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  1. I went through that last year. Fun times... I slept earlier today and now I'm wide awake, so I might as well watch the launch. (Edit: The launch isn't until 3:20 and they're not actually recovering the core, so maybe not)
  2. On what grounds? It's the job of the legislatures to pass legislation.
  3. "Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me." - Pete Conrad
  4. 1.1 The upgrade to Unity 5 significantly improved performance and reduced the frequency of the crashes/memory leaks. For the first time (at least from what I remember), KSP was a stable game.
  5. I'd say its easier to add landing legs to a craft than to encase it in airbags. It's a tradeoff- different items have different benefits.
  6. Last time they showed in-game footage people complained about the framerate (despite it being pre-alpha). Maybe they're waiting until the game is more presentable to show more of it.
  7. EchoLima


    I never had coffee. I don't like the the smell and just avoid drinking it. I plan on becoming a doctor though so I suspect that will change...
  8. thank of non singular quantities (i.e. thanks)

  9. Doubt it. The images from the Loading Screen Contest will probably be included in 1.8, and that contest doesn't end til October 2nd. And after that Squad needs time to choose the best pictures and implement them into the game.
  10. The early tier buildings are getting visual updates. I'm just saying that career mode isn't totally neglected.