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  2. DeltaDizzy

    Distrusting mods

    Well all KSP mods are required to post their source code(the code that makes them go). it isnt easily readable if you arent familiar with C# or cfg syntax, but its there. Why is he so convinced all mods are bad for your computer? There's also the fact that hundereds of people use many mods simultaneously with no issues at all.
  3. KraterKreator

    Upcoming KSP Patch adds new features for Steam users

    This is a great addition. Thanks! I believe that is the reason behind this update.
  4. Athen

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I landed on duna for the first time, and ike.
  5. Ol Boom Boom may suffice...
  6. Progeekzy

    Uranium Storage

    Ive been playing the game a few days now and im enjoying it. Got into the mining to farm money. One of the mods i got allows me to convert ore into uranium, which has a much better payout per delivery, Ore just wasent cutting it. The issue is storing that uranium. I have 2 containers that can store it. 1 is the centrifuge that converts it. and 1 thats already full of it. I really dont want to make a ship out of centrifuges so is there another mod out there that will allow me to store the uranium?
  7. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I went back to my 1.3.1 game and added EVE because I wanted to see KSP with clouds. I wish I had added it a long time ago Jeb's first sub-orbital launch at dusk: Jeb & Kelrik cruising over to the island airfield for an anomaly contract: Kelrik admiring the sunrise from the island control tower.
  8. Nice to see you again, and now I feel I have to make a turboprop that beats yours. Your one has beaten mine.
  9. DeltaDizzy

    Upcoming KSP Patch adds new features for Steam users

    The main thing keeping me from playing 1.4.x is the bugginess. It seems to me that the devs either dont care or cant fix the bugs due to them having to do all this steam workshop and DLC stuff.
  10. The_Cat_In_Space

    B9 Procedural Wings not working (1.4.3)

    Ok. So you have the current mod version for the game. No idea why it shouldn't work, unless you installed it incorrectly.
  11. Booots

    [1.4.+ BETA] Kerbal Wind Tunnel

    It's ready for a pre-release! Grab it here from the Github page: @[email protected]@[email protected], would you guys mind trying it and letting me know what you think? Thanks! Edit: It still has the same icons as my ReCoupler mod (I'm not good with graphics) so don't be too confused.
  12. The_Cat_In_Space

    Upcoming KSP Patch adds new features for Steam users

    *Starts singing 'It's the end of the world as we know it' in my head*
  13. Moesly_Armlis

    The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    looks good. Thanks.
  14. The_Cat_In_Space

    I love the credits

    Hi all, I was bored, and decided to look at the KSP credits. For example, I found out that a SQUAD staff's forum username was derived from the first letter of their first name and their last name. I also had fun looking at the names, with some of them having a forum username next to them. It's very interesting!
  15. DeltaDizzy

    Upcoming KSP Patch adds new features for Steam users

    Well in that case, yes we really will be screwed.
  16. kingoflolz321

    B9 Procedural Wings not working (1.4.3)

    I'm using 1.4.3
  17. 0something0

    Distrusting mods

    My (older) brother believes that mods (from all games) and free or indie software in general will cause harmful things to happen to the computer. Him (and the rest of my family) believes this because he claims that he gets ad popups and his performance is negatively impacted after I download them on the computer. And recently, the OS (Windows 10) broke after I used a modded KSP save on the computer, along with OBS and a PS4 controller driver (DS4Windows). I of course, have never experienced this. The main suspects are, just for complete info, are -All KSP mods -All Minecraft mods (Tekkit/ATLauncher modpacks in particular) -Roblox(yes I know, I actually don't play it anymore but its relevent) Brother's computer specs -CyberPower custom-built -Windows 10 Home(?) -8GB RAM -i5 4690k Overclocked 3.5 Ghz -R9 200 3GB My computer Specs -HP Pavillion dv8 -Windows 7 Home/Ubuntu 14.04 Dual Boot -4GB RAM -i5 3rd gen (?) Duo Core 2.5Ghz -Radeon 6700M 1GB I believe we both use the same antivirus. Of course, as a community, we trust in our modders and mods right? So, how do I convince my brother that mods are a safe and enjoyable part of KSP and gaming in general?
  18. akardam

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Being the curiousity-killed-the-cat type, I did a little poking about. It appears that the RedShell facility is used to gather, among other things, information on when a user starts (and completes) a tutorial mission, what language the game is launched with, if one or more mods are present, and if Making History (specifically) is installed. Interesting that they're doing it, though for the moment I feel inclined to refrain from speculating on *why*, exactly... I agree with others in this thread that blocking things with a firewall (of some type) is probably the least of evils at this point - still lets you play the game without worrying (much) about the tracking and analytics shenanigans. My gaming rig is behind a hardware firewall which blocks all outbound attempts at my hardware firewall, but for what it's worth and for good measure I deleted both the UnityEngine.Analytics and RedShellSDK DLLs (as others have pointed out you can do), and the game seems to run without them. Nice for all this to come down right when I got motivated to get into the mod-making scene... *grumble [email protected]#$% moan*
  19. Hey, this is my attempt to the first part of the STS Challenge ! Here is the Artisan v2, a 80t. shuttle empty with 40t. capacity inside a mk3 bay. At the moment it's still a prototype as I think it lacks TWR for landing on something else than Minmus. It is powered by only 2 Dart and 2 Nervs, and has 3200m/s with maximum payload loaded. It also has one regular docking port, one senior, and of course RCS ports everywhere. The first design part was quite easy, I came with the idea of putting the shuttle under a booster to make lift-off easier because I never tried to angle engines through CoM, and because it looks good (in my opinion) :D. Landings required some tweaks and I ended up with something that has 3+ lift/drag ratio around sea level with 0 incidence on the wings, I tried to had some but the wings would pop up every time ... =_= It's launcher has no name but is very colorfull instead 1st stage boosts this thing up with around 1400m/s on 2 mammoths, second stage consists on 2x 2 Vectors, providing around 2400m/s when everything is loaded to the top. There is also another Sr. port on the top because I tried to recover the second stage with the shuttle docked above it, but let's just say it ended up the Kerbal Way..! Lift-off Stage-2 in action Second stage almost empty and the shuttle in orbit Undocking Retro burn Re-entry Descent on KSC Final approach Landed on the runway This was done with a 40t. payload (3300ore) to test the strength of a new landing gear, with no mods, but with Making History. Thanks for reading, good night / day
  20. Vanamonde

    My planes veer to right or left

    Screenshots would help diagnose the problem. The most common cause is what bewing describes, where the rear wheels break contact with the runway before the front wheel, leaving the craft to wobble like a unicycle down the runway.
  21. The_Cat_In_Space

    B9 Procedural Wings not working (1.4.3)

    What's your KSP version? Old versions don't go well with new mods, and new versions don't go well with old mods.
  22. I've never seen that, but it sounds like a support issue. And so, moved to Support. How about some screenshots in VAB and on pad? Any mods installed?
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