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  1. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of new celestial bodies to Kerbal Space Program. This is where we test new things and learn how break the universe with gusto. Disclaimer This is R-T-B's "Bleeding Edge" branch of Kopernicus, intended to support the latest features, KSP editions, and also the latest bugs. Please keep in mind this branch may be more buggy than Prestja's stable Kopernicus branch, but it also supports more KSP versions and has more features implemented for testing reasons. Many features that make it into mainline Kopernicus are born, tested, and trialed by fire here. These features do get tested, briefly, and they generally work, but still, bugs can be slip by and be real, so it is important to BACK UP YOUR SAVEGAMES! It should be noted I am a member of the current Kopernicus Maintainence effort and this is an official Kopernicus-Continued subproject. Features: Presently, over the base Kopernicus Stable branch, this branch also features. 1.) es-es translation. (More is coming, honest). 2.) Big plans, including support for non zero altitude lakes (not currently in the present builds), performance optimization experiments, and maybe even comets. Who knows in what order? 3.) Probably bugs. Backup your save. FAQ: 1.) When will this leave development? A.) It won't. The whole idea is this is the eternal testing ground. It stays here forever and ever and ever... 2.) What does this mod do? A.) On it's own, nothing. It's generally a dependency or modders tool. 3.) Can I has a CKAN version? A.) Sure, just opt in to our private beta CKAN repo. This will grant you auto updates from the beta tree and get you all this stuff straight from CKAN! Do the following technique to start this: From your main CKAN window, go to "Settings." "CKAN Settings." Click "New" under "Metadata Repositories" Add our CKAN repo in the resulting text box. It's the one called "Kopernicus_BE" No more FAQ for now, ask me something frequently and I may add it to stop you... Downloads Kopernicus "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (the base mod) KittopiaTech "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (this is basically a GUI for Kopernicus pack developers, hit CTRL-P in mapview, most don't need it) Please ensure you grab the right version for your KSP version! 1.8 needs the legacy release, anything newer, 1.9+ Credit. Credit must be given to other current Kopernicus Maintainers @prestja, as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository. License Kopernicus is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  2. Recently when playing KSP, I have been having this very frustrating problem. I am really not sure how to fix it and if anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful. (This also only happens in KSP so I am 100% sure that my graphics card isn't a problem, it is a GTX 1060) Thank you Video of the problem
  3. This happened almost just after I fixed a previous problem I had (Click here) with KSP. I opened KSP, opened the correct savegame (Is that what they are called?), bla bla bla... I went into the SPH, and loaded my KTM 1120-4.1, to modify it and make it the KTM 1060-3.1. It worked fine. Then, after making the necessary modifications, I tried to launch it, and it just went out to the KSC! To where I can click on all the different facilities, and not to the runway where I wanted to go. I tried again, but this time, I did it from the runway directly. The same thing happened. I went back into the SPH, opened the saved KTM 1060 up, and when I opened up the "Add crew to vessel" thing, there were no parts with crew capacity, even though I knew there were 3 external command seats. I was going to just place new seats, but in the parts toolbox, the parts that couldn't be the first part on a vessel were grayed out, like nothing was open!!!!!!!!! I tried to save, and it asked me if I wanted to overwrite, since there was already a craft with the name "KTM 1060-3.1". It does that every time I save it. I don't know why, but it doesn't bother me. Anyway, I clicked overwrite, and nothing happened. It acknowledged that I clicked it, but it didn't do anything. I also couldn't leave, open a different craft, build a new craft, move or add parts to the craft, or even switch between the VAB/SPH! I don't know what happened, but it is weird. I have S.A.V.E.D. KSP recently, but I don't know if it something was corrupted at the time I saved too? (Does S.A.V.E. just save your craft, or does it save everything? Meaning, if there is a problem with the game, will S.A.V.E. save that problem, or does it just save your craft files and stuff?) Is this post clear, annoying, confusing, or otherwise not pleasant to read?
