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  1. It's been a while since I've wanted to get back into KSP, especially modded KSP. Has anything changed? Is Realism Overhaul on 1.2 yet? Are there any mods you'd recommend for a once-veteran, now returnee?
  2. I've been around since around 0.13.3 was released (KurtJMac's 1st (?) KSP video). Hard to believe that it's been so long.
  3. Devnote Wednesday: Tuesday Edition

    Yes, absolutely massive explosions and possible... certain long and thin rockets is worth a rating that's about equal to ESRB E. Okay. But the devnotes are still good!
  4. Vehicle Assembly

    >Add another Rockomax X200-32 underneath the first one.
  5. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1345: A huge stash of Rad-Aways. You take enough to get through the Van Allen belt alive.
  6. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1338: You realize that you forgot to make a "LEET" joke on the previous floor.
  7. What should I add to my Space Sation?

    Then dock it to the first.
  8. How do you report posts now in the new forum? In the vBulletin forum, it was just as simple as clicking on the traingle witht eh exclamation mark. Is there something similar here? EDIT: NEVERMIND. Right next to the date. Mods please lock.
  9. KSP Forum Migration Witty Lines

    Ah, I remember the controversy with Postcards From Laythe. Shame it's indefinitely postponed.
  10. I would say to make a YouTube series. Since you're installing mods anyway, you should install the two SpaceY mods (vanilla SpaceY and SpaceY Extended for 7.5m rockets) for the massive rockets needed to get to the other stars.
  11. [0.25] Aligned/Formatted Currency Indicator

    Is this going to get an update for 1.0.5? It's really annoying me that the money gauges are different styles...
  12. Link to site here Human Resource Machine is a game about coding your character in an office building to move boxes with numbers on them form the INBOX to the OUTBOX. Easy, right? WRONG. There are 11 different functions in the game, not including comments and labels. These are enough to simulate an entire programming language/computer... ON YOUR COMPUTER! Amazing isn't it? After playing for several hours and getting frustrated at the lack of high-level programming language features (like for/while loops, multiplication, division, MODULO), I now respect early progammers that had to use machine code/assembly language/something a tiny more advanced. Here's an example of the hacks that you need to do here: There is a level where you have to code a program that outputs all of the numbers less than the input all the way to 0. In-Game: -- HUMAN RESOURCE MACHINE PROGRAM -- a: INBOX JUMPN c JUMPZ f b: COPYTO 0 OUTBOX BUMPDN 0 JUMPZ e JUMP b c: d: COPYTO 0 OUTBOX BUMPUP 0 JUMPZ g JUMP d e: f: g: OUTBOX JUMP a There's most likely a way to translate it to a different programming language, but I'm to tired to deal with the JUMP functions.
  13. What type of disk drive do you use for KSP?

    SSD because that's all I have on my laptop.
  14. How far have you gone in Kerbal Space Program?

    I've been to Mun, Minmus, Duna, Eve, and Jool exactly once. I still haven't gone to Moho, Dres, Gilly, Ike, the Joolian moons, and Eeloo yet.
  15. How do you Kerbal Rate your ships?

    Must be able to land and return from the body with a Mk 1-2 pod. Yes, I massively overbuild things. Why do you ask?