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  1. The #Artemis mission inspired our team to fly our own recreation in KSP2. We’d be lying if we said we made it to orbit on our first try. From all of us at #KSP2 to all of our friends NASA Artemis there is no shame is reverting to VAB artemis_hires_220902b.mp4
  2. So i was looking around the KSP 2 Develpompent ideas, and I couldn't find any "General Ideas" Threads. So I made one. My Ideas: In the colony construction, let us make monorails that can take Kerbal diffent places, or even another colony. The rails would be fairly cheap, but the train part would be much more expensive. The part manufactutear would be KNRF, or Kerbin National Railway Foundaion. Yet another plug to get my fake company into KSP 2. So that is my short idea! Also, please put exoplanet ideas into this thread. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203802-exoplanet-ideas/
  3. Some Mods in the first game enable lifesupport, aka you have to feed your Kerbals for them to stay at work. Do you think this feature will be in the sequel too?
  4. in KSP2 i would like to see support for reusable rockets and other craft, Mostly more parts, but also fixing the issue of not being able to control multiple craft, and also the stupid hard part of landing. List of things: More legs (SpaceX and Blue Origin inspired) Gridfins. More Airbrakes Entire movable air surfaces (like starship flaps, or New Glenn fins)
  5. Throughout KSP 2 development we have seen slight variations in Kerbals, one of these variations being facial hair. I was wondering if we could get some insight on how exactly this will work, will it be determined randomly? Or will we the player choose what our Kerbals will look like?
  6. To start off with, I have suggested things for other games before, however, most of these are fantasy games. This is a realistic game, and thus, if my suggestions are hard to read, and you have a stroke reading this and die, then sorry for my bad "ordering" and explanations. I've also never really talked about physics much before, which is another reason this might be hard to read. Anyways, radiation. We know what it is, you get too much of it and you die. We also use it for power, which is why I think that some of the more efficient EC generators later in the tech tree should be powered on radiation, maybe not by radioactive materials, but radiation in space. Or this radiation could be used to turn a non-radioactive material into a radioactive material, which can then be used for EC generation. There could also be a toggle for kerbals to get radiation poisoning if exposed too much radiation, and if you don't get them to an area with mostly no radiation "quickly", they could die (or go MIA on easier difficulties). However, if this toggle is on, there needs to be some form of having radiation bounce off of ships, or radiate out of the ship during interstellar travel, due to what is known as "heliospheres." Basically, stars have atmospheres. Yes yes, the suns corona (which fun fact is hotter than it's surface) is an atmosphere, but it also repels radiation out of its most outermost layer of its atmosphere, which extends well past the Keiper belt. Most stars if not all have these "astrospheres" or "magnetospheres" (which the earth has its own magnetosphere), and outside of this, is an astronomical amount of cosmic ionizing radiation. Basically, if you decide you want kerbals and parts to be affected by radiation, if you dont have practically 9000 layers of 50 feet thick lead, or any other material good at stopping radiation, you will instantly be vaporized. While the astrosphere doesn't stop all of this radiation from entering it's system, it stops a large majority of it (excluding uncharged gamma rays), which means that if that setting is on, if 2 years of floating around the sun between duna and kerbin in no ship were to give a kerbal radiation sickness, being outside this heliosphere would cut that time down to a very short time. Personally, I don't know the exact specifications, but it would probably be a matter of seconds.
