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  1. I'm interested to see what the community thinks the timeframe will be for the future of KSP 2 and its updates There is no wrong answer! (unless you're a time traveller)
  2. I visited various celestial bodies, both in stock and modded KSP 1, and yet Duna is the place I find myself always returning to: relatively small dV required to reach it, enough gravity for quick surface traversal, atmosphere thin enough to allow brutal reentries but at the same time just so thick enough to fly and even land planes. Pretty much everything I could do on Duna I did it: from simple fly-bys to non-refuelable SSTOs to even circumnavigating the entire planet on land With the release of KSP 2, total redesign of Duna and (future) addition of all the new game mechanics, I plan to again thoroughly explore the Red Planet. But, instead of doing it all myself, I decided to share the fun with others! Proudly introducing... The Mastery thread will consist of various challenges/achievements that you will need to complete in order to get on the respective list. Challenges must be done in order from start to finish. Depending on the future updates and new gameplay mechanics new challenges will be added, or the old ones adjusted. Rules might also be modified accordingly Rules: Usage of potential physics exploits is forbidden: no cheats or Kraken drives of any kind If you use any mods that affect stock gameplay (whether it is new parts, changed rigidity configs or otherwise), state them. These submissions will be marked as Modded General construction of the vessels is up to you: use any part you want, as long as you keep within the broad requirements of each challenge (satellites must have antennas, Rovers must have wheels, you get the idea) All crafts must be launched from Kerbin (unless specified) Post proofs of your mission: screenshots or videos. If you have a lot of screenshots, place them under a spoiler Don't mix up the missions: there must be one submission per mission and the missions must be flown one at a time State the Game Version that the mission was flown on If you have concerns or questions about the ruling - ask away! Let's get down to the Challenges. And before you ask: most of the Challenge names are inspired by various works of fiction about Mars 1. Destination Duna Pretty straightforward: build an Unmanned Probe and perform a fly-by of Duna. Very broad definition of "Probe" here: you don't need to have antennas or means to generate electricity. As long as it has a Probe Core and it fly-bys Duna - you're in 2. Otherworldly Connection Build an Unmanned Satellite and enter Duna orbit. Satellite must have an antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. Take Ike's SOI into consideration when you plan the orbit! 3. Transmitting Live From Duna Set up a Relay Satellite constellation in Duna's orbit. There must be at least 3 satellites in the constellation. Each Satellite must have a Relay antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. You can either launch new satellites or add some to the one you've sent in Challenge 2, as long as the Satellite from Challenge 2 satisfies the aforementioned requirements 4. First Landing Launch an Unmanned Lander (like Viking) and land it intact on Duna. Lander must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and some sort of landing legs. Whether you choose to use already provided lander legs or make some of your own from structural parts is up to you 5. Desolation Road Design an Unmanned Rover, send it to Duna and demonstrate its functionality by covering some distance in it. Rover must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and at least 3 wheels 6. Bring It Home Design an Unmanned Lander that can land on Duna and then subsequently return it intact to Kerbin. If the Lander is multi-stage, the stage with Probe Core must be returned. Otherwise the requirements are the same as in Challenge 4 7. Strangers in a Strange Land Land a Kerbal (or Kerbals) on Duna and then bring him (or them) back. The method (Direct ascent vs. Orbit rendezvous) is up to your choice. If you send multiple Kerbals, all of them must return home: leave no one stranded! 8. Come Fly With Me Design a Duna Plane and demonstrate its ability to navigate its skies. Plane must have wing parts and be able to land and take off horizontally. Plane can either be Manned or Unmanned. If Manned, all Kerbals must later return home (either via Plane or other means). If Unmanned, the Plane must have an antenna to reach the Relays and have means to generate electricity. Extra kudos if it can return intact back to Kerbin More to be added... Good luck and have fun!
