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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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2 minutes ago, mrmcp1 said:

I managed to capture my first astroid and stop it from impacting Kerbin



And what do you plan to do with it?  push it in Deep Space or put in in orbit?

Random RSS modpack(link updated by me)


from this video:


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Suggestion: Put a 500 meter FASA asteroid on a collision trajectory with Kerbin/Earth:

Thanks @frizzank https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W7l4scgveHSUsWp2DHIXLAF1oDzNOlXS

Land on it(it has cheated gravity) with Armageddon-Alike aerospike ships

Plant a North Kerbin BDARMORY nuke on it


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Stock propellor craft have always been silent in KSP.

I've changed that.


Okay, so it's not 100% 100% stock. I've added two parts, one for every engine. They are rover wheels running on the turbine shafts and they use the mod Rover Wheels Sounds. The plane flies fine without it though and will soon land on KerbalX.com.

Now I need a high quality sample of a propellor without a turbine or piston engine in the background because the sample I ripped is from a commercial game ... otherwise this little expansion for a mod will not fly.


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1 hour ago, AntINFINAIt said:

I am thinking about making SpaceOS for tru'  KSP lovers!

OpenSource OperatingSystem

It would be very useful wouldn't it be ?

You would need to seriously define (in great detail) the benefits over, say, any number of Linux installs available.


1 hour ago, AntINFINAIt said:

And spin it for centrifugal force type of gravity

The problem with KSP is that you can't place a lasting spin on anything, not without the use of a mod like PersistentRotation. The moment you go into time warp, or leave the ship (main menu, select different ship, etc), the spin stops. As a matter of fact, hopping into time warp for a second is a handy cheat to cancel out unwanted spin.



In my world;
My two ships (Jool-Series-1 & 2) are making their burns for Jool. #1 made its burn last night, 2hrs 20'something mins. #2 has its burn coming up when I'm done posting here. I'm going to try and squeeze in a third in the series late tonight before the window is beyond attempt. The third will be Tylo bound. No pictures worth posting yet.

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I tried to giffify this, but for some reason the site I usually use didn't like the video.

There's a pretty stupid rocket in the end of Archer Season 3, and I've decided to mostly replicate it.  So I'm playing around with making large hinges with DockRotate and IR washers.



You might notice that the altitude is going down rather fast.  I didn't notice until I hit atmo that, despite F12ing my way into an 86km x 86km orbit, it had actually set my orbit to 86km x -597km.  Last I checked, you can't cheat yourself sub-orbital on purpose.

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Played around with 1.4.1 (I finally managed to download it!)

The part colouring is interesting. I like the Mk1-3 Pod (looks so much better than the Mk1-2). And the editor switch button makes my life so much easier. But my favourite addition was probably the kerbal EVA parachutes. So fun to fly! I even got Felix Kerman to do a 40km EVA jump and land safely on the VAB helipad.

I also tried jumping out of a plane and landing on a mountain. I failed. :(

As for mods, KER works fine while Trajectories is broken (while the menu shows up, the toolbar icon is broken and the predicted trajectory  isn’t there). KIS was broken (it thought Podly Kerman was a container) but I went on CKAN and there was an update for it.

I’m not sure I like the new engine sounds(deactivating the LV-T45 sounds like someone spitting) but the new exhausts look cooler. Also, they removed the yellow stripes on the white fairing texture, which is nice.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy Making History. Looking forward to all of the new stuff!

(Side note: The SQUAD logo has totally disappeared from all of the game screens. On the main menu it’s gone and it’s gone on the loading screens. Give SQUAD some credit, TakeTwo! It’s their game)

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I was checking the Explorer-1 after putting a ComSat in Geostationary MInmus Orbit



With 0.5 Thrust it was to powerful for setup the Orbit easy, but i's now in something like Geostationary. But sometimes it is below and the other time it's above the Geostationary Orbit(+1000m and -1000m)

MinmusBase Album:

Album a/GDrF5 will appear when post is submitted


In my Testsave the VengaRocket is flying arround:


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5 hours ago, Schmelge said:

Well right now I'm flying to the ice shelves via my phone in the bathtub :Dolw48kP_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

That must be the most Kerbal way to play KSP :D

2 hours ago, AntINFINAIt said:

I am thinking about making SpaceOS for tru'  KSP lovers!

OpenSource OperatingSystem

It would be very useful wouldn't it be ?

Wait... A Kerbal OS for PC?

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Caught a strange class E passing through my lawn the Kerbin SOI.


It would be a common 1100-something- ton asteroid full of ore, if not for that blue... glowy... lichen? Veins of... goo? Is that the Mystery Goo?!

So that's where it comes from! No wonder it feels home in deep space! :D  

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1 hour ago, Haruspex said:

Caught a strange class E passing through my lawn the Kerbin SOI.


It would be a common 1100-something- ton asteroid full of ore, if not for that blue... glowy... lichen? Veins of... goo? Is that the Mystery Goo?!

So that's where it comes from! No wonder it feels home in deep space! :D  

That would be a magic boulder.

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Today (really today, this time, instead of last night, or a couple days ago):

I got 1.4.1 and Making History installed and flew a couple missions.  There's a lot to be said for a 3-Kerbal command pod that's lighter than the old one, has more battery, and built-in RCS (though it's really only good for roll when the pod is flying alone).

