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  2. Where the hell are Jool's inner moons?

    Hale isn't quite the bottom of Sarnus' gravity well (which isn't that deep anyway). Similarily, Amalthea is nevertheless at 180 Mm from Jupiter. This isn't much compared to the Earth-moon distance, but we are still 2,5 planetary radii away from LJO. After all, you only need a "Kerbalthea-Laythe" transfer to get to nearly any intercept, thanks to Laythe's gravity assists.
  3. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    None until now. But that really means nothing since nothing is known about its forming yet. But it can add to our knowledge in the future when a larger database allows for better explanations and models. Not from "our" solar system because it is too fast.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    hmm.. @Tyko Is there a mod that re scales planets? or do you have to code it yourself? Just wondering about that.
  5. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for replying while I was banning someone else.
  6. Aligning The AGU With A Target's CoM?

    I'll use 4 engines, with radially-attached stacks. This means I can adjust their thrusts individually for fine-tuning. If I can get it right, then throttle's easy.
  7. Ban the user above you!

    banned for not not not bolding
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Brazil 2.5x adventures continue: Placed optical/biome scan sats in polar orbits over Earth and the Moon. After that I landed what I'm officially calling the "cutest little lander evvaaaah!!" on the Moon. Playing at 2.5x is really forcing me to think lean on craft design and I'm loving the challenge. Additional pix if you're interested:
  9. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for doing the same - we expect full 5 page 8 pt. single spaced reports for each ban. As here.
  10. I might be a good idea to decouple your booster far earlier, and do a larger burn lower down to shorten the orbital period if you plan to deorbit it before doing the ejection burn. For that matter, you could use a larger booster if you have the extra delta-v to abort your system exit.
  11. I survived!

    i did not! this is the same save since 1.0 and in total probably a few whole months have gone into my game, each video is about 4 to 9 hours of video and 10/11 hours of play
  12. What Platform do you hhave KSP on?

    My memories of playing Starcraft as a kid consist entirely of playing it on Nintendo 64. The FPS a slideshow. I'll never forget how the entire game would lock up for like 5 seconds whenever the Zerg were about to attack. All those "move" commands and the resulting path finding bringing the poor little 64 to it's knees. Still; My memories of it are mostly fond. I guess at the end of the day, a crappy port is better than no port, at least I got to play it.
  13. Ban the user above you!

    Bananed for extremely short ban explaniations.
  14. KSP is dead?

    Probably no more than 1.3.1 did, and while it was a pain, it was a simple rebuild of the mods.
  15. What Platform do you hhave KSP on?

    I've got the GoG version, playing on Linux Mint. PC for the mouse (and now ability to mod), GoG for the DRM-free. I've been mainly a console gamer. But really platform depends on the type of game. I'd almost exclusively played FPS games, which work quite well with a controller. However, now that I have a real non-potato computer, I have been playing a bit of Portal and Borderlands with a mouse, and I'm getting used to it. Some games I just can't fathom how they work on a console. KSP is one of them. Starcraft being another. I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I just think some types of games work better with a mouse. Some work better on a console. You get the stupid elitists between consoles, and PCs as well. Shamefully, I used to be one of them. I can't tell you how many times people would try to convince me that Playstation was better than Xbox. Them: Bah, The Playstation is way better than stupid Xbox! It has (insert garbled technobabble they didn't actually understand). Me: Can it play Halo? Them: Uh, No... Me: Well then. It really sucks that the console version is currently broken. Hopefully the new port will be nice. (Unless it's out - I haven't checked). If that's how you roll, more power to ya! I haven't tried MATE on Ubuntu. If I ever run a desktop Ubuntu, I'll definitely go MATE. I think the Unity DE is ugly and insanely cumbersome. I started with Cinnamon on Linux Mint, switched to MATE initially for performance reasons on my laptop, but now I think it's more friendly than Cinnamon. MATE is a really nice DE for utilitarians like myself.
  16. [1.3.1][Kopernicus]Kerbol Origins v.0.4.7 - Development Resumed!

    Oh thank you for the info! I'm happy to hear this will be fixed.
  17. NOSTROMO is back !!!!!!!!!

    I'm well aware. I own the original trilogy on VHS. Been watching and re-watching them since I was like...10, I've prolly seen each Alien movie literally hundreds of times. I even like the 3rd one, and Resurrection! However writing a dialogue for colonists or miners didn't sound very exciting, and more people are familiar with the Marines. Also, I see no reason why a random group of Marines wouldn't try to contact any ship if it was in-system and their only hope of rescue. (Keep in mind the Nostromo responds to a distress beacon in the very movie we are talking about.) Anyways, I was just trying to hint to the OP that he needed to provide some links or information past "it exists." I thought a short narrative might be fun for Aliens fans?
  18. What did you do in KSP today?

    ahhh gotcha.
  19. Done that a long time ago and, at least in the context of going to Jool (that is to say, ~2km/s transfer -- ain't Moho even more than that?), it was more effort than I expected at first. Still technically worthwhile, but... well. Done it once, won't do again. At comparable effort, and much less fuel, you can send the booster on a cruise nearly as long as the main vessel, to come back and encounter earth again at a later time. Works well with destination Jool or Eeloo, not sure about the inner planets.
  20. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I'm really trying to wrap my head around what this display is telling me here. So thanks to some help the other night, I figured out how to "build out" the Habitation Ring by launching MaterialKits, some battery banks and an Engineer. So that's working. I have three crew on the ship, and get the expected 15 year Home value for Habitation. But why is my Hab value still only ~3 years? Shouldn't that match the value of the largest ship they've got access to (e.g., this one?) Or does that just mean that after 3 years, they have to get out of the ship and "stretch" for a bit? Can they do that via EVA? Will I have to have reached a destination to let them land and walk around?
  21. NOSTROMO is back !!!!!!!!!

    @Rocket In My Pocket I think you're conflating two different movies. Nostromo was the ship towing the refinery in the original 1979 Alien. The space Marines going down on the radio are from Aliens, the second movie (1982?), which didn't include a ship named Nostromo.
  22. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    Yes, still an weird shape, an comet would be no surprise at all as lots of them will get close to planets and sent out of a solar system. they would also be pretty visible on a flyby. How many of our asteroids has an so high length to width fraction? Is it it likely its an fragment from an collision between two large asteroids?
  23. [1.1] BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits v1.1

    Find the part config for whichever one you want to modify and replace the "INTERNAL" config node with this INTERNAL { name = mk22Internal } make sure to delete your partdatabase.cfg and MM Cache in GameData as well to refresh the parts.
  24. I survived!

    Did you know that the station end caps from DSEV have built-in RCS thrusters? congrats on surviving too!
  25. Cool songs to play with KSP

    I haven't done this, but I should -- I have both of these on my hard disk. I'm a little older than a lot of KSP players, and one of my favorite bands, Jethro Tull, dates back to the Apollo era. Around 1969, they released a song titled "For Michael Collins, Jeffrey, and Me" -- referring, of course, to the man who was once the loneliest human in history while piloting the Apollo 11 Command Module, waiting in Lunar orbit for Armstrong and Aldrin to return from the surface of the Moon. Much later, in 1984, they released another spaceflight related song, "Apogee". Both of these would be very appropriate background music for KSP.
  26. Does anyone want me to help them with IVAs?

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