  3. Hello everyone, I think it would be a good idea if someone could create a mod (or maybe a separate tool instead) that lets you convert a KSP 1 craft file into a KSP 2 workspace file. However, it would only let you convert a craft if all of its parts had an equivalent in KSP 2. Also, when converting a KSP 1 craft to KSP 2, the tool should be able to let you set the workspace name and description for the craft when setting it up to be converted. And maybe the tool/mod would let you convert KSP 2 workspace files to KSP 1 craft files as well. What do you think? I think something like this would save a lot of time for someone trying to recreate a KSP 1 craft in KSP 2, as you could just convert the original craft instead. Especially if it had a high part count...
  4. I might be probably the first to create the Hypetrain in KSP2
  5. Managed to get my interplanetary vessel + lander assembled in LKO today. The nuclear tug has about 11km Δv when laden with the lander, which itself has about 2.3km Δv. Any recommendations on where to transport such a craft first? The Joolian system seems like the obvious (though standard) answer... Pictures of the mission so far: https://imgur.com/gallery/pTH8God
  6. I'm noticing that the more I play, the worse the performance of the game becomes, especially when I save, both automatically and quick saving I only have 7 ships on the go currently and a limit of 100 debris I don't understand how its becoming worse and I don't know how to fix it. Deleting saves did nothing I have noticed Unity crash handler appears in my task manager when this freeze happens.
  7. My idea to use my transfer stage as a probe failed as the Communotron 16-S doesn't even connect to the Commnet
  8. Video below shows engineless probe with crazy orbit changes. Timewarp seems to also have an effect
  9. My ship exploded on launch (literally, every part seemed to separate) and then after pressing revert to VAB my game froze and crashed (the music was still playing, but it didn't load for minutes) My specs are: CPU: Intel i5-11600K @ 3.90 GHz GPU: EVGA RTX 3060 XC 12GB RAM: 32GB @ 3600MHz My game is installed on an M.2 drive v0.1.1.0 My ship was pretty large, but this is the first freeze/crash after my ship ran into 'issues'
  10. Joint Simulation and a better solution than Autostrut. Disclaimer: I am not a physicist. The current system used to simulate the connections between parts on a vehicle is incredibly rudimentry. Tall rockets have a tendency to 'flop' if additional struts are not placed around every joint connection. Some have found that autostrut can reduce the problem, others have discovered that editing config files to increase the forces used on the joints can reduce the floppyness. Neither of these solutions are ideal because they are reactionary 'duct tape' solutions to the problem, rather than a revaluation of the core problem. The Problem: The Flop The inline joints binding parts together are not capable of accurately resisting the forces acting on the parts. This is because the joints in question are points. They exist at the node connection between the two parts and apply forces to keep the parts in a line. This is insufficient, as the actual connection between the two parts is not a point, but rather a disk. Forces should be distributed across the whole surface area. This is why adding struts around the edges of said disk solves the flop. Additional physics joints are able to better simulate the interactions between two cylinders. Adding many physics joints about the edges of the part's connection would work, but a better solution would be to design a physics joint that does not have these problems in the first place. Unity's built in physics types were not designed with beam interactions in mind. They are meant for ragdolls, which are typically lightweight and floppy. My Proposed Solution: Disk Joints A simple solution would be to create a joint that has a radius, a disk. When determining the forces needed to pull the two parts back into alignment, we can take into account the radius of the disk, as well as three defined constants describing the disk's resistance to force on each axis. The Torsional Force (blue spinner in the diagram) is the disk's resistance to being twisted. This is not much of a problem in Kerbal Space Program, so I will skip talking about it. The bending force takes two flavors. As the parts in KSP are radialy symetrical, this will simplify the process dramatically. A cylinder will resist being bent because of compression (red arrows in the diagram), and because of rotational resistance ( green spinner in the diagram. I could not find the name of this force online). The disk joint's resistance to being bent will take these factors into account when calculating the amount of force needed to right the connected parts. Larger parts will have a larger radius, which will make them more stable. Structural parts will have larger resistance constants, which will make them more stable. If you really want to take simulating vehicles to the next level, show wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler–Bernoulli_beam_theory to someone who understands physics.