  7. Hi, I know this might be somewhat controversial, but please hear me out first. I love automating things. I spent hundreds of hours in games like Factorio and Dyson Sphere Program and I have also tried to automate different things in KSP 1. As an example, automation is great for things that need to be perfectly repeatable (like an ascent with a specific profile) or that are hard to do manually (like suicide burns). The best way to script it in KSP 1 right now is to use kOS but I think there might be a better option. While waiting for KSP 2 I decided to try SimpleRockets 2 (by the way, it's a cool game, go try it out). So I opened the game, downloaded a cool-looking Atlas V and was blown away by what happened next. The rocket knew how to put its upper stage into orbit not just around its home planed but also its moons at a desired altitude! Turns out, SR2 has a built-in visual scripting language called Vizzy you can use to write programs like that. I decided to try it out and just in a few hours I had two programs for performing ascent and landing for me. Here's how the language looks: SR2 blog post about Vizzy. This could also be used to complement new tutorials by showing not just a video but an actual rocket flown by a computer to teach new players. And yes, all this can (and has) been done before but I find the experience of using something like kOS far from perfect: you need to install the mod, learn a new scripting language, constantly switch to an external text editor, launch scripts from the command line and debugging is often a pain. If implemented correctly, built-in scripting can improve the player's experience, especially if scripts could be shared through the Steam Workshop for those who don't want to code themselves. And hey, it's not a bad thing either if someone learns how to code a bit while playing KSP 2! And the good thing is, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This has already been done in SR2 and it works great there. So what do you think?
  8. In a sun - planet - moon system, the orbit of the moon can look like a square relative to the star, as was demonstrated in this video. It would be quite a sight if, from the moon, you could time-warp and see yourself going further, and closer to the star in a square shape.
  9. Simple polls about your KSP2 buying decisions. Thank you for contributing!
  10. Like the stock Mk2 parts, but are round instead of streamlined. A lot of the time the stock Mk2 parts don’t really have enough capacity in the cargo bays or fit the aesthetic that I’m going for. They could also open up new opportunities for aircraft recreations. And for people who say that I could just use Mk3 parts, a lot of the time they are just way to big, hard to work with and difficult to get off the ground. These Mk2 parts IMO would make a nice alternative for when you don’t want to engineer a giant shuttle but still need some space. To make sure that they aren’t overpowered they would be heavier and less aerodynamic that the stock Mk2 parts. What do you think?
  11. Internet says Intercept Games is at 40 employees + consultants. Using an average of 5000$ per month per employee for a 4 years development period: 40 * 5000 * 12 * 4 = 9.6 mil. $ for salaries Marketing budget should be about twice that, let's say 20 mil. $. I would round it up at ~40 mil. $ Let's account for the fact that KSP2 will probably cost 60$ at launch. Lower sale estimates would be 1 mil. copies. So there's some budget headroom up to 50 mil. $ What do you think? Other games with ~50 mil. $ budgets: Half-Life 2, The Division
  12. The rules are simple! Someone posts an image from either real life or KSP/KSP 2, then there's five tries until the answer is revealed! Here's one to start!
  13. This week we added rocks to our terrains. We're living out our Apollo 11 fantasies as we spend precious delta-v flying sideways to avoid boulder fields! Seen here, a few shots of Gilly, Mun, and Pol.
  14. We know that in order to assemble an interstellar vessel, it will need to be built in orbit, at an orbital shipyard. But how does the orbital shipyard get built? It could be built in multiple launches using more conventional rockets. But the individual parts of the shipyard would probably be larger than the 5-meter diameter parts. So, the obvious solution is larger conventional rocket parts.
  15. First forum topic in a while, so I hope you will bear with me. I was perusing this sub-forum, and saw a topic that inspired me to create this poll. So, I am curious: how will you be approaching the new tutorial animations planned for KSP2? Personally, I am not a new player of KSP by any means, but I will likely be watching the animations for late game content, as well as to support the efforts that the devs put into them. I want to know how you guys feel! Also, mods, feel free to do what you need to this topic. Again, I am not exactly used to posting topics on the forums, so I apologize in advance for any errors I have made.
  16. From what I have seen, no underwater features have been implemented. I have created many a functional submarine, only to go under and be underwhelmed(was that a pun?). I would hope that there would be biomes chock-full of coral, different textures, trenches, etc. I just hope that with all of the new features, having at least a couple easter eggs underwater would bring a new challenge. Imagine having some kind of coral biome in Eve's oceans. You build and test a sub, send it to Eve, and explore the seas, while finding new types of "life".
