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  2. [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    It depends whether the greatest player flexibility is wanted or whether readability is wanted. Personally, I strive for readability with the Model Rework, so that you can look at an image and can identify a craft's rough capabilities based on which parts they use. As such my preference would be to add the ability to a subset of existing parts, such as extendatrons like you suggest, and make new variants of other parts as needed. This could also be where changing the emissive color of parts could come in handy, to indicate if spring mode is activated or not.
  3. So after having tried a whole bunch of times to land several designs of shuttle on Duna I can't seem to find a way to build a shuttle that doesn't crash at rediculous speed on Duna even if it flies well there at around 130 m/s... Anyone got any tips on how to tackle this obstacle? (going to try an old shuttle design that barely wanted to land on Kerbin due to excessive lift.)
  4. Hallo! (A wild Kerbonaut has appeared!)

    *Uses Doesn't Play On A Console* It's super effective! Really, though, welcome! Not sure how to do a SS. I barely touch my Xbox One. There's plenty of help for docking, check out the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials section. There's almost always a docking help thread on the first page (Since it's probably the hardest part of the game). Most advice for PC will translate well to console. As far as your boosters, is it similar to this user's issue?
  5. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Rockets Are Not Commercialy Safe Not the SLS, not the BFR. None. The BFR is is even bigger than a Saturn V. If there was a fueling or early flight failure this thing would be like a small nuclear device exploding. And you want to have it taking off and landing at a commercially viable distance from cities. Not on God's green earth.
  6. Can i just say will these retexturs affect it?
  7. Yeah, it is. And you're asking all the right questions. OPT Main indeed doesn't have a version file for whatever reason. H body is few in parts because it's only meant to complement K and KH, and was never meant to be very capable on its own. (which is why there's no H cockpit and the H bicoupler isn't very practical to be honest). The OPT_WBI patch allows all OPT parts to function like the WBI parts, including making the J and Stail labs (if you have OPT Legacy installed) to do everything Pathfinder's own labs can do, and all cabins can do the geology survey as the buffalo cabin(s) can do. By "H Half" you must mean "H mounted" versus "H fuselage"... To apply Wild Blue's complete storage selection options to the H body parts, change any of these lines 1563 (short noses), 1597 (inline tanks), 1648 (long noses) in OPT_WBI.cfg to templateNodes = STORAGETEMPLATE To make just the H mounted cabin into a science lab, save this in the OPT_WBI folder, preferably with a suffix to the filename so it loads alphabetically after OPT_WBI.cfg, or add it into the end of the main config. @PART[h_3m_crew_mm]:NEEDS[Pathfinder] { MODULE { name = WBIScienceConverter scientistBonus = 0.25 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x researchTime = 8 //Larger = slower.Exponential! scienceMultiplier = 5 //How much science does data turn into? fundsPerData = 100.0 // How many Funds per point of data reputationPerData = 1.0 //How much Reputation per point of data scienceCap = 700 //How much science can we store before having to transmit? powerRequirement = 5 //EC/Sec to research ConverterName = Research StartActionName = Start Research StopActionName = Stop Research } MODULE:NEEDS[KIS] { name = ModuleKISInventory maxVolume = 100 externalAccess = true internalAccess = true slotsX = 5 slotsY = 4 slotSize = 50 itemIconResolution = 128 selfIconResolution = 128 openSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerOpen closeSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerClose defaultMoveSndPath = KIS/Sounds/itemMove } MODULE { name = WBIMultipurposeLab enableLogging = True showGUI = True // isInflatable = False // animationName = // startEventGUIName = Initialize // endEventGUIName = De-initialize // inflatedCrewCapacity = 2 capacityFactor = 0.6 fieldReconfigurable = true templateNodes = PATH_SCIENCE defaultTemplate = DocScience logoPanelTransforms = // logoPanel001, logoPanel002, logoPanel003, logoPanel004 decalsVisible = False // If KIS mode baseStorage = 0.001 maxStorage = 3000 resourcesToKeep = ElectricCharge;Snacks; } MODULE { name = WBIEfficiencyMonitor efficiencyType = science } } Lastly, it's not in my power to make parts from scratch, especially animated ones so a K Service Bay isn't going to happen, sorry.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey guys, have you noticed that there are now 1600 pages in this thread??? Didn’t do much in KSP, just a tourist contract in my career save.
  9. Hola, bienvenido. Uff, estamos hablando de un mod sumamente antiguo que data de la versión 0.90 ni más ni menos. De finales del 2014. Anduve buscando y los links están caídos al más no poder, puedes esperar a que algún forero lo tenga guardado desde entonces y lo comparta contigo. Pero repito, el mod es muy antiguo y si estás en la última versión (1.3.1) puede que te de problemas al instalarlo. Saludos
  10. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    To know what The All is is to overload ones mind, we are too fragile to truly know what it truly is. All we can do is make theories on what it may be.
  11. @Abpilot Just use BDB as-is without any scale-changing or RO .cfgs or such. The picture I have at the top of the OP, that's the default "out of the box" BDB Saturn V, i.e. just copied out of the .zip and put into Gamedata.
  12. There's one in every crowd. Which is why the clock is doomed. Some self-centered moron will come along who decides that his need to feel special is greater than their need to keep the clock running.
  13. [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I don't know if we can mix this... but on uncontrolled parts it should work... didn't think about it... maybe this needs some testing to find out if that makes any sense to add such options to e.g. extendatrons
  14. The reason I suggested the settings page is that there is no UI to write, it's something I could throw together for you in a few minutes. but, I understand your feelings, no problem. I do use your mod myself, for me it's fine. LGG
  15. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Huh? We don't know what The All is, so how can we imply that?
  16. [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Does this mean I should plan to model rotational and linear shock absorbers in the near future? Or would people rather this functionality be available on all existing parts?
  17. KSP Challenge: Visit Eve's atmosphere!

