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  1. My wife insists that everyone pronounces Kerbal incorrectly, and that, instead of rhyming with gerbil, it should rhyme with ball or fall. This interviewer is now the second person I've seen pronounce it this way. She'll be thrilled to know that her pronunciation is spreading.
  2. I don't think this is a bug; some resolutions are just not officially supported yet, presumably because not many people have ultrawides and, for Early Access purposes, it's a low priority. That being said, you can force the resolution and, by proxy, aspect ratio using these instructions:
  3. I know this is probably not answerable for parent-studio reasons but the things I've been so most curious about during development are: 1. how the scope changed after Intercept was created, 2. whether the scope changing was the reason for having to push the release date back so many times 3. when Nate posted the release date update in March 2022, if "early 2023" was really when 1.0 was planned to launch, and, if so, 4. if pressure from above forced them into doing an EA release instead of delaying again to start generating revenue To put that into one question, what were the big factors that led to deciding that the game needed to be delayed in early 2020, then late 2020, and then early 2022, and finally in late 2022 when EA was announced?
  4. I'm p sure there are far more than 2 builds
  5. I have to assume that this issue has been solved since Interstellar presumably works internally, and we just don't have the privilege of seeing exactly how quite yet
  6. The existence of Duna was a bug and has been patched out, sorry
  7. These are all small but genuinely some of my favorite fixes! They're some of the little things that made the first release feel very unpolished, so I think this will do a lot for overall perception
  8. The fun thing about MSFS doing that, too, is that, since you've already technically launched it through Steam, it takes up the entire refund window to just download and install the game. Extremely good system, no notes
  9. This implies that the UX designer or the artist who created the weld sparks effect were the same people responsible for making sure saves worked.
  10. Adding a PAPI would be a fun bit of flavor but, with the length of the runway, I don't think it'd actually be practical (because you have so much margin for error in your glide slope as is). Still would like to see it, though. If I had my druthers, the one big change I'd make to the whole runway is just to make all the lighting really bright. On an HDR monitor, the lights should almost be hard to look at up close, and the KSC should be visible from LKO.
  11. I second this. Instead of having the camera make discrete jumps dollying in and out when I use my scroll wheel, making the camera feel physical, and having it smoothly dolly in and out would be fantastic
  12. Nay in its current form. imho if they could make it much more compact, combine it with the Resource Mangler, and make it reliably take less than a second to load for even huge crafts, I'll be on board. As it is now, I get no utility from it at all.
  13. I haven't used MechJeb for this feature so I'm not totally sure, but this sounds similar to a real-world VOR/DME, allowing you to reckon your bearing and distance to the airport. I don't think we need a full on ILS in KSP, but having some kind of bearing/distance indicator would be awesome.
  14. Out of curiosity, are you using it with the little mouse accessory it comes with (or was that just on the Intuos 3? It's been a long time since I bought a new tablet).
  15. This is pretty common; seems to happen with wing pieces and landing legs. The cause seems to be that, when the craft is saved, those pieces lose track of which part they were parented to. This causes them to still be treated as a part of the vehicle, but not attached to anything. Since they're still a part of the vehicle, the "center of mass" as it were tends to drift as the main vehicle and the broken part separate, and the camera tries to follow that center. The only fix I've seen (and one I've successfully done a few times) is by doing surgery on the save file to either reparent the broken part to its original parent, or to delete the part entirely. For me, I did the latter, because it happened to some wings, and those were no longer needed since I was in orbit. The actual process is pretty tricky to explain here but, if you open your save file (after making a backup, of course!), you should be able to identify the broken part by searching for this string verbatim: "attachedPartNodeID": "" Here's an example of one of my busted parts: It will also show a GUID of all zeroes for the "AttachedPartGuid" tag. Scroll up a bit to where the part starts. You'll see "partName" followed by the part's name (presumably yours will include the word "stabilizer") Above that, you'll see a line that says "partGuid", and then an open curly brace right above that. Select that curly brace and find its corresponding closed curly brace a few hundred or thousand lines down, and delete that whole block. This is how you can delete the busted part. Save the file, and open it in-game; the part should now be gone. Hopefully, with the new patch, this won't be an issue anymore; doing this kind of manual save-fixing isn't tenable.
  16. If you type "%appdata%\..\LocalLow" (without quotes) into your File Explorer address bar, that will take you to the LocalLow AppData directory. In there you should see an "Intercept Games" directory and, in THAT, a "Kerbal Space Program 2" directory. That's the one everyone's talking about.
  17. It's certainly not ideal but I think you can add a .jpg extension to the log file to be able to submit it through the launcher. Hopefully it's clear to whoever ends up getting it that it's actually a text file and that they'll open it correctly.
  18. Remember, though, that many (most?) KSP1 players didn't even leave the Kerbin system. Assuming the new onboarding lets them get gooder at KSP2, Duna will be all new even to a big chunk of KSP1 players.
  19. idk, I don't want them to be Minions, either, but farting and peeing are things real astronauts do, and part of the appeal of kerbals is that they remind us that, while we might like to see ourselves as Serious and Important, we're all just dumb kids trying our best to find grandeur in the void
  20. This is a fantastic Dev Diary and I absolutely love the changes that are going to be made! For future reference, this level of detail (and candidness) is what, I think, we've all been craving over the last two weeks.
  21. @Nerdy_Mike or @Dakota also said that it'd be shortly after noon PST
  22. I still haven't created an account and have yet to be bugged about it by the launcher
  23. Speaking of, check out this leaked screenshot of the official patch notes and release date! C:\Users\ej\Pictures\secretLeak.bmp
  24. I thought so, too. As far as I knew, it's so efficient that, if the engineering and cost were feasible to do it in real life, it'd pretty much be the standard way to launch to deep space.
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