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  1. Is there a list of all things that can be modified by this, or a way to find such a list from the game? In particular, I'm interested in modifying axial tilt of CelestialBodies. The example in the Wiki shows the format, but I don't know the actual word to use for Axial Tilt. [Target(Mun)] [Module(CelestialBodyComponent)] [Data(CelestialBodyProperties)] Data.rotationPeriod = 800; Data.rotates = true; Data.isTidallyLocked = false; Module.SetDefinition(Data);
  2. Finally got a chance to play more. I like: The warning that your solar panels aren't getting sunlight. The (albeit limited) ability to time warp more under thrust than before. The single type of time warp so you don't have to slow down to regular speed to speed up in "physics warp" More to come!
  3. I don't care the button, really - though esc is perfect for it. But time warp and pause should not be coupled at all.
  4. I like that I now own the game so can see this stuff for myself.
  5. Where is Weekly Challenge #1? In the Challenges board the oldest "Official" Weekly Challenge is #2. Asking for a friend.
  6. The first thing I did in KSP1 when they enabled moving the Navball was to move it to about where it is in the new UI. Before that, I had a mod that did it. I for one welcome our new navball placing overlords. However I wholeheartedly support allowing it to be moved. I thought that would be a benefit of the new UI - it seems MADE to allow you to move stuff around.
  7. I would hate to be forced to do something very specific (e.g. Land on Ike) to unlock a specific tier of parts. However it could make for some interesting challenges (e.g. Complete the entire non-landing-on-stuff tech tree without ever landing anywhere)
  8. From this I assume KSP2 actually has the "borderless window fullscreen" mode in settings. Has anybody tried what used to work for KSP1? That is: Set the game to Windowed. Set the resolution to your screen. Add -popupwindow to your startup script (might not work in Steam as it runs the launcher but who uses the launcher amirite?) ksp2.exe -popupwindow For those who want non-fullscreen borderless windows, you can run: ksp2.exe -popupwindow -screen-width # -screen-height # ...with the caveat that it'll be centered horizontally and vertically and you can't move it. It's important you don't go into graphics settings after this, as the game will re-assert the settings therein.
  9. I've not played KSP2 but if stuffing everything in right-click action menu is better, then holy cow...
  10. Actually what it tells me is that the entire team did a lot better than we thought if one person can come in and change one thing and suddenly the game's running way better than it was before.
  11. I love the liquid-before-solid change. Sure solids are easier due to "hit it and forget it" UI, it ends up more being "throttle schmottle back to the VAB to tweak the amount of fuel and/or thrust so you can try again"
  12. Politics, mostly. And if you don't see any of the above as politics, it doesn't matter. What matters is if the moderators see it as politics. Which I'm not saying they do, but if we keep going down that road they eventually would, I expect. Trivia: I am the one who added the last part to that. I swear it was me. It was the 80s and I was still in school and I added that. Period end of discussion I will hear no counter arguments.
  13. I don't mind a healthy debate, but if half of this thread doesn't break some forum rule or another it's really close to it.
  14. The fact that Wherner could spawn this debate at all is enough reason to get rid of him, or even better never have had him in the first place. Gene is fine and all but other than "I miss him" I don't see any particular reason to want him in the game. What exactly does he provide that this new character does not? Nostalgia? Can you not have nostalgia without his name under the Kerbal in Mission Control?
  15. Talking about how much you hate them is almost as bad as them talking about how much they hate things. You're just directing clicks their way. At least you didn't include a link
  16. I don't care about Gene or Wherner being removed. I do care when people oppose minor changes in games that increase representation.
  17. If they dropped them I'd not care in the least. Sure. I don't think of Wherner or Gene at all unless someone brings them up.
  18. At the risk of being called Woke (which I'll always think is an odd insult as the alternative is "asleep" but anyway), did it ever occur to you that with the exception of Valentina, there are zero named female characters in all of KSP1?
  19. And if every week they communicate "no progress, investigating" no one will ask questions?
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