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  1. Hey thought I’d go ahead and answer since I’ve been messing around with this lately but yes, the parts are stock scale and balanced accordingly. Apparently there is an RO patch included, but I do not know if that rescales the parts, as I can’t seem to find the patch in any folders.
  2. This is more what I (being a firm CryoTanks user) lean towards naturally. Basically a "sucks to suck" approach that maybe throws an MM warning on load that "Cryo-Tanks is not compatible with X-fuel-switching-mod and will be disabled." Just that that approach leaves certain players out of luck and having to decide which mod they can live without. I would hope that if that was the end result, it was because other options were explored first, and I know there are several plugin developers out there that might have some creative tricks up their sleeves.
  3. @benjee10 In regards to the odd effects for the Shuttle OMS engine, I took a look in the config "sharedAssets/Patches/waterfall_KJ10.cfg" and found two errors. -The engine running sound does not play because the node "fx_puff_running" under the new EFFECTS node should just be titled "running" -The strange triangular plume that appears ~50meters behind the engines' main plume is due to an extra TEMPLATE node titled "waterfall-kerolox-vernier-2" I am assuming this is not intended? If not removing this node will fix the strange plume. Cheers!
  4. Nah engine clipping doesn't matter. If it's the engine bases that are clipping, most engines have selectable variants that have options for "compact" or "low profile" bases, though it's just a visual thing. If it's the engine nozzles that clip, well that is just visual too, but if you choose the right engines you should have plenty of thrust without having to clip them like that... Like Nertea mentioned CryoEngines also works really well with this mod too. For instance this "NR" series 5m rocket uses huge Liquid Hydrogen tanks, 4 modified "Vectors" on the bottom, and two big boosters to g
  5. Did a little bit of brainstorming on this. To reiterate on your remarks, the problem stems from A) each fuel-switching mod possessing different resource definitions for what should be - as far as the end user is concerned - the same tangible resource (Liquid Hydrogen, for example). B) many end-users not understanding that said definitions cannot (rather, should not) be used simultaneously on the same tank. The two obvious trains of thought would be to either: -come together and settle on common resources definitions and tank switchers, then basically the "losers" would have
  6. Hey all, I've created two sets of configs for this mod: -full Waterfall support for all engines and RCS thrusters (obviously requires Waterfall) -a 2.5x rescale balance - which adjusts all engines to their real-world ISP, slightly greater thrust, and gives the R7 tanks roughly 10-15% greater fuel/dry mass fractions. I've extensively tested this in KSRSS in 1.11.2 with 2.5x rescale, and the R7 with a crewed Soyuz on top can reach orbit if piloted carefully. (I've also added a few extra tweaks here, such as removed some fuel from the Progress module in exchange for 6 inventory slot
  7. Just TUFX and Distant Object Enhancement, and thank you. I’d share my profile but like many folks I’m always tweaking them slightly and screwing them up EDIT to address post below: PM Sent
  8. Have you made sure to right click both the grapple fixture and the End Effector and "Enable Same Vessel Interaction"? Also, a helpful tip: turn on advanced tweakables in the settings menu (if not already) and turn the Docking Acquire Force down to 0 on both parts. This will eliminate phantom Kraken forces while you are fine tuning the arm. Line up the ports, but if you haven't given the Effector its very own axial rotation servo, you'll see why now - you have to rotate the effector so that its sensor pod is oriented to line up with the small docking target on the grapple fixture.
  9. @KeaKaka I came to say Thank You! for this piece of advice from snkiz. I was having the same issue as you, but sure enough the way that KnightOfSaintJohn wrote the configs for Stock Waterfall Effects makes them super easy to use as a template for modding basically any other engine for Waterfall support. Looks like you are trying to add Waterfall support for the ReDIRECT SSME? Best of luck, Cheers.
  10. Best way to learn what those are for is to play the tutorials that come with the game. They are very useful and will teach you the basics of when and where to apply Prograde, Retrograde, and the others to change your orbit at the right time.
  11. @FruitGoose is correct and just to add to that, it can be a little confusing because the in-game stats for engines do have a section that tells you what the propellant burn rate is. If I had to guess, that is so you can manually calculate fuel ratios in odd tank setups if you need to - kind of an obsolete practice now that everyone uses either stock dV readouts or MechJeb/KER stats for that sort of planning. The only thing that affects propellant burn rate in the engine.cfg file is “maxThrust” and “atmosphereCurve” (isp). An algorithm factors those two stats together and determines how q
  12. WHO!? Last I heard you said you would almost certainly NOT be doing 5m station parts due to the undeniable nightmare that is huge IVAs...! I am equally thrilled to hear this as I am worried about your sanity In the meantime here's another look at the awesome new 1.875 modules. A little less jumbled this time and easier on the eyes, something vaguely reminiscent of Zarya-Zvezda. Alternate view with Endeavor and Unity docked.
  13. These nuclear engines very much dabble in how real NTRs operate (as you can see in the posts above). Their main source of cooling is actually the cryogenic liquid hydrogen flowing over the reactor vanes! Mode of operation seems funky at first but makes sense if you think about it. Here is a quick rundown: 1. Deploy radiators. Make sure they are powered and cooling. 2. Right click engine and manually set Reactor Throttle to roughly 10%.. Any higher and the reactor will rapidly try to melt. 3. Activate Reactor. Notice heat values will steadily start to climb, your radiators are providin
  14. You are correct. That is called "Soft Deprecated." You shouldn't use them because at some point, in the next update perhaps, they will be permanently removed ("Hard Deprecated"). Old NFLV parts were soft deprecated almost exactly 1 year ago, so you must have just recently updated the mod. You have a couple options if you would still like to use those parts: (1) Go into the folder titled "Legacy" inside the NearFutureLaunchVehicles folder, and delete the file "LegacyPartHider.cfg" This will unhide all of the old parts, but that is kind of sub-optimal because now you will have duplic
  15. Looks like the new APAS docking port has a slightly higher node than the old one, so when you attach the LAS it's not quite flush. If memory serves, the bottom portion of the LAS skirt does not have colliders. So you can simply use the Offset/Move Tool* to nudge the LAS down and clip it a few inches into the decoupler/avionics ring, or wherever you see fit. *Attach the LAS to the docking port, then press "2" on the keypad to switch to the Offset/Move Tool and click the LAS. Use the arrows to drag the LAS down to where it sits flush or slightly clipped.*
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