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  1. Hey long time no see! Station and photos look amazing btw, your progress never ceases to amaze me. I’m away from the computer right now and can’t remember where to find this, but there is a way to access the in-game Scatterer settings and manually change shadow quality distance settings. Yours are set to the default low number I reckon. @Pioneer_Steve @Beccab @alberro+ you guys know what I’m talking about?
  2. Indeed. Nertea built the controller for the latest versions of Waterfall but we now assume it is bugged and nonfunctional at the moment. I tried my hardest to get it to work, but even though it doesn't work as designed it still functioned with no visual glitches on my end so I let it be. Seeing now that it does cause issues for some players though, I'll be rewriting it to be linked to the default thrust/power curve.
  3. 10/10 cannot wait to see these and other things you have in store. Congrats on the release, and welcome! This looks astounding.
  4. Excellent work… That is on-par with Benjee-level finesse.
  5. I think so too, my goal is to work on something like that in the near future. In the meantime you can now grab the Toasted Discovery/Atlantis texture in the new RePainted mod!
  6. TexturesUnlimited is a mod that, among other things, allows you to write configs that changes the color and shininess of parts. It won’t do anything on it’s own without proper configs though. The mod “MagpieMods” adds some configs that will make lots of parts shiny. If anything, it is a quick way to get some examples of how to make your own!
  7. We're working on getting the Scorched texture out as well, just exploring the best way to do that
  8. Love it when that happens. I have a video in my file library that I look at everytime I need a good chuckle: I had a Kerbal out on EVA, went back to him and he was being hurled out of Earth orbit at a good chunk of the speed of light. His body was vibrating into near-spaghettification and the look on his face was mild concern
  9. Looks awesome. Have you tried generating a normal map texture for highlighting the tiles? I'm still getting the hang of editing UVs and that is next on my want-to-learn list. Speaking of, now's probably a good time to show off something similar that I've been working on: A set of textures that replicates the "scorched" exteriors that the Orbiters began to display towards the end of their lives in the late 2000s. Loosely based on Discovery after returning from STS-133, her last mission. Still polishing, then I'll probably see if can write them into the existing B9PartSwitchConfigs, or perhaps hand them off to another SOCK Recolor mod
  10. Thank you! We both have done a lot of kitbashing to get the aesthetic right on some of these components. Couldn’t have done it without all the great mods like Restock, BDB, SSPXR, et al. Unfortunately our craft files would probably be classified as “perilous to the community”, with all of the backwards patches and pruned mod pieces we cobbled together lol.
  11. Ignition controller works as expected, it is the "Flameout" controller that does indeed seem broken. I'll ping those two again just for gits and shiggles, worst they can do is berate me which is really quite alright.
  12. Hey Adiri, thanks for the shoutout! Very glad I could lend a hand for this mod. I would still like to figure out the tricky Flameout effect so that the booster continues to spew flames even after full burnout, that is something that I was not able to crack and I suspect the Engine Event controller in the latest version of Waterfall may be broken. I invite anyone willing to have a look at that Controller and see what you can come up with!
  13. I believe there are a few good tutorials for making custom flags in the ConformalDecals thread, but I'll give a quick run down of how I do it. I use a very simple 2D modelling program called Paint 3D, it is basically MS Paint enhanced lol. Comes free on some versions of Windows, free to download for Windows 10 and 11. It lets you use some basic tools to generate an image and then allows you to use a totally transparent background, very useful for casting a decal onto a part. Then, save the image into the Squad/Flags folder, and it will be selectable as a Conformal Decal! Here are the flags I use for the Shuttle right and left wings. Feel free to use them, and check them out as an example for making your own decals. Google Drive File
  14. Thanks, I have no intentions of developing a mod (or mod-like set of configs a la SRBWaterfallEffects) but I would very much welcome you to take what I built and adapt them for your mod, if you like. I'll send you a PM and we can talk it out in more detail
  15. Hey thank you! The Shuttle ET is something I've been tinkering with for a while. I started with NearFutureLaunchVehicles, using the 5m orange tank pieces and also a structural tube from ReStock. It has a few Procedural Parts and recolored parts using TexturesUnlimited. Altogether it probably has really terrible aerodynamics because of all the little parts The Shuttle tiles you are seeing is just two custom flags I made, one for each main wing, to use with Conformal Decals.
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