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Found 360 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm experiencing the following problem since the last patch has been installed (not experiencing for sure before Making History). The landing struts keep exploding even at very small velocity, in conditions they were working just fine in the past. They explode landing on the Mun or even on the launching pad. Anyone having the same issue? I've the Making History dlc installed and the custom Kerbal Engineer Redux installed ( Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello everyone! With the 1.4.2 (.2110) version of KSP, there is a problem with 5 meters fairing, it's bigger than 5m . I tested with an other save, the bug is still here... Other person have this issues ? (and sorry if my post is not in the right section, I'm new in this forum)
  3. Hi everyone, totally out of the blue (like 1 week ago it still worked) I am getting an error message "CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKraken" when trying to start Ckan. I have version 1.24.0. I tried to google for a problem but did not find a solution. Any help to fix this? Are there newer versions of this program? Regards, Chris
  4. The T-37 structural tubes top node size is the smallest possible (0.625m) on all length variants making rockets that use it just break apart. This is not like any of the other new structural tubes that have the correct and same top and bottom node size keeping rockets strong.
  5. I just installed KSP "Making History" on Ubuntu 16.04 (No mods). I started a new career game (normal difficulty); started off with 25,000 funds. I then built the basic starter craft: Mark I Command Pod + RT-5 "Flea" SRB + Mk16 Parachute (1,222 funds). After launching the vessel, I had 23,778 funds (which is correct). Jeb launched the craft up to ~14 km and then safely landed. I recovered the vessel for 1,138 funds (which is expected). However, after the flight, instead of having 23,862 funds I had 85,716 funds which is not correct. This is a brand new install, brand new game, no mods, and somehow "extra funds" are getting added every time I recover a vessel. If I launch a vessel and immediately recover it no "extra" funds" get added. Also, every launch a different amount of "extra funds" are added. So the amount is not consistent; only that "extra funds" are added. I also tried a game with 300% "fund awards" multiplier. The "extra funds" bug was still present and also seemed to be multiplied by 300%. After recovering the vessel (first flight) ~220,000 "extra funds" were added. I also started a few new games and the "extra funds" bug was present in all cases (demonstrating it happens in all cases and not random) Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  6. since the latest update, the landing gear on my jet's are bouncing my craft up and down. it's so bad i can't even take off. if you try to, the bouncing gets so bad, that the landing gear fails and the craft crashes. using SAS only seems to make the issue worse as the SAS is unable to compensate for the bouncing.
  7. I've been having issues with the SM-18 service module and can't seem to find anyone else having the same bug. Here is what is happening. I am attaching the part under a command capsule and when you right click it, you are given the option to remove the shroud. I remove the shroud so I can fill the inside with batteries, science experiments, etc. Here's where things get weird. I launch my rocket, and get in to orbit of Kerbin. I remove the fairing that is protecting the upper stage that has the SM-18 service module, and the shroud is still gone from the service module from when I built it. No problem, I'm in space, who cares right? The issue is, there are no options to interact with any of the science experiments inside of the service module. I can't restore any experiments or take results, etc. The odd thing is, I can still trigger experiments using hotkeys that I bound prelaunch, but again can't reset experiments without a hotkey. Anyone else experiencing this? To be clear, I also have a couple of mods installed. Basic ones for TWR and delta V. I don't have any non-stock parts on the rocket, anywhere. Seriously confused, I can't be the only one having this problem. Edit: More tom-foolery! I returned to the KSC, leaving the bugged craft in space and reloaded it. Now the shroud on the service module is closed! Even stranger, there is nowhere in my staging to pop the shroud. I can't right click the part either to manually deploy it. The rocket is meant to go to Duna and pretty much broke the bank. I'm screwed funds wise if I have to abort. Tolero
  9. So I'm in career mode and I've sent a couple of missions to the Mun. Only one probe was able to soft-land due to a bug I've had with my landers. For some reason they want to bounce back up, usually flipping over in the process. I have had this issue with both the smallest and the medium sized legs. I've also played a bit with the leg springs and dampeners. I lowered their tweakable settings. During that landing, the craft sank into the surface of the Mun and one of the legs exploded, requiring a revert. Mods in use: CKAN, Science Checklist, several flag mods, Contract Configurator with all of the Contract Packs, Kerbal Alarm Clock, EVE, Landing AIM, Modular Flight Integrator, Module Manager, TriggerAu's Flags, and Waypoint manager. This issue has only occurred since 1.4.1 and hasn't happened previously. I do own Making History. I'd love some help with this one, since I have several contracts that require soft landing!
