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  1. What a great CMD pod! I love the RPM bar! It's the key to immersive IVA only missions. The main engine flexibility is really useful too. Talk about "have it your way"! Thanks!
  2. I'm not even sure how I stumbled onto this mod, but I'm sure glad I did. The model and texturing are beautiful, and it's easy to fly. It's one of the most stable space planes, especially during reentry and landing that I've used. Please keep it up. Thanks for creating this excellent little mod.
  3. It's a really fun little mod. Thank you. I think I have detected a conflict between your mod and Restock/Restock Plus. Your MiniPuff engine does not load when Restock/Restock Plus is loaded.I think the problem may lie with the stock Puff engine which I believe is modified by Restock/Restock Plus. If I delete Stock/Restock Plus the MiniPuff shows up on the parts list in the VAB and can be attached. If I reload Restock/Restock Plus the saved ship shows the standard "missing part" message and will not load.
  4. I've done altimetry and hi-res scans and they do not show up in ScanSat, The biomes show up, but the anomalies do not.
  5. Beautiful job! Do you think you'll be adding back-fitting the Mun's anomalies? Thank you for a great mod.
  6. This is a great mod. You have rescued the stock pods and made them relevant for near future missions, particularly all-IVA missions. The MK1-3 pod is especially well done. My eyes popped when I first opened it on the launchpad. It is well organized, includes everything you need, and just as importantly ergonomic; it's all right at eye level. Thank you for taking the time to create this excellent and useful mod..
  7. Thanks guys. Since there is no forum link on the Spacedock download page and the discussion page that I originally found was closed last week, I figured I'd come here. I think I've found the right page now.
  8. Maybe I misunderstand what the Restock mod is all about. I was under the impression that it was a revamping of stock parts. Is that true? I looked at the files in the Restock Mod folder and there are indeed files for the Spark and Terrier. Since this issue started right after I loaded this mod, I suspect the mod is the cause. Thanks.
  9. I think I've found a bug with the Spark and Terrier engines. They look fine in the VAB menu, but when I select them they appear with a shroud. Selecting "Disable" doesn't work. Thanks.
  10. These are great. I've flown your three craft examples from orbit. Since I am the second worst pilot in the world, I attach a few parachutes to land. But they are stable enough that I might actually try landing one of them without. One thing you might want to consider is a module that contains a docking collar. Or perhaps you can add it to the CMD modules. Thanks for creating these. I love them.
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