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  1. For KSP 1 players, I'm working on a version of my Starship "Ship" recreation for the original Kerbal Space Program. Here's a WIP image of it. It will also be available for download from my KerbalX page.
  2. ABOUT THE RECREATION This is my recreation of SpaceX's Starship rocket in Kerbal Space Program 2. At the moment, the recreation only includes the ship portion of the full stack, but I might eventually add a recreation of the booster as well (although it won't have 33 engines). The ship has over 4.5k dV, and can reach LKO on its own without help from a booster underneath. It also has 6 landing legs, 4 retractable solar panels, and 3 sets of 4 vernier thrusters near the top of the vehicle. There are 2 variants of the ship that you can download: Uncrewed Variant Crewed Variant (Can hold up to 4 kerbals) Planned/upcoming variants: Uncrewed and Crewed variants without landing legs Uncrewed and Crewed variants with SpaceX colors (black and white) SCREENSHOTS
  3. So, today in Kerbal Space Program 2, I finally went to Minmus. After the first patch was released, it made going there and back a lot easier because of the bug fixes and also because I now have a laptop with an RTX 3050 Ti graphics card, which improved the game's performance. Here's some screenshots I took while I was on the surface with Jebediah Kerman. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nhxvtACe6dA-Me9KoMmjUbhTaTIPT8a3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1riza28DGtpnaV2vbRdiDQd2RNsnLt4z7/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uMPvKJlvQzLTyn6nnxvV51IKA6T1RHiU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mp30rBrggA-pYypzBko8DUU1FFbMRqWy/view?usp=sharing However, after lifting off from Minmus, I decided to EVA Jebediah, which caused the capsule to explode. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, as it should have shown Jebediah on the ladder when I did the EVA instead of the capsule exploding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o9bLOrGNG3vsi-CIK4Tbg0WTf0oB5bac/view?usp=sharing After reloading a save and not doing the EVA however, I was able to return Jebediah Kerman safely to Kerbin after going to the surface of Minmus. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oKpnLha_iRTzKvdtPLZKq6fo7DfDsPsl/view?usp=sharing Edit: And here's some gameplay I recorded that was from the mission.
  4. Hello. I'm trying to create a custom part mod for KSP 2 but I'm not 100% sure how to set everything up so that my custom part will show up in-game without any problems. The images below show what I have so far in Unity. I know there is a creating custom parts section on the SpaceWarp documentation, but some parts of it are a little hard to follow.
  5. Burn Controller 0.8.1 has been released. The update is available to download from Github and SpaceDock. Changelog Added an option in burn settings for setting the starting and ending throttle of a burn.
  6. If you have a feature request for Burn Controller, please submit it at https://github.com/JohnsterSpaceProgramOfficial/BurnController/issues. I can't guarantee I'll be able to add all of them though. It's also where you can see features I'm thinking about possibly adding in future updates, like the ability to set the starting and ending throttle of a burn.
  7. Burn Controller 0.8.0 has been released. The update is available to download from Github and SpaceDock. Changelog Added a requested feature. The ability to set up engine burns for maneuver nodes. (Thanks to @LameLefty for the suggestion)
  8. Sure, I should be able to add that as a feature, probably as soon as the next update (which will likely be 0.8.0).
  9. Burn Controller is a mod for Kerbal Space Program 2 that lets you set up engine burns, with the ability to set an amount of time to wait before starting a burn, the percentage of thrust, and the duration of the burn. The latest release is 0.8.1, which has been tested to work with of KSP 2. Previous Releases: 0.7.0 | 0.8.0 Download Links SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3330/Burn Controller Github: https://github.com/JohnsterSpaceProgramOfficial/BurnController/releases Installation Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx into the root directory of your copy of KSP 2. Drag the contents of Burn Controller's zip file into the root directory of your KSP 2 installation. If you did everything correctly, when you run the game, Burn Controller should appear similar to what is shown in the screenshots below. Usage For a demonstration of how to use Burn Controller, you can watch a short video here. As of the 0.8.0 update, engine burns can also be set up for maneuver nodes. You can view a short video showing how to do this here. Requirements SpaceWarp 1.0.1 or greater and BepInEx. Screenshots License (MIT)
  10. Kalkulator 1.0.2 has been released. The update is available to download from Github and SpaceDock. Changelog Made the UI more compact. Moved the location of several buttons. Fixed the Clear Result button being offcenter. Changed the keybind for the Calculator Anywhere setting to Left CTRL + C.
