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  2. JadeOfMaar

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    @proteasome Do you have Community Resource Pack installed? Without that the IntakeAtm resource does not exist and intake parts won't have a second intake module for it. Do your intakes have a second intak module? Do they take up IntakeAir and IntakeAtm? If you do have it installed, go to its Localization subfolder and delete everything except en-us.cfg. I'm curious to whether the exact bug I'm guessing at is still there.
  3. Hi! I'm also experiencing this issue, but in 1.6.1. I just left the log on the Github issue.
  4. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    This must be my new favorite, 100% stock.
  5. linuxgurugamer

    [1.5.*, 1.6.*] SXT Continued

    ReStock removes many if not most of the stock textures. Mods which rely on reusing those textures break if no whitelist is provided
  6. Lisias

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    It's not cleat at this time what code is really suffering or causing the problem. There's a chance that the code would be all right in the algorithm, but is suffering a float point idiosyncrasy . See my previous post. Probably. But we could do a good educated guess, and then try a workaround on the code to overcome it. One thing that I think TweakScale lacks is a metadata that would tell the code when a number should not be negative, not zero, etc - and his happening, plain refuses to scale the part and that's it. It's essentially that Sanity Checks I'm implementing on the DryCostWrite on the prefab, but on runtime this time. But without metadata, such stunt can cause as much harm as the problem. Still thinking on this specific problem, by the way.
  7. proteasome

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Intakes report nominal (have airflow) but engine does not (lists flameout, intake atm deprived). If I add a jet engine to the same craft it will work with the intake, but the atomic engine won't. Trying to upload a screenshot showing as much, but Imgur is being :-( Trying to take-off from KSC on Kerbin. Engines DO work when turning on infinite propellant. Then I have no problems. Haven't yet tried with the updated version.
  8. FahmiRBLXian

    2 words names for crafts

    Airspace Planecraft (Generally applies to long-range spaceplanes)
  9. Rudolf Meier

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Yes, and my guess is, that it's inside the KSP code... that will be a little bit difficult to find...
  10. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today, coming home from work in my new roadster. Now, let's go and bomb it. I love this game.
  11. Lisias

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    NaN can be issued by division by zero. Check first anything that is being used to divide something. My guess is a rounding error somewhere. Too small numbers can suffer underflows, and they are very common when using floats instead of doubles.
  12. linuxgurugamer

    [1.7.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    Sounds like something needs to be whitelisted for ReStock
  13. Spraki

    Joysticks are AWESOME for KSP!

    Just bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS (joystick with a separate thruster lever) for some 60eur. Love it. The cable between the joystick and thruster is a bit short though, making it difficult to place apart from each other. It is fun though. Only used airplanes and ground vehicles. Still have to train a bit to get things like flaps working. Although I need to use FAR. Setup was tricky at first. Almost fooled me for not working.
  14. OhioBob

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    @Tyko, you probably don't need the @ in front of reorientFinalAngle. And you may not need it in front of SpaceCenter either. When editing stock bodies, @ is typically only needed at nodes. And sometimes sub-nodes don't require it. I'm not entirely clear on when it's needed and when it's not. I know for sure @Body is needed. Try the following variations and see if either works: @SpaceCenter { reorientFinalAngle = -15.399612 } SpaceCenter { reorientFinalAngle = -15.399612 }
  15. Daniel Prates

    How to activate Kerbonaut personal parachute?

    Ok thanks I'll check again. I looked there before and saw nothing, maybe I didnt look right!
  16. Vanamonde

    Shawn's interplanetary trinkets.

    Please feel free to make a new thread for this project when it's ready.
  17. Thx But @sturmhauke I want to know how to get the AI pilot to use them
  18. attach a missile rail to your plane (technically optional, but recommended) attach a missile to the rail generally you should set missiles to deploy forward instead of lateral set the engage range to whatever you think is best (this is where testing against other planes comes into play) attach the appropriate targeting device needed for your missile (e.g. a radome or laser painter; Sidewinders don't need this) attach a weapon manager if you haven't already set the missiles per target to whatever you think is best (test this out also)
  19. Sky The Heck

    [1.7.x-1.3.1] Xen’s Planet Collection Revived

    I know its a bit early to ask this, but can we get EVE/Scatterer Configs for this?
  20. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Forwards compatibility for 1.6 -> 1.7 is pretty good.
  21. Boorang

    Ban the user above you!

    banned for extremely specific reasons
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