  4. Hey everyone, So I usually just lurk here on the forums but today I encountered a pretty game breaking bug and just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this. I was doing a pretty normal mission to Dres right, pretty boring, but I decided to go do some biome hopping and flew around 4000 meters away from my craft with my scientist and collected some science from another biome. When I came back to my ship however all of my science parts, batteries, RCS ports, and my ladder were laying perfectly below my craft in the same orientation they were placed on my craft. I reloaded a quicksave and came back to the craft and the same thing happened again. Additionally when I rewelded all the parts my craft had gained a ridiculous amount of mass and had lost over 1000 m\s of Delta V, which blows because I was going to do some biome hopping but got screwed out of it by this bug. Here's some pictures of the bug: https://imgur.com/a/PvW5DGB I also have mods installed but they are all visual and I don't think they have any impact on this. Mod List: Astronomers Visual Pack, Distant Object Enhancement, EVE, Final Frontier, Scatterer, and Transfer Window Planner This is a brand new, fresh install of the game, and the save was created in version 1.11.2. Here's the craft file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ec1y2kfu6rfu1nw/Void_Space_1.craft/file Has anyone else encountered this? Pretty annoying to say the least and it seems to me that only weldable parts fell of my craft so I think it's probably a bug with the new update.
  5. So I have a problem I have noticed others have had in the past with scatterer. I installed Graphics Enhancement Assembly, which comes with EVE and Scatterer along with some cloud and atmosphere textures for EVE to use. However I seem to be experiencing an issue. There is no skybox for space, instead of the many stars that should be there, there is only black. I am also missing an ocean surface, I can see the blue ocean bed, but no actual ocean surface. I saw another thread here and supposedly removing Transfer Window Planner did the job for them. That unfortunately didn't work for me. Screenshots: Missing Ocean Screenshot Black Skybox Screenshot Here are the mods I am using: B9 Aerospace BDArmoryContinued BDArmory Weapons Extension Cryogenic Engine Pack For Science! Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Engineer Redux Knes KSP Interstellar Extended KSP Recall MechJeb2 Mouse Aim Flight Near Future Electrical Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Propulsion Near Future Spacecraft Parts OPT Space Plane Parts 2.0 RCS Build Aid SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Time Control 2.0 Graphics Enhancement Assembly (includes EVE, BoulderCo, Distant Object, and Scatterer)
  6. Can't launch or fly any of the rangers/landers/vipers in the mod. After a few short burns,It just plummets to the runway.(the bottom and main engines) Am I doing something wrong? Logs will be available soon.
  7. Next time, if you're gonna give a really low rating, please comment why so you see higher quality posts in the future....
  8. I am really enjoying the new EVA construction tools. I started a new campaign and just came back from two missions using the new EVA abilities. a mission to add Parachutes to my Minmus lander (I forgot to add parachutes during initial construction) allowing me to complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-Minmus quest objective and, another mission to add Batteries, Solar Panels, and Baguettes to a Mun lander so it could fly back to Kerbin and complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-The Mun quest objective. I really enjoyed both missions and I find the new EVA construction really neat and fun and useful. However, I ran into a few bugs/issues that were frustrating: You have to park really close to do the ship-to-ship construction (which is fine (but difficult without docking ports)). When I parked my Engineer on the ladder of either craft, it seemed like he added random impulses to the craft making it impossible to steer them next together and stay stationary. (was his jetpack helping with RCA to stabilize or something?—if so, can it not?) Therefore, I had to float freely to do the construction, this made it challenging to place the pieces where I wanted (which is fine and expected) but I miss-clicked with a solar panel and it got placed randomly in space next to the craft and gave the craft a huge impulse in a random direction. So, you know, thanks!
  9. Hello, I am an absolute beginner. I actually need to learn this game fairly quickly to help facilitate a community kids group at our local library. I have to say, I am finding it rather difficult to find a good tutorial that walks you through, step by step, without moving too quickly or trying to do too much. So I have been trying the training contained within the game itself. I like the explanations and pacing, but I keep running into problems. For example: Intermediate construction: I cannot get past the adding some extra functionality" part. It tells me to open the "Science tab" to look at the Mystery Goo. However, no matter what I do, the "next" button stays grayed out. I have tried this scenario 6 times and cannot get past this. So, I decided to skip it, and tried the next training: "Suborbital Flight" However, if I follow the instructions precisely, I run out of fuel. I tried backing off on the thrust--despite being told to start at 2/3, and still run out of fuel. No matter what I do I fail. Is it supposed to be this hard on a beginner tutorial? (Ironically, I had better luck just going blind and building things--but I really need to get a good grip on the whole process). To be honest, this is really frustrating and not exactly making me want to continue. Thoughts?