Given my 1.3.0 career still works in 1.4 and 1.4.1 (with Making History, even), I went ahead and launched Lufrid, along with Lars and Herford, to the Mun.  Lars and Herford were paying to land on the Mun, and the Agency had a contract to plant a flag on the Mun (even though it would be the fourth such flag).  Lufrid, recently rescued from LKO and having paid her dues by spending 30 days in command of Kerbin Station Alpha (alone, doing EVA reports below 85 km over biomes that previously hadn't had this situation covered), had previously flown the Program's first Minmus flyby (first landing and science contracts for Minmus are open now).

Lufrid, of course, had never flown a Mun landing, and she was in a passenger carrier vessel hastily modified with 1600 units of drop tanks and landing legs (Mk. 1-3 pod, decopuler and 1600 unit tank, Poodle engine, no additional RCS and monopropellant deleted before launch, no solar panels, and 30% of the ablator also deleted).  Launch and cis-Munar flight were routine; she captured into a 17 km orbit, selected a landing site, and deorbited, held surface retrograde and killed her velocity as low as possible, then let the lander fall (still  holding retrograde).  Unfortunately, she bobbled at the last second; when she should have shut down the landing engine, she instead hit maximum throttle and the lander started climbing again.

Okay, keep calm, she let the lander start falling again, restored retrograde hold -- and killed the engine a little too soon, touching down at about 7 m/s.  No, nothing broke, but the lander bounced on the sloping landing surface (are there any level spots on the Mun?).  With a single leg oriented upslope, the lander immediately tipped, and there wasn't enough time or reaction wheel authority to right it before it landed (with no damage) on its side.

Well, that's a fine kettle of fish.  No RCS other than the built-in, no monopropellant anyway, and nothing like enough reaction wheel authority to right the lander.  With two tourists on board, this had the potential to get ugly.

The drop tanks (with the landing legs on them) were empty anyway, so she jettisoned them, but there still wasn't enough torque to lift the nose of the return stage.  A little quick calculation (i.e. three or four tests with quicksave restores) showed that the engine had enough gimbal authority (in yaw, in this case) to raise the nose before the movement along the regolith could destroy anything.  That looked a lot like a plan.

A contract is a contract, though.  She had to use the reaction wheel to roll the lander to unblock the hatch, in order to EVA and plant the flag that was half the reason for coming.  While she was out, she also made an EVA report and collected a surface sample -- then back into the command pod.  Time to go home; hang onto your lunches, tourists.

Hold maximum yaw (D key) and punch the throttle -- before it had slid its own length, the vessel had lifted its nose to the sky and climbed clear of the surface; a quick slap to turn on stability assist kept the vessel pointed up, and she cut throttle once she had 40 or so m/s vertical.  Then it was just a matter of orienting toward the eastern horizon and burning until the velocity passed 550 m/s.  She wound up with an orbit of 56 km apoapsis, and 39 m periapsis, quickly corrected at apoapsis.  From there it was "just" a matter of a routine burn for home.

Except that she found herself in a retrograde orbit, inclined at more than 60 degrees.

Fortunately, orbital velocity at Munar distance (at AP for a pretty eccentric orbit) is quite low; she had plenty of fuel left to make a reversing burn at Apoapsis that also corrected her inclination, then make a minor correction to get the correct reentry apoapsis.  When she dropped the service stage a couple hundred kilometers before reentry (on a burn-up path), it still contained almost one hundred units of Lf/O, and she flew within sight of KSC before splashing down 240 or so km ENE from the launch site -- and becoming the first Level 2 pilot in the history of the program.

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I made a Falcon 9 inspired rocket, appropriately called "Falkon 1". 


I've included some basic and flight information in this spoiler.


Weighing 72.4 tons and consisting of just 42 parts, and not to mention that practically everything is recoverable, I'm very proud of how this one turned out. The first stage utilizes eight "Thud" engines as well as one "Reliant" in the center to propel the rocket to the outer parts of the atmosphere. At this point the outside engines will deactivate while the inside burns to the required height, where the second stage will decouple and the first stage's outside engines will activate once again to perform the landing burn.



Here we can see the powered touchdown of the first stage and its landing location (probe icon) as well as the parachute-equipped second stage (command pod icon).


I wanted to maximize the usefulness of the second stage, so I used parachutes instead of performing a second powered landing.

Note: I have yet to test the launcher with a payload.


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I set out to determine the orbital velocity of an unladen swallow...


The Swallow mini-shuttle.














Needs coconut fairing texture.








The payload bay is suitable for launching satellites, but it more often contains a passenger compartment for crew-taxi duty to space stations or other craft in orbit.


I used a mod extensible docking port in the past, but the new stock part seems to be a suitable replacement.





It's 2157.6 meters per second, by the way.

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3 minutes ago, Hans Dorn said:

African or European?

And it looked very loaded to me.

Luckily it worked better than the tanker I launched from minmus, 
At least it failed spectacular :)

This newer version give an clue in why it failed
3.75 meter resource tanks on top of MK3 tanks put craft under tension, then changing tank content this caused the ship to break up spectacular. 
Had an feeling it was risky so I did it during gravity turn, some pieces ended up in orbit around Kerbin. 

Chasing down an winch who broke free doing refueling around Mun. 

Getting an lucky Minmus intercept. 
Porkshop in Mechjeb is awesome

Watching the ladies excise at Moonshadow :)


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Slow day. Very slow day. The Jool-Series-2-Vall did its burn this afternoon... all afternoon... a little over 4hrs worth. Yea, ion powered. Big ship, long burn. Half way through the burn, one of the Xenon pods drained, it got jettisoned... dropping a little mass is always helpful. Not quite going as planned, I'm hoping to have fuel reserves enough for insertion, otherwise I'll have another rescue mission on my hands. :confused:

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