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  1. Just another question: How can I disable those WBI contracts about ferrying crew to stations? That contract generation is messing up my Mission Control Buildung view. Contracts are generated and destroyed that fast, I can not click on any anymore.
  2. Have you ever wondered about mass calculation in Tank UI? If you add 200L of water GUI shows (+2.000kg) but mass calculation of your vessels accounts for additional 200 kg correctly.
  3. Do you know of a method to force the Alarm List to expand? I most times only see 1 or 2 lines and have to scoll to those ones below.
  4. I have a problem with this mod after using time warp. I rotate a probe at about 2 RPM and go to war then. After going back to normal speed sometimes my probe still rotates very fast. Slowing down takes a lot of RCS in this case. What could cause this?
  5. What happened to automated maneuvre execution and RCS? After conduction a maneuvre RCS thrusters fire for a very long time and use up fuel besides maneuvre node is erased already.
  6. Have some one of you made experiences combining this mod with following ones: Realism Overhaul Real Fuels upscaled planetary systems (RSS, JNSQ and such) I also want to learn more about affected parts as they are affected due to BaselineConfig.cfg. What are the module names for: "... each part that has a part module based on" BaseConverter (resource converters/drills) ModuleGenerator ModuleEngines As I observed in VAB chutes are not affected yet, neither are batteries or tanks, or especially heavily moded parts coming from Realism Overhaul suite.
  7. I wish to learn more how this mods works. What is the unit of expectedLifetime? Does it mean this part could be reused 5 times? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[@PROPELLANT[SolidFuel]]]:NEEDS[OhScrap,ScrapYard]:FOR[OhScrap] { MODULE { name = SRBFailureModule baseChanceOfFailure = 0.5 expectedLifetime = 5 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[!PROPELLANT[SolidFuel]]]:NEEDS[OhScrap,ScrapYard]:FOR[OhScrap] { MODULE { name = EngineFailureModule baseChanceOfFailure = 0.11 expectedLifetime = 6 spaceEngineBaseChanceOfFailure = 0.1 spaceEngineExpectedLifetime = 3 } } Is it possible to treat certain parts differently? I am thinking about distinguising vacuum engines from first stage ones. Has anyone of you experience playing with Real Fuels Stock configs?
  8. Checked it again. Order of filters is alphanumerical, but beginning after the green symbols. That makes sense.
  9. Actually my experience is very good. But maybe some has interesting hints on top of that.
  10. I made a new filter for SXT Mod. It works fine so far. Is it possible to determine where in the list it appears? Appearently order of categories is not alplanumerical, but what is it?
  11. Are there any tips around to increase performance with this mod? It seems that transitions between buildings or going from VAB to launch pad takes much time.
  12. I need a scale which gives almost half real solar system. This way you get to a sweet spot for using Real Fuels Stockalike engine configs. Rescale mod does this very nicely.
  13. I am playing with a rescaled version of this mod - 2.5 scale on top of this default scale here. Has anyone experience with those sort of experiment?
  14. How does this mod compare to Real Fuels Stock? As I read on prior pages one should not install both. But what is the unique selling point of this here and Real Fuels Stock over there - maybe performance wise?
  15. How does this mod compare to waterfall? As I read on prior pages one should not install both. But what is the unique selling point of this here and waterfall over there?
  16. I was surprised about deadly reentry not being a part of important mods anymore. What does that mean?
  17. What can be a cause of seeing no City lights? I tend to see them when I I force Biomes visible in Cheat menu.
  18. Is there a explaination for AJE preventing loading of the game? Somehow it conflicts with either Real Fuels or even Stock itself.
  19. How well does these configs match to latest KSP version and latest Real Fuels?
  20. How is this mod working with Kerbalism these days?
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