  10. I understand that the details of Kerbal biology are left mostly ambiguous, but as a pillar of Kerbal is teaching people about real human spaceflight I would suggest that there be some quips about bugs or bug-like creatures being farmed on Kerbal colonies in KSP2. Bugs are a valuable source of food for humans in space and (as a university student conducting research on the topic) I think that we should be eating a lot more insects in the future. It would be wonderful if KSP2 would show Kerbals to have not just a completely vegan diet, but an insectitarian diet too. Also, in real life insects are major pollinators of plants and they are great decomposers of soil, their byproducts act as an amazing fertilizer and the indigestible chitin from their exoskeletons can be extracted and processed into chitosan, a building material. I think that Kerbals should have similar bug-like creatures to accompany them on their space adventures, so that KSP players can learn what insects can provide us in real life space exploration!
  11. Basically as the title reads. I spawned multiple vessels with vessel mover, flew out of, then back into load range of said grounded vessel and doing so caused the vessel I was flying plus one ground vessel to set the trim settings to maximum downward pitch/right roll/right yaw. (pressing alt-x still resets the trim, partial workaround, but my ground vessel still takes damage) Also maybe worth a mention, I had reloaded/saved multiples times prior to this bug. At one point I ejected a Kerbal, landed with vessel mover, moved the Kerbal with vessel mover back to board my vessel, saved and reloaded. The Kerbal also despawned upon load. I included this as, in doing some research I found multiple players suggesting that the control bindings for Kerbals sometimes cause conflicts resulting in the control of multiple vessels and that this may interfere with trim. I have however rebound said Kerbal binds and tried reloading the save and have still replicated the bug, whether this would still occur on a fresh save without a reload IDK. I had another vessel following my own in-flight which left load range and despawned, however the bug still occurs with the following vessel loaded without having first despawned. So I think it's possible to discount these variables. Will provide logs if needed. I suspect that one or more of the following mods may be the cause: BDAc wing commander, Vessel mover, Physics range extender (set to 10,000), and Plane mode. Did a fair bit of research before posting, and I found some clues but nothing definitive. I'm hoping forum users can provide me with something more to go on, to discover the exact cause and perhaps a uncompromising workaround or at-least be able to inform the relevant mod developer/maintainers. Mod list:
  12. You can't open the side doors at all while in Lander mode
  13. Every time I try to add a parachute to a spacecraft I have no option to deploy it or set altitude parameters, I only have the ability to change the name tag . The deploy and altitude parameter functions have always worked in the past but suddenly this seems to happen. In the recent time I have installed a few mods such as kOS, Procedural Parts and Module Manager, but because of this error I am now forced to do propulsive landings. I just wanted to know if anyone else has/had this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!
  14. After my aircraft takes off, I suddenly pitch up sharply and crash. If I am going fast enough, I can take off, but the moment I pitch up enough it pitches up sharply again. My Aerodynamic overlay and my Center of Mass overlay are inside each other. My center of thrust is directly behind me. I have included pictures. help plz
  15. Hey everybody, I deleted everything and installed version 1.9.1. It broke on loading screen. When I remove the DLCs, the game loaded but all texts were gone. Just the #autoLOC_numbers everywhere. Here are the log files you requested when another user had the same problem I'm having. https://we.tl/t-RIXyX14en7 Here are the picture of the bugs happening:
  16. Hello all! I have a problem: When doing a EVA and going far from the ship, after coming back the ship will be floating in mid air and just go up and when I get in it the ship is unresponsive, the engine won't work and it says I have 0/ms of Delta-V (even though i have plenty of fuel). I have EC and fuel and Jeb is on the ship This does not happen when I don't go to far out. Also this happened the Mun. Thanks -Seffy
  17. I recently experience some weird stuff with the poles of Duna, Kerbin Poles are fine but Duna's Pole literally kills, my Rover that was very successful in the equator, but suddenly it got weird when I set bon voyage to drive it to the poles. First, I time warp a while for bon voyage to drive the craft there, but when I load up the Rover, it appears UNDERGROUND, and it exploded. So I decided to try again, (by set position the Rover in SPH to the poles). But even weirder stuff happens. First, I set altitude to 10 and latitude 90 (directly on the north pole) but a giant spike appear with land hitboxes, the cheat should make my craft above the spike, but it didn't, instead I find land inside land. So another try, I set position directly on a waypoint from a commission (also at the polar region), but when I set altitude 5, it's UNDER GROUND AGAIN! Luckily I have enough time to set a higher altitude, and I completed the first way point of the commission, but when I want to drive the craft, it barely move despite the craft is extremely successful in other places. So I use bon voyage again, but when I make the destination the activated way point (again in the polar regions), it says there's no route to the way point despite being extremely close. So I set the destination some where a bit south of the waypoint, and enter tracking station to time warp, but, a message from world first milestone appears, said that I SPLASHED DOWN on DUNA OCEAN?! And then loaded my craft again under ground. If anyone experienced this same thing please share how you dealt it. And please help, I want to build a colony at the poles but this I assume will stop me from doing so.
