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  1. Ovin is a terrestrial super-Kerbin, 60% larger than Kerbin with a gravity of 4G’s. Ovin has no tall mountains - this is a smashed, scorched landscape. Ovin courtesy of artist Jordan Pack.
  2. In KSP2, players learn basic flight concepts in a virtual simulator that can be accessed anytime the game is paused. Here's Jon Cioletti testing his new tutorial shader. In a way, it's like the Kerbals are playing KSP... inside KSP. Whoa.
  3. So i was looking around the KSP 2 Develpompent ideas, and I couldn't find any "General Ideas" Threads. So I made one. My Ideas: In the colony construction, let us make monorails that can take Kerbal diffent places, or even another colony. The rails would be fairly cheap, but the train part would be much more expensive. The part manufactutear would be KNRF, or Kerbin National Railway Foundaion. Yet another plug to get my fake company into KSP 2. So that is my short idea! Also, please put exoplanet ideas into this thread. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203802-exoplanet-ideas/
  4. Behold, the completed Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicles - UpScaled, or NERV-US (thanks for the name suggestions)! This engine's nozzle retracts when the LH2 engine switches to its O2-injecting afterburner mode. Model by Jonathan Cooper.
  5. imagine if when you loaded ksp 2 a cinematic (that you could skip) came on. jebediah is sitting outside of the mun or bust (main menu) rocket and is building a mun sandcastle, suddenly a massive shadow makes everything dark and jeb turns around to see a giant station (like the one in the trailer) flying over head and a smaller rocket detaching from it, it slows itself down and lands next to the mun or bust rocket and jeb climbs into the capsule and tells bill and bob the come outside and the step out to see the rocket towering over them and a kerbal step outs them fall down the rocket until he lands face first in front of them. then they look up and the KSP 2 logo appears above kerbin
  6. Realistic aerodynamics is not only an essential topic for aerospace engineering, it is absolutely FASCINATING. I wanted to break the sound barrier with the Farrem Aerospace mod and the Realistic Progression mod tech tree. This led me to spend a whole 2 days researching aerodynamics, including watching the old Shell Oil film "High Speed Flight," which explained all the considerations of transonic and supersonic flight. This included elevator issues, thin wings, the area rule, sweeping wings behind the shock wave so they experience subsonic flow, etc. I spent 2 days excitedly researching, but I had also taken both incompressible and compressible flow courses. Think of all the fun I would have had if I were to discover those aerodynamic principles for the first time! If the developers want to make a game marketed as being a fun way to educate the next generation of engineers and scientists, they should go all the way and implement realistic aerodynamics so players can try to break the sound barrier and optimize the aerodynamic profile of their spaceplane for supersonic flight. Procedural nozzles could even be added just to experiment with optimizing engine efficiency for different atmospheric pressures (future update?). Make the game the ultimate sandbox of aerospace engineering! (The same goes for including realistic n-body gravitation like in the principia mod! But while it can and should be implemented I know it probably won't be...)
  7. We're still adding engines to our part roster, and here's a peek at one that's still in the early whitebox phase -- we still haven't come up with a Kerbal-fied name for this LOX-Augmented Nuclear Thermal Rocket (or LANTR). Super NERV? SNERV? Suggestions welcome!  A few details for our forum friends: This is a 2.5m part that, like the new NERV, runs on liquid hydrogen fuel. This engine also has a hidden talent: liquid oxygen can be injected into the nozzle to create a high-thrust mode, and its vacuum nozzle can be retracted for use in atmosphere.
  8. What I mean is more experiments rn I'm thinking of one antimatter collector it's late game and it takes a lot of energy to power it. One experiment is observe and the text is "You have a strong urge to put it in your mouth but your crewmate / mission control says not to, stupid crewmate / mission control." Another one is annihilate which generates 100 electricity or something and the text says "The defence department wants us back home they say they're gonna put the material in a bullet" what's your ideas I'd love to see them.
  9. This week we added rocks to our terrains. We're living out our Apollo 11 fantasies as we spend precious delta-v flying sideways to avoid boulder fields! Seen here, a few shots of Gilly, Mun, and Pol.
