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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, been playing with Real Solar System (plus mods like KSC Switcher and FMRS) and have recently been doing the SpaceX style first stage boostback with a chute assisted powered landing and man, it's a lot of fun. I've gotten to the point with one particular design where I can land it within visual sight of the KSC fairly regularly, though I haven't managed a landing on the runway or pad yet. One thing I've noticed when recovering vessels in RSS (even with KSCS) is that it says they are over 3,000 km away from KSC, even when I can SEE the VAB on the horizon. Wouldn't over 3,000 km practically put the recovery locus on the next continet? BTW, I'm flying out of Kennedy, but I get similar results flying from Vandenburg. Is there a mod, or a way to modify the mods I have to alight the recovery locus to the currently selected launch site? Or at least to a specified point, like Merritt Island?
  2. KSS Ocean Master

    KSS Ocean Master KerbalX .craft download I've always wanted to circumnavigate Kerbin, but the clumsy-glitchy nature of rover tires has always sort of turned me off to the idea. The KSS Ocean Master was designed to be able to circumnavigate via water, and also to recover crashed down debris. Uniquely included, is a stock recovery crane on the rear of the boat. I've built upon my previous "ball-joint hinge system" to increase reliability and reduce part count. Stage to set the crane onto the boat and use the "Free Pivot" option to give yourself free range of motion to recover debris. Utilize the ore balancing system to pick up heavier debris efficiently. The engine pack on the back can push this boat along at a cruising speed of 38 m/s, and a speedy 48 m/s on afterburners. At cruising speeds you will have 4 hours of fuel, with plenty of room to add more fuel if you'd wish. **Only 232 parts!** KSS Ocean Master also has the equipment to act as a mobile Relay Station that can go anywhere on Kerbin, though admittedly I have not tested to see if it actually works that way! As far as boats in KSP go, KSS Ocean Master is extremely reliable and capable of full speed FULL time warp turning. You will need SAS activated to maintain correct roll orientation, however. Controls: 1. Main engine Toggle 2. Main engine Afterburners 3. Toggle left turn engine (for turning while stationary) 4. Toggle right turn engine "" "" 5. Toggle Reverse Engine
  3. I made a SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch simulation with the deployment of a dummy satellite and the recovery of the first stage on the drone ship. I always love seeing the lives launches from SpaceX and I just wanted to do it in KSP so we can see it from a better angle. I used some mods like : - SpaceX Launch Vehicles crafts - Environmental Visual Enhancements - Distant Object Enhancement - Stock Visual Enhancements - PlanetShine - Camera Tools - MechJeb
  4. In my recent career save, I tries to recover everything w/o disposable parts - separators, fairing, and heatshield. To achieve this, I usually design fully recoverable launch vehicles. e.g. I'm curious about how many of you plays like this - Have you played like this once? Is your playstyle involved with reusablity? Or would you rather dispose of anything you don't need?
  5. I mean, anyone remember of the ideas of using the main shuttle fuel tanks left in LKO to make space stations? We'll should be easy enough to do. The graphics shouldn't have to change at all. Also, the only part needed would be a re-purposing module, like five tons, it could even use the hitchhiker container at first. Just saying, I have been thinking of something like this for a while, hope I somebody can do it.
  6. ---the boring intro, feel free to skip--- I'm returning to KSP after a good year of a break. I had reached a point where my old PC just couldn't handle the constructions I was making on regular basis, I kinda burned out, completed the tech tree without really leaving the Kerbin system, my Duna mission, a huge train, was so crapping out on my old PC I just gave up. Now I got a new one. I've started from scratch, and playing more Kerbal style: no planning to last detail, no extreme redundancies, Just Do It. And it pays. The Mun landing was great, as I ran out of fuel barely reaching Mun orbit, and had to send rockets to give my craft a push. Then time came for Duna. With about half of the tech tree still missing. ---end of boring intro--- The mission would be moderately sized. Three craft: an orbital base, with a lab. Piloted by Jeb, with two contractor scientists in the lab. A lander, "diagonal start" style (jump off a hill ridge to start), piloted by Valentina (with 3 stars of skill, instead of Jeb's one), and Bill and Bob in the crew compartment. And a craft consisting of a "garden chair" style lander for Ike, and a bunch of monopropellant which was a prerequisite for a base around Duna from a contract, and which I had forgotten to add when the base was launched. The trip went mostly without a hitch. Some dangerously wobbling gigantors on the base, a little tight on fuel budget for the base, but way over budget for the lander, which I had planned to use to land in several biomes. Also, some shortcomings. Like, Valentina had to get out if Bill or Bob had to go on EVA, e.g. to collect data from the instruments or do some makeshift construction/repair... Or the fact the lander had two docking ports. One in Valentina's inventory, another in Bill's. KIS/KAS. No good ideas for good port placement. Or that I forgot RCS for left-right translation/rotation. Well, the first was a nuisance, but not a serious problem. Especially, that with no probe core, and no pilot, the craft would keep drifting while Val was on EVA. Which made Bill's work harder, as he would work first to attach the docking port to one of the external fuel tanks, then another to that monopropellant carrier drone, which happened to be just the right spot to dock to the station. Also, Bill stripped the drone of most of its RCS ports (3 4-dir, and 4 place-anywhere), and put them on the lander, to allow horizontal translation at last, and dock. I transferred spare fuel to the station, leaving just enough to circularize right above atmosphere and begin aerobraking; I left one of the external fuel tanks (the one with the port) docked to the base, discarded the other in the upper atmosphere of Duna. Descent went well. The parachutes deployed okay. The engine braked the last few meters to land smoothly. Then the craft fell onto the front wheels - and the small, crappy wheel on the rear exploded. The first sentence from The Martian was what I uttered then. Well, the crew gathered what science was there to gather, planted the flag, picked the samples, and began planning how to get out of that place. The first few attempts at "dragging the tail" ended up badly. RCS wasn't enough to keep it off the ground, and I just couldn't jump high enough. There were no parts that could be used as a sled. Long gone are the times when the radial air intake could be used for speeding 80m/s over Minmus flats. This craft would not start horizontally. But how to set it upright? Then it was decided some The Martian style engineering was what was needed. Bill detached all the RCS ports from the back, middle, or pointing backwards. He slapped them on the nose of the lander. 4-directional on the sides, unidirectional below. Try one. The spaceplane groaned, wobbled, the wheels rose off the ground, but when the engine came in contact with the ground, it stopped. "We need to lose weight", said Valentina. "We're not coming back to the surface again, or flying home in this thing. We just need to reach the orbit." And so, Bob collected all the science that could be collected, stuffed it in the cockpit, and Bill went Mark Watney on the hull. Bang, came down the airbrakes. A few violent kicks sent the expensive scientific instruments flying. Thirteen parachutes littered the ground. The solar panels rained down, leaving an empty box which refused to budge. For a while, Bill seriously considered removing the wheels and the fins, but he didn't want risking damage of the ports, and the fins would be needed on ascent. Val got out, to let Bill through to the passenger compartment, then she got back behind the yoke, crossed her fingers, activated RCS, and pulled up. Slowly, the nose lifted. When the angle was over 60 degrees, she floored the throttle. They arrived into the orbit, did the rendezvous, and began moving to the base. Bill left the craft last. He patted the hull tenderly, and switched the lights off on his way out. Then one last problem became apparent. Base: 3 seats in the command pod (1 occupied), 2 in the lab (both occupied). New arrivals: 3 kerbals. One seat short. "Somebody will need to stay behind," said Jeb. "We should draw lots." "Oh, we are drawing lots, alright," said Val. "But we're all coming home. There's one more seat on this ship, which you forgot about." Jeb drew the short one.
  7. Hello, when I try to launch a rocket via a stratolauncher, this stratolauncher disappear when the rocket reach 20 km from it... This make cost in carrer mode, and the kerbals inside the stratolauncher dies... Anyone have a solution ? Here is an example of a crewed startolauncher : Thanks and regards...
  8. After trying 13 times, I finally land a F9 on the drone ship! I have to say, it is REALLY HARD. Good job SpaceX .
  9. EVA Parachutes