  11. Kalkulator 1.0.1 has been released. The update is available to download from Github and SpaceDock. Changelog Fixed a bug. Added a setting that lets you show the calculator anywhere when pressing the C key. You can enable it from the title screen by going to Mods->Open Configuration Manager->Kalkulator.
  12. Kalkulator is a mod for Kerbal Space Program 2 that adds a basic calculator with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functionality. The latest release is 1.0.2, which has been tested to work with of KSP 2. Previous Releases: 1.0.0 | 1.0.1 Download Links SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3327/Kalkulator Github: https://github.com/JohnsterSpaceProgramOfficial/Kalkulator/releases Installation Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx (https://spacedock.info/mod/3277/Space%20Warp%20+%20BepInEx) into the root directory of your copy of KSP 2. Drag the contents of the mod's zip file into the root directory of your KSP 2 installation. If you did everything correctly, when you run the game, the mod should appear similar to what is shown in the screenshots below. Screenshots License (CC BY-ND 4.0)
  13. Hello. I have Unity 2020.3.23f1. Do you think that Unity version would work with it, even though it's a slightly older version? If not, would Unity 2021.1.9f1 work with it instead? Since I also have that version of Unity as well.
  14. Well, the idea was worth a shot, but I guess I'll just have to recreate my KSP 1 rockets in KSP 2 for now as it probably would not end up working without a lot of changes being done to the parts system in the game...
  15. Dear KSP 2 Developers (including Creative Director @Nate Simpson), I have a feature suggestion. You should add a craft file converter to the game, so players who created vehicles in KSP 1 would be able to use them in Kerbal Space Program 2. I have previously suggested this feature as a mod for the game, but now I think it might work better if it was a standalone feature included in stock KSP 2. As for how you could implement it, I gave an idea in this post along with some UI concept art: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/214938-idea-ksp-1-craft-file-converter/#comment-4259514. A feature like this would be useful for players coming from KSP 1 who want to use vehicles that they spent a lot of time making or have a high part count in the original game and don't want to waste time trying to recreate the vehicle part for part in KSP 2. From my many hours of experience in KSP 1 (over 600!), I know how tedious it can sometimes be to create a vehicle that works and functions the way that you want it to, so having something like this in the game would be very much appreciated... Thanks, @Johnster_Space_Program
  16. I decided to create some concept art for what the UI of this mod could look like in the VAB. My idea for the process of how this mod could work is below. Step 1: After clicking on the icon for the mod in the app bar, a window would appear that lets you select a craft file from KSP 1. After clicking on "Select...", an explorer window would pop up asking you to specify where the .craft file you want to convert is located. After selecting one, the window would change to how it appears in Step 2. Step 2. After selecting a craft file, the craft file section of the UI would change to show the name of your craft file. Under that, a "CONVERT!!!" button would appear which when pressed would begin converting your craft file and proceed to Step 3. The minus button next to the craft file's name could be pressed to remove the currently selected craft and revert the UI back to how it looks in Step 1, allowing you to select a different craft file if you wanted to do so. Step 3. The window would change to show that your craft conversion is now in progress. If the conversion was successful, the window would change to how it appears in Step 4. If the conversion failed (for example, if your craft contained a part that isn't in KSP 2), you would get a conversion failed message and then the window would revert back to how it appears in Step 1. Step 4. After a successful craft conversion, some input boxes would appear allowing you to put in the name of your vehicle, the name of the workspace, and a description for that workspace. The converter would try to automatically pull the name and description of your vehicle from it's KSP 1 .craft file and enter that name and description in for the converted vehicle's workspace and vehicle names, as well as the workspace description. Workspace and vehicle names would be required to continue, but the workspace description would be optional. Pressing the "SAVE CRAFT" button would save your craft and create an entry in the location where you can load workspaces from in KSP 2, while pressing the "SAVE AND LOAD CRAFT" button would do the same thing as well as load the converted craft in the VAB as shown in Step 5. Step 5. The craft converted from KSP 1 loaded in the VAB, with the craft file converter window ready to convert another craft. Well, that's my concept for this mod idea. I may also create some concept art for the other part of the converter I mentioned in the original post, which you can view in the quote below. As I currently have no modding experience with KSP 2, hopefully someone else will be able to turn this mod idea into a reality, as I'm sure a lot of KSP 1 players who have just started playing KSP 2 would really enjoy a helpful mod like this to speed up their KSP 1 craft recreation times.