  10. Ahoy Kerbonauts! Senior designer Tom Vinita here with a short update about part modules for you today! Part modules are the extra optional bits of functionality that are added to the part in order to allow it to perform specialized functions. For example, if we add Module_Engine to a part, it now has the ability to provide thrust, consume resources for that thrust, and many of the other essential functions required in a rocket engine. If a part doesn’t have any modules, then it tends to be something simple like a truss or an I-beam. Kerbal Space Program has a lot of different parts, and so it follows that it has a lot of different modules. One of our design goals with Kerbal Space Program 2 is to create a simulation that feels as close to Kerbal Space Program’s as possible while building fresh improvements along the way. If you build a rocket that worked in KSP, it is our goal for that rocket to perform in largely the same way if you rebuild it in KSP2. To that end, the team is going to painstaking lengths to document and remake, and enhance KSP’s extensive list of part modules in addition to all of the new part modules coming in KSP2. To see one example of this in action, let’s take a look at lights: Fairly simple in concept, right? They turn on, and they turn off. Well, KSP’s lights have a little more going on than that, and they’re useful in a variety of important situations. At the start of the process for bringing a part module into KSP2, a designer first studies KSP’s documentation and common uses of the module in question during general gameplay and wacky uses the community has come up with. From there, they write a series of user stories that define a list of use cases that this part module must be able to accomplish. A short example for lights would be: • As a player, I want a tool to help me see the ground when I’m landing on the dark side of a planet. • As a player, when I’m docking I want to be able to see my vessel and the vessel I’m docking with, even when both vessels are in shadow. • As a player, I want to customize my vessel with a wide variety of light patterns, whether they’re stylish, goofy, or both! Once these user stories are defined, the designer studies the player-facing tweakable values of the part—in this case things like the blink timer and the dynamic light color—and the list of values that are exposed in the part’s data for fine-tuning its behavior. The designer provides detailed documentation for everything being brought forward into KSP2, and looks for spots where the module can be enhanced. With all these values defined and the module’s functions outlined, the spec is handed off to an engineer who does the hard work of programming the module. Once the module has been written, it falls to a designer (usually myself) to attach that module to all the necessary parts, tuning the numbers of each part along the way as necessary. You can check out the results of this process below, with the new and improved Mk1 Illuminator showing off its new ability to pitch! That’s a look at some of the work that goes into making sure all the fun stuff you can accomplish in KSP can still be done in KSP2, as well as an example of finding a way to make that fun stuff even better in KSP2. Shine on! -Tom
  11. Gurdamma is a young terrestrial planet that's still experiencing heavy asteroid bombardment, much like Kerbin did billions of years ago. Still to come: a thick atmosphere and a very close (i.e. within the rings) moon!
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_Aircraft_Launch_System This came up when discussing designing aircraft for Duna using a runway. As a possible upgrade in the tech tree it would be nice to have a launch/capture system similar to an aircraft carrier. Imagine you build your super fast plane but you don't have enough runway to take off or land.
  13. I always thought that it looks really strange when your rockets explode but the parts that survive look good as new. In KSP2, I think it'd be good if the devs make it so that surviving parts look damaged. Maybe just an overlay.
  14. Hi there Kerbonauts! We are looking for a Part Designer to work alongside our design and art teams to create aesthetically appropriate, highly detailed, and well-researched parts for both vehicles and colonies in Kerbal Space Program 2 . You can learn more about the position and apply HERE!
  15. I'm sure some people, like me, would like to replace the KSP default music with music from soundtracks.
  16. Scrolled through the unofficial KSP2 subreddit for the first time and came across this. I don't do the Instagrams so I had no idea this was out in the world. I'm a little disappointed that I hadn't heard about this somewhere here on the forums. Looking at you @Minmus Taster!