  10. I have been having trouble with the TR-2L Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel. Whenever I use it it just sinks into the ground a little and doesn't move. The wheels work for spinning, but it doesn't move the rover. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Hi, The 'Kerbadyne Engine Cluster Adapter Tank' part has a bug where if you have 'Rigid Attachment' on, it will break off your rocket on launch regardless of how much support you give it through struts. For those who might be having trouble, just turn off 'Rigid Attachment' for the time being. I have found it to be fine without any support.
  12. So Explore the Mun seems to be broken. I can't seem to complete it. I have orbited at all heights. Looked at the mission requirements and attempted orbits from other directions. Is this a bug or is this user error?
  13. This black ring occurs everytime when I launch rocket or plane. That black ring conseals everything including esc menu and It disappears when my spacecraft overs about 70km. I use ModuleManager, MechJeb, NavHud and dependencies, AtmoshphereAutopilot. I'm using laptop that contains Radeon HD 6370M and i7-2630QM. Is it occurs only me? or someone of you can see this bug? I can't find what is reason of this problem. I hope you can help me.
  14. As mentioned here: There are many problems with career mode at the moment. I decided to open a new thread since the subject is more complex than just too much science funds. From Kerbin to Mun Orbit: - recieved 180.000.000 funds - recieved 19.000 science - did not recieve any Kerbal XP (still only 2 = orbit Kerbin) - did not achieve any milestones Additional problems: - Missions that require changing zones (Kerbin to Kerbin suborbit e.g.) do not complete randomly. Sometimes they do. - Randomly getting huge amounts of science / funds for absolutely no reason - very low FPS due to NullReferenceException-error overload Saving and loading stops funds and science from being added. But doesnt change broken missions, milestones or Kerbal XP, doesnt remove science and funds either. Problem seems to be a code typo: [EXC 20:15:06.212] NullReferenceException KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].Refresh () KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListData`1 item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.UIList.InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListItem item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessageInternal (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean playAnim, Boolean queue) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessage (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean animate) ProgressNode.AddOrAppendWorldFirstMessage (System.String title, System.String body) ProgressNode.AwardProgress (System.String description, Single funds, Single science, Single reputation, .CelestialBody body) ProgressNode.AwardProgressInterval (System.String description, Int32 currentInterval, Int32 totalIntervals, ProgressType progress, .CelestialBody body) KSPAchievements.RecordsSpeed.iterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTree.IterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTracking.Update () This just spams the log, as expected with NRE's. Will there be a fix any time soon? PS: Checked with debug: Even when I complete a quest through the cheat console it throws an NRE. PS2: Found out why Kerbals where stuck not leveling up. Here is why: These tags are added to the kerbals in the savefile. On removal Kerbal XP is working again. So if you (fellow players) go to the savefile and remove these lines for all Kerbals that have their XP stuck, it will work again afterwards and they will update accordingly. EVACHUTE { name = ModuleEvaChute isEnabled = True chuteYawRateAtMaxSpeed = 1 chuteMaxSpeedForYawRate = 50 chuteYawRateAtMinSpeed = 1 chuteMinSpeedForYawRate = 1 chuteRollRate = 1 chutePitchRate = 1 chuteDefaultForwardPitch = 9 semiDeployedChuteForwardPitch = 25 chutePitchRateDivisorWhenTurning = 1 chuteRollRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 chuteYawRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 persistentState = STOWED animTime = 0 minAirPressureToOpen = 0.0399999991 deployAltitude = 1000 spreadAngle = 7 automateSafeDeploy = 0 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { DeployAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } CutAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  15. I know it's soon after the release, but I wanted to get out some early feedback on the Mission Builder because I love the idea behind it. Checkpoints are a really useful feature to quickly test changes in the mission