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  1. @theonegalen I started a new career save (and actually launched KSP) for the first time in a long time with your tech tree and KCT. It's the end my programs third year and they just wrapped up Kerbin 6's record breaking 12 hr flight in the Mk1 capsule. While there's a lot of activity at the cape, the Hati launchers 2.5t payload limit really has made me agonize over what NEEDS to be on a payload and what doesn't. Here's hoping the Duna/Eve flybys and moon lander probes yield some good science in the new year. Been having an absolute blast. Thanks for keeping this mod going.
  2. The Ascent engine was used in the Block III/III+/IV. The Decent engine was used for Block V. As well, the SM was extended for the Block IV/V.
  3. Just ran it with a clean install. Only mods are Harmony2 SIMPLEX Resources JNSQ Kerbalism Core KerbalismSimplex Kopernicus ModularFlightIntergrator ModuleManager.4.1.4 Everything looks to be running fine. Consumables/Air are there with enough for 2.5 JNSQ days (12 hrs long) and there is radiation fields surrounding all the planets. Thanks so much for all the hard work! Looks like I'll be starting that Career save one more time using all your mods. Is there a suggestion about what setup I need for NearFuture mods? Are Rational Resources/CRP to be avoided with the SIMPLEX suite? And will Space Dust play well with the SIMPLEX resources?
  4. @theJesuit I'm experiencing a similar problem to killbotvii. I'm running a 1.11.2 game with Kerbalism Simplex and Kerbalism Core 3.1.3 in JNSQ. I'm not getting the resources for the pods OR radiation belts around the planets. I tried a clean install with JUST Kerbalism Simplex, Kerbalism Core and JNSQ and still have no consumables or Radiation Belt.
  5. So I tile-less shuttle would have NO tiles or thermal blanket sqaures? That would be very interesting indeed.
  6. @benjee10 In your opinion, if the shuttle were to be de-tiled and launched into orbit (like a few different timelines on Alternate History), would all of the tiled locations be covered in thermal cloth like the top of the nose and the OMS pods or would some be clothed and some would be smooth white metal like the tops of the orbiter wings and the upper half of the payload bay?
  7. I haven't gotten a chance to tell you just how unbelievably gorgeous this mod is. Truly stunning in every conceivable way. If Take Two was smart, they'd just hire you on the spot and make this the 1.9 update. The only thing I could imagine that would improve this is a rounded 3.75 tank butt for shuttle stacks. But this truly is a triumph of beauty and design.
  8. @theJesuit I found your wonder suite of mods and was trying it in a new career save with Kerbalism 2.1.2 (and other mods) and ran into a bit of a hiccup. Universal Storage wedges don't recognize your SIMPLEX Living changes to Kerbalism's resources. Is there somewhere in the files you can point me to for volume needed to make a module manager patch for US2 so I can make the wedges work? It's still early days in my space program (using your Tech Tree as well) and I'm only just getting 1 kerbal pods into orbit. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I was fiddling around with the Linear Aerospike and noticed that it listed a shroud in the part tweakables but doesn't actually seem to have a shroud. is that a feature or a bug? Checking out the part in Blender definitely confirms that part is missing the Fairing model.
  10. @Angel-125 I was looking at your Truss System for Kopernicus and noticed that you only have the small drop tank. Will you be making larger (ie longer) versions to go with your variety of trusses or just the small one?
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