  17. Please avoid unnecessary discussions and stick to known facts about the game. I got your attention? Good. So, after countless threads, interviews, videos, diaries I lost count what in fact, is going to be included in the upcoming game. So I created this thread to determine it once and for all. Below you can find a (hopefully) well-thought-out list of things we know for sure are coming. Parts, mechanics, systems, bodies, features, you name it. Now, the "you" part is important, I can only dig through so much stuff, so I ask you, dear reader, for help. You found something I didn't? Please post it, with reliable source, so I can add it to repository. The list is going to be of course expanded as more news come in the upcoming months. Some pictures may repeat, as they fit in more than one category. credit: cropped version of this picture Now it's the list! 1. Environment 1.1 Celestial bodies We know, as it was mentioned multiple times by our dear Nate Simpson, that the game wil include several star systems, with plenty of planets, moons, and Kraken knows what else. As far as I know, specific numbers hadn't been released to the public, but we've seen some of them. 1.1.1 Kerbol System The main, "starting" system known from the first game is going to stay mostly the same (no new additions, no Gas Planet 2, no asteroid belts, nothing) However, the bodies are getting a massive, well, overhaul is small word for that - it's essentially a remake. Let's start with Kerbin. We're getting a very expanded KSC, however, the looks vary from picture to picture. What we know for sure, is that there will be multiple space centers on the planets, and along with the ability to choose a launchpad or runway (runways wil be longer now), we'll be able to launch craft from docks. Oh, and probably the most important bit, the KSC buildings will be destructible. The Mun stays roughly identical, with big and small craters and gray surface. Well there's actually quite a difference after recent update, and I expect this level of detail to be kept on every single body in the Kerbal universe Minmus got shiny. Of course, it's frozen after all. Gilly. Not much to say, looks better and that's it so far. A LOT BETTER. Eve, we also don't know much about her, we have literally one shot Duna, now there's plenty of pictures, looks like very significant changes happened. Dres was presented by Nate himself, and with ridge in the middle it looks a bit like Iapetus. The famous canyon is still there! Jool system, that's a big one, and there's few things to see. We got a peek at Laythe (or so I believe, first picture looks kinda laythish), Vall, Pol and Jool itself, which has actual moving clouds, at different speeds. Eeloo, looks like it has gone through few changes since the first reveal in 2019 and the last, but we can't really tell if later pictures are from 3D software, Unity editor or in game footage. 1.1.2 Exoplanets Now, we don't know where these new bodies are going to hang out, but we do have some pictures. Rask and Rusk, "a binary pair locked in a dance of death", so close to each other that tidal forces rip them apart. Should be fun. And as far as we know, the only binary system using different physics system than the well known from first game 2-body. "in the case of Rask and Rusk, we’ll be calculating the gravitational pull of multiple bodies on our Kerbal vessels, so that developing a stable orbit in complex conditions like a binary planet system becomes a new and exciting challenge! In addition, attempting a landing on Rask or Rusk will be a different experience depending on the location of the sister planet in relation to your target for touchdown, and yes, there will be an astable Lagrage point between the two planets (if we pull this off correctly)" Ovin, "a ringed super-Earth with relentless gravity" and I think that's about it for now. Glumo & Merbel (yes, Merbel, not Merble, confirmed by Nate) a gas giant with rings and it's icy moon we've seen in the trailer. Puf is the always watching eyeball (and it scares me to this day, and will forever). All we know is it has polar caps, and the rest of the surface isn't frozen, so I doubt that it's tidally locked to the star. Gurdamma, a young terrestrial planet that's still experiencing heavy asteroid bombardment, much like Kerbin did billions of years ago. Still to come: a thick atmosphere and a very close (i.e. within the rings, right where the gap is) moon. It has a very short day and is comparable in size to Kerbin. Keen eye will notice patches of lava on the surface (volcanos?). In fact, we did get a peek at this planet quite a while ago, while people thought is was Laythe. The picture I'm talking about is the last here, you can see how level of detail has changed over time. Charr. Now it is said that it's "a heat-blasted world of iron", but that's it. 1.2 Terrain & visual effects That is something we really want to see, after decade of looking at, let's face it, very bland environment. 1.2.1 Ground Tired of seeing smooth hills, two patches of grass per square kilometer and rocks you can clip through? KSP2 comes to the rescue. We're getting redone ground that sure would be interesting to explore, and look at. Mesas, hills, canyons, meadows... And yes, terrain scatters have collisions now. 1.2.2 Rings. Yes we're getting them, and they're not only a 2D plane you fly through. There are rocks inside them, so plan your trajectory. They also cast shadows, and receive shadows from the planet. 