plan. I'm not yet sure how extensive it is if the whole structure before the checkpoint is changed, but after some short tinkering with it, I found that it atleast works if the nodes after it are changed. The Celestial Body window is a great way to see the parameters of the nodes. However there are some things I encountered that I'd like to see added and I found some bugs. Bugs Inconsistent behavior with the 'Ignore Surface Velocity' flag between the 'Landed Vessel' and 'Splashed Vessel' nodes. Current Behavior: I both cases when toggled on, the 'Max Surface Velocity' Slider and input box disappear. Then when the node is deselected and then reselected, even though the flag remains on, for the 'Land Vessel' node the slider and input button are shown while for the 'Splashed Vessel' node the two are hidden. Expected Behavior: The behavior for the 'Splashed Vessel' node is expected. The input box and slider should be hidden. Urgency: Low The Celestal Body window in the GAP (Graphical Action Panel, right side bar) remained open for longer than expected. Current Behavior: After editing a node that uses the Celestial Body Window and clicking another node the Celestial Body window remains but goes to black. Only after clicking on a third node (or going back to the first one), the window disappears. Expected Behavior: Close the window immediatly after clicking on a second node. Optionally if that second node does use the Celestial Body window, keep it open and switch the view to the correct body. Urgency: Low Can't immediatly launch for the launchpad right at the start of the testing. Current Behavior: After creating a mission with the VAB/SPH enabled and creating a vessel and saving it in a previous test, when in the Astronaut Complex overview and clicking on the Launchpad all parts are locked. This is fixed by first going into the VAB/SPH and launching from there. Expected Behavior: Allow to launch directly by clicking on the launchpad. Urgency: Low 'Dialog Message' and 'Display Message' don't support newline characters. Current Behavior: Newline characters/line breaks do show up in the message input box, but do are ignored/removed in the game. Expected Behavior: Line breaks should not be ignored in the game. Note: I noticed that the newline character and tab (\n and \t respectively) are interpreted in the input box, kudo's for supporting that, but could it be the source of the bug? Urgency: Medium Edit: '<br>' does work, but this introduces the 'Input box caret position'-bug I describe bellow. Input box unfocuses on scroll Current Behavior: After editing an input box, scrolling in it, and clicking on a specific location the whole text get's selected as if the box was not focused/selected. Expected Behavior: Clicking should move the caret to the position in the text of the click. Note: All input boxes select their whole text on focus. In most programs that behavior is reserved for double click, the first click moves/places the caret. Urgency: Low A node was sticking to the cursor, not sure what caused it. Video. Download Link to the mission files at the time. Urgency: Low Reclaiming a vessel with the VAB/SPH locked can get a player stuck during a mission. Current Behavior: After reclaiming a vessel, there's no way of progressing further in the mission. Expected Behavior: Roll back to the last 'Spawn Vessel' node. Urgency: High Vessel requirements not checked properly on vessel load. Current Behavior: When loading a ship in the VAB, not all requirements are checked propperly. Example; 'Vessel requires x stages' stays at 0. Expected Behavior: Check all requirements Note: A workaround is to add and remove a stage. Urgency: Low A small bounce on the launchpad triggers the failstate during the Dawn of Space Age mission (tested at the third, the Jebnik 1, launch) Urgency: Medium Input box caret position doesn't always match with where the text appears. Video. This bug is caused by inputting newline characters ('\n' or '<br>') instead of pressing enter. Each character in these tags offset the caret by one, so 2 for '\n' or 4 for '<br>'. Urgency: Medium Feature requests Some nodes should be able to output their state or completion variables. Urgency: Low Examples: 1) Use the output of the Time of Mission node as a variable in a Dialog node. 2) Use the the body that statisfied the 'Any Celestial Body' option in a previous node as an input in a following node so that mission can dynamically adjust to different planets. 