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King of the Hill


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I send the HSP Kraken Firefly and it fills the hill with tentacles from K-bombs.

My Kraken Hill

P.S: HSP means HyperSpacePlane.

P.S.2: this idea took seven and a half hours of hard calculating to my computer.

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I drop a Z-bomb in your volcano and it erupts, and eventually gets upside-down because of bad weight distribution made possible by the lava rivers.

It floods and sinks.

My endless, empty sea with an upside-down flooded sunken volcano at the bottom

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I use KK to place a single pad at the top of the sea.    It has a button (Which I press) to turn off the computer and save this world to the hard drive.   I then destroy the power cord for the computer and the thing used to remove the hard drive permanently!!!! 


My Island




Oh, and I also take the computer and lock it in a 100 foot lead vault and throw it into the sea, then build a nuclear bomb proof "normal" looking section of the sea around it.

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