1.2.3 Eye candy. Shiny stuff! Explosions! Reflections! PBR! Lights! VFX! CLOUDS. The game will look nice. Things are going to look different depending on the surroundings. Engine plumes are based on type of engine, fuel they burn etc. Explosions we will see willl be different each time, and will depend on various factors, like where they are (vacuum? atmo?), what's inside the tank that's exploding, how much fuel is inside etc. 1.3 Interface 1.3.1 HUD That's a subject to change. So far we've seen two iterations, while kinda similar to each other, there were a lot of changes to the style. Look at differences. It's worth mentioning that the plan is to make it much more useful than the one in first game, and more ergonomic. However, we'll be able to move its elements around, like if for example you'd want to obstruct the bottom of the screen and not see where you're landing, you can put the navball there. 1.3.2 VAB That's a big one. Because we won't have just one VAB on Kerbin, as we explore the solar system and beyond, so we're be able to switch between different buldings on different worlds. Sorting, filtering, searching have been improved, as well as the subassembly system. Now we'll be able to save not just one rocket, but a whole workplace, for example with different upper stages on the same lifter - all in one file. We're also getting some new buttons which, as far as I remember, weren't explained. Yes, there were some speculations (a breakdown by ShadowZone for example, and my own edit of the picture below) but it's still open. Another new feature is a blueprint view. Makes, among other things, arranging symmetry in easier way than in old 3D view. 1.3.3 Animated tutorials The whole tutorial section is getting an overhaul. No more boring wall of text by Wernher von Kerman. We're going to see animations. To get the message through better, they're gonna use metaphors so they're easier to understand for someone who doesn't get physics. And more than that, the tutorials will be contextual. Let's say you're launching a rocket with the intent of docking in orbit. So your mission profile contains few elements. Building, launching, gravity turn, circularizing, rendezvous, docking. If you have trouble with any of these, you don't have to watch a 10 minutes-long video by Scott Manley, you can just stay in the game and watch a tutorial that covers that specific part of the mission you have trouble with. So all in all, tutorials, if I read that correctly, last 47 minutes total. Not that anyone would just sit and watch from start to end, that's why they're contextual. Plus, I see some popculture references. 2. Gameplay 2.1 Colony mechanics and off-world construction Right, so while the main point of the game, as pointed out by devs, is still flying rockets, but colonies will play a big part here, as they are our window to interstellar voyages. At first, our bases you have to be brought from Kerbin and assembled, inflated in place, but once we get access to ISRU (more below) we'll be able to construct more parts, expand the colony, and even assemble new spaceships. And it's not only ground-based, because we'll be limited by the size of new VAB, but orbital shipyards will also be a thing. From there we will be able to create ships few times the size of Kerbin's VAB, capable of reaching insane velocities on interstellar travels. On the other side of the equation, there wil be a new way for colony construction. BAE (I love the name though), Building Assembly Editor. 2.2 Resource extraction Yes, resources. No more magical Ore -> Liquid Fuel+Oxidizer plus Monoprop. We're going wider. Unless I missed something, so far we are aware of five types of resources. Xenon, metallic hydrogen, helium-3, methalox and good old monopropellant. Plus two the devs have not revealed yet. And we obviously can't create resources out of thin air, so we have to extract them (from atmosphere? ground? synthesise in some other way?) and process to something usable. From the parts we know, there's deep resource scanner, which is quite large. 2.3 Life(?) support of some kind and other things affecting Kerbals That's a tricky one. While I know that nothing has been officially confirmed take that back, we have some translated info "I can say so much that the need to keep Kerbals alive is a feature we're going to introduce now" , so I'm kiiinda taking this too far, but come on. These in a picture below must exist for a reason. Also, we know that different form of radiation will have some effect on Kerbals. 2.4 Automated resupply missions If I recall correctly, to keep the game entertaining and not make it too repetitive, once we've done particular mission at least once - like, for example, take a payload of xenon from surface base to orbital shipyard for vessel contruction - we'll be able to set it to work continuously without our attention, in the background, so we don't have to spend countless hours flying the same rocket there and back again only to transfer 420 tons of xenon. 2.5 Discoveries During normal progression, we won't be able to see every single body the game will have to offer. No, we would see stars, but planets would have to be discovered - most likely by some sort of a telescope - and then, more info would appear as we get closer and finally land on the surface. Good, more unknown. 