  17. My fellow space enthusiasts, aerospace engineers, and demolition experts, I've been ushering our dear Kerbonauts around the Kerbolar System since version 1.1. It's been quite the ride, as all of you well know from your own experiences. I did things a little differently from some - I learned gravity turns, docking, landing, planetary transfers, etc. on my own without the help of YouTube or any other materials. For the most part, it was only myself, my patience, and the in-game tutorials that got me to where I am today. In the beginning when I realized what this game was, and how it was everything I wanted in a space game, I just couldn't let myself spoil the journey of learning orbital mechanics and building up a space program from scratch. All the while not even initially knowing what it actually takes to get a rocket off the ground. I wanted to learn from the game while pulling from my own background in physics, my interest in aerospace, and through trial and error. It made for the most rewarding game experience I've ever had. I went from rockets' pointy ends being where the flamey end is supposed to be, and gravity turns consisting of going straight up until leaving the atmosphere and burning horizontally like crazy, to incrementally becoming more and more efficient in all aspects of the various standard missions that can be done, to the eventual successful landings on all 13 of the other terrestrial bodies. I'm mentioning all of this because now with Kerbal Space Program 2 closing in, I'm worried there are things that perhaps I've missed out on in the original game. While I will state my own accomplishments and playstyles, I'd like to hear from the KSP community about what we think are the essential items that should be on everyone's bucket list before the sequel arrives. Whether it's accomplishments that can be done in the stock game, like seeing the Mohole or an SSTO on Laythe, or things entirely different that are only achievable in a modded save like exploring some of the Kopernicus planet packs. For me, I'm mostly a stock player, and there are some experiences I want to save for KSP2. So I don't really need suggestions like extraplanetary launchpads or near-future/far-future/interstellar missions - although you can certainly still list them for other people that tune in here. I've personally never done an Eve-return vehicle, nor a Jool V or grand tour mission. So those are on my list for sure. I've done plenty of crewed surface bases and ISRU refueling stations. I've also done USI-LS and OPM. What else am I missing out on though? I feel like there's a lot of KSP out there to be played that I just haven't taken the time to experience, whether it's exploring new worlds or ultra-realism or whatever else may be out there. Please, feel free to give your recommendations.
  18. Kerbal Space Program's YouTube channel just posted this video: There are tons of really cool insights about the kerbals and it looks really cool. I also noticed some things like at 11:47, you can see that Jool has separate cloud bands that spin at alternate rates.
  19. In the recent KSP 2 video Interstellar Travel, one of the developers mentions how each star in the sky is simulated. The skybox in the pre-alpha footage looks absolutely stunning with hundreds of shimmering stars and nebula. This poses a few questions: Does the skybox change as you travel between star systems? If so, does the skybox slowly switch to another, or do the stars themselves actually move? Is it technically possible to fly to every star in the sky (even if there is no solar system associated with it? I hope the first two questions are true. It would be so cool to see constellations from the Kerbolar System morph into new ones as you travel to far-off worlds. Green background (Kerbolar System) Red/brown background (unknown system)
  20. Akin to SpaceEngine, KSP2 procedurally generating star systems? (If the comment made on KSP Episode 5: Interstellar Travel is true, this seems the most physically plausible) Thoughts?
  21. Post all of your new information about KSP2 that you have found in the livestream, and I will list it here.
  22. KSP2's atmospheres have been getting some much-needed love from our environment team and graphics engineers, and there are still more improvements on the way. We're especially proud of Murshed Choudhury's work on the new atmospheric scattering system!
  23. Everyone wants colors. This is a known fact. Colors for rockets, colors for kerbals (suits), and colors for colonies. I know most of this has been confirmed by the KSP2 team, but how do you think this will work? Some ideas for parts: Some ideas for kerbals: Some ideas for colonies: One last idea: (might have strayed away a bit from a game about building and flying rockets) I don’t know if all the things listed above are possible, but these would all be cool in KSP2
  24. How will Rask and Rusk work? I haven't seen these questions on the forums, so I decided to ask them. Will we be able to land on Rask, then fly up to Rusk vertically? How will lava work? Will there be tech that can float on lava? Any other things?
  25. Well, it finally happened. After three years of reading people's fanfic on this site, I finally got around to making my own. I hope you enjoy it. So, here goes! Chapter 1:
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