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  1. I am a literal computer scientist and I can promise this is a harder problem than you think
  2. Stuff moving slower relative to the near-lightspeed vehicle would be moving through time faster. So, supposing you have a vessel moving at 0.9c and you focus on it in real-time, it'd be like you're time-warping everything else in your universe by ~2x. And that factor would have to scale non-linearly, too, so no more nice integer multiples of time warp; you'd have to allow for objects at non-relativistic speeds to smoothly ramp up in their timewarps as your focused vessel approaches c. Plus, at more reasonable speeds, the time dilation would be pretty negligible. If a vessel is traveling at, say, .25c relative to the rest of the objects in the Kerbiverse, those other objects would only appear to be moving through time about 3% faster. Tbh I think the whole mechanic is 1. too annoying to implement efficiently and 2. doesn't provide enough interest or fun to even be worth it. Unless Intercept has managed to solve the problem of every object in the Kerbuniverse being able to timewarp by its own arbitrary fractional amount, and to compute all those effects in real time, I think time dilation is simply a non-starter.
  3. I'd imagine the player would just have the ability to drop an orbital assembly building in LKO and build the ship there, no?
  4. I don't think we have to try to convince this person; they're clearly not arguing in good faith
  5. We have a pretty good idea on how it could work on low-gravity worlds. IIRC, we currently have the technology to make one on, for example, the moon, though we don't have any practical need at the moment
  6. According to Dr. Chive's timeline, the last three gaps between videos have been 144 days between eps. 2 and 3, 168 days between 3 and 4, and 161 days between 4 and 5. I'm not counting the first few videos because COVID presumably wrecked their schedule, so I think they're outliers. Using 144-168 days as the range, that'd predict episode 6 as landing between 8/30 and 9/23. Since the trend has seemingly been to release on Fridays, that narrows possible dates down to 9/2, 9/9, 9/16, and 9/23. To compound some rampant speculation with more rampant speculation, 9/9 is the most aesthetic of those dates, so 9/9 is when the next video drops, and you can take that to the bank
  7. I dunno, having random events that brick a spacecraft doesn't make any sense to me. It's not even that it'd add difficulty; it'd just be a nuisance. In other words, when my vessel crashes, I want to know it was because of something I did. Either through picking the wrong parts, or not checking staging, or not keeping track of fuel, or negligence during timewarp even. But a mission failing because of something entirely out of a user's control gives the user nowhere to go. They can't learn from it and adjust. They just have to roll the dice and hope it doesn't happen again. At that point, you could put your computer's power outlet on a random timer so it shuts down at random intervals and get the same effect (and the same amount of fun).
  8. Hey Chives, could you add the latest Dev Insight to the timeline?
  9. My calendar isn't working; does anyone happen to know what day of the week it is?
  10. I don't think that video was indicative that there's not yet a playable alpha internally. This close to release, delays notwithstanding, I don't see how that'd be possible. I also don't think we can infer that multiplayer is the reason for the delay. As for tempering hype until a few months before release, you're probably right; I'm just hoping for, at the very least, itty bitty scraps of info between now and a full-blown marketing campaign. The devs might not know this, but I actually use KSP2 news as the sole source of my caloric intake, so if they stop publishing screenshots or dev diaries or show-and-tells, I'll starve to death. No pressure, devs, but please don't let me die. I have a wife and a cat.
  11. How much longer do we give it until we lose all hope for this week?
  12. The idea of doing an ad from the moon (for anything!) just made me sick to my stomach
  13. That makes me wonder if a black hole is, like, the final boss star system, and if there's a bespoke solution created for it to simulate GR effects. Oh man, this rampant and ungrounded speculation made me excited lmao
  14. I'm not sure it does, though. I was thinking that they were already stretching out what they had in the can since the pace has slowed down a bunch the last 6 or so months. I wondered if this meant they'd just continue to slow the pace until marketing ramps up (presumably) a few months before release.
  15. I had about 150 hours in ONI, and then stopped for about a year, and just came back to it again in the last couple weeks or so and sank another 50 hours into it. Anyway, yeah, it's OK
  16. This thread reminded me that I had a dream a few weeks ago where they announced that the release date would be pi day, March 14th. I woke up and was like "dang i wonder if thats true" and then remembered it was currently April. However, that's now a possible release date, so I'm calling it: March 14, 2023, and you can take that to the bank EDIT: I see that @Spaceman.Spiff has sussed out this correct date as well
  17. Just noticed that all the Developer Insight links appear to be broken now that the KSP site has been updated
  18. I Googled "PAW UI UX design" and can report that it apparently stands for Puppies At Work, so that clears that up! Edit: Also if I hover over PAW in your post or mine it says "part action window" in a tooltip, but I'm going to continue thinking it's about puppies
  19. I'm reading it as "they're currently doing KSP2, but might do spin-offs or even KSP3 later" The leak was still fake; here's the actual slide from the presentation deck:
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