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  1. Ignition controller works as expected, it is the "Flameout" controller that does indeed seem broken. I'll ping those two again just for gits and shiggles, worst they can do is berate me which is really quite alright.
  2. Hey Adiri, thanks for the shoutout! Very glad I could lend a hand for this mod. I would still like to figure out the tricky Flameout effect so that the booster continues to spew flames even after full burnout, that is something that I was not able to crack and I suspect the Engine Event controller in the latest version of Waterfall may be broken. I invite anyone willing to have a look at that Controller and see what you can come up with!
  3. I believe there are a few good tutorials for making custom flags in the ConformalDecals thread, but I'll give a quick run down of how I do it. I use a very simple 2D modelling program called Paint 3D, it is basically MS Paint enhanced lol. Comes free on some versions of Windows, free to download for Windows 10 and 11. It lets you use some basic tools to generate an image and then allows you to use a totally transparent background, very useful for casting a decal onto a part. Then, save the image into the Squad/Flags folder, and it will be selectable as a Conformal Decal! Here are the flags I use for the Shuttle right and left wings. Feel free to use them, and check them out as an example for making your own decals. Google Drive File
  4. Thanks, I have no intentions of developing a mod (or mod-like set of configs a la SRBWaterfallEffects) but I would very much welcome you to take what I built and adapt them for your mod, if you like. I'll send you a PM and we can talk it out in more detail
  5. Hey thank you! The Shuttle ET is something I've been tinkering with for a while. I started with NearFutureLaunchVehicles, using the 5m orange tank pieces and also a structural tube from ReStock. It has a few Procedural Parts and recolored parts using TexturesUnlimited. Altogether it probably has really terrible aerodynamics because of all the little parts The Shuttle tiles you are seeing is just two custom flags I made, one for each main wing, to use with Conformal Decals.
  6. Shenanigans in the Jovian system. Too bad there aren't any habitable moons here unlike the Joolian system... but I just can't pass on the planet visuals.
  7. Well for anyone that visits this thread, I have decided to share my plume configs for the Photon Boosters! Please treat this as an experimental pre-release, though I have no intentions of making a full licensed mod at this time, but I am considering contacting Adiri and seeing if they would like to take these plumes for their mod "SRB Waterfall Effects". Until then, the select few of you to find this are welcome to use and enjoy these as you see fit. Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17YmED5oRkdb8UsjX-_2dKJP6rmyAK9NT?usp=sharing Check out the included READ ME for details on what this does, and install instructions. PS: Mirroring what the read me says but it is important enough to note here too: I recommend NOT using EngineLightingRelit here
  8. Question for anyone who knows about the setting up Controllers, specifically "Engine Event" controllers: I would like to link a series of Effects to play when an engine flames out, Basically, the end result I am looking for is that a booster engine continues to look like it is still "spewing" after burnout - but I cannot get the controller to trigger. Here is how I wrote the Controller: I placed it in the config and it displays properly in the in-game editor. But oddly, when I go to edit the Controller in game, it shows that it has defaulted to be linked to "Ignition" instead of "Flameout" even though it is specified in the CONTROLLER setting. However, even manually switching it over to "Flameout" and then running the engine to fuel-depletion, it still does not trigger the effects. ALSO: smaller issue but still odd: when specifying the "Duration" of an Engine Event Controller, I have found that (even though the wiki said it is time measured in seconds) the Controller seems to be using some different unit of time. For example, in the above CONTROLLER, you can see I wrote 600. That should indicate 600 seconds, but actually in-game this starts and stops in the span of about 30 seconds. If I were to put a "30" in the Duration block, the animation would only last a second or two. This happens no matter how I scale the curve. @Knight of St John @Zorg Asking the pros EDIT: Pinging @Knight of St John and @Zorg again just to be sure the mystery is real. Feel free to berate me as you see fit.
  9. The SRBs in this mod use PlumeParty for their exhaust effects. So I'm guessing if you aren't seeing any plumes, it's because you don't have PlumeParty installed. As far as the reDIRECT boosters go, even benjee has stated that the models look a bit a dated for his tastes and (along with most folks) recommends going with the mod "PhotonCorp" for your Shuttle-derived SRB needs. These boosters have RealPlume support, and also some in-progress Waterfall/RealPlume hybrid configs in the mod "SRB Waterfall Effects"
  10. With the latest version of Waterfall, some effects and tools have been added that make good looking SRB plumes possible, when combined with the lingering smoke trail from RealPlume. I have been experimenting with trying to nail the Shuttle SRB lately, but I just plugged it into a UA1200 series Titan booster and with a few tweaks, it looks promising! And these new possibilities will also inherently extend to giving Kerolox booster engines impressive overhauls too. I expect we will start seeing some folks doing some cool stuff with Waterfall in the near future
  11. It seems like the majority of the top-tier mods (BDB, Tantares, etc) have reached the consensus that service-type engines, running on hypergolic fuels like UDMH or MMH, should be represented by the "LFO" resource. A particular example would be all of the half-dozen+ AJ-10 variants found in BDB. I think this is partially because LFO does a better job representing the mass/volume ratio of modern hypergols. The "Monopropellant" resource is a bit too energy-dense for service engines I think. Another point, if the AJ10-190 ran on Monoprop, it would no longer be compatible with SOCK! I am a fan of how Tantares handles it, where the engines AND RCS thrusters all run on LFO. You could add a B9 Part switch to the Orion RCS thrusters with the option for them to run on Monoprop, should anyone like to use them on other craft in a more traditional way...!
  12. You are missing no tricks, the high-tech radiators from Heat Control are virtually required to cool some of the more advanced fusion and anti-matter drives in FFT The goal there is to try to reflect some of the real-world challenges we would face in trying to bring this technology to life. In reality our most advanced radiators are nowhere close to the effectiveness of those in KSP, and these theoretical propulsion drives would generate much more heat!
  13. I know that in my current install of TUFX, the "Export Current" button is broken, and I have to press the "Export All" button to send all of the listed configs to the log, then sort through them to find the one I am working on. Could it be something to do with that?
  14. @benjee10 Your new/evolved artstyle is outstanding. Seriously, keep up the great work. We all understand real life keeps everyone busy and takes priority, so don’t sweat it! I think I speak for a lot peeps when I say: I hope we can continue to enjoy your one-of-a-kind part models. This is a very cool idea, so the arrays have normal animated suntracking, but the deployment masts are robotic? Neat! I bet this could also be a really cool feature on the ISS P4/S4 Solar Wings for the Alpha Joint…
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