    I have had many broken planes hopelessly plummeting toward Kerbin, and I wished the Kerbals inside had EVA parachutes. Not the round parachutes, but the parachutes that most everyone uses anymore. I believe that type is a parafoil, right?
  10. Hello all I recently started playing this game, and I must say that it's amazing, even though I feel it's not yet 'finished' (and hopefully it will never completely be). One big thing that has been bothering me is how vessel recovery works. When you land your ship safely on Kerbin, you click the big recover vessel button and you get some money for the parts. However, i think it would be much more fun if instead of only having those parts in money, you had the parts themselves (maybe stored somewhere around the KSC?). These are my suggestions: Have a sort of inventory for parts at the KSC (a 'part hangar', or something like that). When recovering a rocket, send all the used, but safely recovered parts to this part hangar. You don't get money for the parts (maybe just for fuel?) When building new rocket choose between old, used parts (which may be not so stable anymore, adds an extra dimension of difficulty to the game) or new parts. Be able to sell old parts for money. (sort of salvaging) I'd like to hear what you guys think about this, and maybe what you have to add to this
  11. Craft Recover Proximity

    Is there a mod that adds a zone to KSC from where you can click recover, but outside of that zone you can't click recover?
  12. Hi, It'd be great to have a recover all vessels button so that we don't have to collect all the debris one by one. Perhaps this could be put into the tracking station or another screen.