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  1. Some content has been removed. Folks, a gentle reminder, please leave real-life politics out of the forum, even tongue-in-cheek or in jest. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Some content has been redacted and/or removed due to off-topic digressions. Folks, the topic of this thread is Russian launches and missions. Kindly leave the "my rocket is better than your rocket" posturing at the door. It's off topic, it solves nothing, and it just makes the thread less useful and interesting to all concerned. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Moving to KSP1 Modelling and Texturing Discussion.
  4. Moving topic to KSP1 General Mod Development Help and Support.
  5. A large amount of content has been removed, due to: politics off-topic content arguing about arguing telling people what to do or not to do (a.k.a. "backseat moderating") responding to any posts that do any of the above. When we remove a thing, we gotta remove everything that responds to it, lest we create "dangling responses". Folks, please don't post politics, surely this reminder shouldn't be necessary. A few bits of advice: "Here's what government should do" or "here's what public policy should be" tends to be political, so if you see yourself writing that kind of thing, treat that as a warning signal and reconsider posting it. Responding to someone else who posted politics, is politics. Even if you say "not political, but". Discussion of environmental issues per se isn't really about SpaceX, so it's off topic. "SpaceX is having difficulty with a launch permit because of environmental issue" is fine... but extending that to "what our environmental policy should be" or the importance of such issues is off-topic. (And almost invariably political.) Please don't tell anyone what to do or what not to do, even as a "suggestion". You're not a moderator, it's not your place to give orders. If you think something's a problem, just report it and don't respond. That engages the moderators, whose job it is to deal with that sort of thing. It's what we're for. When you know that someone else's stuff is off-topic, please don't try the maneuver of responding to them in the same vein, and then inserting a token "obligatory SpaceX" remark, in order to somehow make your post "OK". It just makes things worse. When we remove the other thing, it means we have to remove your stuff, too. Please don't respond to anything political or otherwise problematic with the rules, even if your own post tries to steer clear of those problems. Because we can't have "dangling responses". Thank you for your understanding.
  6. Snark


    Since the author has chosen to delete the mod, there's nothing further to discuss here, and so the thread has been locked. Some content has been redacted and/or removed, due to people making personal remarks. Folks, let's please remember that we're all friends here: modders make what they do out of personal interest and passion for the game, and users like to try the mods for the same reason. So let's keep things civil, please. Just to be sure we're all on the same page, it may be worth reviewing a couple of points that one presumes we all understand, here: Modders give us shiny toys for free, and don't owe the users anything. (So it's never appropriate to complain about a mod, though of course good-faith constructive feedback is always appropriate.) A mod changes the user's gameplay (and has the potential to wreck savefiles), so naturally users are going to want to know what it does: both to decide "do I want this for my gameplay" and to assess risk. So it's common for modders to provide such information along with a mod. The modder is under no obligation to do so (see bullet point above), but since every user needs to know this basic information, it's to be expected that folks will ask about it if the information isn't included. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. You mean Moh? No, it's a gas giant, no surface there. I don't know about any wiki, but if you look at the OP of this thread, there's a section entitled "New Planetary Layout" with a spoiler that describes things. It's not much info, but at least it tells you what things are (for example, it mentions that Moh, which you were asking about here, is a gas giant).
  8. Hello, and welcome to the forums! Really cool mission report, thank you for sharing.
  9. Hello, and welcome to the forums! We've moved your question to its own topic under KSP1 Mod Discussions, since that's the best place for general questions about mods. If you have a question about a specific mod (such as OPT?), then the best place to ask would be in that mod's release thread. Otherwise, if you have a modding question and aren't sure where to ask, then this subforum would be the place to go. Hope you can find an answer to your problem!
  10. Nice ideas, and really nicely written up and organized! Thank you for sharing.
  11. Thread locked per OP request. Please see the new thread, linked above, for continuation of this topic.
  12. A large amount of content has been redacted and/or removed, due to off-topic digressions and other issues. For anyone interested in the detailed technical minutiae of the specific problem that @NippyFlippers raised, please see the GitHub issue that JonnyOThan was kind enough to open for that purpose: Thank you for your understanding.
  13. Some off-topic content has been removed. Folks, the topic of this thread is this fork of TweakScale, please try to confine your questions to that topic. Thank you.
  14. Some content has been removed, due to off-topic discussion (among other things). Folks, please play nice. The topic of this thread is this fork of TweakScale. If you have a question about a different fork of TweakScale than this one, best to go ask there. This is one of those situations where more than one fork of a mod is being actively supported / maintained / developed. It's understandable that folks might be a little unfamiliar with how such situations work, because for the large majority of mods, that is not the case and there's only one active fork at a time. However, just because it's uncommon doesn't mean it doesn't happen-- such as the current case. So, what's a confused user to do? Well, if you have a question about a particular fork of a mod, then you should ask your questions in that fork's thread. For example, if you use Lisias' fork of TweakScale, and you have questions about it, you would ask here. If you have questions about someone else's fork, then you should go ask them in that modder's thread. That's certainly a reasonable thing for a user to want to know, and it's perfectly understandable to want to ask such a question. However, please understand that questions like this are tricky. Why? Because there is nobody in a position to answer authoritatively. Modders know their own work-- that's why, if you have a question about a mod, the right person to ask is the author. Modders-- like anyone-- are not in a position to know someone else's work unless they've worked with it themselves. One trusts that modders are aware of this, too, and would know better than to comment on someone else's work. The person to answer questions about a modder's work is the modder themselves. This means that if you ask modder A to critique or discuss modder B's work, you're asking them a question about something they aren't in a position to judge. If you want to know the differences between two active forks like this, therefore, your best bet is to look at the OPs of their respective threads in detail, and see what information you may find there. Each author is in the best position of describing what features or other benefits their own fork provides, so the OP of their mod thread is the best place to get such information. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, and for digging into this! I'll have a look when I get a chance.
