doors 
  • Adjusted atmosphere settings for main menu background planet 
  • Fixed atmosphere not showing in cubemaps under some circumstances 
  • Improved atmosphere clipping issues while in Map view 
  • Fixed Laythe’s atmosphere rendering incorrectly in Map view 
  • Fix a bug that caused lighting to darken on vessels when reentering atmospheres 
  • Updated clouds on Jool 
  • Minor road line placement adjustments at Kerbal Space Center 
  • Fixed collision and updated materials for some points of interest 
  • Updated local space shader to restore missing normals in some biomes 
  • Updated KSC Training Center roof and Tracking Station dish to fix gaps in geometry 
  • Updated colliders around launchpads 
  • Updated Kerbin foliage 
  • Fixed invisible water above ground to east of KSC lakes 
  • Fixed scaled space clouds not displaying in map view 
  • Fixed cloud transition dithering issues 
  • Improved cloud masking to clean up edges of clouds seen behind vehicle 
  • Fixed clouds in Map view not lighting from the correct sun direction for all planets 
  • Fixed warnings in cloud-related code 
  • Fixed decals sliding and floating on planets 
  • Fixed decals getting culled incorrectly after transitioning to low orbit 
  • Fixed Laythe's Ocean appearing jagged, pixelated, and jittery after splashing down 
  • Fixed ocean shoreline fade out transition at some camera angles 
  • Improved LOD transitions for KSC trees 
  • Fixed mismatch between high-detail KSC and far-distance LOD material 
  • Fixed shadow system to switch to surface shadow mode in KSC view 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed issue with game saves made after vehicle destruction, in which reloading causes EVA camera mode switch and missing flight information/flight report 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed kerbals floating when idle while in EVA 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed kerbals getting stuck when swimming 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed Kerbals getting stuck inside the Mk1 Command Pod when it's on a flat surface other than the launchpad 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved Kerbal run/walk animation transitions 
  • Fixed Kerbal surface velocity resetting when disabling RCS in EVA mode  
  • Updated EVA code to remove frame-related discrepancy between collision result values and character state values 
  • Fixed ground and step detection being one frame late for kerbals while in EVA 
  • Fixed EVA tooltip remaining active when the HUD is hidden during gameplay 
  • Fixed inability to recover Kerbals when on EVA 
  • Fixed a bug preventing EVA jetpack from firing even when it has enough fuel 
  • Kerbals now require 1x timewarp when transitioning to EVA 
  • Fixed kerbals being able walk on the sides of objects with collision 
  • Fixed climb action not being present for Kelus Long ladder and Bobus Extra Long Telescopic Mobility Enhancer 
  • Fixed errors when toggling Jetpack while TimeWarp is active 

FX & Audio

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved Kerbol flare/bloom effects 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed post process FX lighting transition in low orbit 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed an issue where contrails jump positions during universe reference point transitions 
  • Fixed ground blast effect occurring at invalid location for the first few seconds of launch 
  • Fixed SFX for Panther in afterburning mode 
  • Fixed errors on explosion VFX for hydrogen tanks 
  • Fixed VFX not showing on RCS thrusters when precision mode is activated 
  • Minor updates for non-explosive water impact VFX 
  • Launch VFX updates 
  • Updated R.A.P.I.E.R. engine VFX 
  • Updated launch smoke material 
  • Updated explosion materials 
  • Fixed audio timing for several animations 
  • Game audio balance pass 
  • Fixed a bug where audio was muted when entering numpad values in text entry bars on some menus 
  • Added maneuver alert and end sounds 
  • Added drag and drop staging sounds 
  • Added hydrogen and xenon tank destruction sounds 
  • Fixed launchpad music not playing when loading a save 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed issue where flight report appears when the user crashes a vessel inside a tutorial 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added “Enter” as keyboard input to advance tutorial dialogs 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed a bug that could cause the first-time user experience windows to remain open on the main menu 
  • Text adjustments in tutorials 
  • Text adjustments to subtitles for video tutorials 
  • Fixed soft lock error when restarting Tutorial 2.2 
  • Fixed some audio elements on tutorial 2.4 
  • Fixed tooltips not displaying in the Tutorial pause menu during tutorial videos 
  • Adding scroll bar indicator to the booster selection step in the “Missing the Ground” tutorial 
  • Added fail stage when deleting the engine in the “Space is the Place” tutorial 
  • Fixed tutorial orientation video getting stuck when clicking at the end of the video progress bar 
  • Fixed subtitles in several languages for the video tutorial on the “Space is the place” tutorial 
  • Fixed file paths in tutorial saves 
  • Minor gameplay updates to the “Missing the Ground” tutorial 
  • Updated text in the VAB First Time User Experience 
  • Updated first-time user experience: “Out of Electricity” linked to electricity level instead of production rate 
  • Fixed a bug with videos not closing at appropriate times 


  • Fixed title text overlapping at the Training Center when localized 
  • Fixed unlocalized tooltips in the Timewarp bar 
  • Added missing localization terms for stockvessels. 
  • Localization reformatted  for new game creation 
  • Adjustments to text sizing and placement in the launchpad selection in some languages   
  • Fixed crash when returning to main menu from VAB 
  • Font updates for special characters in certain languages 

Added new translations to: 

  • KSC Menu 
  • Flight HUD 
  • VAB 
  • Training Center 
  • Launchpad Menu 
  • Part Manager 
  • Tracking Station 
  • Settings 
  • ESC Menu 
  • Dialog Titles 
  • Notifications 
  • Action Group Manager 
  • Campaign Load Screen 
  • Part Action Manager 
  • Time Warp UI 
  • Tutorial Pause 
  • Wing Editor 
  • Map View 
  • Part Info Tooltip 
  • Video tutorials 
  • Passive notifications 
  • Merging Workspace Tutorial 



KSC Runway Lights LOD Visual Regression
Description: Players can see runway lights up close, but they are not visible from far away. This was a result of a major optimization fix for the lights.
Status: We are aware of this issue and will be looking to address this in a future patch.


If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so:

Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher

Suggest a Change on the Forums

Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes

Bug reports should be shared to either:

Private Division Customer Support

Dedicated Bug Reports Subforum

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1 minute ago, Stephensan said:

What does the rocket symbol mean, finished? or a POI?

Literally the first line of this post:


:1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): <-- This rocket denotes a fix that community members directly helped our dev team fix. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports!

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10 minutes ago, Intercept Games said:

:1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added feature: game autosaves when landing on a celestial body, when entering an SOI, and when entering or exiting an atmosphere 

Best Alpha feature, thank you!

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