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What did you do in KSP today?


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Just docked the 15th mining/pusher probe, I'm trying to re-route a comet, it is going to be my orbital refueling/construction base, plus I am going to change the rotation to where the same side always faces Kerbin, it will be Kerbin's first artificial moon, it is going to take a few days worth of physical time warp, luckily there aren't any nuclears and it is mostly vectors. It's really sad to see that barley anyone is doing stuff with the comets.

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15 minutes ago, BigStar Aerospace said:

The landing was a little rough on the edges but from what I've learned, rapid practice helps allot,  do you have Super-Heavy? @RealKerbal3x

Yeah, it was a little rough, but this thing is super unstable and challenging to control. I'm still working on getting better at landing it.

And I haven't built Super Heavy yet. I figure once I get Starship re-entering and landing reliably, flying Super Heavy will be a breeze :)

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My aerodynamics are... unconventional.


It's a flying boat. It skims the water beautifully and I'm convinced I can make it work. Pretty fast too, hits 260 m/s straight and level ASL no problem.

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Docked an mk2 shuttle to M.O.S.S. with very little (like 100 m/s) worth of delta V.  It brought struts to keep M.O.S.S. stable if it needs to reorient or change its orbit, along with food ( I have TAC LS) and some other stuff, and it used its RCS thrusters to deorbit. I used the rest of my delta-v to deorbit, which I terribly overshot the KSC. (that's ok, booster bay made for a soft water landing) Jeb and I think Bill? safely returns with no broken backs!  with extra decouplers (escape pods accidently fired once, pods came home and got recover, rumor is is that Val flicked the switch while eating a snack) so there were extra decouplers on a 6-point hub, and they looked ugly. I might add them back using EVA construction mode someday... We'll see!

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I've created another spaceplane to crew my fleet of spacecraft that will be going to Duna as a part of my colonization plan. The "Eagle" can hold 8 kerbals, twice as many as it's predecessor. It's quite stable and has a large fuel margin (as far as spaceplanes go) of 450 m/s once in a stable 100 km orbit.

Some pretty pictures:









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I did an expedition to one of the Mun arches.




On the way to it, I investigated some strange floating boulders. I knew the Mun had low gravity, but I didn't know it was THAT low.



Also, I witnessed a Munar eclipse, while on the Mun, too. (Tiny dot above the Sun is Jool)


Got to see some cool Mun crater landscape.



Bob got a chance to use his jetpack and get on top of it.


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Rover, Mun, Mission Duration: 33 years, Goal: Explore Mun and Recover Muna

Mission Log (below):

The mission of the small rover Luna started on a launch pad with a rocket capable of going to the Mun. The rocket has around 5,097 m/dv. Just a regular launch and then I burned for the Mun. I arrived at the Mun with a periapsis of 9.8 km. Got my self into a low Munar orbit. However I have a bad communications network around the Mun. So I had to wait 5 months to all the probes to align. Once the probes aligned I started the landing burn. I didn’t have long as the probes moved fast. After 10 minutes I was 4 meters above the surface when I lost communications. The craft feel and Boom! The landing equipment broke but the rover was fully fun cation all and in one piece. I explored the nearby craters and used the robotic scanner to scan some rocks. Soon I will drive the rover to Munar a rover that ends it’s mission when the solar panels broke. The rover is over 100 km away so it might take a while.

Status: Fully Functional, All Dqiupment is Safe, Landed on Mun, Mission is 68% complete, life expentancy: at least 30 years

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Launch of Muna 7 (with a new visual config setup for screenshots).


Muna 7 is a mapping satellite. The first two Mun landers targeted regions where different terrain could be determined visually with Kerbin-based telescopes, but future missions will require more detailed mapping of the Munar regolith.


Muna 7 successfully reached orbit of the Mun on 262/07. The mapping process can now commence.

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Hello !

always in my DIY script a test with a YouTube plane Christian Haataja Plane (VTOL)

and my test with this plane, modified by me to work with KOS (Redesigning engine hatches)



(at 3:20 n, the little triangles on the ground are ASET primitive TRIANGLE, these props don't work, I'll recompiled them to see if it works)

EDIT : (25/02/2021)

I just realized that having a brightness setting on the MFD and a page showing the RasterPropMonitor dispo module (e.g. MechJeb) had already been done by @Nertea my apologies.

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1 minute ago, Martian Emigrant said:


If you use the air on Duna takeoff and land that is. Then open and close the intake again to they refill with "Air" and at what pressure meaning usable quantity?



The intakes will only be able to refill on Kerbin or Laythe, and as long as you are under 30km or so they will refill all the way back up to full.

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I can't seem to stop tweaking Manta, that thing is just so engaging. I sent it to Laythe (simulated), and it turned out the little fans it had couldn't quite wrench it out of the water. So I experimented with a bunch of other propulsion solutions. Bigger fan blades worked great, but they would dip in the water on take-off in rough weather...


...so then I a variety of other things, until I ended up stacking double engines with the smaller blades. I'm cosmetically clipping them because the two ducts stacked just look dumb. I'm also cosmetically clipping the biiig horizontal stabiliser, there are actually two there. It doesn't make any difference to the balance or handling so I think it's fair game.


I love this variant. Handles supremely well, takes off and lands on water easily on Laythe and on Kerbin, flies well low and slow, and has a top speed of over 305 m/s. I can still tune it a bit as it only needs half throttle to get to that top speed, which means it's carrying a bit too much engine and a bit too many fuel cells and is a bit thirstier than it needs to be. It's also pretty nice as a boat -- it handles quite nicely on the water as well as in the air. Just about the only thing it can't do is dive!

This one's a winner, easily one of the best-handling aircraft I've ever built. Also looks funky, even though it's pretty much all functional. The only purely cosmetic bits are the fins that "support" the engines; in reality they do no such thing.


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2 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

couldn't quite wrench it out of the water

I like to use a deployable hydrofoil forward of the CoM. It will reduce the area of skin in contact with the water and give you a higher AoA, leading to higher speeds and an easier liftoff. It's a reasonable approximation of the "stepped" hull on a real-world seaplane.


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Exploration of Minmus has begun. Though it lies within the orbit of the Mun, its lower gravity and higher inclination have made it difficult to accurately plan trajectories to reach it. However, new upgrades to our facilities and technology have now enabled proper exploration of Kerbin's inner satellite.


Metis 1 is based on the design of Muna 3. It was intended to be a flyby mission, but the on-board thrusters allowed it to capture in orbit of Minmus. It will spend around 100 days in a highly elliptical orbit, to perform studies at a variety of different altitudes, before circularizing in a lower orbit to spend more time close to the surface for long-duration experiments.

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