  16. That's the one exception among the stock antennas, yeah. That one's linear. Not unless you want the exponent to be something other than the default 0.75, no.
  17. What it does Pretty much what the title says. It takes some KSP functionality that isn't accessible via action groups, and enables that. Currently, the only such functionality is setting SAS mode (see below). Other functionality may be added in the future. Download from SpaceDock License: MIT Source code Setting SAS mode The mod exposes SAS mode setting to action groups. It adds this action-group functionality to the stock Avionics Hub, as well as via a new part, the Mk1 SAS controller. This is a small, radially-attached part similar in size to the smaller science instruments, which also functions similar to the avionics nosecone to allow low-level SAS functionality in the absence of a pilot. If you select the avionics hub or SAS controller in the editor's action groups UI, it has actions for setting the various SAS modes, which you can assign to whatever action groups you want. Note: It doesn't toggle SAS on and off; you still do that the old-fashioned way, via the SAS action group. All these new actions do is to set the current SAS mode, when it's already active. Your vessel's SAS limitations (due to probe or pilot level) still apply, so (for example) trying to use an action group to set SAS to prograde will still only work if your vessel has at least SAS level 1. Thanks to @Geonovast for supplying the SAS controller model, and also for suggesting this mod in the first place! The mod wouldn't have happened without him. IndicatorLights compatibility This part is compatible with IndicatorLights. It works fine without IndicatorLights, but if that mod happens to be present, then the part has visual indicators to show when SAS is on or off. Different colors and patterns indicate the different SAS modes. How to install Unzip the contents of "GameData" to your GameData folder, same as with most mods. Why would anyone want this? Honestly, most people probably wouldn't, it's a fairly niche use case. It's primarily useful for folks who need to tinker with SAS mode when they're busy in a tense situation where they'd rather not take their fingers off the keyboard, such as when landing. It can also be useful for working with a mod like Smart Parts, which can trigger action groups automatically in various situations. FAQ Q: So all it does is SAS mode? So why does the mod have such a generic name, then? A: Because for all I know, I may have occasion to need some other action-group functionality in the future, and if I do, this mod is where I'll put it. Q: So you're definitely going to be adding more stuff, then? A: Nope. May just be this much, forever. I'm just leaving the door open, is all. Q: Why put SAS action groups on a new part? Why not just add 'em to probe cores and command pods? A: Because those parts already have a lot of action items on them already, and I didn't want to clutter up every part's menu with ten new items, just on the off chance that someone might ever want to use them. Adding the new part clutters up the craft a little bit, but I preferred that to cluttering up all the menus for all the parts. Q: But I'd rather have this functionality on the command parts! A: That's easy to add with a snippet of ModuleManager config. As an example, look at what I've done to the avionics core. Just add the same to whatever other parts you like.
  18. Hi all, just a note that I've released IndicatorLights v1.8.3. New in this release is support for indicating current SAS status (yes, I know this is arguably unnecessary, since the navball shows that status anyway, but I found myself wanting this). The only part I've instrumented to show this is the avionics nosecone, since that part is all about SAS. Indicator is on when SAS is active, off when it's not. When on, the color indicates the mode (color-coded by the corresponding navball icons): White for "stability assist" Yellow for and Cyan for and Magenta for , , , Blue for That's the default behavior, but as with pretty much everything in IndicatorLights, it's highly configurable. Every individual SAS mode can be separately configured. Details for modders are in the wiki. Other changes, besides the above: Add this as a valid ColorSource identifier in config syntax (of interest only to modders) Add a new statusText field to ModuleToggleLED, to allow using config to specify the UI text for the toggle button. Thanks to @Geonovast for the feature suggestion! Various minor bug-fixing and bullet-proofing. Update to ModuleManager 4.2.3. Enjoy!
  19. Some additional content removed. Folks, please avoid "arguing about arguing," and don't make things personal by trying to characterize people, their attitudes, and their ways of expressing themselves. Address posts, not posters, please.
  20. Some content has been redacted and/or removed, owing to personal remarks. Folks, please don't make things personal. The topic of this thread is KSP2, its features, what you'd like (or not like) to see, etc. The topic is not what you think of your fellow posters, their motivations, their attitudes, what you think they should or shouldn't do, whether you think they're being "reasonable," your perceptions about their past behavior, etc. If you have a problem with someone's behavior, take it up with the moderators by filing a report. By all means, argue. Address people's points, and if you happen to disagree strongly about their points, go ahead and express your disagreement (along with your reasons). But please don't go after the people themselves. Thank you for your understanding.
  21. Thank you, but no. "Spoiling the magic" is entirely the point. Doing this sort of thing may seem like "fun", and to some people it may be a fun game, but to others it looks like "someone hacked the forum" and it spooks people. It causes unnecessary concern and is akin to pulling the fire alarm in a crowded building, just for funsies. We understand that you didn't mean any harm and were just playing around, but this is the sort of thing that causes unnecessary anxiety for people who are just trying to use the forum. Moral of the story (to everyone, I'm not just speaking to you personally): Folks, please don't try to play cute games with the forum software. Lots of people "live" here, and there are enough real fires that need putting out on a regular basis that pulling the fire alarm is not a great idea.
  22. I see what you did there.
  23. Hello, and welcome to the forum! I have no idea, myself, what the problem might be. That said, though, if you have a problem with a particular mod, then the best place to ask about it is usually in that mod's release thread in KSP1 Mod Releases, since that's where all the folks most likely to have the answers (i.e. the author and the users) hang out.
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