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  1. Hi @Zaffre. You have submitted enough posts now that the new member screening has or will soon automatically stop and then you should be able to customize your profile. And yes, you should be able to PM moderators. You could PM me about general forum questions but I'm not a modder, so I'd suggest you direct the modding questions toward Snark.
  2. Are you relying on the autosave? What happens if you manually save with F5?
  3. Name changed. And the reason for the limit is that while it's not a big job, it does take a couple of minutes each time. If we were doing it a lot that would become a significant work load.
  4. Howdy, and glad you're enjoying your metric practice.
  5. Alt+L works for me when I tested it just now. That's a feature of the game which hasn't changed for a very long time. Do you have any mods installed? What platform are you playing on?
  6. At such high speeds, a sudden turn is going to smoosh your ship.
  7. You wouldn't need a ramp up at the end. If you got something going that fast all you'd need to do is make sure it didn't smack into a hillside after emerging from the launcher.
  8. Well, now they're doing the stuff they couldn't during the week. Laundry and whatnot.
  9. Back at work and stuff. Less time to play.
  10. Time to practice rendezvous. Send up another ship, being careful to remove one of default crew to leave and empty seat before take off, and bring Bill home.
  11. Thread moved to Gameplay Questions, since you are seeking help rather than offering it. Unfortunately I have no advice to offer as it has been quite some time since I assayed a sub.
  12. I believe it was Archimedes who said "Give me a fin big enough and a place to stand, and I will keep my KSP ships facing the right way." Got a picture of your craft? Meanwhile, thread moved to Gameplay Questions.
  13. Modding issue moved to modding support, and good luck.
  14. Since a significant fraction of the cost of a satellite launch is in the final stage (antennas, reaction wheels, power parts, etc.), I build all of my contract satellites so that the final stage can splashdown and be recovered for a partial refund of the original cost.
  15. This advice about how to play the game has been moved to the Gameplay subforum.
  16. Vanamonde


    I am not on the SFS forum, but hello anyway.
  17. Looks like OP is interested in feasible weapons, so the science sub seems like a good place for it.
  18. There is no legal issue with sharing the demo, but at this point it hasn't been supported for so long that its use is not recommended. To emphasize that we ask that it not be traded through the official forum here. But thank you for the generous offer.
  19. "Nonsense thread" is a harsh way of looking at it. Not everyone grew up speaking English, yet this person put the effort into posting in a foreign language. It costs us nothing to be encouraging.
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