3) Use the ship that statisfied a previous node as the requirement for the following nodes. If a mission is structured as follows: Reach orbit --> Land on Kerbin. The player can launch a ship into orbit, then instead of returning to Kerbin, can just create a new ship, hover for a second and then land the ship. 4) Use the time the mission took as modifier for the score. Add an option for the node 'Land Vessel' to also include allow splash down. This can ofcourse be done with a separate 'Splashdown' node, but this clutters the objective window for the player. Concurrency for events. What I mean with this is adding a way to support event loops that don't interfere with the main objective tree. Example: I was trying to have an event happen every 5 minutes (such as a dialog), and could achieve this with the following setup: 'Always True' --> 'Display Message' --> 'Time Since Node'(5m, "Display Message") --back to the Display Message node--> And set the 'Catch All' flag at the 'Always True' node, and disable the 'Activate only once' flag for the other two nodes. This worked and the event did fire every 5 minutes, but if I then connect other goals to the 'Start Node', they are somehow getting disabled (the goals that is, not the event loop). Presumably this is caused because the event nodes are the active nodes. A 'collapse all' and 'close all' button in the GAP. Urgency: Low Add a "Revert to vehicle assembly" option during the mission. Urgency: High Add an option to limit the number of allowed launches so that you can force the player to create one ship and complete the whole mission with it. Just found out you can do this with a 'Spawn Vessel' node. When adjusting the 'Mission Start Time' Box at the Start Node, open a Celestial Body viewer so that we can see the position of the sun with respect to the planets or a moon with respect to their planet. Urgency: Low Add an option in the 'Parts Selection' window to allow or disallow whole categories (for example with right mouse button on the Group Icon). Apparently the hotkeys are Shift + Click and ALT + Click During a mission, add a 'Revert to last vehicle creation' or 'Revert to last Checkpoint'. Note: This is different than 'Revert to launch' since this should also work after saving/loading and does not require the player to be in flight. This can also act as a temporarily bandaid solution to many bugs that are currently in the game. Urgency: Medium Add icons to nodes so you can easilly see what type of node it is without having to click on it. Mock-up Urgency: Low Add a way to support vessel restriction groups 'Must have a docking port', 'Must have a science module' and 'Must have an LV-T30 or LV-T45' Urgency: Low Ability to copy and paste nodes. Sometimes you want to create highly similar nodes, so copy pasting would be nice This is already in the game Add an 'Any Orbit' option to the Orbit Node. Sometimes you don't really want to specify an orbit, but use the objective as a in-between step which doesn't really require any specific orbital parameters. Urgency: Low Suggestions Replace the 'Vessel: Unknown' text with 'Vessel: Any' if the Vessel option for a node is set to 'Any' Why is 'Modify Score' a separate node when the 'Change Score' can do the same thing. Furthermore, why is adding score not an option in the 'Modify Score' node? Lastly, it is unclear what has a higher precedence level Completion Bonus or Modify Mission Score. I suggest to combine the two nodes and remove the Completion Bonus option. Add an 'Add score' option to the pull down menu of the current Modify Mission Score. During a mission, the mission pannel is quite cluttered. I think it would be nice to remove/hide objectives that were completed in previous check-points (i.e. after completing a bunch of objectives with a vessel, if the mission requires the player to create a second vessel, hide the objectives of the first one). Input boxes for Dialog nodes are really small, only 3 lines (on 1920x1080 resolution). Perhaps scale a bit with the content. Update 1 - 14/03/18 I will continue updating the lists as I come across other things Added 4 bugs Added 4 feature request Added 2 Suggestions Added an example to the Variables feature request Update 2 - 14/03/18 Removed a feature request about creating vessels during a mission, since this is already in the game, but added a bug that also has to do with the 'Spawn Vessel' node. Update 3 - 15/03/18 Added 3 more bugs. Added 2 Feature Requests Added 2 Suggestion Added urgency measure. Update 4 - 20/03/18 Updated the two newline bugs with info from @Lupi
  16. I believe this is a bug, and I am not sure where it's coming from. I have put a capture of the mods I am using (though it showed up not long after I started playing and I had only a handful of working mods). This thing floats around outside my Soviet-styled capsules It looks cool but not floating in space irrationally. I wonder has anyone else seen it.