    Looks great! I can't wait to try this.
  18. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Oh no! You've spilled the beans!
  19. [1.3.0/1.3.1] Monthly Budgets 4.0 (21/02/2018)

    Monthly Budgets 4.0 Released Hard Mode will no longer be allowed to send your reputation below 0. Settings class rejigged - no longer in the Difficulty Settings, it will now present a popup when a new game is started (and can also be accessed through the new "settings" button on the GUI. Existing games will need to change their settings again. Default settings for a new game can now be set by editing MonthlyBudgetDefaults.cfg Added MM Patch that will convert progression (world firsts and records) and Survey Parameter rewards to reputation. If you are not using the contract interceptor/don't want this then just delete ContractInterceptor.cfg (massive thanks to @Starwaster for this - would have never found the options or thought to dig into the cfg without your patch) Contract Interceptor will now intercept failure funds Major version number change. This is because the settings menu won't remember your previous settings
  20. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    BFR so far is safer than no other rocket, because it doesn't exist yet. You can say it's the safest for crew if it actually is, someday, not before.
  21. Nice stuff. There is a mod about to drop a beta with "munar village" where the inflatables have a mun texture that gets added (like my ideas posted here to simulate regolith on top). Another is doing landers, woot! My interest is starting to increase again, along with my continued FH excitement.
  22. CommNet range?

    NO worry..Done
  23. Cheats on Console?

    If someone comes across a thread called "Cheats on Console?", don't you think they can expect to see the cheat code? It's not a secret, just like ALT-F12 is not a secret on PC. It was only kept secret in the begining as a sort of easter egg for the players to find out for themselves. But now the news is out, so...
  24. I am observing the same issue with the node marker flipping to a different (and incorrect) orientation. After some testing, I noticed it always happens when the flight path changes from an orbit to a hyperbolic trajectory. I am running my games on RSS/RO. To mitigate the issue, I use MechJeb Smart A.S.S. to lock on the node before the burn. I start the burn normally and before the trajectory goes hyperbolic, I engage the "KILL ROT" mode in Smart A.S.S. so it ignores the node marker. I hope this information helps to reproduce the issue. Thank you all for the effort you put into this mod. It is the only reason I am playing KSP again. Excellent work!
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