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  1. I haven't gotten a chance to tell you just how unbelievably gorgeous this mod is. Truly stunning in every conceivable way. If Take Two was smart, they'd just hire you on the spot and make this the 1.9 update. The only thing I could imagine that would improve this is a rounded 3.75 tank butt for shuttle stacks. But this truly is a triumph of beauty and design.
  2. @theJesuit I found your wonder suite of mods and was trying it in a new career save with Kerbalism 2.1.2 (and other mods) and ran into a bit of a hiccup. Universal Storage wedges don't recognize your SIMPLEX Living changes to Kerbalism's resources. Is there somewhere in the files you can point me to for volume needed to make a module manager patch for US2 so I can make the wedges work? It's still early days in my space program (using your Tech Tree as well) and I'm only just getting 1 kerbal pods into orbit. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I was fiddling around with the Linear Aerospike and noticed that it listed a shroud in the part tweakables but doesn't actually seem to have a shroud. is that a feature or a bug? Checking out the part in Blender definitely confirms that part is missing the Fairing model.
  4. @Angel-125 I was looking at your Truss System for Kopernicus and noticed that you only have the small drop tank. Will you be making larger (ie longer) versions to go with your variety of trusses or just the small one?
  5. Should I blow this guy's mind? I'm gonna blow his mind. What if I told I already made a mod with 6 Kerbal shuttle IVA that included a mid-deck... https://spacedock.info/mod/1284/Mk3 Shuttle Mid-Deck IVA If you want 7 kerbals, put on in the Docking tube included in Cormorant.
  6. Should I blow this guy's mind? I'm gonna blow his mind. What if I told you there was already a mod with shuttle parts...
  7. Look man, all I see is a bunch of complaining about what you want from this mod in the above post. And the authors' of this mod have said numerous times that they will not support things like life support or or engine plumes or rescales. All of the support has been provided by players that wanted to see those things in BDB. If YOU want more robust TAC-LS support, YOU must do the heavy lifting. Coming into the thread to mention a bug or error like several people did up thread is are legitimate posts. When you slide into here (as you do with thread after thread) and denigrate mods for not h
  8. I imagine it is. I'm currently working on a Kerbalism patch for BDB and having to do a lot of life support balancing and tweaking (not to mention about a zillion KSP restarts). But since BDB isn't catering to you or I, I suggest you get busy with the spreadsheets and Notepad++ or move on to a mod that already meets your needs.
  9. It seems that part of the problem I'm experiencing is that Kerbalism isn't actually adding the RESOURCE to the parts. When I tooltip over a command pod in the VAB menu, there is no actual Food/Water/Oxygen included in the part. It seems that Kerbalism is adding them to the part after the fact so I can't adjust the amounts via patch.
  10. @ShotgunNinja I've been puttering around with trying to make Bluedog Desige Bureau but I've run into a problem. I realize that the Default profile sets command pods at 5 days worth of consumables per crew member possible. But I see no way of changing that value short of updating the Supply for Food, Water, and Oxygen by creating a new profile. If I try to change the values for them using a MM patch such as RESOURCE[Food] { amount = 31.491405 @amount *= #$/CrewCapacity$ @amount *3 maxAmount = #$amount$ } Or RESOURCE[Food] { @amount *= 3 @maxAmount *= 3 } nothing gets updated.
  11. It's "balanced" to stock proportions. Meaning that it's ridiculously overpowered for Stock size solar system. 2.5x ~ 3x rescale will put you in the sweet spot, as you've already found.
  12. @Beale Your not going to make octagonal docking parts, right? That would be crazy.
  13. Interesting to hear. Can you post screenshots? The Vostok capsule actually had the same drag module as the Mk1 capsule.
  14. Feel free to listen to some glorious music while perusing the album.
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