  17. Since mods have started being released for Kerbal Space Program 2, I was wondering, how do you get started with creating mods for the game? I have a little experience with creating mods for the original KSP (The Varuta System and Planet Dunope), but I'm sure modding KSP 2 is different from how it was done in the first game. From what I've seen on SpaceDock, there is something called BepInEx and Space Warp, which is a modding API for the game, but how do you get started with creating mods using it (like this for example). I do have some C# coding experience, as I've created projects in Unity before, but where do I begin?
  18. Since I've experienced some kraken attacks while playing Kerbal Space Program 2, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread and see what other kinds of krakens players are getting attacked by. I'll start this with a video I created showing what happened when I was trying to do a Mun mission in KSP 2 early access. Share your kraken attacks underneath this! I would like it if you can post screenshots or videos showing what happened as well.
  19. Hello everyone, I think it would be a good idea if someone could create a mod (or maybe a separate tool instead) that lets you convert a KSP 1 craft file into a KSP 2 workspace file. However, it would only let you convert a craft if all of its parts had an equivalent in KSP 2. Also, when converting a KSP 1 craft to KSP 2, the tool should be able to let you set the workspace name and description for the craft when setting it up to be converted. And maybe the tool/mod would let you convert KSP 2 workspace files to KSP 1 craft files as well. What do you think? I think something like this would save a lot of time for someone trying to recreate a KSP 1 craft in KSP 2, as you could just convert the original craft instead. Especially if it had a high part count...
  20. Hello. I would like to share a bug that I've experienced with Kerbal Space Program 2. When trying to load the space center scene on a computer that only has integrated graphics (and no GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon graphics card), the game just crashes. I've seen some other people (like ShadowZone in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVpeUc5mIF0 at the part where he tries running the game on a laptop that only has integrated graphics) trying to run the game who have experienced this as well. If this will help at all, these are the specs of my main laptop. Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11390H at 3.40 GHz (8 CPUs) Memory: 16384 MB RAM Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics Available Virtual Memory: 8.62 GB I also tried running the game on a different laptop with 2 graphics cards (one with integrated graphics, and the other with an AMD Radeon) and it was able to load the space center scene without the game crashing. Hopefully a developer will see this and fix the bug soon.
  21. Not sure if anyone else has thought of this suggestion before, but I think comets should be added to Kerbal Space Program 2, since we already have them in the first game, so why not in the sequel as well?
  22. Also, can anyone possibly make a simulated image of how big a starship would like in the view of a telescope, using this animated gif as a size reference? Also note that in the gif's description (link to it is below), the photographer says... Link to image: https://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=182753. The photographer also posted this related video, which you can view below. The part of the video showing the Starlink satellite from the view of a telescope (like in the gif above) is from 2:20 to 2:35. Credit to Space Station Guys.
  23. Thanks to the great responses everyone has given so far! As for the telescope I was thinking of possibly using for viewing and imaging it, I have a public observatory nearby that uses a 16″ Meade Schmidt Cassegrain telescope (Model LX200) on an equatorial mount for their primary instrument and a 5″ Meade refractor telescope (Model LXD75) as a secondary instrument. How well/high of a resolution might it be possible to get with those kind of telescopes, and how hard might it be to do imaging with them? (since the starship would be moving fast across the sky, I am not sure if those telescopes would be able to move fast enough to keep it roughly centered in the view or not).
  24. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but while viewing images taken of the ISS and Tiangong Space Station via ground based telescopes, I have this interesting question. Would imaging a starship currently in orbit around earth via a ground based telescope be possible? And if so, how bright of a magnitude and how large might it possibly look in an image? I'm also asking this because it seems that the first orbital flight test will probably end up happening before the end of the year and I'm sure there would be some people out there possibly interested in imaging it from orbit during the flight if they can and it's visible. You can view the images I was talking about at the beginning of this post by clicking on the links above. Hoping someone has a good answer to my question!
  25. I have a question about this challenge. If you decide to use a multi-stage rocket, do you still get all of the points for reusability if you land each individual stage back on Kerbin without any damage?
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