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  1. @Stone Blue Thank you I enabled the CRP option in WBI and now I see and can change the Fuel to use IntakeAtm too. And looks like that Atmosphere Convertor is not working too But I have one more problem. Not sure if you experienced it. When I save a game with some OPT plane in orbit. And when I load the game and return back to that plane suddenly the VTOL engines are running. They are in shutdown mode , even the fuel is disabled. But somehow the animation and sound of for example OPT-E VT "Valkyrie" Tilt Engine is running. I see the speed is not increasing and the engine is shutdown but somehow the animation and sound is playing in a loop. Was trying to reload the save and reload the game but still the same.
  2. Hello Jade of Maar. I have 2 questions. 1/ What is that Atmosphere convertor that I see on some of the Intakes ? And does it work on Duna where there is no Oxygen but Atmosphere is ? 2/ I want to confirm my folders for OPT : Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Opt Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Opt_Legacy Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Opt_Reconfig Is it OK or I should delete or merge some of those folders ? Thank you
  3. How is the fix ? I tied with new 3.12 version and still the same Thank you
  4. Hello Angel, I am using version DSEV 3.11. Will try to update to 3.12. And I am using the Buffalo V1, not the new version yet.
  5. Hello Angel. I have an issue. I built on Kerbin orbit my inter planetary ship. As soon as I dock some other ship with it and undock . I suddenly see next to ship Glykerol tanks ? Check the picture. On that inter planetary ship I am using your D2 Cryo Shelter. And I must say I see those tanks below the inter planetary ship too but they are far away and not so visible. But you can see on the picture they are quite close for this small shuttle that I am using for tourists. Is it possible there is some bug with those D2 Cryo shelter parts ? Have you met in the past with something simmilar ? Or do you need the log file too ?
  6. Hello, is it possible that some mods are not happy to live among each other ? Like MKS and Stockalike Station parts Redux ? I want to deploy the Centrifuge and need 6K+ Material kits ?
  7. Hello thank you for your reply sir. May I ask you 2 more questions ? 1/ I see in the GU core there is settings for scatterer : shadowsOnOcean = False fullLensFlareReplacement = False //Plz don't touch this! terrainShadows = False In my current game I have all those three settings enabled. Why you set them to disabled ? Can it do some odd bugs to visuals for GU ? 2/ What is that KSS Kerbal Star Systems ? Some seperate mod for GU or a new Star system for GU ? Thank you
  8. This looks nice. After some years of playing only STOCK system I am thinking and looking for some additional star systems. Just one question the original stock system will still be in game if I install this mod ? Or it will get replaced by one of the systems from this mod ?
  9. OK I tested on a new clean install of latest KSP game. Installed only a few mods such as scaterer, EVE redux, Kopernicus, AVP mod and Strange New Worlds mod, DOA. Tried new game save and well on stock Kerbol the scaterer is somehow turned off or can not load the AVP stock Scaterer configs. But when I checked your planets and start all was working scaterer was working for them. So looks like maybe your scaterer configs take priority over AVPs stock scaterer configs. So I think I can say it is not compatible. So now I will need to choose if AVP and stock without your mod or stock without AVP but with your mod.
  10. Hello , thank you for reply. And I will need to test it on new save. I tried to load my current save with Strange New Worlds and it will completely disable the AVP scaterer configs for stock. So I will try today a new game and will see if it will fix it or not at all. I hope it will be working as AVP is mainly for Stock system and your mod is adding a new system that has nothing to do with stock and it is about 4 light years away. Or in the end maybe I will have to choose if AVP with stock without some planet mod , or a planet mod with stock but without AVP visuals.
  11. Is this save game compatible or not at all and new game is required ? And looks like this is not compatible with AVP ?
  12. Hello @Stone Blue Thank you very much for your support It is working. After I updated Distant Object Enchantment and MAS and the WBI addons ( Buffalo, Sandcastle, WBI core ) it is working now . And not more Null exception errors :) Thank you again. Much appreciate it.
  13. Not yet going to try. Just uploaded the addons that you mentioned. MAS and WBI.
  14. Thank you for the check. Yeah I am thinking on doing some clean re-install of KSP and start from fresh. And pick mods that I really use. So to lower the mod number that I have. Lisisa-ified means ? EDIT: Aha so Tweakscale and DistantObjectENchancement are under management of Lisias. Hmm so will try to remove them and see if it helps with the rover If not , well clean install of KSP with cherry picked mods is the way I think...
  15. Hello , Ok here it is. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hq2ugmuwm4hug4k/KSP.log?dl=0 And yes I am thinking the same issue as you mentioned, that the wheels are deployed. But it is odd bcs in that other bay where I have to move out from the bay the wheels are a bit up not directly on the ramp/bay. And in that other ship where I can drop the rover down there yes could be issue that wheels are half in the bay texture. So I assume there is some issue as you mentioned with the bays and wheels maybe Because when I create rover and just try go around KSP with it , there are no issues no black screens at all.
  16. @Stone Blue Hello yes here is the video. So I must say I have issues how to connect the rover to the ship in bay when I want to connect it with the CABIN, so I have to connect it starting from back. So to have option later to undock it or eject it and so I can get out of the bay with it. But I used the node from ESR for now that is there. I tried two different ships. One with bay where I have to get out of it. The other one where I just drop it down on the floor from the bay I even checked the wheels that the show terrain is under the wheel. But somehow not working, But I must say I see in the logs a lot of nullreference before I hit the undock or decouple EDIT: I am on the latest KSP ersion Do you want the KSP.log too ?
  17. Trying to create a rover and put it to cargo bay of a OPT spaceplane. But as soon as I undock the rover I will got a black screen with only picture of the Kerbal on the bottom right. Tried to create just the rover and all was working. Rover loaded and was able to move with it around KSP. Hmm looks like ESR does not like to be launched from the bays of OPT spaceplanes ?
  18. Hello guys. I am building a ship in orbit from a several parts. My plan is to visit whole Kerbin system whit this one big ship. But I must say to be on safe side I would like to strut some parts via EVA but well the old mod from DMAGIC looks like is no longer working. How can I now strut some parts that I was not able to strut during VAB building ? I know there is this option advanced tweakables and autostrut but is this actually working ? And which option is the right one ? Strut to Root or strut to heaviest part or strut to grandparent ? Thank you.
  19. I updated only one mod today - Kopernicus from r70 version to r90 version and getting this. Maybe I need to update Scatterer or EVE too ? As visual pack I am using AVP. And in game I am using Ultra as shader quality. But I am using this shader settings for about 1 or 2 years now and never had issues. At least not with r70 version of Kopernicus.
  20. One thing if I may ask. Do I need to download the Parallax Stock textures if I am using visual mod such as AVP ?
  21. One thing. Do I need that ELhelper.dll for this mod to work properly ? As far as I know the Extraplanetary Launchpads are optional not required right ? Looks like is doing some nasty things to TWEAKSCALE mod. EDIT: Ok for now I fixed it to install only the plugin from Extraplanetary Launchpad ( like in old times with Firespitter plugin ) . But it is odd that it wants this plugin too ? In that case I think there is need to edit the first post and make EL as required ? ( at least the Launcher.dll file for sure ) Or maybe bundle just the dll file with Sandcastle ?
  22. One thing that looks like I forgot. What is the difference for the control mode Forward vs - 15 degrees ? I am unable to find it in the manual that was bundled with the zip file.
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