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  2. That would be the place. On my Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation trip, The boat headed up river from the coast to take a look at this location. Bob climbed the the nearest mountain in the rover that went along for the trip and looked wistfully at the further one. No chance that rover was going to make it to the top, but Bob can dream I suppose.
  3. No, not even slightly. The concept of "hypocrisy" isn't even relevant here. Because hypocrisy implies some sort of moral judgment, which isn't what we're doing. Bear in mind that the reasons for the forum rules are pragmatic, not idealistic. For example, the reason why political content is strictly forbidden is that experience has shown that posting politics ALWAYS results in nasty flame wars, which in turn derails threads, devolves into name-calling and personal abuse, and in general causes an unholy mess in which everyone loses. And that is not okay. If the general population were capable of discussing politics without losing their cool, then it wouldn't be a problem and we wouldn't have to put it off-limits. But that's just one of those "hot button" topics that can be relied on to always go off the rails, which is why it's not allowed here. Mostly, moderators (and the forum rules) are reactive rather than proactive-- we wait until a problem actually happens before taking action. After all, any topic could potentially result in a flame war... but most of them don't, most of the time. It depends on who is participating in the discussion. Most of the time, most people in the forums comport themselves as civil, mature adults, and can handle the discussion, so we generally act on the presumption that "folks here are grown-ups, let them talk about whatever they like until and unless it gets nasty." As much as possible, we want users to be able to discuss things freely as mature adults-- we're "fire fighters" more than "police"-- so we have a strong "bias for inaction" and prefer, where possible, not to act on anything unless there's a clear need to do so. Politics, however-- like religion-- is proactively banned just because experience has shown that it will always blow up. No point in waiting until after the firestorm to clean up the damage, there. If there's some particular subject or post that you, personally, find offensive, then by all means please report it and we'll have a look to see whether we think it needs action. (Don't automatically assume that just because something happened months ago means it gets a free pass.) Maybe we'll agree with you, maybe we won't-- it's case by case. Please do bear in mind, however, that the way we make our decision isn't "could anyone be offended by this", since pretty much everything is offensive to somebody; if we did that, we'd have to ban all discussion completely. Rather, it's a practical decision of whether we believe the content is potentially harmful to children, and/or is it causing (or very likely to cause) flame wars and forum meltdowns.
  4. The slower you want to fly, the more wing you need to have. Especially as a ratio to weight. However, please note that flying with large wings at low speed is very efficient. So you can't just wait for the speed to bleed off before you land. You have to force the craft onto the ground.
  5. Warp drives are at least mathmatically possible; the primary issues are the need for negative energy/mass and the energy they require. But it's nothing a antimatter reactor or similar couldn't handle; wormholes are predicted by relativity and that seems to have held up to every test in the last few decades. So both of those while not near-future are at least aligned with current physics, but i don't want to see anything fictional in the sense that it doesn't align with current physics or requires impossible physics.
  6. Have we received any indication as to how many postcards are flying today? They have said thousands but I don't think I've heard a specific number. I can't tube into the webcast right now as I'm conserving data for launch. I remember them saying that they would take the first ten thousand appropriate ones they get. I submitted mine a month before the deadline but without numbers it's impossible to know whether mine made it on board or not.
  7. There is a video in the Scott Manley youtube channel where he straps a drone core to a pair of wings with elevons, puts it 50 meters up by attaching a Stability Enhancer. On the launch pad he releases it and voila! it glides for several minutes at low speeds.
  8. I have used Module manager alone to tweak some aspects of the game so it can be used alone. I appreciate the simplified explanation, but I've written mods in unreal engine... just not in Unity. And a big thanks to you for all the mods for Kerbin - makes the game so much better!
  9. Post your log file so we can see what you have installed and if there are any errors. If you're crashing because of too many mods, there may be other problems. Yes, you do . Read the link below where it says to look in ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal\ Space\ Program/Player.log . I don't use Linux so I can't confirm this location or offer any OS-specific help. From the OP: @JPLRepois pretty busy but if you don't follow his instructions he's apt to ignore you. Do yourselves a favour and post your logs.
  10. Ah yes I forget about that. Thanks for reminding me
  11. that would be better, however they are a corporation that does not care about the consumer and forces the blame on content creators to save money.
  12. Yes it is. Btw, could you use more pictures of Proxima Centauri b? I need it for the Proxima Centauri challange.
  13. Damn I realize I have been misinformed again by popular science art
  14. They could add it later, or make the current expansion cross compatible
  15. Gotcha - thanks for the insight! I wasn't sure if the lab/telescope was intended to outlast the capsule, but sounds like the whole kit and kaboodle would have been deorbited together, and the capsule separated just for reentry. In any event, it's fascinating just to see these ideas they had floating around.
  16. Thats why all of my missions are colonies, no matter where they are going... Oh yeah! Welcome to the forums!
  17. I assuming it's just for visualizing it. There's overcast here (I'm maybe 4.5 hours north driving), not sure what the deal is. They just reset to 45 minutes from now. Reset again to 12 minutes. And new page, so:
  18. Yet another topic where a quick look on Wikipedia would usefully inform the discussion. TL:DR version. The Giza pyramids are not the only intact and well preserved ‘true pyramids’. A true pyramid in this context is one that was designed and built as a pyramidal structure from the outset. There’s a fairly clear archaeological record of pyramid development from stepped pyramids to stepped pyramids with filled in steps to smooth them out, to the so-called bent pyramid (intended as a true pyramid but with a flawed design, forcing the builders to give it a flattened shallower cap), to true pyramids. Post-Giza pyramids often cheaped (cheoped? ) out on building materials, using a rubble core held in place with mud brick steps and finished with a limestone facing. Not difficult to imagine the limestone being stolen for other building works at which point the mud and rubble core would probably degrade relatively quickly.
  19. It's likely for them to record it. Pretty much everything the launches out of Vandenberg goes up in fog, and I seem to recall watching a Falcon 9 land just fine in the fog out there, too. If this was something going to orbit with a launch window it probably wouldn't be a concern.
  20. Yes, and the colors are warmer, just not as exaggerated as what you usually see in exoplanet art. If I showed a side-by-side comparison of how the surface looks with a white light source and how it looks with a slightly warm light source, you'd be able to see the difference.
  21. Ok, but shouldn't it affect the colors precieved on the surface, making it look warmer ...
  22. No. Red dwarfs are not actually red. They are more like a pale orange.
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