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  1. How much stuff is broken? Just so that I don't corrupt my save or something if I do try to install the 1.3 version of this.
  2. Seems like all the dependencies for this mod are updated for 1.4+. I would love to play with this, but I'd like confirmation before I get the 1.3 version and mixing with Kopernicus and Barn Kit for 1.4.
  3. Hey @linuxgurugamer, do you think it would be possible to port QuickScroll to a newer version? Makes me wonder why it’s a dead mod, it was so useful back in the day.
  4. That seems to be it. Thanks! EDIT: Though it's useful having new categories, it wasn't what I described. To clarify, when you scrolled up or down on the category sidebar, it would go up and down the categories, opening each in turn. So if you went to Pods and scrolled down, it would open Fuel Tanks, then Engines.
  5. I remember there was a mod that let you scroll through the part categories in the VAB/SPH. Does it still exist, and is it updated to 1.4?
  6. It's been a while since I've wanted to get back into KSP, especially modded KSP. Has anything changed? Is Realism Overhaul on 1.2 yet? Are there any mods you'd recommend for a once-veteran, now returnee?
  7. I've been around since around 0.13.3 was released (KurtJMac's 1st (?) KSP video). Hard to believe that it's been so long.
  8. Yes, absolutely massive explosions and possible... certain long and thin rockets is worth a rating that's about equal to ESRB E. Okay. But the devnotes are still good!
  9. >Add another Rockomax X200-32 underneath the first one.
  10. 1345: A huge stash of Rad-Aways. You take enough to get through the Van Allen belt alive.
  11. 1338: You realize that you forgot to make a "LEET" joke on the previous floor.
  12. How do you report posts now in the new forum? In the vBulletin forum, it was just as simple as clicking on the traingle witht eh exclamation mark. Is there something similar here? EDIT: NEVERMIND. Right next to the date. Mods please lock.
  13. Ah, I remember the controversy with Postcards From Laythe. Shame it's indefinitely postponed.