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  1. If they were removed entirely, I'd probably not notice until someone pointed it out.
  2. I see absolutely no reason to think any of those will be missing from KSP2. Seems you're reading more into that statement than was intended.
  3. And I'll point out that "most users" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with buying ksp1. There will be some people who get the game for free because they're big streamers, or get a code from a big streamer, or know Nate and ask him nicely or who knows what.
  4. The connection is that they're both in the single update that is available and you choose to get both or neither.
  5. My wife and I have been tearing it up in Valheim. Good base building game that has one thing I really wish was in KSP: If you clip parts in the design phase, they ARE CONNECTED. PERIOD. I've also had Soda Dungeon 2 idling for about 2 months. I don't generally like idle games but this one is so good. And it's a F2P that is actually F to P.
  6. Sorry I should have been more clear. You can't "update security" with forum software. You can with Linux because Linux is written to do that. Forum software is not and I doubt it ever will be.
  7. You can't "only update security." You update and get everything or don't update and get hacked.
  8. Forum updates are critical for security reasons, and almost universally come with "features" that break custom forum setups and change vanilla ones. It's just a fact of the internet.
  9. To be fair, 1840 was over a century before the space age I think the entire home system should be known, though I'd love to have to discover the surfaces of the planets. I mean, there were still people who thought there were canals on Mars before probes reached it, and it's our closest neighbor whose surface we can see. Similarly, Mercury was thought to have 1:1 resonance between its orbit and rotation until about the same time, though that was proven without needing to send probes. I think it's totally reasonable that we get ridiculously bad maps of local system bodies to start (with an option to turn that off because I don't know if my 84th career will really require that mystery) and star-only data for other systems, perhaps even with some stars "hidden" in that we either can't see them or don't know they're significant compared to all the other stars that are assumed to be around but we can't visit.
  10. From my experience the thing listed on the screen is the last thing that loaded correctly, so likely the problem is in the NEXT thing that loaded (or failed to load). As @jimmymcgoochie suggested, log files are the only way to know what is wrong.
  11. Another funny thing, running a website and providing free bandwidth to download files, plus paying someone to develop, maintain, and support that web site costs money which makes Steam an attractive option for developers. It's not like someone from Valve came down to Squad headquarters and threatened them with "it'd sure be a shame if your kneecaps were knocked out and hit your server" or anything. If you buy directly from a farmer you give them more money than they get selling to a grocery chain. You also have to go out of your way, rarely get a discount (except at end of season when they'll throw the stuff out anyway) and they have to put a bunch of work into selling to you. It's why grocery stores exist, and Steam is no different.
  12. Everybody (I'm putting this in the first page too) @ ping me when you post a new entry and on every update. I do check the forums still but not every thread, and most of the time just check my updates. Sadly, the "follow thread" option in the forums doesn't actually notify me in any way when a thread is updated, so it's useless to me. @BeanThruster in particular, Congrats! You not only fulfilled each step of the mission as required, you also did it in style and with great commentary! Thanks for participating and welcome to the winners' circle!
  13. Oh man I'm so sorry! I went on a vacation right after posting that and then it slipped my mind. I've kind of fallen off the KSP bandwagon of late. I'm leaving the tab open until I finish it, and putting it in my daily bookmarks just in case it gets closed. Give me a day or two.
  14. This is what I did. Challenges kept me going for a good couple years after I'd gotten everything I wanted out of the basic game + mods. But eventually, with everything, there is a time to stop. So I stopped. With a little bit of luck, I'll get into the idea of "playing that old game" again right around the time KSP2 comes out.
  15. I was gonna say, I can capture into Jool orbit using Tylo just by fiddling with maneuver nodes, but a multi-assist in Sun orbit to get to Jool I wouldn't even try with a guide! I guess they're different skill sets?
  16. I've been officially on a KSP break for about 6 months. Realistically, I've not had much gumption to play for maybe 2 years. Still my all-time favorite game
  17. They re-use the rockets because it's cheaper than building a new one. Not because it makes building a new one free. EDIT: Okay it shouldn't ONLY cost money. There should be money spent to recover things, and then those things should be returned for money. If you recover a lot, you should get more money back but you should still need to spend money to get it, such that making your stuff reusable can cost less than just dumping it in the ocean, but landing back at the runway shouldn't make your mission free minus fuel.
  18. Free reusability. Recovering a space craft should cost money, not refund it.
  19. Looks good so far! I've put you on the participants' list. Are there any settings outside of "normal" and your mods that you changed?
  20. My personal rule of thumb is 2000m/s dv per stage, with a ridiculously wide margin of +/- somewhere near 100%
  21. Pluto is not a planet. I'm more comfortable calling the "big 4" Jovian Moons and Titan planets, than I would be with Pluto.
  22. I don't know. I'm not a video game designer. But neither was the person who decided that was the correct way to go with the UI.
  23. I would not be sad if they found a way to eliminate right clicking parts and clicking one of a dozen randomly sorted buttons to perform a critical task. I'm talking .no.part.action.windows.at.all.
  24. I pronounce "Juna" Joona so to me I pronounce "Duna" both like Doona and Duna, because those are the same to me. It's like asking me if I pronounce "their" the same way I pronounce "they're" or "there"
  25. I actually use 2 tiny fins on the sides of side boosters to get them to fly away when I separate them. I never tried 1 on the outside and may try it next time, but I really like the way the boosters look as they "lift off" like planes, away from the main rocket.
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