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  2. Hi awesome peeps. I've been trying to change the icons in the techtree for stock nodes. but @icon = new thing doesn't seem to change much. Is it possible? Thanks.
  3. Update to 1.6.9 Changelog: Download:
  4. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    It's mostly down to CPU clock anyway, GPU matters very little
  5. That can make a spin table, but I think scout just uses rcs to spin the third stage before releasing the 4th stage.
  6. James Kerman

    Unable to as 2 more engines

    Welcome to the forum @flaminhotcheeto567. I have moved your thread to Technical Support (PlayStation 4, XBox One).
  7. Hi I'm unable to add more engines on the stearwing a300 on the enhanced edition please help me
  8. purpleivan

    Climbing Keverest

    I'll have to take a crack at this. Hopefully I've still got the rover I made for the KSC2 Mountain Buggy challenge.
  9. As I indicated years ago, no mention of quartz. Looks like a vortex-confined, MHD-augmented open-cycle rocket. When thrusting, it would be an “open-cycle” system harvesting some energy from the exhaust with an MHD coil. The power-only mode in the bimodal rocket would be an ordinary, solid-core gas-cooled reactor, turboalternators and all. The EU-610 power-only gas-core design would have probably been stuck with an MHD, albeit in a closed-loop system; such a design has been covered by @nyrath. As to radioactivity... Glushko (as seen in the OP) lobbied hard against cryogenics, authorized pentaborane research, almost authorized beryllium fuel doping, had his employees convert an SLBM engine to chlorine pentafluoride, and his team was the only one to flight-rate an engine using liquid fluorine, RD-301, which he promptly tried to put on top of a Proton. I’d say fission products in the exhaust were the least of their concerns.
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  11. purpleivan

    three in one

    So, a spaceplane.
  12. Rory Yammomoto

    Pretty Good Test Thread

    we have comic sans here too. (or not)


    Posez vos questions sur le jeu Question: Combien de tonne est soulever par 100 kilonewton. Merci de répondre.
  14. MaxwellsDemon

    Favourite spaceships that never flew?

    I can echo most of what's already been posted-- and would like to add the Soyuz 7K-VI ""Zvezda", with the orbital and decent modules rearranged and RTGs replacing the solar panels. Oh-- and a cannon. (I don't really condone the militarization of space; but still...)
  15. That's a monstrously fast top speed. Is that at sealevel?
  16. KerikBalm

    Favourite spaceships that never flew? Or for ridiculous scale, Von Braun's proposed mars mission:
  17. alien_wind

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    finally part series to reduce part count lag in mega bases!! after a while my bases just become tundra parts stack of lag. so happy and great work!!,what you're doing for this game is just amazing.
  18. Astronomer's Visual Pack.
  19. Sorry, it's not "that" but "what". what is AVP ? i don't know it
  20. infinite_monkey

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    So the Atlas parts will still use the same modules for resource conversion? I was hoping the new system would make better use of parallel threads. As I mentioned before, KSP is painfully slow (5 FPS) for me near MKS bases, but both GPU and CPU are pretty bored. Maybe something else is wrong with my system?
  21. Generally the beneficial combination is, as seen on the L3 LK, a descent stage dropped pre-landing, and the ascent stage being used for final hover and touchdown to reduce the size of the final vehicle on the Moon. The descent stage becomes known as the “crash stage”.
  22. Hello, I would like to make you guys aware of some exceptions scatterer is throwing, I can´t quite identify the problems in-game but I might as well share them. KSP 1.6.1 Here´s the log: KSP.log I hope it's of some use.
  23. I mean, I don't see why not unless they are overpowered vs stock for some reason. I sent you a lot more information on this in reply to your PM but long story sort something like this will get you 90 m/s at sealevel in most planes and is stable up to >3000 deg/second, which it can't get to without being used like a windmill. You probably don't even need five reaction wheels. I have plenty of craft which use three, and you could probably get one airborne on one small reaction wheel, although it wouldn't exactly go fast, seeing as 5000 N*m of torque, even at 48 radians/second, is 240 kilowatts = roughly 322 horsepower. Not a lot for KSP-sized planes that tend to be at least a couple tonnes, and often much larger. But even so, 1600 horsepower is a pretty decent engine as goes just getting into the air, though not good enough to be competitive in this challenge.
  24. GRS

    Jeb's Diner

    Here's your Iced Vomit... I want a Good song from T Series
  25. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    Unfortunately, no. They are extremely different on the insides Well, I know he still logs in, maybe he will pop up again. Thats why I going to do this as a full fork with an updated name so that if he ever wants to do it again, he will be able to without causing current users to have to risk a future episode of nonsupport. I do agree, he is a wizard when he wants to
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