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  1. Is there a way to generate Oxygen in space? I know IRL its done with electrolysis of water, but I can't find a way to do it in KSP.
  2. Bug: It looks like Kerbalism doesn't recognizes the difference between the small and large robotic arms (from Breaking Ground) for the ROC experiments. With the small arm the stock dialogue shows that the small arm only gives a percentage of the total possible science for the ROC experiment, but Kerbalism gives a greater number of credits, which would make sense for the large arm. Screenshots in spoiler: KSP version: 1.10.1 Kerbalism version: 3.12
  3. Focus on progression. Adding better visuals and mod features to the stock game are nice, but ultimately what keeps me playing is a progression system that challenges me without being annoying. The science collection system needs to be completely revamped so that it doesn't just consist of clicking PAW items. Breaking Ground was a big improvement but I'd like to see more environment-specific experiments in the stock game. There also should be a single location that shows all the collected data. Contracts are also a mess. They aren't open ended enough - e.g. you should have the optio
  4. I reinstalled Scatterer but got the same issue again. unifiedCamShadowResolutionOverride = 8192 Here's the config: Also, the log spam stops when in the SOI of a non-atmospheric body.
  5. Bug report: After updating Scatterer, my log was filled with "[ERR 15:07:10.048] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0", while simultaneously the FPS dropped significantly. I got this on the KSC screen and in flight. log file | mod list Notable mods: JNSQ, EVE-Redux, Kopernicus BE KSP Version: 1.10.1
  6. I don't currently have time to test it (maybe I can later this week), but I've had similar problems when entering JNSQ Eve's atmosphere with a 1.875m Restock heatshield. The craft consistently exploded at ~40,000km.
  7. I posted an issue earlier with a sudden explosion when entering Eve's atmospheric below ~45km. I believe I also had issues with Kerbin reentry from the Mun. I had FAR and Restock (using the 1.875m heatshield) installed, along with many others. I wonder if there's some issue with the Restock heatshields that's exacerbated by the thicker JNSQ atmospheres.
  8. Suggestion: move the near Future Solar advanced photovoltaic panels from Battery Tech (30) to Electrics (85), and do the reverse for the stock OX-4 folding solar panels. The NF panels are more advanced / produce more EC than the stock ones (unless I'm misreading something?). I'm loving playing with this mod btw.
  9. Does this include the same performance improvements as EVE-Redux? I'm confused about the difference between the two.
  10. Which node is the Mk16 Parachute intended to be in? I know the larger 1.25m parachute is in Enhanced Survivability, but I can't find the .625m one on the tech tree...
  11. I tried sending a Voskhod style vehicle to a station in LKO, but the craft got damaged along the way in true Soviet style. The interstage fairing that covered the service module broke off the solar panels during separation, and I forgot the decoupler below the service module failed to detach. So now the craft was stuck in LKO with excess mass and no power generation. But I pressed on! The crew managed to rendezvous with the station, but ran out of monoprop attempting to dock. Val made an emergency EVA over to the station and attempted to dock it to Voskhod.
  12. This is incredible! Squad's really stepped up the quality of gameplay improvements in these past few updates!
  13. What kind of parts can decide with repair kits?
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