  17. I tried to improve my score in Blue Mun but couldn't even get max score for the Kerbin Orbit. My best attempt had an inclination of 0.02 and Ap/Pe within 100km+-50m. Still, when I checked the save file, I did not complete "Kerbin Orbit with Precision" for 1000 pts, only "Kerbin Orbit" for 500 pts. In an attempt to figure out what I was doing wrong I tried to Hyperedit my orbits to get a perfect score. Still, I could not get a "precision" orbit. Neither around Kerbin nor around the Mun. Has anyone got "Orbit with Precision" anywhere? Landing accuracy seem to work but I am not sure about orbits.
  18. As the title states, I am using a mechanics bay to shield some science instruments. I've also used a regular cargo bay from 1.25 and the mk2 line for planes. The items contained within them, when aero debugging is turned on, are not listed as shielded, and as expected for random objects hitting the atmosphere at mach x, the drag is insane. Anyone else experienced this? Its killing my plane game.
  19. Dead Tree Pride

    Missing tutorial?

    I noticed that the third tutorial is missing: Screenshot Completing the first two tutorials doesn't unlock this, in case anyone is wondering. In fact, at the end of the second tutorial, the button to continue to the third one is disabled.
  20. Hello, I am new to these forums so please excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong place or something After using the 32bit version of KSP for some time, I started installing lots of mods and eventually ran out of memory. I am trying to use the 64bit version of KSP, but, even with a completely fresh install (I have uninstalled the game twice), I am unable to even get to a loading screen before I am greeted with an error message that reads: "KSP_x64.exe has stopped working". Please let me know if there are logs or config files that I need to post in order for someone to understand what is happening. For the record, my computer has 16 gb of ram and a gtx 1060, if this matters.
  21. I noticed after upgrading to 1.4 (and now with the Making History DLC also) that I am having trouble unloading vehicles that previously had no issues. To be specific, when unloading (and sometimes while loading) rovers with deployable equipment, like extendable solar arrays and heat radiators, the equipment just breaks for no reason. This seems to happen regardless of whether or not the equipment overhangs the rest of the vehicle. In other words, I can have a solar panel array recessed into the design of the overall craft and it still breaks as if coming into contact with the side of the Mk3 Cargo Ramp. I was so excited they fixed the Ker-bounce bug! ...and I'd get to play with my moon bases again. And now there's something bugged with the Mk3 Cargo Ramp and I can't transport anything to my bases... AGAIN! Has anyone else noticed this?
  22. I started a new career game for 1.4 and have run into this issue: I have a few tourist missions that require suborbital flight and orbit around kerbin. The suborbital flight worked just fine but I cannot complete the orbital requirements even though I'm clearly in orbit. I didn't have this problem in 1.3. When I land my ship my pilots leveled up, so the game definitely knows that I've achieved orbit, but the mission is not completing. Here is a screen shot showing my periapsis is clearly above 70k:
  23. HansonKerman

    B9 PartSwitch Bug

    Hey all you Kerbals out there, I have a B9 Part Switch bug! Please fix! Description: Whenever I load, KSP says B9 Part Switch-Fatal Error The resource definition for "MetalOre" could not be found. KSP will have to restart Or something like that. Please help!
  24. I had a craft that was a lander docked to a bunch of boosters controlled by a probe. Craft had just entered Duna's sphere of influence, and I was gathering science, needed to EVA to reset some science experiments because the right click "Reset" wasn't working (maybe because of bugged MK2 Command Pod?) There was a mix of Kerbals of all types + tourists on the vessel. I eva'd Bob Kerman, and let go of the MK2 Lander Can (4 Kerbal version), he starts floating away, I engage RCS, and he locks up. No keyboard input would work at all for him anymore. Switching back to the craft allowed me to move the craft around. I tried saving and reloading, that also didn't work. I then pulled Valentina out of a separate module, and she also had the exact same issue after turning on RCS. Rest of the game seemed fine. I can post a save if required. I have the bugged one still. Thanks!