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  1. You can't upload them here but you could host them on a service like Youtube and use their link in your posts here.
  2. If you have no fuel left, your only remaining option is to send a rescue mission.
  3. I was under the impression that this thing was intended to have some real world value since you referred to it as a "crypto currency." But now it sounds like you're suggesting something that has no actual value? How would that be different from the "like" system we have now?
  4. Donations do not happen through the forum. Some people link to external sites which handle the transaction. Those services are dedicated and (one hopes) reliable and reputable, but we're not entirely sure we should even allow those. This should be a site for discussion rather than commerce.
  5. I open a stock flag, modify it, change its name, then save it back to the same folder. I've never had any trouble with that method.
  6. There's no visual evidence that the parts are working. If they are, you just receive science over time.
  7. We'd rather people didn't try to do financial transactions through the forum. There's just no end of ways it could go wrong.
  8. I've read that there can be a bug about the contract not recognizing the location due to the altitude being mistakenly placed under the surface. Does this look like it?
  9. Howdy. Good luck with your mod.
  10. Question moved to modded support. Do you have screenshots of the ships as you are attempting to dock?
  11. I'm afraid not. That name is already in use.
  12. Keep the language clean, guys. Some comments removed.
  13. Looks like this thread has also wandered from challenge to game. Moved.
  14. Oddly enough, guys, people roleplaying as companies and nations within KSP is one of the small number of topics which have caused so very much strife on the forum that we've had to ban the subject entirely. Yes, roleplaying has been every bit as troublesome as religion and politics. Weird, huh? Anyway, time to close the thread while we're all still on friendly terms. Sorry.
  15. What was that silly comment about Nate watching Apollo 13 "as a kid"? That's a recent movie. IMDB says it only came out-- uh, twenty-six years ago?! That can't be right.
  16. Promoting stuff for profit and the like is against forum rules. Promoting mods is one of the major activities of the forum.
  17. Sorry, guy. Posts have to be readable. We need to be able to know what people are doing on the forum.
  18. The word "guest" is substituted if account information is lost for various reasons, such as old posts getting corrupted by time or user-requested account deletions.
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