  11. v0.1.1.0 I lost control of all my ships. I cannot steer new or current vessels and I don't know why. I can control the throttle, SAS and RCS. But not the actual movement of ships (including planes) The only thing I can think of is typing a ship name with the letter "M" which took me to the map (shocked this hasn't been fixed yet honestly) Edit: Wrong category but don't know how to fix
  12. Patch one broke my game. One of two things happen: 1) The game fails to load to main menu and a secondary window with the ksp2 logo opens then crashes game. 2) The game gets to main menu but crashes when I attempt to load a campaign file or create a new campaign. Secondary ksp2 window with logo also appears here before the crash. Attempts at solution: I have attempted to verify integrity of files via Steam, uninstalled/reinstalled ksp2, updated steam. None have worked so far. I do not have any mods installed, nor have I altered any files.
  13. v0.1.1.0 bug You can still adjust and control ships in the tracking station by pressing Z and X to set the throttle See video:
  14. My first v0.1.1.0 launch was even more broken then as I could not see my ship orbital lines from the start I created a fresh save, with no previous flights or ships See below for screenshots: I could see my debris orbit lines, but not my actual ship The launched probe I had on my ship showed its orbit after undocking, but the main ship carrying the probe was still not showing the orbital lines
  15. My steam version of ksp2 cant launch. After I pressed the play button in steam, it starts a "PD Launcher" after a few minutes (so slow!) and just keeps loading in an empty black window without any actual response. I ended up starting the game manually from the file explorer. What should I do? Additional Info: my computer meets the min spec requirement and ksp2 can run normally when manually started.
  16. Tazooka


    I joined recently and made a few posts already, but figured I'd also make a greeting post. I'm Taz and I have played Kerbal Space Program since the early beginning, either in 2011 (as I remember the demo where the Mun was missing) or 2012 (where I have an invoice for buying the game). I've played hundreds of hours on KSP 1, where most of them were before it was added on Steam. I also have KSP 2, which I was looking forward to since the first announcement in 2019, but I haven't played it much because of its current state. This will hopefully change once the update with the fixes rolls out! ----- If you're familiar with the game "Raft" and joined the Official Discord, I am one of the moderators there (since 2018)! Hello and see you around the forum!
  17. I'm kind of stunned that an artifact of the original game's game engine limitations were carried over to the sequel. Wobbly rockets were always a bug. The KSP1 devs spent years trying to minimize the problem, even bringing on new members to work on the issue. Most people don't like them, and they introduce an un-intuitive stumbling block for new players or people that want to learn space. eg. Rocket veers off course on launch. Why? The control part wobbles away from the heading, resulting in SAS shenanigans and off COM thrust. Furthermore, everyone gets rid of wobble to the best of their ability by adding struts, resulting in a higher part count. So you have a feature, that only produces greater part counts. Why? To keep the destructive effect, just define stress tolerances for parts at which they explode, disconnect, crumble or shear. Also, real rockets don't wobble. Scott talking to KSP1 devs about the wobbly rocket bug. They go off on tangents but almost the entire rest of the interview is on the topic. If you're new to KSP, wobble is that wet noodle, jello rocket thing. Please get rid of wobble all together. Thank you.
  18. Hello, I'm here to share the evolution of the space station building inside the rings of Dres. In this episode we build, launch and dock to the DRSS (Dres Rings Space Station) two new crafts that will expand the Station and bring the first crew to it. This was my first time sending a crew in interplanetary space in KSP2, quite milestone. I hope you may find the video enjoyable and maybe learn something from my rumbling about the manoeuvers required by the mission.
