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  1. @Snark, I have a suggestion: if the time to impact is less than the estimated burn duration (when landing), could you make the text turn red? It would help for visibility.
  2. EchoLima

    How to make a PAW button

    I want to make a button in the PAW for solar panels to toggle sunTracking. I'm new to modding and I'm not really sure what to do. How do you make a button in the action menu? Can it be done with Module Manager?
  3. EchoLima

    KSP website updated

    Just a heads up that the KSP website was updated. I haven't seen any official announcements so I'm posting this
  4. EchoLima

    Mk2 Lander Minor Problem

    You should make a bug report in the bugtracker .
  5. EchoLima

    How to use the forums

    I don't. I'm on mobile, but even when I load the page in desktop mode I don't see it. I'll try later on a PC though. Edit: Nvm, there's a setting in account settings to view signatures and it was off for some reason. Thanks for the help!
  6. EchoLima

    How to use the forums

    How are you able to see signatures (they exist, right?)? Is there a setting somewhere to show them?
  7. So will all the Porkjet engines be included in Restock, or just the Terrier in particular?
  8. Porkjet did it best. His fuel tanks still had the unique style from before, but at the same time were much higher in quality.
  9. Could you also support RLA Reborn (if that's not too much)?
  10. Does that mean you'll include these planets in GU? If not, would you be able to release these planets as is? They look very nice
  11. There should be a size filter that applies to the main category menus (as opposed to the current filters that groups all the parts into one). There would be a list to toggle part sizes, like in Janitors Closet. Maybe this list could be opened by right-clicking "Size" (under the search bar).
  12. EchoLima

    New Horizons

    Anyone know when we'll next see data?
  13. PartVariants were just added for the Porkjet engines here:
  14. Are you sure you're in the right thread?