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  1. Can we get the maneuver node scroll wheel function? i always find it handy for fine tuning maneuver nodes by using the scroll up as the coarse adjustment and the scroll down as the fine adjustment.
  2. Any news of an update of this amazing damage mod?
  3. This in combination with Kerbal Konstructs and you have multiple launchpads. seeing a line of rockets ready to launch... spectacular!
  4. Hmm Kerbal Konstructs has a function where you could let vehicles roam around on a given path (or i could be mistaken) So.. mods might be possible if it was coupled with walking animations.
  5. I was wondering this: do we really need a Kerbal to be in a seat in order for it's inventory to be available? You see: I've built 2 identical crafts, one being a Soyuz and the other being a Progress craft. The progress craft is unmanned and is used to haul parts... but now i've discovered i can't use the seat inventory because it needs to be used by a kerbal for the seat inventory... Now i was wondering if this inventory could be used if there is... let's say a command probe present? So that other Kerbals could use the inventory.
  6. Yeah.. but with KER you get a overflow of information... that's why i prefer these two mods... because they provide Basic info.. but just the right info at the right time!
  7. It's footprint is smaller than KER. I can confirm that these mods work without a hitch in 1.5.
  8. Is the keyboard layout set to azerty (french) in windows aswell? Might be a conflicting keyboard layout id...
  9. This mod should be stock! I always found the stock joystick mapper much to be desired... no support for more than 16 buttons and some joysticks won't even work at all! So i had to use Xpadder to map the remaining buttons...
  10. I hope this great mod will be resurrected... with the implementation of the new launchsites in making history dlc...
  11. Where can you download your crafts? Some might be interested to get them.
  12. Somebody has been building the LEGO Saturn V in his spare time...
  13. Cool idea.. the only thing i could think of a storyline would be in the form of Buzz Aldrin's race into Space; where you race against an opponent to reach the moon..
  14. Currently getting some weird errors when converting images...
  15. Mod still works in 1.3.1 but has some graphical issues with buttons not displaying:
  16. Does it have to be a key? Because a simple button in the (mod) menu would also be useful..
  17. My favourite station is and will ever be the MIR station.. i once tried to build it using mostly stock parts.. but when a new update came out.. it deorbited the station by accident so i couldn't add the last section.. so here's the album of the station when it was under construction before it went up in flames (like the real one):
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