  19. Each workspace has a name. Each vehicle has a name. A workspace can only contain one vehicle. When you load a file it gives you the workspace name. When you save a file it gives you the vehicle name to overwrite. When you merge files, you merge workspaces. My first impression was, a workspace allows you to build variations of a vehicle. Like a rocket family. However you can only have one vehicle in a workspace. Is the intent that you're suppose to merge payload workspaces into a vehicles workspace and then combine them? Why then can you swap assembly anchor? It feels like "assembly anchor" should be called "vehicle", and you should be able give each one a unique name. A workspace now contains multiple vehicles. You then merge other vehicles from other workspaces into your active workspace to add to the list of vehicles. For example. "Apollo workspace" (contains vehicles) Saturn V Command/service module LEM Apollo–Soyuz Merge skylab from "space station workspace" into "apollo workspace". But this is not possible. I'm not sure what the intent here is... Does anyone know?
  20. Hey, The release of KSP2 sparked in me new interest in the often overlooked planet of Dres, due to the addition rings around it. For this reason I thought it would be a cool idea to combine the challenging aspects of interplanetary travel and rendez-vous plus docking in a place different from the classic LKO where we all build our usual stations. And what better place than the new introduction to the system? Which btw can also put my hardware ( I play on a 2019 laptop) with all the dust and rocks flying around? Also, in pure KSP2 fashion, there's also a Kraken attack that involves spinning space stations, transfer stages that lose control and entering the surface of Dres! I hope you can enjoy the video and maybe learn something about these manoeuvres.
  21. I have done a lot of trial and error to make this rocket work, but now I have finally created the second stage for the full starship rocket. I have tested this in an orbital flight, and it works flawlessly, it is very light on the computer (what I mean is that it gives the normal KSP2 FPS) and it can also land perfectly! (Have only tried a water landing). This has enough Dv to get all the way to Duna! This rocket was referenced from Starship SN10. THIS WAS TESTED WITH JOINT_RIGIDITY: 1500000.0 Craft files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19pS-SCzZqfchSv5mXkuQy2EhPk4Wxjap?usp=share_link Front View: Bottom View: Gallery Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/4ZcbU3W Update 1: Added RCS Thrusters for easier mobility. Update 2: Added the Super Heavy boosters making this a full starship. (16 boosters because 33 broke the game's physics)
  22. Thanks to KSP2's procedural wing system, an accurate recreation of the Horten-Ho-229 is finally possible! The aircraft struggles with takeoff, but glides well. If people want me to continue this project, I'll refine it, add more detail, and post the craft file! (Or you can play around with it now and go crazy) (Craft File download thingy link will be on my website soon! I'm sorting it out as we speak)
  23. This aircraft is surprisingly stable. I can provide the craft file upon request!
  24. Without a stock launch window tool in KSP2 for now, I'm back to using AlexMoon Launch Window Tool: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ This gives me the launch window time, though you need to add +1 to the year for earliest departure, as KSP2 is 1 year offset (KSP1 year 1 = KSP2 year 0). I run the Python script below (run locally or at https://www.online-python.com/), input the launch time, and current time, and get the difference in number of seconds, and copy that. Once I have that, I create a maneuver node, and using Maneuver Node Controller (https://spacedock.info/mod/3270/Maneuver Node Controller), put in the seconds to skip ahead, along with the usual delta-V amount. #calculates time in seconds to add for transfer window #input is transfer window time and current time #1 year = 426.08 days = 2556.50 hours = 9203400 seconds #take first number of 92303400 #add 1 year to KSP2 time, as KSP1 year 1 = KSP2 year 0 #Launch window calculator using KSP1 date convention: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ def convert_to_seconds(year,day,hour, minute, second): sec_year = year * 9203400 sec_day = day * 60 * 60 * 6 sec_hour = hour * 60 * 60 sec_minute = minute * 60 return sec_year + sec_day + sec_hour + sec_minute + second def get_time(): year = int(input('Year: ')) day = int(input('Day: ')) hour = int(input('Hour: ')) minute = int(input('Minute: ')) second = int(input('Second: ')) return convert_to_seconds(year,day,hour,minute,second) #main program print('Input Launch Window time') launch_time = get_time() print('Input Current time with KSP1 time convention (+1 year if KSP2)') current_time = get_time() print('Seconds until launch') print(launch_time - current_time)
  25. The pause button is very cool. It got me thinking... Rewind?
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