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  1. Thanks everyone! Looks like I’ll be making more intermediate/advanced level tutorials in the future.
  2. The MU-421 "Eagle" on a 2.5m upper stage. Awesome balance of power and efficiency!
  3. In my opinion, you have successfully made the mod accessible and easy to understand to a wide audience. That being said I think the majority of people downloading CryoEngines are at least somewhat familiar with modern rocket vernacular so I recommend “Hydrolox Engine” and “Methalox Engine” respectively. Keeps it brief and also shouldn’t throw anyone for a loop. If you are still worried about confusing people that are unfamiliar with those terms: you could add (color coded blue and green!) disclaimers at the bottom of the Part Description “This engine uses a LqdMethane/Oxidizer fuel mix” s
  4. I wrote this hoping that it would help whenever threads like these popped up, this is always a hot topic and I think deserves (another) good tutorial. Please let me know what you think.
  5. My Courage stat is average, but my Stupidity is maxed out, so needless to say I’m in...! Firstly just gotta say, the plumes are fantastic. I did not imagine effects like this when you first released Waterfall, now I’m seeing the true potential and it rocks. On that note, did you make tweaks to the Hydrolox plumes in the recent dev release? My memory might be off but they look even better to me now. Lastly I haven’t had much time to do balance testing but I did load up a mid-early career and take a look at the community tech tree. I would recommend making the Methalox engines a l
  6. Thought I had somehow borked ModuleManager, turns out Sarbian had a sick joke in mind
  7. Hi, chances are we can help you but you may be better off starting a new thread here, and try to explain what’s wrong in a little more detail. This thread is pretty old, the game has changed a lot in 7 years! And it sounds like you might have a slightly different problem than what was originally asked.
  8. I made the exact same mistake yesterday tried flying a newly redesigned Mun rocket on a mission and thought I had grossly over budgeted dV.
  9. That is correct! Capacitors are more like SRBs than they are like batteries - they only “fire” their electric charge when you manually tell them to.
  10. Excellent! Will you be dropping a dev branch or will these go straight to release? Asking for a friend
  11. Not sure what you mean by transfer fail. Can you explain that a little better? Also not understanding the issue with flipping right after lift off, because the picture you posted shows your shuttle in space! Or is that a previous iteration? To help with the shuttle flipping you should show a picture of it sitting on the pad ready to launch, followed by one of it in the air right as it is in the process of flipping.
  12. lemon cup's Illustrated Guide to Interplanetary Transfers IN THREE "EASY" STEPS PREFACE Are you new to KSP and eager to visit other planets? Are you an accomplished pilot, but just never quite had the time or attention to devote to learning interplanetary transfers? A seasoned veteran returning from hiatus only to discover unfamiliar changes to gameplay? Or do you mostly have the hang of it but still run into a few bumps in the road from time to time? You may be surprised to know that many KSP players have never visited another planet other than Kerbin. There are probably sev
  13. @Kerbal Productions Try setting the parking brake - click the red-orange wheel icon just to the right of the Altimeter. Still not working?
  14. Thank you for the link! I was hoping to avoid the large download that is BDB, because for the next few weeks I’ll be restricted to very slow internet. I could have sworn at one point I possessed another mod that packaged the A7-L, but I am most likely mistaken.
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