3. Parts There will be many, many more parts. That is an obvious fact. The team said that most of the original parts are making their way into the new game, plus all the parts we've seen in the trailer are also actual assets in the game. So yeah there was a lot of stuff. And like, just look above, how many new things you see. Mindblowing if you ask me. 3.1 Engines and propulsion New parts, right? Metallic hydrogen engine. Early video tells us also about atmospheric, water-cooled version, let's see if that makes it to the final version. Orion-kind engine. Powered by nuclear explosions against a pusher plate. Real world concept. Not for use in proximity of, well, anything. It's nuclear explosion after all. Note that there are few sizes of that engine. "Torchship" engine, basically endgame thing. Quoting "the holy grail, it is a torch that you ride, screaming white death" Daedalus-style engine. In short words, a fusion engine based on another real life concept, theoretically capable of reaching significant % of lightspeed. We've seen it multiple times, usually near a shipyard somewhere near the orbit of Vall and flying by Glumo. It is said that it will use brachistochrone trajectories to get to places. As in, accelerating for one half of the journey, and decelerating for the other half. LANTR (LOX-Augmented Nuclear Thermal Rocket) engine, "a 2.5m part that, like the new NERV, runs on liquid hydrogen fuel. This engine also has a hidden talent: liquid oxygen can be injected into the nozzle to create a high-thrust mode, and its vacuum nozzle can be retracted for use in atmosphere. " Kerbal for scale. 3.2 Power generation That's the freshiest piece of information we got. "New power generation modules for colonies! Your nuclear power options will progress from compact fission reactors [tiny one in the middle] to giant fusion tokamaks to next-generation Z-pinch fusion reactors." Also if you look closely, you can find a Kerbal in the picture. Just if you wondered about the scale of these things. There will be also more, smaller generators to fit on spacecraft. Below, geothermal plant and wind turbine. Yay renewable energy! 3.3 Colony fuel factories We know of five types of fuel factories. "From smallest to largest: Methalox Fuel Factory, Monopropellant Fuel Factory, Xenon Fuel Factory, Helium-3 Fuel Factory, and Metallic Hydrogen Fuel Factory. How does it work? LASERS, of course!" 3.4 Procedural wings Quite a big change, eh? But yes, some wings will be procedural, I suppose up to certain point. They will go with control surfaces right in them. No more fiddling with elevons and trying to figure out why they want to attach in wrong axis. And every edit will show how it affects how the vessel flies, how it affects its aerodynamics etc. 3.5 Other known parts Runways/roads! Using a set of straights, corners etc we'll be able to build whole cities to walk or drive around Orbital launch clamps, for releasing your ship for a voyage into space (from space) 3.6 Color-coding and painting We will be able to pain our ships. Not much to say about it, but I think it could be important in multiplayer, and to make your way through 15 ships docked to your station, so you know wchich one goes where. Another quote from Nate: "the color controls in the VAB allow for application of color on a whole-vehicle or a per-part basis. You select your default color scheme when you start a new game, and your vehicles automatically have that color scheme. But I've found that you can make some incredibly cool-looking vehicles by changing the color of individual parts" 4. Kerbals(wip) 4.1 New animations Talking about in-game animations, their reactions for player's actions will be determined by their traits. We will still have courage and stupidity, but that's what we know so far. 4.2 Population growth 5. Multiplayer There will be one and that's so far almost all we know. With one exception. 5.1 Trading resources will be possible. And probably any other interaction with other player's ships, colonies etc. Credits: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195263-show-and-tell/ https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/dev-diaries/developer-insights-4-ksp2-engineering/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187315-kerbal-space-program-2-master-post/https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197951-finally-peeled-that-gold-foil-off-the-windows/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197513-xenon-and-on/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195206-pc-gamer-article-is-now-online/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187421-ksp2-flight-ui-from-developer-story-trailer/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187802-pax-west-pre-show-info-dump-thanks-to-nomrbond-for-bringing-this-to-our-attention-all-credit-goes-to-them/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/205123-nate-simpson/content/&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187318-hopes-and-wishes-for-ksp-2 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200104-show-and-tell-new-power-generation-modules-for-colonies/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187606-some-more-ksp2-footage/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200486-show-and-tell-colony-fuel-factories/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201765-show-and-tell-pol-terrain-work/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202101-show-and-tell-mun-terrain-work/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202735-show-and-tell-the-kerbal-space-center/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202990-show-and-tell-creating-new-parts/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203719-show-and-tell-gurdamma/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203310-show-and-tell-new-lantr-engine/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/204240-show-and-tell-terrain-progress/
  18. So Take-Two is going to be one of the companies present at E3 next week, and this could mean some KSP2 at the event, so I think we should discuss! Take-Two does currently have two unannounced games in development so it could very well be those, but I can still see them dropping some news or maybe a new trailer, just to keep hype and interest up while they're in development. What do you think? Will there be anything KSP2 related at E3, and if so what might they show? Could it be related to the "Something more" mystery? Or is this all just conjuncture? Who knows, but its fun to discuss!
