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  1. Why is it a 40gm antenna cant talk to a 10gm antenna? If one can send the downlink signal far enough why cant the lesser antenna simply receive the signal despite its uplink range?
  2. Ill get ya a screenshot and some logs to look at asap. I did some more experimenting and sadly had to remove the rotator from my crafts design. As the part placed onto the rotator is consistently reverting to its stock position when reloading back to it. I tried placing a small part in between the rotator and extender to test if what I said was the issue. its wasnt.The part still reverted to its previous position. I noticed however that the rotator is actually unaffected and still moves as I play with the deploy limit, but the part attached to it is stuck. Edit: I just remembered this only occurs on craft in orbit. Screenshots. Note: I say "closed/open" but I do manipulate the deploy limit in the open position. Just incase that could be a factor as opposed to opening the rotator and leaving it alone. And for some reason I cant get an output_log to generate >.<
  3. Is attaching two movable parts to eachother a bad move by chance? I have an extender attached to a rotator. When loading back to the craft their orientation reverts to their previous position and rotator is nonfunctional.
  4. Is there anything I can do about this thin black line on the horizon? Sorry if by chance this is a Scatterer thing ill be sure to take it there.
  5. Ciro is set to be dimmer then Kerbol, right? Id like to match the brightness of the original is all.
  6. So what was the point of firing the LES after booster sep again? Just to use it as a second stage and go higher?
  7. Sorry my pictures dont show the wings. Its a glider that lands like a shuttle. Yeah this is what im thinking sadly is that im going to have to ditch the PF as a nosecone and use another. Maybe procedural parts. Its a 6.25m diameter. However it'll need avionics which is why using PF as a nosecone was nice because I could mount hardware in it.
  8. The struts disappear as if they were never there as well. Again its not a joint-break. Ive even tried with unbreakable joints and no crash damage. The failure still occurs. If there is a way to do it without the procedural fairings im all ears. What you see here is a shuttle-type booster that lands like an aircraft. It needs a nosecone for that purpose. Its a unique design in that it carries its payload much like a regular rocket in a fairing. Only in this instance the fairing base detaches before reentry revealing the aerodynamic nosecone.
  9. Im basically using two procedural fairings intestage adapters to make a shroud for a nose cone on a landable booster. But the nodes keep failing on launch. There is no joint break. It reports nothing in the flight history. When I fire engines the node just fails as if it was never there. Tried different combinations of decouplers and mounting points, but no luck so far. Any ideas?
  10. The sky dimming doesn't do what I want and that's strictly not seeing stars when the camera is in sunlight. Not just looking at sunlight or at a celestial object. So I slide the brightness to 0 so theres is no stars no matter where I look. Then only when im in shadow do I slide it to 100% to see stars. Like on the dark side of a planet or when the camera goes into the shade of the spacecraft. It'd just be nice if this could be automated by being tied to some kind of "in_sunlight" flag or sorts. Maybe via the solar panels. So for instance if my solar panels are getting light. The skybox should be dimmed to zero.
  11. Ive been getting in the habit of sliding the skybox brightness back and forth from 0 - 100 when in the light and shadow. Would there be anyway to automate this? Maybe something through the solar panel "in sunlight" flag?
  12. Why does the Millennium cannon disable itself after every part that is destroyed on the target? Is that intended?
  13. Yeah its been too long. No worries ill post some new ones asap.
  14. Im looking high and low. I noticed this while looking in the UpgradeParts-MFT.cfg. These upgrades are not showing up in the tech tree. For instance name = SSTU-MFT-D1 partIcon = SSTU-SC-TANK-MFT-A techRequired = advRocketry entryCost = 5000 title = Modular Tank Max Diameter Increase (1.875m) description = Increases the maximum diameter available for modular fuel tanks (SSTU-SC-TANK-XXX). This upgrade allows up to 1.875m diameter tanks to be created. Does not show up in Advanced Rocketry.
  15. Ill do that next. Going to see what it says in sandbox mode. Its there in sandbox. I have the diameter option. Here is the save file for the career game for what it counts. Its strange. Everything is "owned" across the board in the tech tree. However what I originally did was use the cheat "Maximum technology" to unlock everything. Could that be responsible? As opposed to manually going in and purchasing each node? Thats never been an issue in the past, but... tis the present, lol. Ill try a new career save and manually unlock each node.
  16. Okay. No FAR. No procedural parts... still no diameter options Output_log KSP.log
  17. No, sorry I was just using RO as a reference to see what tanks I was missing. It was using an older version of SSTU. Its irrelevant to the issue. Okay as far as the missing parts that solves that. That Ive already posted on the procedural parts thread about that other issue. Removing FAR did not help. I still lack a diameter option without FAR. This is all I get. As for the upgrade-unlock parts the entire tree is unlocked. I just went through it all. Going to try without Procedural Parts now and post fresh logs.
  18. Okay. Here we are. In the newest SSTU version I have. SC-Tank-MFT-A-Standard Tank ( No option to change diameter ) SC-Tank-MFT-L-Lander Tank (Also cannot edit diameter ) MFT-R-Radial Tank MFT-S Sphereical Tank SC Tank - MUS - Modular Upper Stage And thats it. Thats all the dedicated fuel tanks I have. Now some of those are newer so they wont show in older versions, but I have here in my RSS/RO install the tanks im specially looking for and they are the MUS-CB - Upper Stage MUS-ST - Upper Stage The Exploration and Cryogeniuc upperstages are missing as well ( possibly replaced with newer parts? ) The main issue is not being able to change diameters on ANY tank. I can in the old one. Missing tanks or not... Mod List Output_log KSP.log Oh and this is a career game. All tech is unlocked. And I just saw this " FAR - Unsupported. " I do have FAR. Could that be causing the diameter options to not show up?
  19. Sorry, checking again with a fresh install. I cant tell which ones are missing on account I cant recall their designations, But I can tell you the ones i have. Actually... I can fire up an older RSS/RO install to see the tanks im looking for. Ill report back Edit: Cant delete posts, huh?
  20. I dont know if I did something wrong or something has changed. Im missing some fuel tanks and I cannot change the diameter on the modular type. I only see that and the cryogenic upper stage types. Where these consolidated maybe? In the sense that the tank im looking for just needs to toggled?