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  1. I've done altimetry and hi-res scans and they do not show up in ScanSat, The biomes show up, but the anomalies do not.
  2. Beautiful job! Do you think you'll be adding back-fitting the Mun's anomalies? Thank you for a great mod.
  3. This is a great mod. You have rescued the stock pods and made them relevant for near future missions, particularly all-IVA missions. The MK1-3 pod is especially well done. My eyes popped when I first opened it on the launchpad. It is well organized, includes everything you need, and just as importantly ergonomic; it's all right at eye level. Thank you for taking the time to create this excellent and useful mod..
  4. Thanks guys. Since there is no forum link on the Spacedock download page and the discussion page that I originally found was closed last week, I figured I'd come here. I think I've found the right page now.
  5. Maybe I misunderstand what the Restock mod is all about. I was under the impression that it was a revamping of stock parts. Is that true? I looked at the files in the Restock Mod folder and there are indeed files for the Spark and Terrier. Since this issue started right after I loaded this mod, I suspect the mod is the cause. Thanks.
  6. I think I've found a bug with the Spark and Terrier engines. They look fine in the VAB menu, but when I select them they appear with a shroud. Selecting "Disable" doesn't work. Thanks.
  7. These are great. I've flown your three craft examples from orbit. Since I am the second worst pilot in the world, I attach a few parachutes to land. But they are stable enough that I might actually try landing one of them without. One thing you might want to consider is a module that contains a docking collar. Or perhaps you can add it to the CMD modules. Thanks for creating these. I love them.
  8. I downloaded it. It is easy to build, and it flies great!!! I took it off. Achieved Kerbin orbit. Made a slow reentry and ran out of fuel at 30K meters, on the first flight, without knowing what I was doing! I love your artwork and textures too. Thank you for creating this.
  9. Excellent!!! Smart layout too! I'm downloading this. Thank you.
  10. I use Hyperedit. It's sort of a God-mode allowing you to transport your ships from launchpad into orbit. Some people considerate it a cheat, but it's a huge time saver, and especially good for testing part compatibility, such as docking ports from different mods, or to just practice docking and landing (even real astronauts have computer sims to practice with). I don't use it for anything up to present day technology. But I do use it for near-future stuff like, Hermes, Titan, and large space stations. Also, I'm playing the Science campaign and so I'm more concerned about collecting science then experience or cash. But Gabu is right. Building a space station, in space is very rewarding.
  11. Hi Gabu. I'm having a slight issue with Hermes. I seems that I cannot get the crew to transfer to the big wheel. I've docked other craft to the Hermes and can transfer crew between the docked craft and the Hermes command module without a problem. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Gabu. BTW, I made a successful flight to the Mun with Titan, landed and safely returned to Kerbal orbit. Easy-peasy. Now I have to figure out how to get my Kerbals back on the ground. Rescue Mission!
  13. I have a slight glitch. When I open the Hermes craft file in the hangar or VAB, it looks fine. But when I send it to the launch pad, or runway it appears that the access way between the CMD and the Probe section displaces forward and unattached of the Probe section. Even after I Hyperedit it into orbit: Thanks.