  19. Seems like a great reason to create a moon base, if the technology is actually possible. I'm not so sure a robot could create cells, lay them flat, and wire them. Then beaming the power to a receiver is a whole other challenge. In KSP2, the crawler cost, speed of cell production, cell efficiency, and micro-meteoroid impacts (which would require replacement of cells) would vary depending on each body. Would only be possible on certain bodies where the regolith can be made into solar cells.
  20. When doing a resupply mission, instead of just saying you've done it so now forget about it, make it so it always follows a "milestone mission." This would allow for these gameplay features: 1. Make repetitive missions as optional as the player wants, as planned by the developers 2. A way to set a cost to each automated mission so that they aren't simply ignored 3. Incentivize efficiency and creativity for all skill levels 4. Introduce almost endless compelling yet optional challenges for players of all skill levels, increasing replayability of KSP2. The uniqueness of each location would determine how fun optimizing these missions would be. They would be optional regardless, so it can't hurt the game for anyone, only improve it.
  21. The Kerbal news agencies report on all colony channels that Scott Kerman's vessel suffered critical failures, jeopardizing his mission. Some fear starts spreading through Kerbal society (along with causing a big distraction), reducing colony productivity somewhat (i.e. resource production, construction, science research). Later it is confirmed that Scott Kerman has gone MIA. For the Kerbals that know what this means, they become fearful of spaceflight, reducing population growth of the colonies, especially the one that Scott launched from as well as nearby colonies. Like an opposite "boom event" caused by player actions. This would be a difficulty setting to introduce consequences that require more safety features and margins for each mission. This would make the game more challenge and allow the developers more opportunities to make unique mission types and locations. Adding news reports would increase the player feeling of their actions being consequential to their Kerbal interstellar civilization, as well as allow for more humorous Kerbal reactions in the game. TLDR; Killing Kerbals is reported on Kerbal news, triggering an event making kerbals less likely to want to travel to new places in space for a while, reducing pop growth.
  22. KSP is special—and challenging from an engineering perspective. Learn about the work that KSP2 Physics Engineer Michael Dodd has been putting into improving static and dynamic object collisions in KSP2 Dev Diary #10 "Collisions". Check out the post below ↓
  23. As you know, KSP 2 is coming with a host of new planets and moons to explore. I think it would be cool to have a planet pack for KSP 1 with KSP 2 celestial bodies. The planets and moons in the pack obviously wouldn't be exact replicas, and proper credit would be given to Private Division and Take Two. Aside from super realistic terrain and volumetric rings, making KSP 2 planets in KSP 1 is entirely feasible (Rask and Rusk can orbit a barycenter). Any thoughts?
  24. There's one thing in KSP1 that keeps bugging me every time I've started a new career game. As of KSP1, when starting a career/science game, you've got: No thermometers No pressure meters No accelerometers (When using SCANsat) no radar altimeters And yet, the UI has: Overheat indicators and F10 thermal view Atmosphere density indicator (below the altimeter) G-force meter (right of navball) Altimeter OTOH, one of the things that I learned when using KER is that if I want the UI, I must plop a part onto the controllable part of the craft. Which makes sense IMO. So I wish that KSP2 would unlock UI elements as the player progresses, instead of full UI from the beginning. Research thermometers, you get temp gauges. Research inertial gyros, you get prograde/retrograde indicators on the navball. Upgrade the tracking station, you get sea-level altimeter. And so on. A hardcore version of this idea would be to tie UI elements to parts in the craft, KER-style. But this would need some QoL in the form of "always add flight instrument parts to probe cores and pilotable cabins". Ideally this could lead to "know your instrument" tutorial missions, to soften the learning curve of KSP. Get this experimental part, put it in a sounding rocket, and watch its readings. Maybe do something when the reading reaches a threshold. Would this be a chore to seasoned KSP players? Yeah. So make it skippable. But I would expect fans of the caveman challenge would love this. Maybe the "right" way to achieve something like this is to make the KSP2 UI architecture more mod-friendly, so mods could add (or remove!) flight instruments. I wish for the possibility of having KSP2-KER fuse seamlessly with the KSP2 UI.
  25. When KSP2 is finally released, I'll take the day off college (or work, if it gets delayed long enough), lock my door, grab $60, close the forum tab, close reviews, close all chrome tabs, download KSP2, and play for a few hours. Then I'll probably hop on here and join in with everyone talking about how awesome it is. (Yeah I'm optimistic about the final game)
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