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  1. I'm curious, what is it about KSP2 vs 1 that got you to go interplanetary? Why now and why not before?
  2. I am sure I would be, because I got bored back in KSP1 with no progression system. The lack of one currently is why I'm waiting to buy the game. So no I'm not bored because I'm playing several other games until KSP2 has something in it to drive my desire to play.
  3. What you may misunderstand is that there is more to fixing bugs than ordering them most to least important and then fixing them in order. Different bugs are assigned to different people, for starters. The graphics person who fixed the flowers is not the same hardcore orbital math person who is working on discrepancies between predicted and actual orbits, nor are they the UI/UX person in charge of making maneuver nodes work better. Also, fixing the texture of grass is much simpler than the other two. Further, there could be internal code organization that we are not aware of that is show-stopping fixing a bug. For example, any bugs with PQS or PQS+ are likely going to stay in the game unless they cause hard crashes to the desktop because the ultimate plan is to eliminate that whole system for the new terrain system whose name escapes me. For all I know, the underlying code for orbit calculations needs to be rewritten from scratch (for any number of reasons, including possibly something causing the bug we are seeing) so fixing that bug would be a waste of time better spent on the new system.
  4. Not video games per se but in guides, I hate it when all they say is that something is "easy" "If you're level 20 this boss is easy" Well I'm level 20 and loaded your guide so obviously we disagree on this point. WHY is it easy? WHAT did you do?
  5. Not being able to drive into the garage was likely fixed by deleting a single collider. Not having a transfer window planner is likely a bit more involved.
  6. Ah so "significant" not in amount, but in presence. Yeah I'm not too happy about what they've said so far about Science plans in KSP2. Like many of us, I have my own list of things I don't like about KSP1 science and another list of things I think will make it better, and hearing "Yeah it'll be about the same" is a shade disheartening. Though I'll be okay with it so long as the first time you arrive at a new place full of splendor and awe, you don't have to spend the first few minutes (or the entire flyby if it's a flyby) right clicking parts and clicking "science this part too".
  7. That is the only way I've ever seen KSP multiplayer work, and is the de facto standard answer to everybody who over the past 10 years has said "Wait I just thought of something new about multiplayer, what about if someone wants to TIME WARP!" I think they're exactly as obsessed with it as they should be. I don't know a number but it's a LOT, especially early game (pre-Minmus landing). You're not going to unlock mk3 plane parts but it can easily be the difference between whether or not you use the next tier of engines, fuel tanks, and science parts. When you show too much too early, people end up saying stuff like this:
  8. If I may make some suggestions/requests for system generation: min/max planets per star (My first run generated a single star with 0 planets ) min/max moons per planet (maybe split between giants and rocky. My 2nd system had 2 giants with no moons and a single rocky planet with 5 moons, which felt odd to me. I'd rather be able to say "give giants between 3-8 moons, rocky worlds between 0-2") Moon orbits can be VERY close to each other. I didn't visit the system but it looks like the moon SOIs would overlap.
  9. I knew it was me. CKAN wasn't installing the newest Kopernicus for some reason but the one right before it works great!
  10. Maybe I'm confused, but if I use the InfiniteDiscoveries and put in 1 star, should that star replace Kerbol? I ask because it's not, but I also don't see another star in the tracking station. I've got Kopernicus installed but really don't have much experience with it.
  11. Holy cow you're going to get me to play KSP1 again aren't you?
  12. You forgot: X) All the people who were complaining back at the launch in 2023 are still playing the game and complaining about it in 2028.
  13. While true, no one's spending millions of dollars to launch a tooth fairy discovery test into space.
  14. I never noticed that, though. Generally I guess I never needed to know anything "recent" from it, just planet stats or what tech node a part was in, and can't recall any of that ever being wrong.
  15. Well, they've been working on KSP2, so my guess is they'll show that.
  16. I wouldn't worry about that. No matter how well populated a splinter wiki, if the KSP2 wiki is ANYTHING like the KSP1 wiki, it will quickly dominate if for no other reason than not being full of ads and suggestions for other games' pages.
  17. I've been playing 3 games recently: Cursed to Golf - roguelike platformer golf game. Basically ticks all my boxes. Griftlands - roguelike card battler with negotiation options to avoid battles. Or battle options to avoid negotiation. You choose! Big Business - Go from a grocery store employee to a mega mogul in just a few short years. Assuming you don't crash your car too many times.
  18. That's like asking what's better: a skateboard, a race car, or a 747? The answer 100% relies on what you're trying to do. (insert image of someone trying to axle grind a 747 on a half-pipe)
  19. If you JUST escape from Kerbin's SOI, you're essentially going the same speed around the Sun as Kerbin is. So, when you burn to the other planet you must do so from the velocity of Kerbin's orbit. If you do that burn instead from LKO, you're traveling 2000 or so m/s relative to Kerbin, so you get a "boost" of about that (a bit less due to stupid Gravity pulling you back but let's not worry about that right now, it's tiny compared to the gains). So if Kerbin's going X m/s around the sun, and to get to Duna you need to be going X+3000m/s, then if you do the burn from LKO you only need to burn about 1000m/s If instead you do it the "easy" way and burn first to just the edge of Kerbin's SOI, first you must burn about 900m/s from LKO to get to that edge, and then when you get there you need to then burn 3000m/s to reach Duna. So doing it "the harder but better" way saves you TONS of dV. (note all numbers were pulled out of the Nether and are subject to being totally completely wrong. But they give the basic idea) Technically yes, but being a duffer has its drawbacks, mostly that there comes a point where you simply can't get your ship launched off the surface because it's too big or too clunky. While the ship that's 1/3 the size but can do 2x the stuff is far easier to launch.
  20. Cool mod, cool name. I have nothing else to add except I think in the icon one of the eyes needs to be slightly larger than the other.
  21. I disagree with @regex about a lot of things (and agree on many others) but you cannot fault his consistency. He was very vocal in his displeasure at the path KSP1 took (and I know because I was in the other side of many of his opinions) and then he vanished for years (I know that too because I missed him).
  22. I don't mind bugs I actually enjoy that part of (true) early access. I'm waiting for some content that will keep me playing after the initial wow factor wears off.
  23. What if quantum entanglement is because the two entangled particles are using the same seed in the random number generator on the computer that's running our Universe?
  24. I'm on multiple Discord servers. Some are well-managed and use all the features and are passable - almost as useful as a forum. Others are messes and not really worth my time. Never have I thought "This is better than a forum" and on all of them I've frequently thought the opposite.
  25. Weird, I don't know what to tell you - mostly because I still don't have KSP2. In KSP1 and every other Unity game I've tried it in though -popupwindow just removes the border from windowed mode, so if the height and width are less than fullscreen you can see what is behind the window. If that doesn't happen for you then I've got nothing
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