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  1. screams in CPU throttling screams in RAM usage screams in GPU temps just outright screaming now This looks amazing! Like an entirely different game!
  2. I visited an asteroid today for the first time since their release back in .23.5. The lack of an asteroid biome to take science from was disappointing though.
  3. Unless I'm mistaken, the only science you can get from asteroids are surface samples done by Kerbals. That means there is no incentive to send a probe to an asteroid, like is done IRL (OSIRIS REx, Hayabusa2, NEAR Shoemaker, etc.), because you can't get any science! As a solution, asteroids should be give their own biome so that all science experiments can be performed there.
  4. @tater Thanks for the answer. Strange they're not sending Orion to NRHO though, seeing as Artemis 1 is supposed to be a test for Artemis 2...
  5. Mars is ugly. (Relative to Jupiter and Saturn anyway)
  6. I haven't really done any observing independently, but I did look through the Mamalluca Observatory (touristic telescope near the Atacama Desert in Chile). I saw Jupiter's bands and moon, Saturn's rings and moons, and some stellar cluster. Pretty amazing to see with my own eyes. And even just seeing the clear night sky, with the Milky Way band, in Chile was incredible.
  7. Random q: Is the Orion in Artemis 1 going to NRHO, or just a generic (presumably not polar) "distant retrograde orbit"?
  8. Here are suggestions that make building restrictions less arbitrary, and based more on realistic space agency limitations. VAB / SPH Part count restrictions should be entirely removed. Instead, put stricter limits on everything else (mass and dimensions). These are problems that real engineers need to contend with, not arbitrary part count limits. Misison Control Don't limit how many contacts you can accept. Instead, limit what kinds of contracts you can accept, restricting more valuable contracts to later tiers. Alternatively, offer the same contracts, but manually cap the rewards in earlier tiers. Astronaut Complex In later tiers, astronauts can be hired at Level 1, or instead can be trained at a cost. Administration Building Strategies should punish/reward gameplay choices. On example is to have one strategy reward achieving multiple firsts in one mission (eg first orbit + first landing), while another rewards spacing out achievements over multiple missions (eg send a flyby craft before an orbiter). Another example is to reward the use of probes over crewed vehicles, and vice versa.
  9. The Hitchhiker and Science Lab do not have any supplies other than Nitrogen. Is this intended? I'm wondering because I'm new to Kerbalism, and in Snacks the Hitchhiker was the mainstay of long term life support.
  10. Great idea! Here are some suggestions I have for parts: Stock Short Size 1 tank Small Omnidirectional antenna that doesn't need to be extended Midtier 1.25m engine Midsize solar panel (maybe based off the OX-STAT-XL) Inline parachute 1.25m abort tower DLC 1.8275m habitat module Soyuz style capsule? Surface attachable weather experiment?
  11. Progress A few months ago I planned on documenting a new career game I was starting, but I quickly realized had neither the time or inclination to log every launch I did. Instead, I'd like to use this thread to show some of the more interesting missions I've done in game, while skipping over the more generic early ones. To add to the challenge, I'm using Kerbalism and Bureaucracy. Other notable mods include JNSQ, CryoEngines, UnKerballed Start, and Career Evolution. Astronaut Groups ~~~ You can find my log of the Early Missions here, before I grew bored of updating it: y0 d0 - y1 d216 Minerva 3 (Minmus landing) y7 d243 Discovery Rover (Duna Rover) y8 d273
  12. Lack of progression. Career mode gets a lot less challenging mid-game. Most stock contracts don't connect cohesively. Tech tree isn't ordered well. Inability to measure progress. Etc.