  18. Hello everybody! I have a problem. When I launched the rocket, a pink square appeared on its nose. How i can fix it ? https://ibb.co/wJcqp6R - screenshot.
  19. I'm hoping someone else has had an issue with the target vessel accelerating away once you get within a few hundred meters. This has happened with at least two rendezvous, 200 meters plus, slowing down to a few m/s then the target vessel just shoots off to some ridiculous Ap and probably a new Pe that is at Kerbins surface. Nothing seems to help except reloading.
  20. While playing KSP I realised that I couldn't reload a save after reloading one save previously before. This keeps on happening and is quite frustrating as I have to restart the game each time I want to load save.
  21. Hi Everyone, just a quick update for bug reporting. We've now updated the Bug Tracker to include the console platforms to align support and issues for all platforms. I'll be updating the information page on the tracker next to make sure we give you all the right info for how to best report any issues you might have and not ask for things like logs, etc if the platform doesn't support it: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/wiki The best place to discuss questions/advice and issues is, as always the forum, but when you have a bug to report please do head over to the tracker. And of course if you have any questions yell out
  22. First off, hello, names imagine. I'm here because i have had at least 5 contracts flat out break for no apparent reason and ive only had the game for about two days. Current one, after restarting 3 times, several hard resets, redownloads, etc., is the flea booster test. Several times ive had all conditions green, ive tested, ive hit through sequence, i have done everything i can think or find to get this to work, to no avail. Im going crazy here, litterally losing sleep over it. I love this game so much its depressing how bad career mode is breaking. The saddest part is, i know there's nothing that can be done other than a patch, and there are posts just like mine dating months and months back, so what the hell is going on? I'd be satisfied with at least a reason to why the game is broken, and has remained broken for so long. I paid good money to be able to play career mode, so i want it to work properly and it just doesnt seem like anythings being done about it. If i would've known career mode was unplayable, i absolutely would have thought twice about my purchase. Any replies, good or bad, are appreciated. I think its time the developers get with the program and at least explain to the people paying their bills, why our games arent working. Thanks. -Imagine
  23. Hi, I'm trying to play online with this mod. The mod works correctly but when we are inside the atmosphere we cannot see each other (it is not because of the safety bubble). Anyone knows how to solve this? (I host the server). From already thank you very much. Sorry if the text is misspelled, I speak Spanish and wrote it by the google translator
  24. Is anyone else having this issue with the xboxone version? Once I reach space and shut down my engines they will not restart (if I use time acceleration). It seems to happen if I throttle them down to zero as well, if I use time acceleration. Like for example if I am headed to the Mun and throttle down my engine, once I try to start a retro burn to enter orbit of Mun, my engine will not restart if I had shut them down earlier, or throttle back up if I use time acceleration. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly? They seem to restart or throttle back up just fine, if I avoid using time acceleration.
  25. I just purchased both dlc's for ksp on steam, and I tried to make something with the breaking ground robotic parts. First I tried rotors, which didn't work at all. Then I tried the other parts. They worked, but afetr the 3rd time I used them, they just froze. Has anybody encountered the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Help would be apreciated.
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